Alone sword twist a head to look suddenly heart a cool roared "grass grass back back to keep the defensive state body back! ! !”

It’s a pity that he didn’t let everyone back off for the first time, but defended in situ. If he backed off in the blink of the boss skill like Yang Ye, there would be no big problem. Unfortunately …
"Grass wet nurse milk! ! !” The soldiers in the front row struggled to resist the greatest skill damage while growling that they were in the front but were not treated by the wet nurse for a long time, which made them quite unhappy.
"Call fart wet nurse himself is dying! I don’t have time to care about you! " There are only a few single-sword nurses behind, and it’s not a good crop and a good-natured guy. Listening to the roar of the front soldiers, it’s also impolite to reply and put the treatment on himself.
Although their words are a little harsh, they are not unreasonable. The so-called staying in the green hills is not afraid of burning firewood. The boss important job is to be a priest, so if you are a priest, you can’t die.
Although the front row is painful, I have to touch the medicine bottle and get up, praying for the end of this skill of fog beast boss …
A 20-to-30-level map of the dry land is located outside the rainy city and belongs to a prime location. There are many players coming and going. Although the boss side of the fog beast is often so lively, today’s "lively" is different, and there are not many players around!
What happened?
Latecomers can’t stand the influence of curiosity, and they have learned to gather around-a small team seems to be unable to hold on to the fog beast boss in the raiders. Isn’t it a common situation?
"Hey, man, what happened here? Why are so many people around?" A newcomer crowded in and asked the guy next to him with the expression "I know everything, ask me, ask me quickly"
"Hey, hey," the man smiled and seemed quite happy when someone asked him. "You’re late. I don’t know. Let me tell you something …" The man danced and embellished what happened before and told the new people something.
He didn’t say much about the magical three-person team, especially the most mysterious one, except that the other team was well equipped. He didn’t seem to know much about it, but he seemed to know a lot about the unique sword, and there was no lack of yearning for the unique sword group in many words.
"After listening to you say so much, this unique sword group is very awesome?" Asked the newcomer.
"Of course, it’s more than cow force. Ask how many teams and teams have a unique sword group in this rainy city." The man has a proud face as if he were a unique sword group.
"Then why are they dying now?" The newcomer asked again
"What a quick nonsense!" The man scolded with a full face of unhappiness. "It’s a temporary difficulty that will soon pass. If it weren’t for those three rookies, especially the heavy knight sword group, they would have taken boss!" Vaguely, he directly put Yang Ye back to the heavy knight, equipped the heavy knight, and then cut a knife by the heavy knight with a single sword. It really won’t hurt too much
In that case, it seems that those three people are not so good.
It’s a pity that it’s too soon to hit the face. The talent just said, "I’ll get through the temporary difficulties soon." It didn’t take long for the lone sword group there to have a new problem-the priest died!
After all, the priest who didn’t come back from the attack range of boss couldn’t hold on to the continuous "needle" attack of boss and fell to the ground. Two priests fell almost at the same time, and another mage suffered heavy losses.
Two priests died, a mage and a soldier in the front row also fell. This boss can’t win the solo sword after all, but he can quit despite his regret and unhappiness.
"The single sword group retired and started again!" With a wave of his hand, the lone sword led the lucky ones to continue to retreat outside the attack range of boss. This short distance is like a natural barrier for the lone sword group now …
When more than a dozen teams quit, there were only four people left in the lone sword regiment.
"Rest and others" single sword sulked and sat aside to rest and restore health.
As soon as I quit the combat state, the fog beast boss was beaten to only 1% of the blood volume, and immediately returned to the full state like a rocket flying, and lay down in the same place again, waiting to pick up the "not bad" guy to provoke it …
In fact, if Yang Ye doesn’t interfere with the solo sword group, it is very likely to take this boss. Unfortunately, the other party pays too much attention to himself, distracting himself, and the mental stress is too great, which leads to many problems that shouldn’t appear. The final result is a sudden collapse.
From the ground up, Yang Ye patted his clothes and was not in the soil. He was going to kill boss to test his new skills, but he couldn’t wait!
"Hey, how many people did you want?" Alone sword over there also don’t forget to taunt.
"Didn’t you see? I didn’t say 1q2 three people! " Yang Ye twist a head to see the sword alone laughed.
"Ha-ha … three men are fierce. You heavy knight seem to attack well?" Alone sword laughed.
Heavy knight?
Yang Ye smiles and his feelings always make you cut a few knives and lose some blood. Are you and me a heavy knight profession?
"Yes, I’m a heavy knight, but I’m very good at chopping people but three times." Yang Ye nodded and smiled.
"Scared me to death! ! It’s only three times to chop down a person. That’s … that’s amazing! Do you want to try the knife on my neck first? Don’t be laughed off by then! " Alone sword pretends to be "frightened" and looks afraid of death. With words, it sticks out its neck.
"Don’t mind your words. I’ll climb a knife and chop it to death. Let’s wait. I’ll hit the boss first." Yang Ye finally kept that smile
Long Huang and moonlight waltz behind the promise war don’t know what to do at this time. How to say that three people will fight boss? This ….. Don’t you believe it? It’s just that this man is a promise war. Believe it, but it’s not too strange for three people to fight boss!
[Team Long Huang promise elder brother how ah three people can’t win?
] Team Moonlight Waltz Yes, even if Brother Promise is awesome, the two of us are really dragging our feet. Can’t we win?
Look at the two men still worried about appearance Yang Ye smiled-
] The team promised that after the war, what about the leg? I’ll beat you alone next to you. Just make sure you don’t die. I’m not a holy priest and I can’t be resurrected.
This ….. Brother Promise, this is a one-on-one fight with boss …
Long Huang and Moonlight Waltz glances from each other’s eyes to see the deep shock …
Although the players around you don’t know the two sides, they probably know a little after listening to a dialogue between a lone sword and that person. That person really wants to kill this lone sword and completely destroy the fog beast boss with a small team of three people! !
Funny. Come on, you guys? !
"I go to it seems that these three people are not kidding. Really? Three people? Laugh and wait for them to die! "
"Ha ha ….. what the elder brothers gas when a joke! Recently, the number of new players entering "Tianyu" has increased, which is also very arrogant. It is necessary to educate and educate the rest as arrogant as the game is his home! "
"Even the sword group alone has to be defeated. Are these three people here to send you equipment? Let me start by saying that the heavy knight’s equipment exploded and I have to grab one, no matter how low it is! "
"Ok, you grabbed me and bought 1 gold coin!"
"mb, do you know a bargain? 1 gold coins want to cheat me? 5 copper coins will increase the price and I will break it! "
"You are my 2 copper coins, and I will cut you down! !”
"Ha ha …"
Surrounded by dozens, twenties and thirties players, pure newcomers may have heard of the id of "Promise War", but they have seen too little about them, otherwise they would not laugh at others like this "I am the great god"
Yang Ye turned a deaf ear to the discussion around him. How can he play games if he can be angry with them?
Touxiage? Aidijian clasped hands Yang Ye corners of the mouth with a confident smile head tilted way "go! !” to be continued
Chapter 25 one-on-one hit BOSS!
Just two steps forward, Yang Ye accidentally received a message from sakura rain-
"Where is it? Let’s meet. It’s better if someone knows the local news and can get out, you know. "
Oh? Sakura rain, this is to arrange the rhythm of things. It is also true that Yang Ye has maximized the publicity of backpack extensions. Then, it is necessary to let others know what the promise is that the "first family" will not sell backpack extensions for the time being. sakura rain intends to make others mistake it. It may be to trade it to the Summer Palace Association!
In this way, it is much easier for the next action.
"In the rain falls, the fog beast boss is just here. There are many people here. Come here quickly," Yang Ye replied
"Line waiting"
Closed dialogue Yang Ye looked back at the lone sword that guy is a full face of insidious smile looked at the bottom of my heart and smiled here. Yang Ye didn’t say it was the level 3 gold fog beast boss, but it was the level 5 gold boss. I can also kill it for you! Unfortunately, there is no one here.
Look at the skills panel. Yang Ye nodded-
Skill experiment!
"Don’t move here, you two. I’ll be careful not to die alone." Yang Ye looked back at Long Huang and the moonlight waltz.
Two people nodded a little dull.
Throw two people Yang Ye walked towards the fog beast boss alone, and his move immediately attracted the surprise of low-level players around-

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