"What if you have a rune stone that can summon the BOSS?"

When the bartender asked this question, he looked at Zhire together with Ye Zhang, Xu Yin and others, but saw Zhire smiling mysteriously.
She won’t tell Ye Zhang that these runes are not flashy, but belong to some banned ones that her father planted in the flashy when he made the main program a year ago.
The difference between their brothers and sisters came from that war, and it was because of that war that the two flashy masters turned into one today.
See zhi if didn’t say the bartender with full belly doubt no longer mouth while Ye Zhang some conation to see Baoyu dragon body well, this is not the first he saw the ultimate BOSS body but it is the first to touch the body.
He hesitated for a while and finally turned his attention to Xu Yin and turned back to Zhi Re. Unfortunately, his mind had long been guessed by two women that they were almost different.
"Touch it!"
Zhang Yenai crustily skin of head to touch the corpse. He didn’t know what he would touch, because there was no rule about the lucky value after breaking the watch.
Just like zhi ruo, it lies outside the rules but is accidentally allowed to be unified by the rules
When Ye Zhang pulled out a rune stone from Baoyu’s dragon body, his heart settled a little, but after the rune stone was touched out, he felt a little confused at first sight.
"This is … what?"
They all leaned in, especially the bartender. He carefully looked at a Fu Shi in Ye Zhang’s hand and then sighed and gave a wry smile.
"Hmm … is this forbidden magic change?"
When the bartender says "Angry" and others still have doubts, if Zhi has frowned, she won’t know until here.
At the beginning, when the rules of rune stone were formulated, there were some magic and traps that were too rebellious. After a series of tests, they were finally banned from rune stone by the master plan.
And the change of heart is such a magic, depending on all the rules, forcibly taking control of the other unit in 3 minutes and leaving it to the player’s free control.
And these two words represent not only pets or monsters, but also players.
Because glitz is deeply hypnotized, players feel the dream. The hypnotized dream can be manipulated freely according to the main system, which makes players have various hallucinations.
Once the effect of heart change occurs, the player will be out of self-control, even led by another consciousness, and things such as self-harm and self-abuse will occur, which is one of the reasons why heart change is forbidden.
But obviously, this forbidden rune stone, which should not appear in the flashy method and was obtained by the players, has now lifted the prohibition order. It seems that this is the card that Lin Youxuan designed to fight against her father.
"Ye Zhang this magic can’t make!"
Zhiruo firmly said that it was still in a fierce round of heart change to make the best time. Ye Zhang, the bartender and others all looked back at Zhiruo in wonder.
"You don’t ask … you don’t want this magic."
Zhi if resolutely eyes have a kind of don’t refuse to light Ye Zhang looked at her and then looked at his hand FuShi he immediately smiled.
"Brother Cyclone, you are crazy. What are you doing by deleting this rune stone?"
The bartender watched Ye Zhang destroy the magic with super effect in the so-called rune stone directly from his backpack instead of discarding it. He shouted wildly.
Zhi Ruo was stupefied, but she didn’t expect Ye Zhang to be so radical, but it made her feel gratified. This kind of rune stone should not be white in Ye Zhang, which may lead to cause and effect.
"Thank you"
Ye Zhang shook his head and motioned for Zhi. If he didn’t, he knew very well in his heart that if Zhi led himself to this place, she must have her purpose. It once said that Fu Shi system came from her father.
Therefore, Ye Zhang clearly knows that in Fushi, he needs to ask more questions and ask him to believe in Zhire. Then continue to believe.
The matter is a foregone conclusion. The bartender lamented sadly, but was immediately comforted by anger. Although anger was puzzled, he would never doubt Ye Zhang’s move. Like Xu Yin, he believed that Ye Zhang would not harm himself.
Obviously, it is not enough for the bartender to run in with Ye Zhang and others, which is different from the silent sleeping sheep.
"Come on, let’s get out of here."
Zhi Ruo got what she wanted, which is more important than anything to Zhang Ye. At present, the copper door has been opened as a door to the outside. It seems that there must be many such doors in the cartoon castle, and there are also many unknown BOSS. They are hiding in various rooms waiting for the players to explore and challenge.
After coming outside, Ye Zhang stretched himself. At this time, he felt very tired. They agreed that the day would be off at this time.
When Ye Zhang came back to his home and saw Xu Yin, he smiled and hugged Xu Yin, and then he saw Xu Yin’s face with a meaningful smile.
"It really is empathy. Words are not enough to express each other’s tacit understanding!"
Ye Zhang suddenly felt big. He smiled Bai Xuyin. This is saying that if he and Zhi are involved, he will hug Xu Yin in his arms with a bad smile tunnel.
"Nothing, Fu Shi, if this piece of zhi threatens me, I will do whatever she wants me to do, and I will be happy and relaxed if she doesn’t let me."
Xu Yin is obviously not satisfied. She seems to be jealous.
"Then don’t you discuss it with me-I’m a bully, too."
Ye Zhang burst out laughing and didn’t answer. He thought of these two women’s figures and heard that sound that day. What would happen to a more mysterious woman who suddenly appeared in glitz?
Chapter three hundred and seventeen Cyclone mall heavy
Next to Lin Youxuan is a middle-aged man with a straight head. He is somewhat similar to the residual blood. His muscles are bulging, his chest and arms are swollen, and his biceps extend from his forehead to the veins stood out on his forehead. This man is very strong and his eyes are full of danger.
In front of them, the screen is divided into four images, of which two images appear, one is a picture of Lin Youxuan going to see Zhiruo’s father, and the other is a quick replay of what Ye Zhang has done for many months.
Although their eyes have been fixed on the screen, they both seem to be absent-minded
"This is the person you selected seems to be getting out of your control."
There is a sense of self-anger in the tone of muscular man, which is different from residual blood. If residual blood is an excellent team leader and he can adapt to one person and one team, then the muscular man in front of him is a military commander and a real commander.
"If he is my soldier, I will shoot him. I won’t give him a chance to grow. He owns a grave before he gets out of control!"
The majestic words of muscular man are surrounded by murderous look, which makes people depressed. It is a pity that Lin Youxuan is still silent and didn’t say a word.

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