"Chunniang!" Xia Shuqing is very unkind, laughing and explaining, "Aren’t you virtuous? One of us will read your name, and then she will become a Chunniang. Haha … Chunniang? Tell me, are you a spring girl? It’s so funny. Ha … "

The more you listen to your face, the blacker it is. Mo Xiao can’t help it. "Damn it! Which king egg gave me a nickname? I’m going to skin him, whip him, make him into an adult meat bag and beat the dog … "
Listening to her voice, she was very angry. Xia Shu Qingcong retired from the team. "Well … let’s go score points?"
"Hum, who said that?" Mo Xiaoyan was angry, and whoever looked for it ignored the team’s honey and sent it away. "Tell me, who is in your meeting?"
"Resolutely do not be a traitor!"
I happened to see honey riding a white horse and sneaking past Mo Xiaoyan to please add blood to him. "Say, if you said I would buy you a new fashion."
Xia Shuqing pursed her lips and smiled. She also helped her add blood to pay her back. She said humorously, "It’s not that you can’t buy it, but that you are not attractive enough."
"nn, you can buy anything you want." Mo Xiaoyan simply broke out as a bad custom. Of course, if she is unhappy with someone, she can be a renegade villain again.
"Oh, since you asked in good faith, I will tell you with mercy." Xia Shuqing is evil and laughs. "It’s the pig who wants revenge and touches it directly, but he won’t give me a face. After that, Feiqi has denied his parents."
"well! Very good. "I’m very satisfied with this answer, Mo Xiaoyan. Sure enough, money can make the mill push the ghost, isn’t it? Chunniang is bitter. We’ll see!
☆ Chapter 25 Prelude to Exposure
It was successful to frame my cousin who didn’t know him. Xia Shuqing was in a super mood for several scuffles, and he was overplaying. He laughed happily and proudly showed off how superb his pk skills were.
"… oh, I’m sorry I killed another one. Why do you think these people are so cheap? ….. What a rookie! He doesn’t hide my skills, and he wants to kill me in vain? Really stupid … Ha ha … Won again … "
In the ear, it’s a partner’s arrogant smile. Mo Xiaoyan’s face is black and tired. Even if pk wins, isn’t she there to help? Every time he beat his opponent to death, he would shrink over and throw an instant fireball to knock him down.
When listening to someone’s nonsense, Mo Xiaoyan couldn’t help but hum, "Are you good? Just now, when we were pk, if I changed with you, I would never hang up. "
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"Hey, you just can’t see me happy, can you?"
Xia Shuqing is not happy, and I am really thinking about where I lost just now. Of course, I don’t want to eat at all.
"That was a surprise. I didn’t know that you would suddenly come over. You know that I have many control skills and rushed over to die …"
"Yes, yes, yes, you’re right, but on the other hand, don’t you yell at someone when you fight?"
"Of course I will pay attention to others." No, Xia Shuqing argued. "But you know I’m good at controlling the place. I didn’t expect you to come …"
He shouted louder and louder when he heard it coming out of the stereo. Mo Xiaoyan turned his eyes and thought that some naive guy was being unreasonable again.
Seeing Xiao Yan suddenly, Xia Shuqing felt as if she were fighting for something, and she might be suspected of being guilty by the other side. Looking at the game, the little archer ran with S-shaped natural and unrestrained pace, the more she saw it, the more she felt that others were satirizing her skill in a beautiful posture.
"… I have something!" In the middle of the noise, Xia Shuqing simply bowed his head and forced his brain at the same time. He hated Xiao Yan and made him want to be a master.
"Feed ….." Hurriedly born to keep people Mo Xiaoyan still called it late. The original and handsome mage ran behind her and disappeared after three seconds. At the same time, he showed that’ your fiance is online’
He died while he was still in battle. Is it really something?
Before touching this noisy situation,’ Honey’ will stop talking until she agrees or agrees with his thoughts. Mo Xiaoyan has a vague idea. He won’t become angry from embarrassment, will he?
Come to meet you, or fight alone. After Mo Xiaoyan won a desperate battle, the little idea just now has gone away. While Honey is away, go to the auction and search for some cheap herbs to make potions. It is also very painful to rob and dig herbs in places where professional life players are everywhere.
Mo Xiaoyan was surprised to find that’ honey’ was online again. Of course, he sent an invitation to the voice team and waited for him to join the group before asking, "Have you got it?"
"Well" visited the official forum and came back. Xia Shuqing said flatly, "Want to score points?"
"Good!" Mo Xiaoyan smiled shallowly and rushed to the red line boy.
Something must have happened in the quiet voice of Bai Honey. Mo Xiao Yan Cong chose not to ask for the voice, and he was never used to silence. Honey will tell the whole story soon.
In fact, Xia Shuqing is also used to Mo Xiao’s not talking much about divination. It seems that she always doesn’t ask him what happened, and he is a little annoyed and doesn’t care about the best partner at all.
In the end, Xia Shuqing couldn’t help saying, "The latest post in the forum is about our pk outside Pingyuan Village."
"Oh?" That’s it? Mo Xiaoyan smiled easily. "Stick a fire?"
"The fire is very hot!" Xia Shuqing can’t be so calm about relaxation. "There is a scene where we add blood to each other behind the video, that is, we can see clearly before we go to the battle, and there are no others around the characters for a few meters."
"Oh," Mo Xiaoyan said thoughtfully at the smell speech of Zheng, "We also have it here at Red Line Children, right? I think there may be a picture of us disappearing when we entered the battle together. Maybe we have jq? "
"Yes, it’s a quarrel now," Xia Shuqing said with a headache. "Many people ask me if it’s really annoying."
Mo Xiaoyan discovered at this moment that the information icon displayed in the right corner was also jumping happily. My friends were very interested in her divination. I simply replied one by one and didn’t forget to ask very narrowly.
"Do you want me to send a post to say goodbye to you?"
"Forget it." Xia Shuqing didn’t lose his temper. That’s just three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here. "My brother is also in the game. Now he asks me if it’s true. What do you say? And oh, I can’t lie to him or else … Alas, it will be sad every day anyway. "
"It’s easy for me to answer this question to my heart." Mo Xiaoyan was funny and cleared his throat very solemnly. "Those who are clear and turbid are self-turbid!"
"Poof … ahem …"
I can hear that’ honey’ sprayed Mo Xiaoyan when I was drinking, and I laughed happily.
In fact, in the game, Mo Xiaoyan guessed that it was the official trick of the player, and her story just made everyone happy for a day. Every day, new hexagrams appeared in the forum for a few days, and everyone forgot the only plan. Let’s hurry up and finish the points and let’ honey’ go.
Sometimes, the more you want to do something, the more you can’t succeed. So does Mo Xiaoyan, who knows that in recent days, his brother has always taken him to train after the honey line.
Playing integral has been done day after day, and Mo Xiaoyan is angry. Except for doing training alone, the rest of the summer vacation is transformed into a "god of war" to catch the annoying archer.
Let you give me a stupid nickname? Kill! Let you take care of honey training or not? Kill!
Poor An Lan didn’t know what was going on. He was hunted for several days and threw himself on the floor on another leveling road. He couldn’t help but ask with grief and indignation, What the hell is wrong with Mao?
Mo Xiaoyan was in a super good mood, dancing with a bow in his hand and thinking about it, he still said the first reason why he couldn’t say’ honey’, which was quoted by his fiance in exchange for conditions.
An Lan, a’ Spring Niang’, cried out in grief and indignation. This is where he got his name. It’s Xiao Qingqing. The enemy first called in the gang and said that he was the vice chairman of the student union. Where did he get so much training? Of course, he took the trouble to make it clear that it was not his fault. Anyway, it is important to train now that the sky is falling.
Well, I dragged myself to’ honey’. Mo Xiaoyan chose to believe the words’ blue sky and full moon’, and her stomach was full of resentment and she was two levels higher than her’ honey’.
"Honest account! Did you get the nickname? "
In the assistant, Xia Shuqing giggled several times in an attempt to get away with it. "Which ah ha ha … how is it possible? Ha ha …"
"Don’t pretend I don’t know you." Mo Xiaoyan’s eyes turned to another question. "No, didn’t you say your brother took you to train? Why did I meet the sky alone? "
In the deputy Xia Shuqing Nai distracted to explain "halo! It’s not a genius, but my brother is not brittle at all. I dare not tell him about helping you score points, or he will rush to my room and grab me and ask … "
After a while, Xia Shuqing continued to talk, "You don’t know that he is very annoying. I have to tell him everything, including how we met and what we talked about … Anyway, we have to report trivial matters."
"Oh, he’s your grandmother." Mo Xiaoyan nodded with a long sigh. This man is his grandmother.
It took Mo Xiaoyan two days to see the figure of’ Honey’ Sao Bao mage. It was like a long time, and both of them rushed to the battlefield like chicken blood.
Mo Xiaoyan didn’t want her acceleration equipment to rock the boat again, and Xia Shuqing wanted to let the other party owe this favor and solve the eldest brother Xia Shuying earlier so as not to find him trouble.
Xiaoyu has something to say. Happy National Day, folks. Hey, Xiaoyu is lazy on National Day.
☆ Chapter 26 Businessman and Prostitute
On Saturday afternoon, Mo Xiaoyan first discussed the latest trends of the company with her assistant Nana in the brain. She felt that there was no problem before the game. It was rare to see’ Honey’ send a team invitation online so early and wanted to score points.

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