"The boss! Can you make three more servings like this? I have two pets and I haven’t eaten! " When the boss put all the dishes ready to leave, Chen Kai stopped the other party. He remembered that there was another dragon in his pet that had been eating cold rice for a month, and there was also one in Su Wan’s pet. Besides, Chen Kai didn’t know whether the same three servings could fill two dragons, which had grown to two meters or four.

"good! No problem! " Although the innkeeper is a little surprised at Chen Kai’s request, he knows very well that some adventurers domesticate their pets and sometimes eat them better than others. This is not because they love each other, but to ensure their fighting capacity. When they are hungry, Warcraft can’t fight for a long time and is often hungry. Warcraft is also easy to bite its own master.
However, when the innkeeper brought the food with a smile, when he saw Chen Kai release the so-called pet, he froze directly. He didn’t even know that his hand fell to the ground. There were also mercenaries and adventurers who were eating around him. They also froze directly. Everyone looked at the pig with their mouths open and bit two creatures. If their eyes were not blind, if their memory was correct, then the two so-called pets should be dragons and they were both young dragons in the growth stage, but they still couldn’t tell the difference. Whether the other party is a dragon or a dragon because the horns of the two little guys are so unique, if it is a dragon, it should be a thorn horn, which is like a spike. The number of horns is not accurate, but if it is a dragon, it has a pair of forked horns, but although the two little guys have a pair of horns similar to a dragon, the horns are not forked but similar to thorns.
However, whether the two little guys are dragons or dragons means that they belong to extremely high-end creatures, and owning such pets is generally called dragon knights. Of course, now Chen Kai and Su Wan have no way to qualify as dragon knights. At most, they can be regarded as apprentices or reserve. Su Wan’s dragon gun knight is more qualified as a trainee dragon knight than Chen Kai. After all, dragon knights often use dragon guns.
It took two minutes for the whole hotel to slowly return to its original state. Of course, if you really want to calculate, every customer who eats in the hotel has some mistakes in his eyes, because their eyes have glanced at Chen Kai and them several times, or Chen Kai and two little guys swinging their tails at their feet, but they only dare to glance at them, because they know that Chen Kai, a strong man with a rank of more than nine, is still trying to control his strength, or that he has not been promoted to the ninth rank recently, and he has not finished familiarizing himself with the promotion. Strength: The pressure released by him from time to time makes the whole hotel fall into a state of sluggishness and fear from time to time. Of course, he will pay attention to these facts from time to time. Now the diners in the hotel feel much less intimidated than when Chris just advanced, Chen Kai and others felt much less intimidated.
Chen Kai and others ate this meal for half an hour. After that, they slowly walked into their room in the hotel owner’s tangled eyes. Inglis gave out coercion from time to time, and the two little guys became increasingly strong. Rowen made the hotel owner entangled for a long time. Many ordinary diners could stop at the door of the store because of the law. As a result, the poor boss could look at the business in tangled eyes and miss it. Of course, he didn’t dare to say much. After all, Chen Kai gave a lot of gold coins, especially when he let his stomach eat dragons. I ate four roast pigs until my stomach was completely turned over and I lay on the ground and moved before I stopped talking. In the end, Chen Kai and Su Wan dragged the dragons weighing more than 100 kilograms back to their rooms by dragging their tails.
"all right! Old four! What happened outside the town? " When Chen Kai and the others returned to their room, they got together without grooming or rest. Ting Yun overheard the news because they all knew that it might be of great help to their life in Paranon, and it would be helpful in the next few days.
"Boss! It is estimated that we are very qualified as a disaster star. Soon after we arrived here, Paranon was attacked in the village outside, and the attack on the village was none other than the dead creature of Ancelor! " Cloud words make everyone feel Zheng, because they didn’t expect that Ancelor’s dead creatures would arrive in Luohan Empire so quickly, and almost entered Paranon with their front feet and back feet. At this time, Chen Kai and them were dying. If they walked slowly, maybe they would be chased by these dead creatures in the forest. Compared with them who need to eat, drink, sleep and sleep, those dead creatures who don’t eat, sleep and rest may enter the forest later, but they will come after them. If they don’t walk out of the forest, it is estimated that they will never come out now.
"How many dead creatures are there?" Xu Fei raised his head and slowly asked this question. In fact, he is still more. Does Paranon have a spell shop? If so, he can make spell scrolls overnight, at least when dead creatures attack, he can save his life more.
I don’t know! But the number will never be less. At present, it seems that we have no way to leave Paranon through conventional channels! " There are not many facts that Yun overheard. Even if he doesn’t eavesdrop on the whole Paranon residents, he will soon know the news of the arrival of dead creatures.
"It seems that we are really unlucky and lucky! If we were late, we might not get to Paranon! Ok, let’s go to bed early. If there is anything to buy, go out and buy it immediately. I estimate that the whole town will be under curfew soon! " After Chen Kai finished speaking slowly, he walked out of the door alone. When he passed the hotel counter, he greeted the innkeeper and asked the location of the mayor’s office, and then went out. When Chen Kai left, the others either went back to their rooms to rest or followed Chen Kai’s footsteps and ran out of the hotel. Chen Kai guessed that there was nothing wrong. When they were less than an hour away from the hotel, the whole town entered a curfew and arrived at the same time. There were nearly 10,000 middle peasants living in the countryside outside Paranon Town.
In fact, Chen Kai didn’t find Mayor Rosala in the mayor’s mansion. The only thing he saw was a clerk named Luhan, who made Chen Kai dull. Is this clerk or a player? In fact, most players in Luohan Empire are players in the eastern Russian region of Meng Ancient District. There are also many Chinese in this area, and of course, more are Meng Ancient players and Russian players.
However, although Chen Kai, the same player, doesn’t get much information from the other side, the only thing I know is that the number of Paranon players is not only small, but most of them are the second batch to enter the game. The strength of Luhan is quite poor. Although he is a Chinese player and he is not bad in Paranon, he has four levels of strength. This has already given special treatment to the second batch of players. Of course, Luhan is also lucky. After entering the game, he was regarded as a clerk in the mayor’s office of Rosara.
Although his combat experience is not high, his rank is constantly rising in the mayor’s arrangement. Although Luhan is a swordsman, he holds a pen longer than when he holds a sword. Of course, it is not a big problem for Luhan not to fight because he is not interested in fighting, but now Luhan has calmed down because he got a bad news for him, and this news is the only valuable news that Chen Kai got from the other side. That is, Mayor Rosala may issue a mobilization order to mobilize all the towns. Men who can afford weapons and adventurers and mercenaries join the battle against the coming undead army Chen Kai. Unfortunately, they are part of the mobilization order. Although Chen Kai has no great doubt about joining the battle against the undead, he is worried that he will be divided into an unfamiliar commander. If that commander is an idiot, it will be a disaster for Chen Kai.
By the time Chen Kai returned to the hotel, the curfew in Paranon had already passed, and others had already bought enough things and returned to the hotel. In fact, they were still a little slow. If they didn’t have enough gold coins on hand, it is estimated that it would be impossible to buy enough therapeutic potions and casting materials at the usual price.
"This help jiān business is really malicious! The price has doubled. nnd is too dark! " Cloud took out the grindstone bandage and other auxiliary materials in his backpack and distributed them to others in proportion, and then muttered in waves.
"You just doubled! Do you know how many times things have been turned over in the spell shop? Exactly three times! I almost didn’t wave my staff to blow the old man to death! " Xu Fei’s heart was blocked with anger. He had never seen such a greedy old man. Although he was a mage, the other person’s greed made him feel sick. He couldn’t wait to wave his staff spell and blow him into minced meat.
"You should be glad that you have bought something. I estimate that the price of these things will be more expensive! Okay, bad news ~! Maybe the old mayor will call us up and we will definitely be called to guard the city! " After Chen Kai told the others the news, the party didn’t shake much. Of course, Grisgen didn’t know what the call-up order was. He would look around blankly and slowly put away his own medicine and auxiliary … Q!
The first volume Chapter 14 The tide rises (5)
In fact, Chen Kai and his team were a little late in estimating the arrival of the call-up order. At about three o’clock in the morning, when the group was still immersed in the deep sleep of the game for a long time, their doors were slammed one by one, indicating that the doorman was very anxious.
"Respect for adventurers! Please get up quickly. The old mayor said he needed your help! " Hassan, the owner of the poor night bluegrass hotel, has never been so miserable. He believes that customers are gods, and he takes great care of every guest who enters his hotel. This also leads to a high name in Paranon, which is the whole Amdo Nightgrass Hotel. But today he has to break the name himself. When the guests are still asleep, most adventurers need to rest at three o’clock in the morning. Hassan can imagine that those adventurers who are awakened by him will have a furious face, but he has to do so because he respects the mayor Rosara and arranges it for him or requests it.
When Chen Kai was awakened from a deep sleep, the second round of knocking at the door had already sounded. At the same time, he also heard the angry cries of many adventurers living in the surrounding rooms. Obviously, no one would be happy to be awakened from a beautiful dream. Chen Kai and them were no exception. He heard Xu Fei and Zhao Tiezhu sounds in those roars. It is absolutely important for a mage to get enough sleep. Although they can meditate instead of sleep to regain their energy, the mage still attaches great importance to sleep in order to ensure that his mind is sharp and he will not doze off during the battle.
Chen Kaike can imagine how angry Xu Fei will be when he is woken up from a deep sleep. If he is woken up from a deep meditation, he will probably be even more angry, because players will only have magic when they are in a deep meditation state. Shallow meditation is just to restore magic. For a player, especially mage players, it can increase magic by more than ten points at a time. If deep meditation is interrupted, they will be furious. If it takes five points to increase magic at a time, it will take ten times to make it. Each player can release one more first-order spell, so players are very interested in each deep meditation. For players, every opportunity to increase their combat strength is a chance for them to become stronger in the game. Only by cherishing these opportunities can players occupy a place in the game.
However, although Xu Fei was furious, he was still restrained. After all, he also knew that even if he lost his temper again, he still put on his own equipment angrily and then knocked on the door and went out. When he walked out of the door, he saw that Kai, a double-headed lion, walked out of the room with his head bowed and his waist in gold and silver. Chen Kai saw the armor of the other side, and Xu Fei realized that the rib of Chen Kai’s armor should have been repaired. Obviously, the repairing function of the bronze box of the double-headed lion armor was very good, and of course, it was thanks to Chen Kai. Kay collected a lot of metal materials in the blacksmith’s shop and those local rich people’s homes when she was in Abraxar. Of course, only Chen Kai’s armor has this preferential treatment. Other people’s equipment was repaired by a blacksmith after entering the town. Fortunately, the damage was not serious. It took half an hour to repair it. I Zhao Tiezhu, they were also able to walk out of the house in armor, and the whole hotel came out in armor and equipment. Only Chen Kai and other adventurers were dressed in a suit.
However, when they saw that Chen Kai and his wife were dressed in anxious circumstances, Ma Chong returned to his room. In less than a minute, several weapons hit the ground or armor collided with each other in the whole hotel. When Chen Kai and his wife came to the hotel lobby, Hassan, the hotel owner, had already called the sleepy maid to bring the prepared gravy and bread. Of course, in his view, it was also a practice. After all, no one knows how many people can walk from the town wall alive this night.
"Sorry! Excuse me, everyone, but it’s urgent now! Please go to the city wall after eating food. If it is late, maybe we will never see the sun again! " Captain Bohr bowed to ll them and all the other mercenaries and adventurers in the hotel lobby. He didn’t say much because he knew that there were some things to talk about. The rented mercenaries and adventurers in the bluegrass hotel were generally familiar with him except ll them.
"all right! Little Boer, is it Warcraft attacking the town again? Don’t worry, with your uncle Hammerta, no monster can break the wall! " A middle-aged Luohan man with a thick beard patted Captain Bohr’s shoulder and said with a smile, but Chen Kaike saw a black line flashing across Captain Bohr’s forehead when he spoke. It was obvious that he was very dissatisfied with this uncle named Hamuta. When he was eating in the hotel lobby, Chen Kai had already heard some news about Paranon Town. For example, this one is called Ankara. The captain of Bohr’s garrison is actually less than 17 years old, but his appearance looks more than 30 years old, which is mainly due to his overgrown beard, which is slightly old like cheeks. Whoever has the face like Captain Bohr will be treated as an uncle even if he is 17 years old.
"good! Uncle Hammerta, but this time it’s not Warcraft, so you don’t worry that your crops will be eaten up because they don’t eat pumpkins and kill people! " Bohr said that and went out. He was called Uncle Hammerta and touched his nose. He felt a little confused, but when he came to the bonfire wall after eating a little too early with other people, he finally knew nothing. Bohr would say that his crops would not be eaten up. Because of the impact, Paranongen was not a Warcraft, but a creature waving a long bone knife and risking a deep and blue flame in his eyes.
"oh! Great goddess of life! How can there be a damn bone stick here! " Shouting Hammerta obviously attracted everyone’s attention, but all eyes just glanced at him and were completely attracted by Chen Kai on the other side. I In fact, Chen Kai is still very concerned about wearing this suit of armor, especially at night, when the armor quarrelling beads are full of quarrelling, the protective effect will automatically trigger. After the trigger, the result is that Chen Kai’s armor will change from gold and silver to emit golden light, which becomes particularly conspicuous at night. When Chen Kai walks in the dark, he looks like one. A golden giant who came from ancient times has a huge body that gives people great pressure. No one faces the huge sword with a handle of more than two meters that Chen Kai wears behind his back. Of course, this is not envy or covet, but fear and fear, especially Chen Kai’s armor, which shines brightly in the morning. The emblem of the temple constantly warns people around him about his knighthood.
In fact, if Chen Kai was dressed like this when they walked out of the forest, Bohr would never have the courage to point a spear at him. It is because Chen Kai’s armor was put in a bronze cabinet repair shop that he was able to wear a robe without the emblem of God. Others also wore a robe for the same reason. The careful old mayor found out that Chen Kai and other people in their profession, including innkeepers, were Chen Kai and they were ordinary adventurers. Later, he added a suspected dragon knight to infer, but now everyone in the base knows that Chen Kai and their profession are due to their installation. Equipment has a temple emblem more or less. Compared with Chen Kaihui, the big thorn appears in the shoulder armor. Su Wanhui appears in the hand armor, while Zhao Tiezhu emblem is marked on the shield. Where the temple emblem appears is completely controlled by the player. When the player wears a piece of equipment for the first time, he can choose whether to mark the temple emblem on the equipment.
"Ahem!" With a crisp cough, everyone’s eyes were drawn back to the wall from ll armor, and it was none other than Rosala, the mayor of Paranon town, but he is a little bad now, his eyes are red and his hair is messy, which is really different from seeing him in the afternoon.
"Sorry! Interrupt everyone during the break, but now I really can’t help it! As you can see, a group of unknown dead creatures attacked the villages around Paranon, and they attacked them! Although we have already warned the police, there are still several villages that have lost contact! " Before the old mayor’s words were finished, the whole group of mercenaries and adventurers burst into anxious shouts, because many of them lived in a village not far from Paranon.
"But you rest assured! Most of the villagers have moved to the town. If you are worried about your relatives, you can go to the town center square first, but before that, we have to solve an external problem, which depends on everyone’s strength! Here, I am the mayor of Paranon, and I call you to join the Paranon garrison! " With the old mayor’s words falling, Chen Kai and their logs all show that they have received a compulsion, that is, to protect Paranon and defeat the dead creatures that attacked Paranon. This is mandatory because this is because the old mayor made the draft order. If he is only a draft order, Chen Kai and they may refuse this, but it is impossible now.
"This old man doesn’t look kind at all now!" Cloud looked slowly away, Mayor Rosala muttered something, and then slowly a special whetstone slowly polished his dagger. Although his magic double dagger was made of devil’s teeth, a lot of metal was also melted and cast in it, especially near the blade. The most important thing was that when he was controlled, the characteristics of the dagger changed greatly, and the bone material completely merged with the metal material to form the shape and properties of the dagger. Now the cloud can polish and maintain its blade with a special whetstone to prevent it from becoming dull due to long-term use.
"Nonsense! If you had stayed in his position, you probably wouldn’t have been friendly now! Go to investigate and try the strength of those bones! " Zhao Tiezhu patted the cloud on the shoulder and then ran towards ll.
"Depend! Why don’t you go by yourself! " Yun became angry. Of course, this is just his complaint. Everyone knows that thieves are suitable for this kind of work to test the enemy. Although Yun can easily stay in the city wall and pull the trigger to directly detect the strength of those dead creatures, he knows that his heavy crossbow is definitely not suitable for exposure under the eyelids of Luohan Empire. Although this crossbow is a special crossbow modified by magic, it is still designed along the original Hans’ heavy crossbow. If this crossbow falls into the hands of Luohan Empire, Yun can imagine that it will be in the Hans’ Court. How hard you are hit, you may directly become a traitor. There are many kinds of expectations in the game, including national expectations, ethnic expectations, personal expectations, regional associations and so on
Among them, the unification of country and race is the most important, because it is the basis for you to mix well in the game. The national outlook is generally the country where you were born and the country where you have been. For example, Chen Kai, they look forward to goodness and respect in the country of Hans, but they are only neutral in Luohan. If Yun dedicates that heavy crossbow to Luohan Empire, he will look forward to goodness and respect in Luohan Empire, but in Hans, he may become hostile because he betrayed his country. Of course, at the same time, it is funny that the cloud race outlook will rise a little because of him. Giving a heavy crossbow will lead the Luohan Empire to enter a new stage in the research and development of crossbows, which will increase the racial strength of human beings in disguise. Of course, these are not cloud hopes. After all, their foundation in the game is still what Hans thinks, and they will not choose to become enemies of Hans.
There is no way to make the heavy crossbow cloud be able to test the thief’s most basic fighting mode, that is, to lurk and get close to the other side and finally solve the problem in close combat. However, if Yun really does this, Chen Kai and others will soon be able to wave to welcome him to be reborn in the graveyard of the town. Because the thief’s shadow hiding from dead creatures can’t work, the shadow hiding method can cover up the fluctuation of life, and the dead creatures’ biggest reliance on judging the target is this way similar to infrared detection. The only thing that can be done is to seduce the crossbow and kill the other side’s strength.
However, when he wanted to crawl along the city wall to investigate, Chen Kai suddenly rushed over, then he leaned out half of his body and pulled it back, and then pressed it hard to the ground. Before the cloud could react, more than a dozen bones and long arrows slammed into Chen Kai’s back or directly stuck it in the ground.
"Your ya want to die! Fortunately, I learned from Bohr that there was news of the white bone shooter, otherwise you would have confessed today! " Ll in cloud forehead mercilessly took a then depressed touching his back, although armor protection makes him not to be shot through by bones arrows, but the impact force of bone arrows still makes his back ache.
"I wipe! Damn it, Zhao Tiezhu, why didn’t you tell me? I almost got killed by you! " When I heard Chen Kai’s words, the cloud almost jumped up from the ground. At this time, he was white. Everyone went to the wall, but no one was near the wall. It was because the bones shooter threatened to have his own idiot and ran to the wall to climb from the wall.
"Sorry! I don’t know! I swear! " Zhao Tiezhu also knew that he had made a mistake at the moment. He shouldn’t let the cloud explore those dead creatures. Without knowing the situation clearly, he almost made his friends pay a serious price. When Chen Kai pressed the cloud on his body, his heart rose.

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