After staying for a long time, Kabi heard the radio talking about getting ready for boarding, so he hurriedly ended the conversation and said, "Mr. Haas! I am confident that I will focus my future career on football at the peak of my football career. I firmly believe that the signs of’ premature aging’ will not appear in me in about one year. This is not an exaggeration! "

Mr. Haas didn’t respond much, and he didn’t take the opportunity to give encouragement. Instead, he said, "I advise you not to talk about these words often. You have to do it for us, for the fans and for the world. What you have to do now is to go back to Granada and play every game hard."
Kabi listened carefully and didn’t care whether Mr. Haas gave encouragement or not. He turned the topic completely and said at the end of the conversation, "Mr. Haas! Thank you. I arranged a shuttle bus at Granada airport. See you in Granada then. "
Mr. Haas said, "Well, those tabloid reporters will definitely follow you. I’m not sure about your driving skills. Just park your blue SUV at the airport first. After the driver takes you home, he will arrange for another person to bring you back."
Kabi said "white" and hung up first. He quickly entered the boarding bridge, saying that it was good to take the opportunity to think about how to deal with those difficult tabloid reporters after a seven-hour flight. Later, during the whole flight, he completely forgot to enjoy his first-class treatment, but gradually imagined what kind of "communication" he would have with tabloid reporters after leaving Granada airport.
The flight arrived at Granada airport on time. At that time, it was already a small town. When the citizens were enjoying dinner, they ate half of the first-class meals. Kabi was intuitively hungry. When he stepped out of the boarding bridge, he found that this small city that made him famous was different. Suddenly, there were many more outsiders pointing at him.
Kabi attributed this phenomenon to his over-sensitivity in thinking. Even in Granada, he didn’t feel that his speed of becoming popular had been exaggerated to such an extent. Later, he calmly walked to the immigration hall and saw a group of people approaching him step by step with video cameras, recorders and microphones.
It was quickly arranged by Mr. Haas that the driver met before he did things, and Kabi was half in front of Kabi, which made the tabloid reporters unable to get close to Kabi completely, but a series of questions made Kabi want to answer, but he didn’t know which to answer first.
"Kirby! I heard that you went back to Marseilles. Did you enjoy your holiday there? " A reporter who was wearing a baseball cap did his best and almost shouted that something was wrong.
Kabi had long guessed that reporters would ask questions that annoyed him, because people who care about where he went will naturally know about the storm in Marseille. However, Kabi said after grinning, "I had a good time going back to Marseille for vacation. I not only went to the seaside to ride my bike, but also climbed mountains with my friends. The warm and sunny climate made me want to go back soon."
Tabloid reporter marvelously appreciated Kabi’s humor. aft everyone laughed, another reporter asked Kabi an unexpected question, "Kabi! Kabi! Mr. Kawara Tsutomu, a famous sports magazine writer, recently made some remarks that a young player like you will confuse the focus of football career when faced with high transfer and annual salary, and finally have the opportunity to lead to’ signs of premature aging’ in your own football career. Do you have anything to say about this remark? "
After listening to it, Kabi was stupefied. It was unexpected that the reporter did not ask the central question about the transfer, but sought his own opinion on Mr. Kawara Tsutomu. He had never imagined such a question on the return flight before, so he "er" for a long time and reluctantly said, "I am very grateful to Mr. Kawara Tsutomu for waking up. I will try my best to prevent this’ premature signs’ from appearing. Please rest assured!" to be continued
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Tajie
"This car is good!" Kabi said that afterwards, he also doubted that after being blocked by tabloid reporters outside the car, he had the luxury to say such mindless words. At present, this luxury car, which was only produced in recent years, is obviously dressed up, and Hualiang Kabi smells car wax.
"Mr. Kirby! Obviously, it was not time to appreciate the car. "The driver who was arranged to pick up Kabi said that the guy wanted to go forward and disturb Kabi’s reporters with one hand, and Kabi hit the back door with the other hand and quickly let Kabi get into the back car."
"Kirby! Kabi! Can you answer a few more questions? " Several reporters jostled outside the window and patted the window. They were very worried that the car was about to appear, but Kabi wondered that tabloid reporters always had so many questions to give. Even for the transfer, he had already told reporters three or four times according to coach Coboni’s instructions.
The tabloid reporters kept crowding each other outside the window as if they were scrambling to buy the last ticket to the Jedi, but in the back compartment, Kabi could vaguely hear the reporters asking questions, but he intuitively thought that Coach Coboni had arranged it and took everything outside the window for granted.
"Hum! The price of that window is several times more expensive than one of their drafts. If they break the window, they will suffer! " When the driver came to ask for it, he started the engine car and left, but the unexpected traffic jam in front of the passenger area made Kabi stop for a while, so the driver teased the reporters.
Kabi appreciated the driver’s joke when he was interrupted by the ringtone of his mobile phone. He guessed that the call was from Mr. Haas or one of the old guys of Coach Coboni, but afterwards he felt that his guess was naive and it was hard to predict that it was an emergency.
"Kirby? Oh, my god Thank god! It’s really too late for you to come back. Tell me when you can get home? " Although the sound is not often heard, it is definitely not strange. It is the tone and rhythm of Andosi’s brother Peibeo’s voice. Did Kabi have an accident with Andosi for a while?
Kabi simply dealt with a few words, but Pebio didn’t say the key points in the words. He wanted to know when Kabi could go home and explain the key points, so Kabi asked the driver to speed up the car a little and hang up. His heart was full of doubts.
"It must be that guy Amdo has caused some trouble!" Kabi read aloud in his heart that he knew that his meeting with Peibeo was implicating him. Peibeo couldn’t be so anxious to ask for himself, but thinking about what trouble Amdo had caused made Kabi’s brain "constipated" for a while, because that guy Amdo could indeed create several "strange" things.
Fortunately, the highway section and the urban streets are unblocked. When Kabi left the car and went straight to the lobby of the building, it was 3 minutes later and the driver behind him was still awake. "Mr. Kabi! Your off-road vehicle will come back to you in 2 hours, please remember to go to the parking lot for acceptance! "
Kabi didn’t have time to answer. As he trotted, he waved his arm behind him. What about the driver’s reaction? When he entered the ladder, he looked a little panicked and kept saying, "Won’t Ando set the floor on fire?"
"Ding ~!" The ladder door slot slipped slowly, and Kabi swallowed his black backpack and stepped out of the ladder. He found that the corridor on the floor where he lived was as quiet as usual before he relaxed his heart. Then he went to Pebio and Amdo West and knocked on the door three times. Finally, he found that his palm was sweating.
"oh, my god! Kabi, you’re finally back. Before explaining, I want to say I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me calmly. Forgive Andosi. "It’s even more urgent for Pebeo to make an apology gesture when he sees Kabi, and Kabi rarely sees Pebeo’s panic and uncertainty. It’s very strange to have a hunch.
Kabi frowned deeply and said, "But! But! But I want to know what happened to Amdo and where is Amdo? "
"I heard that your horse will be home soon, so Amdo hid in his room and refused to come out!" Pei Beo explained but carefully observed the change of Kabi’s expression, while Kabi said "Oh"-instead of making things clear immediately, he said, "Then I’ll try Amdo and I’ll definitely knock on the door."
Pei Beo held out his hand to stop Kabi and said, "Kabi! It’s not the point that Amdo can’t get out of the room. The point is, alas! You are quick to follow me for a while and you will be white. "
However, in ten seconds, Kabi was taken to the door of a residence by Pebio, which was more familiar to Kabi. At that time, Kabi said, "The problem is in my house? What the hell is going on? Pebé o! It won’t be Andosi who ran into my house when I went back to Marseille, will it? "
"No one has touched your house. Please believe me, the problem is in the house. You just have to knock on the door." Pei Beo’s voice trembled slightly and Kabi’s capillary stood upright
Soon, Kabi shook his hand and took the key and hit the door with two fingers. He instantly smelled a difficult smell. When he hit all the lights in the room, he saw the unusual picture in the room. He exclaimed and forgot to see a window in the living room, and he immediately understood the matter.
Follow him into that living room, Pebeo quickly explain, "At noon today, after feeding Joel, Amdo released Joel from the birdcage as usual. Usually, Joel usually flies far away or goes to look for his former flock of pigeons, but today it is very strange that Amdo saw Joel fly into your house with his own eyes at the window, just when you left and forgot the window."
Kabi saw that the whole living room was dry with pigeon droppings and asked weakly, "I did make a fatal mistake. It was really my fault to forget the window before leaving, but I don’t understand why Joel wants to fly into my house. Will other residents also open windows?" Besides, how did Joel pull out so much pigeon shit? "
It’s hard for Pebio to "er" and say, "I know it’s wrong for Andosi to let Joel out, but we don’t understand why Joel chose to fly into your house and the pigeons flying into your house are not Joel."
Kabi turned to look at Bebe’s eyes, which made Bebe almost want to step back. Then Kabi "Oh" grabbed Ba with a fingertip and said, "About how many? You mean Joel called all his friends? "
At this time, the whole living room was full of dried pigeon droppings, which made Pei Beo feel uncomfortable. Then he replied, "We don’t know what communication pigeons rely on. Andosi said that it was a pigeon tacit understanding, mainly odor, but unfortunately,’ Joel’ came to be a small leader of the flock, and that’s how it happened."
Kabi wanted to ask how long the pigeons had stayed in his living room, but then he found that it didn’t matter because how to deal with pigeon droppings in the living room was the only thing to do at present. He carefully put his backpack in a clean place and said, "It shouldn’t be difficult to get rid of Joel and his friends?"
Pei Beo Nai glanced at the living room a few times. Kabi didn’t plan to hire a cleaner. The joke that the European Golden Boy’s living room was full of pigeon droppings must not go out. So he patted Kabi on the shoulder and said, "I’m sorry for what happened, and I appreciate that you didn’t blame me and Andosi. Now the only thing I can help is to work with you to get everything in the living room back to normal!"
Kabi "hum" a word he glanced at Pei Beo and found that the other side was as funny as himself.
Zhang 415 gave up because of allergies
If there is a drill class that day, Kabi will always leave the soft shop very early, and he will reserve two hours before leaving, because coach Coboni’s rigorous military style has brought him some mental sequelae. He doesn’t want to be put into the freezer because he is late, and he has already tried that taste.
What’s even weirder is that the twists and turns all the way just after a short holiday have made Kabi nervous, too. This shows that he took a few sips of vodka handed by Andre during the holiday, but he was so stupid that he was worried that the smell of wine had not dissipated. If coach Coboni found out, he would be severely punished.
Kabi nervously brushed his teeth twice in the bathroom, took a comfortable hot bath for more than ten minutes, and then walked out of the living room. He remembered last night’s "saving everything" in the living room with Bebe, and every scene was unbearable to recall, and suddenly he felt like vomiting. He immediately rushed into the kitchen and hit the refrigerator and drank five or six mouthfuls of ice water.
Soon Kabi packed everything and approached the door. It seemed as if he had expected to see the crack of the door stuffed into a blank sheet of paper. Naturally, it was Andi’s habit. Before he came to look at the blank sheet of paper, Kabi guessed that it must be Andi’s apology. What expected to pick up the blank sheet of paper and make Kabi laugh?
There is no apology on the white paper, but it is full of Amdo’s crooked handwriting. Kabi stood at the door and read it carefully. "Turn left at the end of the street for 200 meters. Aijia Supermarket counts from the left on the third shelf. The fourth box is’ Fat Dog Cleaning Foam’ to eliminate household stains."
"This guy is really careful to buy one and come back to see it after the drill." Kabi said softly, naturally, Bai Andosi meant to turn around and look at the polluted living room. He said that it was really a good idea to buy a’ fat dog cleaning foam’ and clean the living room for the second time.
After that, Kabi put Amdo Cisse in and put away the blank paper. He didn’t mind that Amdo didn’t come over to explain everything in person. He didn’t forgive people, but he had to forgive Amdo that strange guy for the first time. When he came to the stairway, he took a glance at Amdo’s door and smiled.
Besides, Kabi will leave forty-five minutes earlier today because that idiot Marmot agreed to have breakfast with him this morning late last night. Kabi also knows that Marmot must be ready to show off all the wonderful things he enjoyed during his vacation in Tesera Island, and then think back to all the unbearable things in Marseille. Kabi is extremely unbalanced psychologically.

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