"Well, I know what I’m looking for you! Feiyang, I can find you now. Can you help me? "

"Of course I’d like to help you, but the whole sea area is so big that we have to start work in one place. If we can’t get your sister’s letter, the news will soon reach your mother, and the inferno executives will know that we won’t solve all the infernos in the sea area."
"It’s no problem. All the sea areas are connected with each other. Seven elder sisters are in charge of the area. All the sea areas are connected with each other. We can easily get to all places and go back with messages. It’s not too much problem. General Liya grew up watching me, and she is very kind to me and a confidant of her mother. She has always threatened to cooperate with demons because her mother has decided, so she didn’t say anything. This time I will ask General Liya to help stop all the sea areas from sending messages to the Sea Demon Palace."
"Well that’s ok! Thousands of inferno masters are quite challenging. By the way, there are no other gods in the sea except the inferno in the Siren Palace? "
"I have a list of all infernos in each sea area. There are more than 30 holy levels. There are at most ten full ones over there who are doing more. However, the general of seahorse, the general of sea shark and the general of golden crab around the third sister are also holy levels. It should be no problem for you to deal with those inferno masters."
"Well, good! In that case, we should not need much time, right? This is no problem! "
"Great, thank you for flying! With your help, it shouldn’t take too long to do it in half a month at most! "
Since it doesn’t take long, of course it’s no big deal, and it’s good to play well with the Hai people! Reno the Great gave us benefits, but he also asked us to build a harbor. What if we can’t go out to sea? After fighting with the Hai clan, if there is a fleet, the sea will be safe, and we can rely on the Hai clan to obtain the situation of the naval forces in other theaters.
"Then let’s go directly, now!"
"good! This East China Sea is also responsible for the east coast of Langluo mainland because the sea area is not too bright. There are also several islands in the Faroe Kingdom that are blocked. Mother has not arranged too many troops, and the number of inferno experts is not much. There are more than 50 in all. I have asked General Liya to take important actions. Let’s start from here! "
"No problem, you have the final say!"
When it came to reality, we took Lena and followed Naga around the sea for a week, cleaning up the demons one by one and arranging for the experts in the sea to come to Naga. It meant that it would take half a month, but it took us a whole week to be online for six days and three days, but it was really a great harvest.
After cleaning up so many inferno masters, our level has reached level 1 directly, and because of this period, we often face several inferno holy level masters in various fields, and now we have realized the new field, the boundary of destiny, the foundation of which has merged with several fields such as spiritual field, and now it has become a field-after upgrading the destiny field, it will become a boundary of destiny again, but we just don’t know when it will be upgraded.
Anyway, now I’m a real god. Lena half a wing, the little one, and Kim have all been upgraded to the god’s level. Because I have been able to get all kinds of holy power inferno bodies during this period, I’m also generous once. I won’t be able to play any role for a long time. The monkey emperor’s bronze armor leopard magic has also been refined again. This guy has risen to level 95, and the leopard magic has also risen to level 93. There are also a few extra skills!
These are not big gains, but the biggest gain is that they helped us get a total of 27 siren tears in Naga. This is a horrible thing. After our dark dragon suit is put together, we can directly upgrade a set of siren tears to a super-god level. Haha, how cool can a super-god level suit be?
Not only have the siren tears caused so much, but also many rare materials in the sea are returned to Li Yue for processing, and some are put into the territory for those masters to fiddle with good things. It is absolutely indispensable!
The most important thing is that after cleaning up all the demons in the sea area, accompanied by all the siren princesses, I saw the sea siren king, who debunked all the inferno plots. The sea siren king also knew that seafood could no longer threaten the position of the sea clan ruler, and after learning that several sea warriors were demonized, I had to admit that there was indeed a conspiracy for the inferno to find himself.
The siren queen doesn’t object. We have to deal with those inferno masters who stay in the siren palace. Of course, there is no problem! I came to the siren queen to get rid of two god-class demons myself, but how can we leave experience and good things behind? At my urging, the siren queen seems to be too lazy to agree on this matter at last.
Now Lena and I have joined hands to clean up two inferno masters easily, and we have also harvested three artifacts and several epic equipment, in addition to harvesting advanced materials, and the pockets of several masters are drums! The number of magic crystal coins in these two guys is millions. The number of magic crystal coins in our hands has reached almost three million directly!
Moreover, it helped the sea tribe to eliminate hidden dangers, and the sea witch queen personally promised that the Lanluo Empire and the Faroe Kingdom would not take the initiative to deal with the sea tribe in the future. There would never be sea warriors landing in Granlo and the Faroe Islands, nor would they interfere with Faroe or the fleet of our glory alliance guild sailing in the sea.
Naturally, I am very happy that the trip to the mainland has finally been solved. It’s time to go back! But I just left Naga, but I stopped. I asked to leave together, and the siren queen was even more terrible. No matter what I thought, I just made a will that made me very happy and very nai ~ "Naga, this girl gave you life scales and concluded a sea cucumber vow with you! I, the Siren clan, will hand over my life once I hand over my life. Now you are the ninth Xu of my clan! Naga’s elder sisters are married and have their own waters, so I’ll give you and Naga the East China Sea. You choose a suitable place and I’ll arrange to build a palace! In the future, you and Naga will be in charge of the East China Sea! "
Chapter 536 Return to the mainland
I don’t know how to say this feeling ~ now I have an inexplicable wife!
From the siren palace, we will soon return to the East China Sea, and we will let Naga choose a place to build the palace after talking about our own territory. We have to go to the Faroe Kingdom ourselves! Of course, you have to take the benefits when the tide crisis is solved.
I arrived at King Faroe and saw kroll for the third time. This time, I sent good news to kroll, but I was so happy that I fulfilled my promise generously. I directly became the King of Faroe and got a big island hundreds of miles north of the East Island. I will be honored in the sea base in the future.
In addition, kroll gave me a letter to take back to the mainland and tell Renault the Great that I should be finished if I want to give this heart to Renault the Great.
This time, it was finally completed successfully, but in the end, I took the trouble to lobby kroll Nai to take out his original maritime power and gave me several drawings of large seaports and a bunch of drawings of large warships and cargo ships.
Hey, hey, we can build a harbor, and after that, the East China Sea is guarded and looked after by the sea people. Of course, we have to think about going out. We can build a harbor, but we can’t build it. What’s the point of building a harbor and a warship? We bought these drawings, that is to say, we broke our mouths and set up a billion gold coins to help the Faroe Kingdom restore the original seaport and other facilities, which is our greatest support. Thank you!
But at the end of the day, it’s still worthwhile to support the construction of Faroe with one billion gold coins. After all, we are now the first person in kroll, the kingdom of Faroe. If nothing can be restored to the seaport, it won’t be a wave. These facilities have recovered their economic development, so that we can attract more people.
I’m satisfied to get so many benefits, but before I left, I suddenly remembered that the flint island Faroe and the Empire transit, which is an important place. It’s better to take the fact that Faroe and the Empire can’t set up this sea to sail now, so it’s the main way to connect. The importance of the transit island is self-evident! In the end, I paid 200 million gold coins again, and Firestone Island became my private property. I can build it as I want!
I finally got everything done and couldn’t wait until I said hello to Naga. I took Lena and flew to the mainland quickly!
The first thing to do when I return to the mainland again is of course to unite Xiaoyu and others. When I return to the far north fortress, Xiaoyu and others Ling Zhou are motionless, and knights and fires are coming quickly. Lulu has also worked from the territory.
"Brothers, I’m back! It’ s hard for everyone to solve this case! "
"Ha ha, what are we working hard for? How can we compare with Feiyang boss? It’s refreshing to think about sweeping the Toyo theater alone!"
"Ha ha good flying President you this time but give us a long face of China! Whether it’s a small rb or a stick in online games, I always feel that it’s much better than our Huaxia. This time, you made them cry and cry. I guess they dare not say that their online games are amazing! " Fire bright and clear laughed
"The forehead float in the sky eldest brother you this all come back don’t I don’t mind, I just want to know how many benefits you searched this time? If there is anything good, talk about it quickly! "
I looked at the cultural widow and said, this guy is really realistic! But I like it! Ha ha a smile. I looked around and said proudly, "It’s not too much. This time, I have harvested almost four billion gold coins, but I have already lost most of them." Then, you should all see the grades in the grade list; Then there are some artifacts, some epic and gold-level equipment, and several materials! By the way, here are some fruits for everyone to taste! "
I said that I will take some fruits from Faroe. I have tasted all these fruits and they taste really good. I estimate that many players will like them very much when they put them on the market!
Seeing the fruit I took out, everyone was puzzled and asked curiously, "Feiyang, did you bring some fruit back specially?" It seems that in reality, grapes still have this. Do you still think it is litchi? "
"Well, it should be those fruits in reality, but in the game, different names can bring some attributes."
"These fruits should not be too valuable? Flying boss, it’s not like your style ~ "
"Well, it’s not very valuable alone, but I got hundreds of millions of gold coins to measure it back!"
"psst ~" All the people gasped and looked at me like crazy.
"Lulu, a few of these fruits go directly to the local market, but because the mainland has not put them in, it needs to be limited. I’m going to give them to life professionals to make drinks and make wine, so they can do whatever they want. Anyway, it’s hundreds of millions of gold coins cheaper to buy."
"Well, it should be no problem for me to arrange for hundreds of millions of gold coins to become one or two billion!" Lulu smiled and replied.
Psst ~ "Sister Lulu, it’s too easy for you to make money ~" The breeze looked at Lulu with a surprised face and said.
"Ha ha the wind you silly? Yuanyang Commercial Firm monopolizes this fruit at whatever price it wants. Moreover, this fruit tastes really good. There is a lot of cooking in the game now, but the fruit is really nothing for the time being. I guess players will like it very much! After processing, just like this grape wine, look at the flame price of ocean restaurant and think about how much this wine will sell in the game. If you can add some replies or other effects to the juice, the price is definitely not generally high, but you can’t sell it. Do you think it will be difficult to double your income? " Wonderful hand a clap a breeze shoulder said with a smile
"Ha ha wonderful hand is good! That’s the truth! I don’t know exactly how many of these fruits are. Brother, the fire will grow. It’s good to wait for each guild to take some back and put them in the fortress to entertain guests! "
"Ha ha good! Brother, I’m not polite to you! "
"Thank you for flying, and I’m welcome!"
"Thank you!"
"Ha ha don’t say these if I live here in the guild out wine and drinks are also share! Widow, there’s no fruit in the ring. Wait for you to arrange it for several presidents to divide it and then leave some in the guild. "

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