Chu Yun flew forward and landed quickly when the distance was five meters.

"It hasn’t been used yet. I don’t know how it works?" Chu Yun decided to steal his pants with a shapeshifter.
As soon as Black Dragon’s trousers are plagiarized, he wants to laugh just thinking about Chu Yun at 2.5 centimeters!
The black dragon is too cruel to see each other’s eyes. His eyes are red and he can’t wait to dig out each other’s eyes.
"What are you looking at? Believe it or not, I hit you for a second!" Say that finish this sentence Chu Yun a shape hand release in the past with a sound.
"The target of the successful theft was not found."
Chu Yun is not surprised by this. His lucky value is no joke.
"Two point five centimeters …" When Chu Yun saw this, he couldn’t help laughing.
Not only did Chu Yun find out, but even the audience saw it.
Like a thunder, their department is stupid!
For the younger brother, the protagonist, Black Dragon, they are too familiar, but how is it possible for the sword king in front of them?
All the players’ eyes will pop out, even the female players.
At this moment, they seem to be spinning around and the world is destroyed.
2.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm …
An idea came to their minds. Is there really such a coincidence that the black dragon is too = the king of the holy dragon = the king of the holy dragon knife, or else how to explain 2.5 centimeters?
"You, you, you, you …" Chu Yun’s fingers trembled and pointed to the black dragon’s costume, which was better than the best actor.
"I want you to die." Black Dragon has been staring at Chu Yun. He hasn’t found his pants yet.
"You mean the younger brother of the Chinese Black Dragon!" Chu Yun, a very loud place, was heard by the audience.
Chu Yun said this from the heart of the audience, but they couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them was true.
Who is the King of Knife? It is his glorious portrayal that the four heavenly kings are honored as the King of Knife of the Holy Dragon, and the shadows of dragons all over the sky are thundering.
And the black dragon is a clown. Everyone shouts "Little Funny".
How can they be the same person? No one would have expected that the two would be the same person if it weren’t for the ignorance of the Knife King pants.
"You are the protagonist of the Black Dragon’s younger brother!" The black dragon shouted at the other side in the same way, wondering if the other side didn’t know that he was the king of knives now? Even if he said it, he didn’t believe it. Since no one believed him, what’s the point?
Chu Yun is so funny to see the confusion, and then a super enemy is loud and smelly.
When she hit the Queen Mother of the Black Dragon, Chu Yun had already retired and held her breath waiting for the horrible scene to happen.
"Why is this feeling so familiar?" The black dragon’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Although he is familiar with this feeling, he can’t remember it at the moment.
But soon he knew where this feeling had happened. Maybe …
A black dragon is too pupil-wide. He’s afraid. He’s afraid. Because he finds that this time it will be even more horrible and even worse than the last one, he can’t imagine what the consequences will be.
Players don’t know that the black dragon is too farting and are not ready for the giant fart because they are still in shock and have not reacted yet.
Poop, poop, poop, poop …
Earth-shattering fighting through the sky seems to make the whole world tremble. If it is an original shape, then the blow is the horror of the star explosion, which makes people’s ears buzzing.
There is also a terrible stench of yellow smoke and gas. Although Chu Yun has already prepared it, he still can’t help it. If it weren’t for the game, he would have vomited a lot.
Chapter 352 Real identity! ()
"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, what’s going on? The black dragon is too fucking awesome!"

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