[Team] Play with play. Now there are more and more people …

Everyone in the team is giving advice to the truth, but the truth is that none of them have paid attention to it. To be honest, he has always thought this plan is quite good, no matter whether it looks reliable or not, at least there is! Even the northern finches acquiesced in their methods. Is there any shame at this time?
Huh? What did the eraser just say?
The truth emperor seems to have thought of something and directly clicked through the message records.
….. straightforward?
When I saw this, I was told the truth. After two seconds, the emperor looked a little trance, and then an unbelievable look spread from his face, moving his wrist very decisively and shifting the perspective in the game. I was surprised to see that sitting on the ground had already finished the strike fudge.
For a long time …
[Team] Call me truth fudge …
The truth emperor shouted at the little white dragon in the waves with a naive face.
Unfortunately, at this time, fudge has been completely immersed in the reflection of life that "there are still people with such good potential, and this kind of showbiz master will not be surpassed". Did you pay attention to calling me the truth emperor to shout?
[Team] Call me truth fudge!
At the end of the day, it was almost a news screen shouting, which made the distracted fudge react.
[Team] Soft and soft sugar koo/What’s wrong? truth
With both hands, he rubbed his sun * * and tried hard to calm himself down and tell the truth. The Emperor took a deep breath and restrained his impatience. He was very kind in the team and asked.
[Team] Call me the truth emperor fudge.
[Team] Tell me the truth and tell me that you sent a private chat message to that starry sky, didn’t you?
I didn’t receive an answer, and at this time, the role of fudge was like being disconnected. I just actively cooperated with the speech of the little white dragon in Langli and cried my eyes out. Those who didn’t move were just silly and motionless.
[Team] Call me the Truth Emperor … fudge?
The truth emperor tried to ask again, but he could answer the news that he was still swinging the team
At this time, what is he not white? The truth emperor is extremely angry and laughs, trying to pretend he doesn’t care, but …
[Team] Call me the truth, my uncle!
[Team] Call me the Truth Emperor. Are you kidding me? Just act it out? !
Well, he’s still blown up
[Team] Soft and soft sugar grievances/… The truth I’m sorry, I just forgot for a moment.
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar I directly held his thigh and entered the play. There were too many small partners around me. I felt special when I played …
The fudge answer was very sincere, that is, it was at this time that other soy sauce makers realized what had happened.
This was originally their plan to be professional, that is, the moral pressure of public opinion forced him to make a good decision in their hearts. To put it bluntly, it was four words to make trouble.
They all agreed to play the play in a crowded place, and fudge came forward. They acted as a facade at the back and tried to create a sense of crowds. After finding the stars all over the sky, fudge went straight to complain about his unfaithfulness, and with so many of them, such a headline story will surely get all the onlookers
Then at this time, while the stars are scratching their heads, I haven’t thought about it yet. The scene is getting worse and worse, and the fudge should take the most crucial step.
That’s the threat
From or not from?
It’s as simple as that. If you listen to their instructions, they can retreat in minutes and become one with them. The ordinary people tell you that this is just a joke, but if you don’t listen, they don’t know how much the name of this situation can be destroyed.
This method is really despicable for the little cute people who claim to be honest and kind, but they blame themselves more for their wit and praise, and have completed a mainstream mentality. With their vast news network, they know everything clearly.
Being in a high position is * * face.
The soy sauce makers nodded and understood this theory very well. After all, there was a negative textbook in their gang that helped pigs. It can be speculated that the stars all over the sky reacted to this kind of thing.
In fact, it turns out that the soy sauce makers guessed that there was nothing wrong with it. The sky star had already exploded, and now he still doesn’t understand how he got rid of the soy sauce.
All this seems to be going very well, especially with the assistance of the little white dragon in the waves, but no one thought that this scene was ignored by someone from the beginning
[Team] Dynamic new racket table/fudge! Are you a pig!
[Team] Play the ball and play the table/fudge! Are you a pig!
[Team] Eraser to wipe the table/fudge! Are you a pig!
The team news continues, and fudge can’t stop feeling guilty.
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar I was wrong. I was really wrong
[Team] Soft soft candy is pitiful/shall I change it now?
Tell me the truth. The Emperor was so angry that he didn’t know what to say. Everyone was still paying attention to the small white dragon in Langli, even the stars in the sky. Generally speaking, it should be established that before they planned A, the stars in the sky collected their plans to interfere.
[Team] Call me the truth fudge. Are you sure you can achieve the same effect now?
Even the truth emperor himself is somewhat uncertain.

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