Statistically miscalculated the data of "Lin Boxer". Substituting this erroneous data into the formula to get the result is naturally an error … Of course, this error is wrong in Lin’s view, but it is naturally correct in the overall view.

"These infinite loop data are almost the same as those in novels and fantasy virtual games, such as mana, spiritual power and fairy power …"
"And the dead cycle thinking is like those who can cultivate mana, spiritual power and immortal power, which are similar to a cycle for a week … The faster the cycle, the more power it produces, the more cohesive it is, and the stronger the effect it produces."
"This real technology virtual online game can be played as a fantasy virtual game!"
Lin got up and raised his hands at the same time!
Wanted to think, Lin will not condense the infinite loop data with his left hand and condense a large amount of infinite loop data with his right hand!
The left hand was bounced back as if it were on a hill, while the right hand turned out to have no feeling at all.
"There are both destructive and defensive effects … and these data are not a burden for me!"
"But there are only a few ways for an infinite loop and an infinite loop of data … more infinite loops are needed to deal with God!"
"And it’s really hard to say how destructive the black flame of God is. I don’t know if it’s made of several kinds of infinite loop data!"
Lin really pushed a door and saw a new world at this time.
"It’s not a problem that I can create dozens of infinite loops."
"The problem is that no matter how many infinite loops are created, I will be able to push one of the infinite loop thinking cycles to break through the system limit and produce infinite loop data overflow!"
"It takes a strong enough brain power to push two infinite loops to the limit speed of beyond the game system at the same time … and although this brain power can be trained in special training, it is still controlled by the real world players!"
"The player’s thinking state in the game is the running state of the player’s brain thinking in reality."
"In the game, the player’s brain will also be in a crazy state … thinking is connected."
Lin’s understanding of science and technology, virtual games and brain research is not comparable to that of ordinary scientists and researchers … Besides, Lin not only has enough theoretical knowledge but also has great practical experience.
"Life is burning!"
"The second infinite loop is running for me!"
Lin’s first endless loop is’ color is color …’
Now Lin wants to run an infinite loop, which is the thinking of’ Jin Kemu Mu Ke Tu Ke Shui Ke Huo Ke Jin …’.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Up yourself!
"Not enough!"
In the forest brain, the running speed of the first infinite loop is reduced to a certain extent, barely breaking through the unified limit operation speed, and the rest of the brain forest lies in the thinking plane of the five elements of the infinite loop. Even if Lin moves the two terrorist skills of "possessed" and "burning life", the brain power will explode to a limit state, which is not enough for the two dead circular thinking to break through the unified limit operation speed.
God! Not ordinary people!
God! Its power is also beyond the imagination of ordinary people!
Lin, however, is still an ordinary person strictly speaking, and he didn’t become a god because he found that the circular thinking in Time can break through the operation limit of the game system … He discovered the secret and then targeted it!
And God … God can find that the special training world is a virtual world, not a real world. That’s because God can find this world problem even if he is in a normal state without deliberately running the infinite loop of problems in his brain.
God’s normal state is enough to match Lin’s deliberate efforts to achieve the state.
If God deliberately runs the endless loop of problems in their minds and deliberately creates endless loop thinking, to what extent can it be achieved?
Besides, the infinite loop of’ color is color …’ is the simplest infinite loop.
Even if it is’ Jin Kemu Mu Ke Tu Ke Shui Ke Huo Ke Jin …’, it is still a simple cycle than death.
And what kind of infinite loop is in those gods’ brains?
If you think about it simply, you can get a rough estimate:’ What do you want to prove, what do you want to guess, what do you want to add according to what laws, what do you want to add to what data, what do you want to add to what benefits, what rules do you want to add … How many times do you enlarge this conclusion and how many times do you want to reduce it … Finally, you can prove that the conjecture is true only when you come to the conclusion that it is true!’
This is probably the simplest infinite loop template in God’s brain!
Verifying a conjecture is definitely not that simple, but it will be a hundred times more complicated than this … especially, it can make God have a puzzle to solve the problem. What kind of problem will it be?
Let ordinary people’s brains run this level of infinite loop, and I am afraid that ordinary people will completely wind up in a few laps.
If Lin is allowed to run, I’m afraid it won’t be crazy, but it is definitely far from reaching the speed of game system operation, not to mention surpassing the breakthrough.
This is similar to the situation in fantasy novel where talented people can practice advanced achievement methods and ordinary people can practice low-level achievement methods.
"Depend! I can’t break through my lack of brain power! "
"Brain power refers to my brain power in reality. Although I stay in special training, learning and training will improve my brain power to a certain extent, but it will take a lot of time. It is impossible to do it overnight, especially now that it is very difficult for me to improve my brain power, and it is even more difficult to calculate when it is needed!"
"Unless … is to make me discover the method of" fighting to the death to break through the limit "from the seventh special training."
"But now I have mastered the secret of the infinite loop and can run the first infinite infinite loop … It can be said that besides the root of God, it is not enough to threaten my life and my opponent. If I touch God now, I am afraid I will still be easily killed by God."
Lin knows that intrigue in the face of absolute strength means that there is no dark king who died and was killed by God. God came to Siren Star not to kill the dark king, but to kill all players and all outsiders who do not belong to this world.

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