Everyone is in a good mood. After two hours, the horseshoe disease has gone nearly half way. It’s still early, so everyone slows down and walks slowly.

Everyone was talking and laughing at a time when Qi Yufeng suddenly moved his ears and then his face changed and he reined in. When he saw that the horse was long and hissed, he immediately went straight up like a whistling arrow.
It is inconceivable that the Huashan Sect had previously seen that his swordsmanship was ingenious and powerful. I thought that Qi Yufeng’s flying skill was so high that I couldn’t help looking up at it.
But when I saw Qi Yufeng in high school, he jumped a little and then turned three times before he fell from it and gently fell aside.
Shazhen looked at Qi Yufeng’s face and cried. Looking back, he saw nothing in front of the green grass ups and downs.
Qi Yufeng frowned. "There are more than a thousand cavalry soldiers in front, and about a thousand people are rushing towards us. I suspect it’s Yuan Bing Brigade."
Sha Zhen suddenly changed his face. "This place is not far from Chang ‘an. How did this Yuan soldier break into this place?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "I don’t know, but the decorations are by no means our Han army is leaving at this time and can’t come to prepare the ordnance. You three will accompany me to kill for a while!"
When the three men heard this, they did not hesitate to call for a good call. These three men learned martial arts after several years of work in the desert of Wan Li, but they were not allowed to display their bones. At this time, it was really a great pleasure to see a Yuan soldier die before them.
Qi Yufeng didn’t take a few steps before riding, but he turned back and said to Bai Shaohuan and other Huashan brothers, "You wait to protect her." Say an old fashioned gun and point it at Leila.
Bai Shaohuan hand way "follow shishu’s orders" Leila blushed and bowed her head shyly.
Qi Yufeng packed up and threw it out, wearing Artest’s armor with a hood like an eagle, but seeing that the whole body was shining silver in the sun, it was really like a silver eagle
A little while later, everyone felt the earth tremble and looked up. The Huashan Sect couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace.
Looking around, I saw the dark horses rushing over and yelling. Obviously, several people have been found.
Huashan sent all the people to detain the fear in the heart, saying that this horde of four people, Mata and his party, can resist even if the martial arts are no matter how high?
Only to see Qi Yufeng galloping in front and shouting "Then!" Saying this, he threw three swords in his hand, Sun Ruilai, Zhu Xiong and Sha Zhen, and one person caught a drawn sword and cried the cold light foaming at the mouth, while Qi Yufeng himself held a rotten silver pike and stood tall.
On the other hand, an old man of Huashan Sect in his fifties was surprised. "There are enough 2,000 troops, even if they are natural enemies of martial arts, how long will they kill?"
On the one hand, Leila is used to bloody fighting and is confident in aiming at the wind. At this time, she is not in a hurry. "How long will you kill an ordinary soldier?"
The Huashan old man said, "Although my Huashan martial arts school not only deals with such a reckless man, what else can I say if ordinary soldiers naturally cut it with one knife?"
Leila laughed. "Then how long will it take for them to pay a total of two thousand knives with swords and armor for protection?"
The old man of Huashan Sect nodded slightly and then shook his head. "If you don’t surround hundreds of people in front of each other, you will kill them with one knife and one gun!"
While Bai Shaohuan heard this old man’s export scruples, he couldn’t help but look at him with bitterness, while Leila was happy to know that such people had never been in the battlefield of ten thousand people in Jianghu and immediately smiled without a word.
Others in the Huashan Sect have a doubt in their hearts. There are indeed more than 2,000 soldiers coming, but four of them can resist. But it’s hard to say much with this old man’s foresight
Yuan soldiers are good at galloping horses, training orderly, adding horsepower and being strong. Soon they galloped over and heard the hooves’ ferocity, but the tea kung fu had already reached the crowd.
When the Huashan Sect saw that the Yuan soldiers were getting closer, they couldn’t help secretly losing their minds. The terrain here is vast, and the most suitable cavalry archer is also a Mongolian who is good at terrain. His own geographical position has been worse, and it is really a blessing if he can escape his life.
In a moment, the horns and spears in the hands of those people were clearly visible. Qi Yufeng’s eyes suddenly showed joy and rode forward and folded "Come with me."
The three men did not hesitate to follow him when they saw him going left.
Soon after the horse line whistled, Yuan Bing had put an arrow on the dust but a few steps away from the horse’s head.
Qi Yufeng stood up with a gun and shouted, "I’ll kill the archers for a while first, and then you wait!"
The three men surrendered and said, "Yes!"
Qi Yufeng suddenly a long whistle to Malay hands a lift to hold up a carriage door plank thrown toward the sky.
This door panel is more than ten feet long and half a foot wide, and such a huge object was thrown as high as a hundred feet. The Mongolian soldiers looked up when they were surprised.
Just then, I saw that Qi Yufeng’s figure was really like a flash in the plain. He broke into the crowd, but a few breathing spears swept a big circle to detain his head foaming at the mouth.
Seeing that the situation is not right, the Yuan soldier will return to the taste and be busy, and the soldiers will be robbed from left to right.
However, when I heard the command, a group of 300 shield hands immediately gathered 300 shields, which was like a wall in front of the Yuan general. Lancers and axe hands lined up in front of the shields in dense layers.
At this time, Qi Yufeng did his best to get a glimpse of Zhang Sanfeng. His predecessors’ martial arts skills in martial arts secrets have reached the point of being arbitrary and unfavorable. At this time, he is wearing armor and is invulnerable, light and soft. Has his long sword been put to use by those Yuan soldiers?
However, when I saw him flashing to the east and leaning to the west, he was like a fish swimming through the gap between the lancer and the axe-wielder, which was not more than a foot apart.
The soldiers of the Yuan Dynasty held spears and accumulated thorns, but instead of hurting him, they were too close to each other, and most of the weapons were greeted by themselves.
But I saw him swim to the position where the archer of Yuan Bing was, and with a wave of his hand, he killed Yuan Bing, crying and crying, and his blood was spattered.
At this moment, suddenly, two generals, Ma Chong, stabbed Qi Yufeng in the chest and abdomen. Qi Yufeng suddenly jumped up with his feet and dropped his spear. Two members of the spear will drink together and stir the spear. Qi Yufeng’s body will be shaken off. Qi Yufeng’s legs will be shaken with his double guns, and his legs will be twisted like a mountain to detain him. He flew in the middle and drew two great circles for a moment and killed several soldiers.
The two yuan will die, and the two horses will scream and have fallen to the ground. Several yuan soldiers have not stumbled to the ground, and the formation has been chaotic at that moment.
Just then, suddenly, three groups of rotten silver flashed in and saw three people waving swords all around, just like three groups with silver hedgehogs, cutting them horizontally and vertically, leaving no one behind.
Huashan school people looked at it from a distance and almost forgot to breathe, because the scene before them was really a rare spectacle, but they saw three silver lights and a black shadow jumping up and down one after another and bending several times to lead the Mongolian soldiers with long arrows and then grab them directly, and then marched into the Yuan soldiers near, shaking their swords to detain them like tigers and sheep, and killing them like blood and pouring bones all over the floor.
But when Qi Yufeng rose and danced the pike into a barrier, he went back and forth in the forest of guns, and saw the iron hoof flying and the sword flashing and screaming, and the corpses poured blood one after another and dyed the loess patches red.
Although those officers and men also know how to gather siege roads, as soon as they get close to Qi Yufeng, they will show their footwork, step by step, step by step, and run like lightning. They will be interspersed and moved. Those yuan soldiers can’t even see him clearly, but there can be any trace of him there. Every time he falls, there will be a blood flower flying. But those who resist are all swords and swords, and the separation of flesh and blood has already died.
Many Huashan disciples are Han people. Although their martial arts are not weak, they also hate the Dalai Lama’s bullying and kindness. When they were enjoying themselves, suddenly an old man shouted, "Oh, no!"
They hurried down the direction of his finger, only to see that the drum horn army horse in the Yuan army array was like a wave, with two flags flaunting in the wind on both sides, and teams of archers sprinting ahead, respectively, with guns and halberds on both sides facing Qi Yufeng.
However, it turns out that there are still 300 archers hidden in the back column of this team’s Yuan soldiers. At this time, once they appear, they are known for their arrows, such as rain, and they are shot at Qi Yufeng.
Leila saw this situation and could not help secretly worrying about clenching her little fist to protect her chest.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four The cloud dragon
Qi Yufeng get up the gas to see the arrow swing like the wind, and the ape’s arm suddenly bends and bends in front of him, conjuring up a number of apertures, picking and slapping the sword potential to block the oncoming arrow one by one, but seeing that the arrow feather made an arc in the middle and then excited it like a reflection, its momentum was even stronger than when it came.
In an instant, I couldn’t hear the screams of "Ah, Ah". The 300-yuan soldier was either fractured by the bow and arrow or stabbed to the ground by his arrow.
He kept fighting back the arrow feathers in succession, but in a moment, the arrow rain became sparse, and the battlefield was silent. Hundreds of eyes were staring at him, and his heart was horrified.
Leila saw here that she was relieved to say that she had heard that he would "break the arrow" with nine swords alone to block everything in the sky. It seems that what hidden weapons said is true.

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