The first four items of information are to eliminate four players and get military information.

But the last piece of personal information made Lin’s eyes wide open … He didn’t think about which country to hide in, so he had no choice.
"Four consecutive kills!"
In the future, players who can take part in this training are all one in ten thousand (Lin is a few, and he is also unmatched by ordinary people in long-range shooting). Even the most powerful of these players can’t win against the weakest two, and even worse, they have killed four times in a row.
"Congratulations on getting a training guide to Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, China … to find the reclusive master Yi Shiren!"
Chapter sixty-six Learn martial arts from master!
Lin can be described as going straight back to China, flying from the United States to the Huaxia Sea, then flying from the sea to Chengdu, Sichuan, and then taking a ride to his destination.
Yijia village!
A very backward mountain village. This small village doesn’t even have access. The nearest town has 40-50 miles of mountain roads. This 40-50-mile mountain road is still the kind of small mountain road that needs to climb mountains, cut through thorns and wade through rivers … To put it mildly, this is really a paradise. To be precise, it is a small village with extreme poverty.
There is no way to limit the geographical environment, and the roots can’t grow here.
When Lin came to Yijia Village, the sun was going to set.
"Yijia Village!"
Lin stopped in front of a stone tablet at the entrance of the village and looked at the village in front of him. Suddenly, the environment here was beautiful, birds and flowers were fragrant and fresh. Looking around, there were pieces of terraced fields on the mountainside. There were golden rice in the field, and three or two people were busy in the field.
The mountains are clear and shining with light, and the sound of the stream can be clearly heard hundreds of meters away.
Lin walked slowly into Yijia Village.
A middle-aged man carrying a bundle of dry straw saw Lin "hey! Little brother to travel? "
Lin Wen turned around and said, "Hello, uncle, I’m not here to travel, I’m here to find someone!" "
"Look for a person? Who are you looking for? "
The middle-aged man is surprised that he has lived here for decades and will come to the mountains from the outside to find someone, that is, those who go out from the mountains. It is obvious that Lin is not a mountain man at first glance
"Is there a person named Yi Shiren in your village?" Lin asked
"Yi Shiren?" The middle-aged man was stunned. "Chinese generation … What do you want with him?"
Lin didn’t even think about it. He just said, "Apprentice!"
"Apprentice!" Middle-aged people were obviously shocked by the reason of Lin. "Learning to farm with a teacher?"
"Not learning martial arts!" Lin said
"Learn martial arts … wait for me to ask for you!" Middle-aged people say that finish without waiting for Lin to answer directly turned to the side of a stone to build a room and shouted "two aunts! Hey! "
A woman’s voice in the stone room said, "What are you shouting?"
The middle-aged man shouted, "Auntie, is there a guy named Yi Shiren in our village? There’s a guy from the city coming to learn martial arts from his teacher!"
"What? Learn martial arts from teachers? " A middle-aged woman quickly walked out of the stone room and saw Lin and asked, "Which one does this guy want to learn martial arts from?" Who knows martial arts in our village? "
"Yi Shiren! Do you know which one he is? "
"You don’t even know your fifth uncle’s name … but your fifth uncle knows martial arts?"
"I don’t know!"
Lin listened to the two Sichuanese in vain. Before he was in college, a Sichuanese classmate was able to say a few words when he listened to Sichuanese without any problems.
Five great uncles … This middle-aged man is about forty years old. His grandfather and brother are at least forty or fifty years older than his eldest brother. Isn’t Yi Shiren a ten-year-old man!
"go! I’ll take you to my fifth uncle! "
"Thank you, Uncle!"
The middle-aged man walked with Lin to the mountain village for more than ten minutes. When he saw that the destination was more than ten meters away, the middle-aged man shouted, "Uncle Wu has a young man coming to see you!"
From the front room of Lin’s eyes, I walked out with a few hairs on my head, but I had a lot of wrinkles on my face. The old man’s face was very good and his body was very healthy, and he still walked steadily and powerfully.
When the middle-aged man and Lin approached, Yi Shiren looked at Lin and asked, "What do you want with me, young man?"
"Learn martial arts from teachers!" The middle-aged man answered for Lin by the way, "Five uncles, do you know martial arts? I don’t know? "
Yi Shiren glanced at the middle-aged man and stared at Lin and asked, "Where did you know that I knew martial arts, young man?"
Yi Shiren knows very well that since the other party has come all the way here, he also named him to learn martial arts from his master. Obviously, he knows very well that he knows martial arts.
I haven’t waited for Lin to weave a good reason. Yi Shiren shook his head and said, "Forget it. It doesn’t matter where you know. Come in with me!"
Lin followed Yi Shiren into the room, and the middle-aged man put the straw on his shoulder and went in … The middle-aged man was surprised that he didn’t know that his five great uncles had practiced martial arts, maybe his elders knew that they hadn’t told him.
After entering the room, Yi Shiren sat down and asked Lin where she was, how old she was, and what simple human questions were there at home? Lin answered honestly.
"You are now in high school. How can you think of learning martial arts?" Yi shiren asked
Lin replied, "Well! I am studying computer martial arts in American universities now, which is a personal interest and I have practiced routines for two years! "
"University!" Yi Shiren’s eyes lit up and said, "If you want to learn my martial arts, you need to promise me one condition!"
"What conditions?"
"If I teach you martial arts, you must be a teacher here and teach children in several nearby villages to read …" Yi Shiren said that he stopped here and thought for "ten years!"
Lin leng said, "can you ask someone else to teach?" After all, it is not good for me to be a professional teacher and mistake my brother! "
"Of course!" Yi Shiren continued, "But can you get a teacher to come here? Our conditions … "

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