He knocked on his skull for a moment and then asked Yang Xiangqi again.

Yang Xiangqi laughed. "It’s not surprising that Koreans have always been arrogant, but they are very inferior to the Central Plains people. What should they do? They all want to cling to them. This Zhu Yuanzhang is a big disaster in Yuan Shundi’s eyes. Three or five years ago, you didn’t rise. Everyone knows that this Zhu Yuanzhang may be the future god. It’s not uncommon for her to talk nonsense casually."
Qi Yufeng heard a clap his thigh here and said, "By the way, the universe is our Smecta!"
Yang Xiangqi had a delicious meal and then frowned. "But Qi Chengniang, this woman, has always had a lot of means. After the former queen fell from power and influence, Bo Yan wanted her niece to set up Bo Yan and suddenly become a queen; She’s a little Korean girl in the palace, but it’s really tough to kill Bo Yan and become a queen. "
Qi Yufeng asked, "What does she want to do in collusion with the King of Korea?"
Yang Xiangqi glanced up at Qi Yufeng and said, "Her eye position and power are one hundred times more noble than that of the Korean king. Why didn’t she protect Mengyuan and defend a small Korean country?"
Qi Yufeng saw Yang Xiangqi and made no secret of his contempt for Koreans. He couldn’t help but slightly zheng. After a long time, they couldn’t guess that this strange mother’s mind could stop there.
Immediately, the two men took a day off and sneaked out of the city the next night to ride a fast horse. One went directly to the tomb of the living dead in Zhongnanshan, and the other went directly to Datong, Shanxi Province. According to the previous agreement, at this time, Yang Yuanhaitian had already occupied Taiyuan and Datong respectively, which matched the security guards’ encirclement.
Qi Yufeng said earlier that "attacking Dadu after March" is actually a paralyzing language. He and others have already agreed to conquer Dadoucheng in less than half a month.
When it came to parting, Qi Yufeng suddenly remembered it and asked, "What happened when the Tatar emperor said that he had searched the Tianmonk Temple and couldn’t find a temple called Huangjue Temple?"
Yang Xiangqi laughed. "Huang Jue, Huang Jue, this Zhu Yuanzhang has always been a little puss-head, but this superficial kung fu is good. God, there are temples with royal words. This Zhu Yuanzhang really deserves a generation of adulterers."
Qi Yufeng wondered, "Does that mean that this temple in his mouth is actually gone?"
Yang Xiangqi said, "He taught you how to teach people, but you don’t even know this. He said that when he became a monk, the temple was a teaching temple, not a Buddhist temple. In recent years, he became indifferent to teaching before saying that he was a monk and deliberately left behind and taught."
"Ah …" Qi Yufeng heard that there was still this layer to detain. What do you think of the "Imperial Temple", what to be a "monk" or "a tutor"? Many small details are obviously for Zhu Yuanzhang to openly rebel against Christianity and compete for God in the future.
Such small details can’t fool the white people, but it’s enough to fool the public into saying that Huangjue Temple is the emperor’s awakening to clear the religious origin of being a monk.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Lu Yu nemesis
After Qi Yufeng Yang Xiangqi broke up, he rode alone to Datong, Shanxi.
All the way from the early morning to the morning and from the morning to the middle of the night, I found a cave to rest at will.
Rao is his martial arts. It takes a lot of energy to bump day and night these days. He can’t bear it. He chewed dry food, but after a while, plumes of white gas gradually became thicker and thicker on his head, just like a steamer, which stretched his hands and feet.
He rested for a night, got up in the early hours of the next morning and went on his way, only to find that the stolen good horse was already overwhelmed, so he could unload the saddle and walk by himself.
Shanxi is located in the east of the Loess Plateau and the north of the Central Plains. It was called Hedong in ancient times and called Shanyou.
It is separated from Hebei by Taihang Mountain barrier in the east; On the west, the Yellow River is in Shaanxi; South by the Yellow River King House, Taihang and other mountains risk the south gate; In the north, there is a hook to note Yanmen and the yinshan mountains to cover the Mongolian threshold.
Predecessors have always called it "the rivers and mountains in the exterior and the mountains in the interior can be defended", also known as "the crown of Kyushu in the east", "the central plains has Hedong, if people have shoulders", and there is even a saying that "Hedong is not male"
It was under the jurisdiction of the central province in the Yuan Dynasty, which was the core of Lai Fan’s auxiliary rule in the Yuan Dynasty and the last fortress of the Yuan rulers in the Central Plains. It has always been a prosperous scenic spot, and its politics, economy, culture, animal husbandry, fishing and hunting, handicrafts and red traffic are quite developed.
However, since the chaos of Mongolian princes at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, there have been constant conflicts in Wang Baobao’s Boluo Timur for territory, and this place has been declining day by day since it had a big battle in Datong.
A wilderness in Qi Yufeng is full of dead trees and grass, and the wind blows the grass up and down, making it feel that heaven and earth are being restrained.
Just then, I suddenly heard the faint smoke flying in the hoof in the distance. I knew that it was caused by the crossing of the army. I saw a group of Mongolian soldiers winding in the distance. The army was very prosperous. At that time, it was far away from Genghis Khan and Ba Dou’s sublime foreign land, but Mongolian fighters were still good soldiers in the world after all.
When he saw a small group of soldiers all the way, he beheaded them on the spot, but when he heard the rumbling sound, the ground trembled, and the cold horn blew, the drums blew and the war blew, and he knew that there were at least ten thousand people in this team who were bound to be unable to fight against them, even if they wanted to keep away.
Just as he was hiding in a corner of a ravine, he heard shouting and killing big hooves in the distance. It was like a tidal wave, and Ma Si was endless
Immediately he couldn’t help heart in a surprised heart said this charger how others fighting so soon?
Immediately, he quickly got up and found a highland and looked out of the mountain, but he saw far away a piece of heavy thunder and dust, and the horseshoes rang and several yuan of soldiers threw their guns all over the floor like a lost dog.
The elite soldiers of the Yuan Army are dragons, skulls, tigers and leopards. At this time, they have collapsed and fled the enemy camp. There is a white light rolled up all the way, and the yellow dust rolled over and circled, and the firm but gentle soldiers overflowed to stabilize the camp. Suddenly, like a lake of autumn water, it was thrown into a boulder and suddenly burst.
However, there is a person who is struggling to kill the sword, and the light and shadow are really invincible. The vertical and horizontal running speed is very fast, but when the red waves roll and the edge is better than the snow, the light of the sword is like blood, and the heads fly up, and the bodies are divided into two parts, flying all over the sky, and the blood in the air is foggy.
Qi Yufeng was stunned when he saw this place. His heart said that on this day, except for Zhang Sanfeng, who had the ability to rush to meet him?
When he ran to the front, he saw blood spilled all the way on the battlefield. Many soldiers were trampled on the ground like mud and groaned in pain. Some of them were in good health, and they all lost their weapons and even rolled and crawled to the distance. They knelt down and kowtowed to the sky to beg for a life, which caused all these people to disappear.
Qi Yufeng eyes wide open almost don’t believe everything in front of him is reality, and he feels that his neck is cool. "Who can kill this ten thousand-man army with this wick sweet kung fu?"
When he saw such a terrible situation, he knew that it must not have been written by Zhang Sanfeng, but who else but him could do such a great thing this day? Is it a taboo …
Qi Yufeng closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Even though he shook his head, Zhang Ji’s life depended on Kung Fu in Jiuyang Zhenjing and Tai Ji Chuan Sword, as well as his own experience in the same origin of Assassin martial arts, The Great Move of Gankun.
However, his knowledge of Persian martial arts is far less than that of Taiji swordsmanship, which was deeply studied by the old people in the mountains himself. He is also confident that he can still beat himself after learning the all-encompassing treasures of kendo and high martial arts such as Nine Swords of Dugu and Sword Sutra of Changbai.
Zhang Ji may be more profound than himself, but his "Extremely Pure Yang Gong" has been improved by Zhang Sanfeng for more than a hundred years, but it is obviously better than Zhang Ji’s "Jiuyang Shengong"
He reasoned that if Wu Sanren had said that Zhang Ji’s martial arts realm and two manpower competitions should now be equally divided, the swordsmanship was exquisite. Qi Yufeng was confident that the only thing in Changbai Sword Sutra could transform the martial arts into martial arts by itself. The higher the martial arts, the more powerful the sword sutra would be, and it would be better than him.
I don’t know how far he went to Persia and even to Jerusalem, the holy city on the border between Europe and Asia, and how much progress he has made in these years.
He thought for a moment, but shook his head. Zhang Ji, a man with a kind heart, is the most soft-hearted and can’t do such a thing as breaking the enemy by one person.
He looked at Ping Ye and couldn’t see the figure, so he sighed and closed his sword and turned away.
I haven’t walked for half an hour, but I saw a man sitting in front of a roadside stump in Tsing Yi with a long sword hanging down his hands as if he had just finished farm work and waited for a woman to eat rice.
It is Qi Yufeng who looks but sees this person, even though his appearance is so sharp, but his eyes are hidden. Guanghua is faint as if he is a sword to be drawn at any time.
Immediately, his heart was fiercely even if he stopped.
The man came and stared at him with great interest. When he saw him stop his guard, he sighed and waved, "Qi Yufeng, come here."
Qi Yufeng heard him call his name as if he were an old friend for ten years. He was immediately a little dumbfounded. Then he went up to the man and asked, "Do you know my name by chance?"

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