Modric didn’t expect that he had just made his debut in the World Cup (he didn’t play in the first game) and enjoyed the treatment of a world superstar. Before the ball reached his feet, the other team actually rushed at him to grab it. Whether it was the ball, the Croatian player or the magic flute that caught the ball showed some lack of preparation and skills. Young players had the habit of sticking the ball. They didn’t hesitate for the first time after catching the ball. As a result, they were surrounded by three former Oriental players. They practiced it since they were young. Later, modric, who was famous for his strong ability to protect the ball, lost the ball with his first foot in the World Cup. Perhaps it was the loss of the ball that hit him too hard. He was in a daze for half a second before he reacted and tried his best to defend himself.

After his teammates cooperated to successfully break the ball from modric’s foot, Gao Jun immediately tilted the ball to the left. He had already inserted it forward. Haoli crossed the Croatian team’s defense line with great speed and easily received the ball just right before Gao Jun. At this time, his vision was wide. He saw that there was also a red figure on his right. He immediately inserted it at high speed and directly hit the ball in the penalty area and flew over on the right.
"Oh oh! China successfully cornered and intercepted the ball from a Croatian player’s foot! The ball was tilted to the left. Hao chased the football and he won it directly! Oh, it’s too urgent! Huh? Oh, it’s Qu Bo. He got the ball before the highway! But the Croatian goalkeeper has rushed out! Ah! Qu Bo flicked the ball lightly and bypassed the Croatian goalkeeper’s head and fell into the ball. The tennis ball scored! The goal is scored again! China expanded the score to 41! This is incredible! Unbelievable! China is now three goals ahead of Croatia, which has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup! Thanks to Qu Bo! Thanks to the national football team! " Liu Jianhong looked at the changes that made him see things in a blur. It was almost some incoherent explanation
"So I said that 343 will amplify the luck and affect a bad luck. Ten minutes later, I fell behind Australia by three goals. This luck has improved. Now I am ahead of Croatia by three goals." Gong Lei said in the middle of the speech, but I saw that the slow-motion replay of the goal just now has been broadcast. Stop talking, because from the replay, it seems that this goal depends on far more than luck
So Gong Lei immediately changed his tune, "I want to take back what I just said. This ball may have some luck elements, but it is not the most important thing. From the first attack tactical routine, the Croatian team planned to circle the ball and handed it to modric, who just came off the bench. However, the three boys of China team seemed to have long known that the three men had the opportunity to coordinate and grab the ball from modric’s foot, and then Gao Jun didn’t look up and knew that Hao had inserted the ball directly in front. This tacit understanding is also very rare, and finally Hao’s foot ball reflected his broad vision and excellent technical skills in the final curving shot."
At this time, Liu Jianhong couldn’t help but interject with emotion. "Qu Bo’s goal reminds me of the moment when he became famous in the World Youth Championship in Argentina and shot in the same position. I seemed to see the former’ chasing the wind’."
"When I first learned that he was suffering from hyperthyroidism, I thought that his career had ended here. Who would have thought that only three years later, he returned to the national team and was selected for the final list of the World Cup. He also scored this key goal at the crucial moment of this key game. I can imagine that he has worked hard in these three years. I think Qu Bo must be as happy as being in heaven now." Gong Lei’s mood is equally difficult to calm down.
Qu Bo didn’t celebrate passionately after the goal, but he fell to his knees on the grass and cried. Perhaps this is the so-called "tears of joy"? At this moment, many people appeared in his mind, including his parents who loved him forever, his guidance and Olympic teammates who hurt him deeply at first, and some good people he met later.
Due to physical reasons, even though Qu Bo made a stunning performance in this World Cup, he still failed to land in Europe. However, just because of this World Cup goal, Qu Bo’s football life will not leave him too much regret, and since this day, Qu Bo has never had the dream that he has had several times.
When Qu Bo knelt down and cried bitterly, Gao Jun reached out and stopped his teammates from rushing to celebrate and ruining that unique atmosphere. After a long time, Qu Bo got up and found that everyone was smiling and surrounded by him. I was embarrassed. At this time, Gao Jun went to him and patted him on the shoulder. "We are chasing the wind!" What else can stop us from taking this game? "
Qu Bo suddenly felt as if he had returned to Argentina in the summer, and his body seemed to be several years younger, and his teammates were also greatly encouraged to devote themselves to the game with higher morale.
China’s wonderful goal has also caused a stir in major football forums and post boards in China. Some fans note that the significance and process of this goal are wonderful, and many old fans recall that the goal scorer Qu Bo was heroic in the stadium in the past. An old fan posted "The old national football team left a good memory in those days", which made many people realize that even the former national football team didn’t always leave people with painful memories like "black nine minutes". They also had classic games that fans remembered deeply. Later, this post triggered a heated discussion and there were more followers.
This goal is like heaven for Qu Bo, but for modric, who lost the goal just after the game and caused fatal consequences, it seems that he fell into hell as soon as he knew how difficult it was to get back three goals behind the half-time game. Balic, the head coach of Croatia, was also completely puzzled. He could never figure out how Croatia could compete with the powerful Brazilian team in the scene and eventually lost a goal. Why was China beaten all over the place by him in this game?
"This is modern football. All kinds of tactics are becoming more and more perfect and mature, and the attack efficiency is not the same as before. It is easy to play all kinds of unexpected scores before the tactics restrain the opponent. Is it because there is such a big strength gap between the two teams that Barcelona beat Real Madrid Bayern in two rounds and even I coached China to beat South Korea in three rounds?" Gao Jun looked at this time and his face was already very ugly. The head coach of Croatia thought happily.
Gao Jun certainly has reason to be happy that China has a three-goal lead in this game, and his hopes have become great, and he has thoroughly realized his own strength through these two World Cup finals. Before Gao Jun still had a vague idea in his heart, now he can completely confirm that his ability to seize opportunities not only surpassed himself in those years, but also surpassed an active player in the world today, even those strange superstars who have already retired may not be comparable to himself, because the World Cup stage is a relatively stable reference.
At this time, Gao Jun doesn’t know that not only his own shooting percentage is extremely high, but also other players in the national football team will be more calm when they get the chance to shoot, and even the hardcore fans have made statistics. When Gao Jun is present, the scoring rate of the national football team is nearly twice as high as that when he didn’t have time. If we consider the importance of Gao Jun to reducing the defensive pressure on the national football team, it is even more difficult to estimate.
Chapter ten The Magic Flute Struggle
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At half-time, Croatia planned to attack on a large scale. Now, after accidentally losing another goal, Croatia has already finished the road. The Croatian team is even more crazy about the ground pressure, especially modric, who is bent on atoning for his sins.
Although he is still very young, modric’s ability to protect the ball has really opened the eyes of the international players of China team. If he was not carefully surrounded like at half-time, it would be difficult for the players of China team to break the ball from his foot, but modric took the defense line out of order. Even the self-proclaimed ability to protect the ball has greatly shocked Lin after seeing modric’s real strength, not to mention other international players.
Liu Jianhong couldn’t help but praise him a few words. "It’s his 14th modric who has to foul to stop him. European teams can’t underestimate the strength of a 21-year-old substitute."
Gong Lei laughed after hearing this. "There is a limit to boasting. Croatia can’t underestimate how strong we should be with a three-goal lead." This modric is very young, but our international is even younger. Gao Lin is now 2 years old, Yu Hai is 19 years old, Hao Junmin is 19 years old and Hao is 19 years old, and our core player Gao Jun will have his first birthday in more than two months. "
"Yes, our players are younger and there are younger Xie Wenjun and other young players on the bench. This is the most potential China national team in history. No one can predict what height they will reach. I really want to see their performance when they are fully grown up, even if they live for four years less!" Liu Jianhong said with some exaggeration
Gong Lei smiled and agreed, "I feel the same way. These boys are really good. Enjoy this World Cup. Because of a defeat and a strong opponent, Brazil will hardly qualify for the group even if it is a big victory, but I believe that the national football boys will give the fans a wonderful game again."
"It’s strange to say that China football suddenly so a large number of escape? This doesn’t conform to the rules of football! You said that our football population is not large either? And have you noticed? These players are all from Xu Genbao’s football base. Isn’t this an exaggeration? I have also been to Chongji. I feel that there is a big gap in all aspects compared with those top youth training camps in the world. How can I produce so many talents? " After a short silence, Liu Jianhong suddenly asked a question that many people had thought about.
"This problem, I think, should be mainly due to environmental differences. Director Xu once said that among the young players who come out of the worship base, Gao Jun is a wizard who has never seen before in China football history, and Xie Wenjun is once in a decade, while other players are not bad in talent, but there are more talented players in China football history than them. For example, General Fan’s physical condition is not inferior to Xie Wenjun’s achievement if the professional league is earlier. If Hao Cannon had let him go in that year, he might have become a world-class striker, "Gong Lei said with some regret." After the professional league, for example, Sun Jihai had absolutely nothing to say about his talent, but he was recalled from Dalian to avoid relegation shortly after going abroad that year, and then he returned to Europe after two and a half years’ delay. At this time, he has passed the longest ball age, although his development is not bad now, but if he had stayed in England to play football, he is now a world-class star. What is this called? "
Speaking of later, the two found that the young players of Dongfang Team could grow up so well largely because Gao Jun, a core player with superior strength, led them to achieve good results in playing national youth and club competitions. On the one hand, they enhanced their confidence and accelerated their growth. On the other hand, they also attracted the attention of European clubs early, such as Hao Junmin and Yu Haidu. Six months ago, Gao Jun even sacrificed himself, bringing up several young players from China on the platform of Dynamo Dresden. However, their talents may not be comparable to those of old international players like Sun Jihai and Zheng Zhi.
At the end of the day, I’m glad that the emergence of the high army has promoted the growth of a group of young players, and the first few high-level foreign AIDS of the Oriental Team have also contributed. Liu Jianhong suddenly remembered one thing here. By the way, many clubs in the Chinese Super League hope to increase the number of foreign aid places. Now there are too few’ 2+1′. If you look at the results of the Oriental Team this season, you will know that the Chinese players are too young to bring two foreign aid roots. If there are three foreign aid places like last year, the situation may be very different.
Liu Jianhong often deviates from the theme in his commentary, which has always been criticized by Chinese fans. However, because the China team has led by three goals and the topic Liu Jianhong said today is of interest to most Chinese fans, it is not enough for too many fans to forbear to mute the video, but it was not long before Liu Jianhong’s expression was not so relaxed and he was no longer in the mood to continue to digress.
In the 59th minute, modric Li’s excellent ball control technique attracted two defenders of China team, and then he accurately divided the ball when the third China player pounced on him. The same young teammate Klanica (note 1) got the message and moved forward near the far post, flying forward and shoveling broke Li Leilei’s fingers to help Croatia stubbornly pull back a point, which changed the score to 42. China’s lead was only two goals, and Croatia finally saw the hope of equalizing the score.
"This ball is really helpless. Its personal ability is too strong. This is called modric. It will definitely become a football superstar in the future. The national football team must strengthen its defense against him. Otherwise, it may really make the cooked duck fly away." Gong Lei sighed some naively. Speaking of this, he suddenly realized that few people have noticed that although the national football team has strong attack power, its personal ability is very strong. That is to say, there are not many players who are good at controlling the ball and breaking through. If it is in Asian competitions, the situation is better. With the growth of Gao Jun’s physical strength, five young international players from the Eastern Team have a good personal assault ability. But in such a high-level competition as the World Cup, even Hao Junmin, the strongest player in this field, seems to be struggling when he goes it alone, and he has paid a serious injury price. "Perhaps this is the problem of China’s insufficient ability to attack positions? From this point of view, the strength of these players is not really that strong, and they can perform so well, and they may have formed a tacit understanding by playing together since childhood. "
At this time, Liu Jianhong is more worried that the national football team will fall off the chain at the moment and repeat the old habit. "It’s just one goal. We are still two goals ahead. I hope that the national football players can stay calm and don’t really let others turn over."
"Sure enough, no guy who can become a world-class star is easy to deal with." Gao Jun is obviously a little upset about this goal, but a famous player like modric, Gao Jun, a passer-by, can find out his weakness if he thinks about it carefully. "Magic flute shooting is not so good at maturity. Now it is estimated that it is even worse. Young people like to make a big mistake before performance, and they must be eager to make meritorious deeds. Even if they are not very good, they will probably choose to shoot directly."
Thinking of this, Gao Jun soon had a countermeasure to help the team-mates in the defense line. "Don’t go to three people like just now, then if the defense is too late, he will probably lose the ball."
"But two people may not be able to stop him from breaking the rules, and it is also very dangerous to give too many Italian balls," Zheng Zhi replied gloomily.
Gao Jun said with a smile, "If you really can’t prevent him from breaking through, it can be estimated that the selling point flaw lures him to make a long-range shot in a bad peripheral position. In fact, I think it is to prevent him from breaking through and hitting the ball. Two people have been able to significantly limit how talented he is. After all, one is a substitute player who has just joined the Croatian team and hasn’t played yet."
"How do you know that he shoots badly? Don’t you even bet on the Croatian League? " Zheng zhi suddenly surprised way
Gao Jun naturally knew that he had let slip his identity as a passer-by, and the reason why he couldn’t tell Zheng Zhi’s brain supplement was hard to believe, but it didn’t stum him. "I’m not that idle. It’s already very rare for a young player to dribble and control the ball well. If he shoots well, he should have been a super star of Luo and Messi’s level. How can he still be registered now?"
If Zheng Zhi thinks about it, he will do it with peace of mind according to the defensive strategy that Gao Jun came up with. Anyway, the core of Gao Jun’s team has made such tactical details adjustments, and if it is still not responsible, Gao Jun will carry himself without worrying.
Note 1: At half time, the Croatian team stepped up its attack. modric was replaced by a midfielder instead of Klanica. At this time, the formation of the field was 4321. The counterattack of China easily penetrated the Croatian team’s defense line. In addition to the skillful cooperation, the Croatian team only had a midfielder at that time, and there was a lot to be continued.
Chapter XI Covering Field
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"Shoot high modric is still very active, but it seems that the threat is not as big as before? What’s the matter? " Liu Jianhong felt this change although he was not good at it.
"Young players always want to solve their own problems, plus lack of experience and poor judgment. As a result, they blindly start shooting in a bad position and return the ball to us for nothing. Of course, this is a good thing for the national football team." Gong Lei thought for a while but did not realize that this change was caused by China’s defensive strategy
Liu Jianhong said with some expectation, "We can win the game by defending two goals ahead, but if we can score another goal, we will probably kill the game before."
"During this period, we played twice to complete the shooting counterattack, which is not less. It is a pity that Gao Lin and Qu Bo didn’t grasp it again, but Jian Hong, you see, the Croatian team is now in a more and more forward posture, and we must have more and more opportunities to fight back." Gong Lei smiled without worry
In the 71st minute, Yu Hai successfully broke the ball of Croatia in the restricted area of China team, but he didn’t immediately destroy his big foot. Finally, Yu Hai calmly and accurately handed the ball to Sun Jihai, the most stable player in China’s backcourt. After receiving the ball, Sun Jihai turned his head and found that Qu Bo had run forward and immediately sent a foot more than 5 meters over the top to hit the Croatian team’s defense line. Although his physical fitness was greatly damaged by hyperthyroidism, Qu Bo could still vaguely see the heroic spirit of the former "chasing the wind" when he ran. His speed quickly increased to the limit.
Because of the bad habit of playing football in China, Qu Bo didn’t win the ball immediately, but delayed it a little. As a result, when he started, the Croatian left-back had chased it back. He kept walking and put out his foot directly to block it. As a result, the block was blocked, but it didn’t bounce directly to the bottom line, but turned to continue rolling towards the bottom line of Croatia. However, the left-back of Croatia, who had fallen to the ground, was unable to get up and continue chasing the ball immediately even if he found it was not good.
Qu Bo was overjoyed for a few steps and then chased the football again. Then he watched the middle of the road from the ground. After that, because there was no one around to interfere with Qu Bo’s foot, the Croatian goalkeeper consciously took a step forward, but after all, he did not dare to attack rashly when he was not sure about it. At this time, three players of the China team had formed a flank in the middle of the road
Although the players in the center and frontcourt haven’t finished their defense, the Croatian defence still tried their best to stop China’s attack, but to Croatia’s surprise, it was not Gao Jun, who was recognized as the number one threat by them, or Gao Jun, who had scored a goal before, but the starting point of this quick counterattack-from the restricted area of China all the way to the restricted area of Croatia, Yu Hai saw him soar high after sprinting to the limit at an amazing speed, and his huge body was nearly 1.9 meters tall and stretched out to meet the flying ball, which was a handsome lion tossing his head!
Although the Croatian goalkeeper responded to the save at the first time, Yu Hai’s header was good in power and angle, and he was able to watch the football fly into his own goal from a dead corner after all. As Yu Hai scored the fifth goal of the China team in the game, the score suddenly became before the game. I’m afraid no one could have thought that China had a three-goal advantage again and lost to Brazil and Croatia by only one goal.
Although I looked forward to it several times in my heart, Liu Jianhong still looked unbelievable when all this happened, and his commentary was a little confused. "Yu Hai tossed his head and attacked the door very beautifully! He clenched his fist and held his right arm high and rushed to the sidelines to celebrate his first goal in the World Cup, which was the fifth goal scored by China in the field! Everything is like a dream today! Oh, my God! "
"The quality of the ball in Qubo is very good, and Yu Hai’s header is also beautiful. His posture is very stretched. Although the Croatian team has a full-back to make up for it, it is half a step slow, and Yu Hai has seized the favorable position. Root method stopped him!" Gong Lei praised Qu Bo and Yu Hai’s performance and suddenly his face changed, so the slow motion was released on the big screen and he saw the goal process.
"The professional level of German TV station really has nothing to say. It was only when this attack was launched that we were able to fully understand how excellent Yu Hai’s performance was." Liu Jianhong immediately gave a heartfelt admiration after reading it.
"Yes, Yu Hai actually retreated to our restricted area to help defend when the Croatian team attacked on a large scale, and after an important tackle, he calmly handed the ball to Ji Hai’s foot, and our quick counterattack was also initiated." Gong Lei praised Yu Haidao even more emotionally. "After the ball was thrown out, Yu Hai immediately rushed forward from our restricted area and rushed to the other side’s restricted area for more than half the length of the stadium, and finally scored a wonderful header that was likely to lay the foundation for the game. I don’t know what kind of language to express this way. It’s just covering the field. Yu Hai’s performance in this game fully explains what is offensive and defensive. "
At this time, the Germans, who are also explaining the game, will point at Gong Lei’s remarks and scold him for not knowing how to attack and defend football. It was the Dutch who created the "flower head". Yu Hai’s performance today is the "free man" style created by the historical Germans!
"When defending, you can retreat to the restricted area to play full-back, even central defender, but when attacking, you will resolutely insert assists and go deep into the restricted area to find opportunities to attack when necessary. This is the free kick! Although the position of the field base is different, the thinking is similar, and this small China definitely has the potential to be a free man. He can run more than 11 meters in the early 7 minutes, and he has the same excellent oxygen endurance, tall and strong body, wide field of vision, solid catching foundation and both offensive and defensive technical characteristics. These characteristics can win a player’s body, so he is born to play as a free man. Although he is limited by talent, he will never reach beckenbauer. Sammer is so high, but it must be much bigger for the China team than it is now. "The famous German football commentator Bellaretz commented on Yu Hai in the broadcast program, and at the same time did not forget to satirize an old enemy of German football." Unfortunately, his coach is a Dutchman and the Dutchman is a bad free man. "
His partner Marcel Leif also nodded, "Yes, but Yu Hai is playing in Germany now, and his training in Magat has made rapid progress. I believe he will have a good future. In fact, I am more interested in whether the core of China team will become Yu Hai playing as a free agent if the new head coach of China adopts the free agent tactics in the future."

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