Rush in, be blocked, step back, rush again, be blocked again …

The days passed in the difficult and repeated seesaw steps of both sides.
By July, 8889, 1997, the behavior of several advanced cosmonauts who had previously arrived at Li Yu’s chaotic upper bound came to an abrupt end.
It goes without saying that extreme things touch together, and this conflict is also great.
The bearer of the thirteenth Yu Guishui Divine World and the bearer of the twenty-third Yu Kan who is away from the Divine World are born sworn enemies, such as the difference between Yin and Yang in the Force Divine World and the incompatibility between fire and water. Fifteen senior Yu people can always catch the couple in conflict in chaos, but they forget the space of yin and yang of the celestial realm. But maybe a little action. They are not rushing to thousands of space-based warriors, but the senior Yu people in Shengke rushed to the seven spirits who made progress in extremism and missed the breath from time to time, or they violently attacked the seven spirits, or they suddenly beat them.
There are not many lives above Jiuchong, but the situation is extremely chaotic. The meaning of the existence of senior Yu people seems to be fighting at this moment.
Chaos, as long as it’s not Li Yu’s face chaos, Tianxin will be happy. Of course, for senior people who like to fight, they rely on Liyu. Tianxin has offered sacrifices to the polar cathode, Yang Hongbai and Zi Tieyu, turning the recent days into battle days, beating the gods and the enemy’s nerves. The same is true of the seven spirits, only on a smaller scale, and seven people have gone out together; Thousands of space-based soldiers will watch the battle, retreat and perform the celestial mission that takes place in the world.
And in the third space.
On this day, a voice suddenly appeared in the ethereal space. "You should be elected, so go for a walk!" "
"Yes, my Lord." The third corner of Yu is in a retreat. The third-level Lord God should be dazed. Looking back at the sky, he said something. "My Lord, Ming back to the information. People from the fifteen realms of God have arrived, so they should go by election. This position … "
"Should be elected, I want to go, it is very important. Do you know how many gods there are in chaos? "
"But you know that the forty celestial bodies are not in the true sense, but rather called the sacred bodies. The life of the sacred world has great power at birth and can be chaotic in adulthood. However, compared with the spiritual world, the life in the sacred world is not perfect, and the achievements of all living things are strictly graded. If you should vote, you will be exhausted. You can’t break through the three-level Lord God’s cage and advance to the second-level Lord God, that is, your achievements are doomed from the day you were born, and your level promotion is at most from the initial level of the three-level Lord God to the top level of the three-level Lord God. There are different gods in Keli. The direction of the force-god realm is not the force-god realm, and the force-god realm has never been comparable to the life of the newborn of the holy realm, but now the force-god realm is the force-god realm. And have a life of more than a thousand people who can be in line with the sacred world. According to the definition of ability level in the sacred world, this is impossible. How can ants be extraordinary! "
"My Lord, this ….." The third-level God should listen to the secret at first glance, horrified and inexplicable.
"There can only be one explanation, that is, the life form of the force world is different from that of the saints. Yin and Yang are two instruments, which are the most primitive energy. There were two realms before the chaotic legends were derived, but these two realms were never seen. Chaotic life was welcomed by saints from time to time. The weakness of the life of the saints, after entering the various realms, is the same as the attribute, and the life can not be longer than one year, resulting in the legend that the second realm will never be heard. The realm of force and god must be one of the first two realms of chaos in legend, so we must study Yin and Yang thoroughly. In fact, the saints are also a form of existence after the harmony of yin and yang, but this form is too advanced, and the advanced nature deviates from the essence of yin and yang, which makes the saints different from the realm of power. "
"My Lord," Ying Yi became more and more confused. "I have always thought that my space is a sacred world. Now I listen to my Lord’s meaning, my space is actually a sacred world. What is the difference between this sacred world and the sacred world? "
"God, unreal, deed, all. Holy one, extraordinary. Should be elected, all saints, life can exist in chaos; However, there are insensibly evolvable life in the force world. Give them time, and they can evolve from a speck of dust to your level or higher. "
"This ….. how is that possible? There is no definition of the level of life, which doesn’t mean … "
"Yes, this means that their life forms are not pecking, and they are competitive in growth. There is a struggle among the saints, but the struggle is for order; There is a struggle in the realm of power and god, but the struggle is not for order. There are only two controllers in the realm of power and god, and there is peace. "
"That my Lord, you should be elected to force the celestial body …"
"If possible, destroy it."
The murderous look of the third-level God made the third-level God feel a little lost. With the strength of the sacred world, the stronger the murderous look of the Lord God, the more it shows that the powerful life of the sacred world is ultimately to bow down at the foot of the life of the sacred world.
"Is it dangerous for the sacred world to go out?" Ying Yi muttered something to himself.
"I wish I knew." The Lord god disappears.
At the same time, Zhu Yu also sent a general three-level god to the force world. And to the tertiary god and each with hundreds of guards.
On this occasion, Liyu Huazhong Military and Mobilization Conference was held.
Will different forms of life lead to trouble? Tianxin came to the conclusion that trouble is coming after fighting with people from fifteen senior buildings for hundreds of thousands of days.
Zhu Yu’s life does not belong to organic life in Tianxin’s view, but seems to be a creative life infinitely close to organisms. Creatible life, no matter how advanced, is strictly a kind of constructed life. Looking at Li Yu’s history, although Li Yu’s first and second periods can’t be tested, that era should be the era of creation, and all the toughness of creative life should not be under the life of today’s Zhuyu. Keliyu existed until the 42nd century, where was the life? Now it is natural life that dominates Keliyu.
Tianxin has to be vigilant. Although the "Hua Zhong San Zhi" system is the best coexistence system at present, the question is whether people will let Li Yu under the shadow of this system go! You know, all the people in heaven and all the people in power have never left a typewriter until today. Insisting on the belief is also bleeding without tears, and it will attack all those who hinder evolution, both inside and outside.
What kind of program is the power of Zhu Yu? Tianxin can’t imagine it. However, the collision between creative life and natural life is inevitable when people are sent from all over the world. The behavior of these advance troops is quite strange. Although they are bellicose, they are bellicose for collecting physical data of Liyu and strength data of Liyu people.
"Li Yu has only more than a thousand nine-fold immortals so far, and the upper-level people in the chaos are supposed to not mind. But they mind, which is different from the familiar pathfinders who don’t care about the world. Zhu Yu’s superior person has a more strategic vision. This vision has swept to us. So we make … "
After a military and mobilization meeting, Tianxin issued a joint order.

We hereby make Liyu Huazhong’s 50,000 Xuanyu Legion and 10,000 Broken Space Army join the queue to gather the strategic points of chaotic upper bound. It is hereby ordered that all military equipment manufacturers make every effort to manufacture chaotic thunder and positive and negative matter bombs used in the atmosphere of Liyu. Create chaotic thunder and positive and negative matter bombs in the black and white world of Liyu.
The Institute of Advanced Alien Space of Tianyu Research Institute is hereby instructed to develop a fusing agent for extreme substances of Zhuyu. We hereby order the Liyu Communication Institute and the Military Research Institute of Tianyu Research Institute to develop the Quanyu holographic communication network platform and the early warning and counterattack system based on this platform. We hereby order …
A total of 151 instructions were issued, all of which were based on Liyu. Think about it, too. It is impossible and unrealistic for only a thousand Li Yu Hua people with nine immortals to fight in outer space. In the face of the strength of Zhu Yu, only by relying on Li Yu, relying on Li Yu to fight a natural life defense war in the yin and yang atmosphere and even in the black and white world. The army’s dream is chaotic, but it is still far away.
It is said that the third-level God of the Third Universe should have arrived in the realm of Li Shen on September 111, 2007. The ability of the Lord God is not comparable to that of the third universe, such as Ming Cr and Viper. At the edge of almost all the celestial bodies, the powerful gods sensed the frequent fluctuations in the atmosphere of Liyu, but it happened that only more than 1,000 immortals could enter the sight of the gods. Retreat one by one. The poisonous snake once said that the body of the owner of the force world is also missing.
"It’s bright and loose, but it’s dark and tight. This power is not a fuel-efficient lamp!"
Ying Yan’s eyes flashed with different light, evaluating the sensed situation. This extremely cautious third-level Lord God didn’t immediately wave his hundreds of guards to attack, and the Lord God gave him instructions that it could be destroyed or destroyed. It’s up to you if you can’t destroy it. Then he shouldn’t be rash until he knows the truth about the divine world. There are many sacred places, and the third Yu is not the only one. Why should the third space rush to the front as cannon fodder?
A zhangning real hand suddenly appeared and handed him a topographic map.
As a welcome to Ying Yang, the third-level God of the Third Mansion, Tianxin was fascinated by God, and distributed the latest accessible topographic map of Liyu area to all the people in Zhuyu, including Ying Yang. People from all walks of life are free in the allowed space atmosphere and outer space area; However, if you enter a non-permitted area, you will bear all the consequences.
To tell the truth, Tianxin really doesn’t want to have too many friends with Zhuyu at present. There are only thousands of Nine Heavenly Immortals in Liyu, which is a small sect. Of course, this is not the key. The key point is that among these thousands of Nine Heavenly Immortals, thousands of space-based fighters have important tasks, and Tianxin has a huge country to stir … So the only people left to contact with Zhuyu are the Seven Spirits, the bodhi old zu and the glorious emperor, which is just a small place. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents of the Seven Spirits, the ancestors of Hongjun and the glorious emperor, Tianxin had to use the mysterious and micro-brilliance of Shen Ying to delimit some areas as communication places with people from various places.

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