The appraiser fell asleep again.

The appraiser was awakened by the streamer again.
"I’m telling you that this is a malicious attack on important personnel. I won’t do your business, you go." The appraiser got up angry and was woken up by streamer violence and angrily wanted to drive them out of the store. To be continued.
215 eyebrows
Half an hour later, NPC finally calmed down and the unknown had to bring them to the map of sunken ships at the bottom of the sea to identify the ore.
"This crystal jade mine is for you to use as casting equipment." streamer feels that there is not much pressure on the ore in his own hands. When the crystal jade mine belongs to high-grade ore casting, the auxiliary material will have high equipment quality and equipment durability. If the whole piece is melted … no one can turn the whole piece of crystal jade mine into a weapon yet. First, the crystal jade mine appears randomly in the auxiliary cabinet. Other players have not found any place where there is crystal jade mine.
Trading banks often have two extremes, either the price is too high for people to look up to or the price is too low.
"Well," the unknown didn’t turn away. I immediately thought about giving streamer another ring. My eyes glanced at streamer and I was satisfied with wearing those two rings that were not gorgeous in appearance but showed exquisite details.
Maybe he should give streamer a weapon.
After a few days, the calm wave seems to have withdrawn the reward, honestly playing the battlefield and living a hard life.
[Secret Chat] [Singing Peach Blossoms] It’s strange to tell you quietly. I don’t believe that they are so good. They must be messing with us. Don’t you know?
[Chat] You whisper to [Song Do Peach Blossom] and I’ll just wake you up.
[Secret Chat] [Singing Peach Blossoms] Whispering to you, second child, you have been out for a while. Everyone misses you very much. When will you come back? If you don’t pursue the matter, it will be over. We are not very kind and forced by the form, and you agreed.
Unknown feign death and pretend that he can’t watch the secret chat. He is also involved in the streamer. He still feels guilty about it. It’s unusually quiet in it. He doesn’t trust to let the streamer go back to Acacia now.
Song tried his best to harass the unknown, forcing him to let go of the unknown, saying that he would not come back until the time came into the guild or she went to another guild
Recently, streamer wants to find out something.
She hired a well-known and efficient workshop to track the daily movements of several Thunder executives. After a few days, one of the detectives came to the news.
Liu Haoran, the general manager of Leitingqi Company, had contact with Zhong Jiaze. Did they have dinner and talk in a five-star hotel box?
It can be seen that this workshop has been handy for doing this kind of investigation, and a stack of photos of the two of them laughing and pushing a cup, Lu Haoran and Zhong Jiaze’s past experiences have given the aperture a suspicious point and their conversation records.
The workshop said it would be some time before they could trace their call.
Time is on their knees.
What’s this called? There’s a specialization in this field.
Who is Zhong Jiaze? She didn’t react until she looked back at the information. It was the president of the God-killing Association who smoked lightly.
After getting the information, streamer has traveled all over the house, but he still hasn’t decided where to hide the information. Xiao Yurou is a dog and can pull out everything!
She can’t know about investigating her employees privately.
It’s uncomfortable to hide at home. What about hiding outside?
Qian Cheng was called out by streamer in this way.
"I have something very important for you to keep for me, can you?" The streamer blinked in an attempt to make Qian Cheng accept lard for a while without asking anything.
Of course, it was a failure. "What?"
"file" streamer pie mouth "a file with illusion"
"You won’t give it to her?"
She shook her head. "You can’t pay a huge price to get this information."
Time original her words will cause Qian Cheng antipathy, but he was anxious to ask, "Why didn’t you tell me what the price was? Didn’t hurt yourself? "
"It took me more than 2 years to get a red envelope." Time, think of a pain in my flesh. She is golden. She gave it away with her own hands, thinking of her little dream. She felt a pain and reached out and rubbed it.
Qian Cheng is in distress situation to comfort the old and the new.
"That’s 21 5-gram gold bars" added faintly.
"…" Unknown once again refreshes the cognitive streamer.
I succeeded in seeing Qian Cheng’s face changed. She laughed like a child who succeeded in a bad drama clapping her hands to celebrate "So you have to take good care of it for me. I don’t know when it will be ostentation and extravagance" and then told Qian Cheng about the investigation.
"Do you suspect that it is Lu Haoran who is behind the murder?"

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