"Don’t call me by my name!"

I don’t want to call your name. What’s my name? Bitter face mouth again "that is I don’t cry for you ~ I apologize not yet? I really didn’t mean to laugh ~ ~ Then why don’t you stop crying? Can I help you make another dip? "
Wu Yun glanced up at me and didn’t cry again, but pointed at me dipping into the waterway. "Then give it to me!" "
"I will give it to you if you don’t cry!" I immediately dipped myself in water and handed it to her. Let’s just make another one.
However, this girl made me speechless in one sentence ~ When I saw this girl pointing to her own’ hot sauce’, she said, "Take this to eat!"
I suddenly stare big eyes and swallow water ~ this is killing me! Xiao Yu and Lulu also stared at the dish of’ terrorist poison’ with their mouths covered ~ "Can you not?" I asked tentatively.
"No, I just want to see what you will look like if you eat it!"
I don’t want to make this girl cry any more when I look at this girl’s face with tears ~ damn it, die! Isn’t it just a little spicy, a little salty and a little numb with dipping sauce? It’s not a real poison ~ I shook my hands and held the disc in front of me, but my face was numb, so I relaxed and said, "Okay, let’s eat it instead. I’ll try how spicy it is for us to dip in the water. I still don’t believe that I, an authentic S person, can’t stand it!"
Xiao Yu and Lulu saw Wu Yun’s horror, and they were extremely afraid of that dish. Seeing that I really want to eat it is a face of worry. Look at me and then look at Wu Yun nervously. Obviously, these two girls are also afraid that I can’t stand eating it and want Wu Yun to take it back ~ Wu Yun saw that I really agreed and looked at me with a face of surprise. Finally, I was worried and asked, "Are you sure? That ~ that ~ "
I smiled and laughed. "Nothing, that is, I put a little more Chili sauce and salt. I will let you see how S people eat spicy food today! Besides, just dip it a little less. You and I are as stupid as you. Do you want to eat when your wings are full? "
Wu Yun looked at the dish and then looked at me pouting. "Forget it, don’t eat it. It’s too spicy. It’s not good if you eat bad belly ~"
"Oh, little crowd, do you care about me?" I joked with a smile
"Heart a fart! Eat if you like! Don’t blame me for eating a bad belly! " Wu Yun immediately got red in the face and deliberately scolded.
After such a short time, Zhou Li finally came back with a pot of ice water, but it seems that the girl didn’t feel so bad after such a long time. I took the water and poured a cup and handed it to her. "Take a sip in your mouth and don’t swallow it. It will be better to spit it out if it contains heat."
Wu Yun left me one eye, took the cup and took a sip according to the words, then immediately hung a happy expression with his face closed and nodded at us’ whoops’. I really want to say that it is really much more comfortable.
Everyone sat down to eat again, and three girls kept glancing at me ~ obviously everyone wanted to see if I really dipped in Wu Yun’s sauce ~ my face was worried ~ alas ~ at this time, we can’t show weakness! Hot is hot! Pour yourself a glass of ice water to dry!
Although we have dipped as little as possible, we can’t all dip, can we? After taking a bite, we finally realized how uncomfortable this is ~ Nima, is this Chili sauce made of pepper?
My tongue, my lips and my whole mouth are burning. I can’t say how uncomfortable it is. It’s almost on fire! I took a quick sip of ice water. I can bear it! After eating for a while, I was sweating as if I had just fished it out of the pond. I can bear it! At this time, we can’t say we can’t do it, can we?
After eating for a while, I was numb directly. A few women told me not to eat when I was sweating. "Nothing to eat hot pot is like this!" Eating a full head of sweat is to enter the state! "
However, there is really no need to change it. It’s much more tasteless ~ A few women saw that I didn’t seem to be doing anything except sweating, and then I stopped eating and didn’t care about it. I also ate and ate.
Chapter 363 Xiaoyu was taught bad.
I’ve been eating for more than forty minutes, and I’ve eaten almost all the vegetables. Everyone is a little full before stopping. It’s already 6: 40 after checking out. Drive back to the hotel quickly. We still have to go!
Stop-and-go all the way was blocked for more than half an hour before reaching the nine-point line ~ "It’s been more than ten minutes since the light rain hurried to the line." As soon as I got back to the villa, I immediately said eagerly
Xiao Yu nodded with a red face, pulling Wu Yun and Lulu to run back to the room quickly.
Hey, hey, smile and run back to the room. Get the helmet out and connect it into the game!
Just now, the information of the first-line widows and other guys kept ringing. It’s a good thing that it’s not a big deal. Several guys said that they would wait until the day to see my true face ~ It’s not much different from the game. I have to say something. In reality, it’s a little more handsome than the game!
I took a bubble in the mercenary group channel and said that I couldn’t wait to send a message to Xiaoyu. Hahahaha ~ I rushed directly to the imperial villa. Xiaoyu was already here ~ Wow Kaka quickly rushed to hug this girl. This time it was miserable enough ~ I took Xiaoyu and ran to the room quickly. Xiaoyu was also extremely hot. Three, five, divide, two, get rid of the equipment. The shower came ~ It was * * more than 20 minutes later. This girl was already dying ~ At the beginning of the shower, Xiaoyu was lazy and lying in bed with a red face.
"Bah glib! It will sound good! " Xiaoyu shyly arched my body and hid all the key parts.
"Hey hey, I’m telling the truth! My wife Xiaoyu is the most beautiful, gentle and lovely! "
"Hum that non-success elder sister? Is your figure better than mine? "
Hey? Why did you say Wu Yun again? The afternoon in the bathroom came to my mind ~ I haven’t turned off the fire yet. Fortunately, I didn’t stick a light rain body, or I must have felt it by this girl ~ My heart was straight and weak.
"That what ~ Wu Yun figure is really good but no better than za light rain! Xiao Yu is the best! "
"Lu Yang, if you like others, you must tell me not to hide it from me, okay?" At this moment, Xiao Yu looks calmer and more determined, but I can feel the girl’s worry and hesitation!
Hugging Xiaoyu tightly, I murmured, "Xiaoyu, how can I like others? You are my only lover. I will tie you to my side in this life, even if you want to run, I won’t let you run away!" No one can compare with you in my eyes! "
Xiao Yu nodded and rubbed against me again. Suddenly he looked up at me and said with a smile, "I believe it! It’s good if you love me the most and don’t lose me. Even if you like people again, I won’t have a problem. Like Sister Non-success and Lulu, we can be good sisters, and ~ Lulu and Sister Non-success seem to like you very much ~ "
I blink my pupils ~ I look at Xiao Yu with a full face of panic and slowly stretch out my hand and stick it to the girl’s forehead without a fever ~ "No fever ~ Xiao Yu, what are you talking about?" I have enough of you! Lulu, that’s when my sister Wu Yun’s tough girl ~ how can I like her ~ and she can’t like my girl, but I can’t think of anything else. "
"What are you nervous about? You don’t like it! I’m just saying, I’m telling you that I can accept Sister Yun and Sister Lulu. If you really like them, I’m fine, and you’ve already taken advantage of Sister Lulu and Sister Yun! "
I sat up from the bed and hurriedly explained, "This light rain ~ I ~ I really didn’t mean to do anything! Lulu’s wake-up call was a misunderstanding. If I were you, I would kiss her and do nothing else ~ "
Xiao Yu smiled and didn’t speak, which made my heart even more panic ~ "Xiao Yu’s wife, do you believe that I am like that? I just grabbed her and kissed her ~ nothing else ~"
"giggle, I didn’t say anything else!"
"Yu Wuyun ~ that was even more unexpected, but as you can see ~ I ~ I didn’t expect that at all ~"
"I know ~"
"Then you can’t be angry! Don’t talk about it again! "
"Uh-huh, I won’t talk about it." Xiaoyu replied with a smile.
Finally, it’s okay for the time being ~ I fell down on the bed again and took Xiaoyu into my arms. I was just about to say a few more good words. I didn’t know that this girl smiled at me and said, "Sister Yun feels good?"
I stared. Shit! Still say? A pat on Xiao Yu’s ass, I rolled over and pinned this girl down. In Xiao Yu’s exclamation, I made a bold expression and said, "Oh, my God! I still dare to say that my husband is served by my family! "
Doubt ~ another storm filled the house with spring scenery, and I couldn’t even live in the window ~ It was only ten minutes before the light rain could not stand begging for mercy again and again, so I stopped.
Hehe smiled and put it in Xiaoyu’s ear. "Dare you dare?"
"Dare not ~" Xiao Yu has the strength to say
I’m afraid to do anything when I look at the girl’s tired. I wear equipment to make the bed gently stroke Xiaoyu’s long hair. I smiled and said, "Don’t say those stupid things after the rain. I promise that Lulu’s situation will never happen again and Wu Yun’s situation will never happen again during the day!"
Slowly leaned over and whispered in Xiaoyu’s ear, "Appear in my wife!"
Xiaoyu pouted tightly and said something that made me almost crazy ~ "I don’t know in the game that it’s as different as in reality ~ if it’s the same ~ how can I stand you later?" You’d better find Sister Yun and Lulu together ~ "
Oh, my god ~ is this still our light rain? This will not be taught by Wu Yun’s tough girl, will it?
I’m at a loss to stare at Xiaoyu, and I’m both proud and Naima Xiaoyu. If I really think so, then we’re really proud. Anyone can be proud of having such a good wife and a man with strong ability. Can we not be proud?
But can we really be so ashamed? I really don’t think I will be so ashamed of Xiaoyu. My generation must not let her down!
"Xiao Yu, are you staying with Wu Yun that tough girl too much? Now it’s not three wives and four concubines in ancient times, and even your husband in ancient times, I don’t seem to accept one at a time, do I? I’m not a dragon ~ "
"Sister Yun is not what you think, I’ll tell you ~ Sister Yun is actually very conservative. Sister Lingling and I never knew that he had close contact with the opposite sex, not to mention staying together and saying anything very explicit, but they didn’t spend more than 5 minutes together, but it seems that if I were with you, Sister Yun would be a different person."
I’m surprised. Can’t I? Wu Yunji has never been in contact with the opposite sex? Shit ~ but how do I feel that girl knows everything and can say anything?

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