"This good man is worth it."

As the elves finally calmed down from the fighting, the whole camp became a mess, but the tent was burned down. Most of them even lost some wagons full of goods. The air was filled with blood and burnt, and the smell was unusually pungent. From time to time, people walked back and forth, busy cleaning up the messy mess. Although Suo Na had used magic before, it didn’t cause much casualties because the attack scope was too wide and the power was too scattered. On the contrary, it caused more property losses.
"damn it! Damn it! My goods are missing! What the hell are you doing, motherfucker? You dare to claim to be the three mercenary groups in Wufeng City, but so many people can’t even look at any goods. Is this your business? You still dare to ask for such a high commission for waste. What do you want me to take back for a job! " While the people were busy cleaning up, they roared at the top of their lungs like crazy, but they came from the other side of the camp to see a lot of people gathered next to a carriage in the caravan. In the crowd, the Cheetos Chamber of Commerce steward was screaming like a gambler with latosolic red eyes.
"Chen steward you don’t get excited first …" Ink heavy with a wry smile to persuade is words just mouth was rudely interrupted by the middle-aged steward "what you say is light and damn what is not dead you people but just lost my goods! Do you know how much this will cost our Cheetos Chamber of Commerce? Damn it, I shouldn’t have trusted you guys! It’s all over now! "
"Manager Chen, please be polite. If you didn’t deliberately hide something, we wouldn’t be so caught off guard!" See middle-aged steward more say more ugly, the ink is heavy, and the calm tone is suddenly sharp, and the tiger’s face is ugly, but for the first time, there is no mouth to argue. After all, they really failed to protect things, no matter what the reason, this is an iron fact.
"Ah, how do you have nothing to do but want to blame me? I will report this matter to see that you so-called three mercenary groups still have the face to stand in Wufeng City! " The middle-aged steward sneered at the harsh and sharp words, which were totally different from the usual appearance of making money in a friendly way. If he had changed it, he would have never dared to speak like this in front of Mo Shen and others. But now the Chamber of Commerce has spent blood to catch two elf girls, and he has lost them. I’m afraid that after this alone, he didn’t have such serious consequences at the foot of Cheetos Chamber of Commerce. He himself is obviously quite clear, so he would be so rude and crazy. After a rant, he also glared at his face. After all, the evil spirits had contributed, but this evil mercenary group didn’t send a
Chapter one hundred and seventy Tianyang City
"…" The evil spirit still said nothing as if he were unaware of anything. He looked up and glanced at the middle-aged steward with a straight face. His eyes fluctuated like stagnant water, as if they were creepy and cold, which made the middle-aged steward shake all over and quickly move his eyes.
"Well, now say these urgent is the remedy! I don’t think the elves can delay this matter. They must not have gone far. If we search around here, we will find it! " Tiger Tu swept his eyes sullenly, and the chaotic camp suddenly heard this in a dense tunnel. All eyes were flashing with waves. The middle-aged steward in a state of rage also came to his senses.
"Those elves are wizards. Can you stop them if they want to leave?" Ink heavy whisper for a moment is slightly shook his head.
"You …" Tiger Tugang was about to get angry when he suddenly remembered that the veiled female elf cast strong magic and rolled her throat or swallowed her words back. I’m afraid it would have been seriously injured in the other side’s magic if it hadn’t possessed the strength of the land.
A group of people have been discussing and arguing with each other for a long time, but they still can’t work out any results and countermeasures. Although they have failed, they still need to go to Tianyang City to go through the formalities. Only this time, not only will Cheetos Chamber of Commerce lose a lot, but even their three mercenary groups will be affected when they look at Wufeng City.
"Colonel Mo Shen, are you all right?" Ai Luo returned to the camp and met some ugly faces. Heavy ink sank in his heart and micro-moved. Then he called out.
"It turned out to be Elomo’s little brother." Seeing Elomo’s heavy face, he just got a little better and smiled reluctantly. "Elomo’s brothers are not hurt, are they?"
"I’m all right" Errol shook his head and didn’t tell the truth. After all, Ink Sink took good care of him, but he didn’t have the best of both worlds. If it wasn’t for Ai Lao’s request, he wouldn’t have made moves. Elor glanced aside for a moment and then handed over, "Colonel Ink Sink, I want to go to Tianyang overnight, so I won’t be with everyone. Thank you for taking care of it these days."
"Oh?" Ink sink smell speech one leng, "let’s go together as early as possible. It’s also a bit dangerous to go through a misty forest from Tianyang."
"Ha ha, I’m afraid I have some private affairs. I’ll see you later thanks to my kindness." Elowan refused to say that his eyes were not far from Tianyang City, and he didn’t want to wave any more.
"Well, then, in this case, I wish the Elo brothers a pleasant journey and see you soon." Ink sink with a slight sigh may be because it’s in a bad mood and didn’t do more to keep fuels with a smile.
Elo smiled and was also a fuels, then stopped staying, turned around and disappeared into the darkness in the distance.
"Hey!" Just as Ink Sink was preparing to return to the newly-built camp and planned to arrange some things, Ink Double suddenly trotted over and called for a joy in the company of several ink cloud mercenary groups.
Shuang’er!’ Seeing the running girl’s dark face is also a gentle and loving smile. Stretching out a thick and strong arm to catch the girl’s body, she was relieved after discovering that the latter did not appear any injury. "Are you okay?"
"Dad that … Arlo? I just saw that he was still here. "Mo Shuang didn’t answer Mo Shen’s inquiry. He looked around with big eyes for half a day and then wondered.
"Are you looking for him?" He also knows that his daughter has always been a little disgusted with Elo. Why did he suddenly take the initiative to ask?
"Colonel, you don’t know, Mr. Arrow’s little brother is a lifesaver." Mo Shuang’s little face is reddish and his little hand is clutching his skirts. A mercenary of the ink cloud mercenary group hurriedly answered the words, "When we were fighting with those elves, Miss was almost hit by magic flames. Thanks to Mr. Arrow’s little brother, she was saved, otherwise I’m afraid it would be dangerous."
"what!" Ink heavy look a shock eyes quickly looked away from the direction of Arlo, but the latter had already disappeared.
In the lonely and dark jungle, the cold wind is hunting and whistling, and the faint and hazy moonlight falls, and the giant trees are projected on the ground. The shadows are swaying with the wind like claws and claws. From time to time, there are some low beasts roaring in the forest, as if they would jump out of the darkness at any time. Every corner of the forest is filled with a wet and sticky white fog, which is like floating in the forest clouds, making people feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
"Hoo!" A looming shadow swept silently from the forest like a ghost, and the subtle airflow spread out from the shadow and quickly disappeared, just like a fleeting illusion. Only a few long floating leaves proved the previous moment change.
The area of the hidden fog forest is indeed as large as the ink sink said, and there are also many strengths of the earth. Warcraft lurks, but it has made great progress in soul perception. This is obviously not a problem for Elo. After half a night of non-stop travel, when the oriental sunrise jumped over the hill, he finally passed through the hidden fog forest safely and came to the periphery of Tianyang City.
Look at that close-at-hand, heavy atmosphere gate, slightly tired from continuous travel, Ai Luo also showed a touch of excitement and was excited with curiosity. As the long-term team entered the city gate, Ai Luo suddenly felt like waves, which made his ears hum. He gradually got used to it. He sighed heavily and looked at this big and strange city in amazement. Although Yancheng was also called prosperous, this day Yangcheng felt dwarfed by doubt.
"Where to go next …" Although it was early in the morning, the popularity of Tianyang City still reached a horrible level. Elo looked at it from a distance and couldn’t see the crowds and buildings. At that time, he was at a loss. At the beginning, he decided to come to Tianyang City and didn’t make any specific plans. Now seeing this day, the scale of Yangcheng is beyond imagination, which also makes him feel confused and at a loss.
"There is a special wizard guild in Tianyang City to take an examination of a wizard badge." Ai Lao suddenly debuted after a silent night.
"Test the wizard badge?" Arrow steps a bit hesitant tunnel "that others don’t know my wizard identity?"
"I never seem to say let you hide it." Ai Lao seems to be in distress situation. "It’s not a shame to cultivate magic. It will be much more convenient for you to do things after you have a recognized status as a magician."
"In addition, you should be able to reach the magic land quickly now. Before that, you need to prepare some medicinal materials."
"Medicinal materials? What do you want? " Elo couldn’t help but roll his eyes. When he was struggling in the magic realm, Ai Lao asked him to buy a magic nucleus and harm him to go to the mountains of Warcraft. He also had the cheek to find Qin Keer to borrow money. I’m afraid what he needs now is also expensive. Is this magic good or not? It’s too expensive.
"You mean little, isn’t that you?" Ai Lao still has a dull tone, which is like talking to Elo. "Ling Ling Gen Qian Ling Mo Guo Qing Mu Ling Quan, you have to receive these three herbs, which can not only improve your success rate in entering the land, but also raise your soul power level."
"Soul power is also graded?" Elo is a little startled. This is still something that Ai Lao never told him.
"Let’s talk about it later. You’re still far from that point in your small room. Let’s do what’s in front of us first." Ai snorted.
"Well, let’s go to the Magician’s Guild first." Elo shrugged his shoulders and grabbed a passer-by who was ready to ask for directions. The passer-by also looked impatient, but when he heard Elo inquire about the place where the Magician’s Guild was located, his face suddenly became respectful. He told Elo in great detail that he just didn’t personally guide the way. The contrast was so great that Elo couldn’t help feeling that the magician was indeed a very popular profession.
Not long after walking in the direction pointed by passers-by, Arlo saw a huge, exquisite and strange building standing beside a spacious street with a relatively sparse crowd. Compared with other pavilions, the top of the building was hemispherical, and it looked quite unique. Although it was not ornate, it gave a faint impression of awe, simplicity and mystery. Anyone who passed by from now on looked at this strange building with sincere admiration.
"This is the Magician’s Guild." Elo looked at the building with some novelty, but there was nothing in the burning city. Just as he was about to approach, there was a sudden commotion on the other side of the street. From far and near, he saw a rather luxurious horse convoy approaching quickly with rolling smoke, and finally stopped straight in front of the Magician’s Guild. The guards on both sides of the convoy were uniform and had to turn over. Then a young girl in a satin and green skirt gracefully got out of a pink carriage and followed the two guards to the guild.
"Hey, isn’t this the castellan mansion motorcade?" Some noisy and vague comments immediately flew out from the crowd watching the excitement.
"Just now, that little girl looked like Miss Mengfei, the daughter of the Lord. What did she want to do in the Wizards Guild?"
"Qi is really ignorant. Don’t you know that Miss Mengfei is a magician, and her magical talent is praised by many masters in the guild. It is said that she broke through the magic seal at the age of thirteen. I guess she must have come to test a higher-level wizard badge."
"Yeah, that’s really something!" ……
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Magic Guild
Elo suddenly shook his head with a little feeling when he heard these miscellaneous comments around him. I didn’t expect that I happened to catch such a time until the girl who seemed to be called Meng Fei’s green dress walked into the guild to gather onlookers before she dispersed noisily, and Elo also took the opportunity to approach the door of the guild.
"live!" But before he could walk up the steps, two tall guards in black with cold faces stopped him. One of them glanced at Elo with a slightly sharp eye, and then said in a blunt and cold tone, "This is the Magician’s Guild. No one can get close!" Elonai looked at the two men who had respectfully sent Meng Fei in before, but now they were cold and alert to themselves. "I’m here to test the wizard’s badge."
"…" Two guards smell speech not surprised glances filled with suspicion. They paused for a moment in Elo’s body but didn’t speak. They stopped Elo’s arm and showed no signs of taking it back. Obviously, they didn’t believe what he said. How could such a young man who looked as if he had just come from the countryside be a magician?
Elo shook his head and took a step back slightly without saying anything, then his right hand slowly stretched out.
"What are you going to do?" See Arlo move two guards are face a change to draw waist weapons.
"Bang!" But for a moment, their bodies were suddenly stiff and sluggish. They stared at the young fingertips and lit a bunch of flames. They were stunned for a long time before they rolled their dry throat and the suspicious color in their eyes was replaced by respect. They quickly lowered their hands and stood aside. "Please come in!"
"Look at this almost face-changing expression of two people. Elo sobbed at the corner of his mouth and was too lazy to care about anything. He walked quickly inside.
When you walk into the gate, the same breath comes to your face, as if you stepped into a sacred and mysterious hall. The hall is not as lively as you thought, but there are sparse figures that make it look unusually wide. There is no similar ordinary building around the hall, and a huge eye-catching magic chandelier is quietly suspended in the center of the hall, releasing colorful light. It looks quite elegant and colorful. The walls of the hall are also carved with lines, and there are many dark words next to the murals, which seem to be the life stories of some famous historical wizards.
In the hall, Elo also saw the girl named Mengfei’s green dress again, but she didn’t see it clearly because of the long distance. Now she finds that this is also a little beauty. The embryo is quite warped, the jade nose is bright and the lips are small, and with a straight and supple long hair, it seems that there is a kind of magic that makes people turn their eyes away. The latter seems to have noticed that her eyes are slightly tilted towards Elo, and then her eyebrows slightly wrinkled. It seems that Elo didn’t understand how she got into it, but she didn’t pay attention to it. Soon, a middle-aged man in a robe came out
"What do you want to do?" Just as Arlo looked around, a young lady in a special system of the Magic Guild greeted her with a beautiful and gorgeous face and a smile that made people feel comfortable.
"I want to test a wizard badge. I don’t know what to do?" Ai Luo smiled at the young lady and asked
"Ah …" Listen to Arlo’s request that the young lady suddenly stay with her eyes slightly wide open, but then she reacts and bends down slightly. The original soft tone is more respectful. "I’m sorry, please come with me!"
Ai Luo is used to this kind of emotional change for others. Smell speech is also behind the young lady slowly.

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