"I hope that this newly recovered remnant U will not be delayed." Chen Kai looked at Fang’s cubs who slowly raised their heads and slowly pulled out their weapons to accompany him for a long time. The glowing blade was slowly coming out of the backpack again, and the blade was shining with cold light in Fang’s shimmering spar. Chen Kai was very extravagant in creating a battle range that was beneficial to him. After living, he threw a dozen shimmering spars into the grass. These shimmering spars now lit up all the cubs’ areas like ground lamps, so that Chen Kaike could clearly see that these were originally recognized by him.

"It’s a pity that it’s all more than 30 pieces of garbage, not only inexperienced, but also without military merit." Ll’s eyes gradually became cold. At this time, he adjusted his breathing to get himself into the excited state before the battle, so that he could play his fighting capacity faster and end all the battles in a short time. He thought so.
"Kill" Chen Kai gently jumped from a branch four or five meters high. Although this movement will have a great load on his injured big uǐ, according to Chen Kai’s estimation, this high impact force should not cause too much damage to the big uǐ, especially the wound. Now that the sore base has disappeared, it can be seen that the bone has not grown well in a negative state, but Chen Kai still chose to jump directly because he is confident that he can land safely without hurting his big uǐ and kill a cub directly.
As soon as the roaring sword fell from the sky, Chen Kai’s cubs who wanted to attack the tree and hide in the tent were caught off guard. Not only did they react quickly, but they also prepared to pounce on Chen Kai, who was targeted by Chen Kai, and crouched down to attack when Chen Kai landed, but it eventually jumped up and headed for death.
Because before it jumped up, Chen Kai’s giant sword had directly split its head. Compared with the hard skull of an adult demon hound, the heads of these cubs have not developed sufficiently, and the glowing blades can easily split them. This should be very good news for Chen Kai, and it should also be an inevitable situation. After all, these cubs have more than 30 grades, but they only rely on the number and sharp teeth to defeat those wild boars. Compared with the wild boar skin, Chen Kai’s armor is too hard. Even if Chen Kai is bitten by them, he can leave a few shallow marks on the armor surface.
Compared with those wild boars, Chen Kai, who is armed to the body, has the only advantage in terms of threat and lethality, that is, their speed. If they want to escape, it is estimated that Chen Kaigen can’t keep a cub, but for demon creatures, their first goal is to kill each other unless the other side is too strong. When Chen Kai saw the injured and unhealed, these cubs didn’t choose to escape, because Chen Kai’s breath is similar to that of the wild boar that they just killed, and it seems that they have a weakness after the injury! ~!
Chapter 344 Savar Everglades (7)
Chapter 344 Savar Everglades Seven
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"Shua" As Chen Kai made a huge sword in his hand of cutting, those black and red blood beads were instantly thrown out on the green grass to draw a scarlet long line. Then Chen Kai slowly took out a piece of dirty silk and carefully wiped off the residual blood of weapons. After confirming that it was clean, he put the weapons into his backpack.
"It’s so weak that nnd doesn’t even give any experience. It’s just that the grade gap is too big. No matter how big the gap is, it’s better to give one or two experiences." Chen Kaili moved that lost body but still bit his thigh cub’s mouth depressed and said that the five demon hound cubs turned out to have no experience and no military merit, which caused trouble for Chen Kai. Although his armor was thick enough, it was still very painful to be bitten by more than a dozen sharp-tongued dogs.
Especially, these cubs have been attacking the thigh after Chen Kai’s not so neat thigh, even if they die. As a result, Chen Kai’s leg armor has been constantly bitten by cubs, and several concave dn have been bitten. Although it doesn’t hurt the inner skin R, the terrible force still hurts his inner muscle R when biting. Chen Kai’s health values have dropped by dozens of points due to impact and bruises.
Of course, what makes Chen Kai depressed is that there is almost nothing profitable about the body materials of these cubs except the teeth in their mouths. Their skins are not tough enough to make leather armor. Their blood doesn’t have magic to reconcile magic ink with them. So far, no fool dares to eat demon creatures. R It is estimated that those hungry beasts will try one.
Chen Kai doesn’t lack food in his pocket, and he doesn’t have hungry thoughts and impulses. He is not interested in the evil R who can’t benefit. He just knocked on some cubs’ teeth to make arrows for Xuan Zhou and Yun, and then hastily put away his shabby tent. Although there are no R-eating animals in this area for the time being, Chen Kai knows that the strong bloody smell will definitely attract those reptiles who live in the forest and eat R-eating animals in the swamp. He must leave here less before those R-eating animals come.
However, before that, Chen Kai must do one thing, that is, jump into the swamp to wash away the smell of blood. Although this move is a bit risky, it is better to be chased by those R-eating animals with a smell of blood. At the same time, although this water area is called a swamp by Chen Kai, it actually seems that there are many small depressions and huge lakes in the marginal areas. The water body is clear and not very deep. Chen Kai is not worried that he will fall into the mire of the swamp, so he directly chose to jump in a few hundred meters from the water’s edge and fly to wash away the armor blood. After that, the horse wore a
Less than 100 meters after he ran out, the water where he bathed immediately boiled. Several unknown R-eating fish asked about the smell of blood and killed them. As a result, nothing was caught. Instead, huge R-eating fish bodies surfaced from time to time and were eaten clean. However, some fish in the lake became more ferocious and terrible because of absorbing part of the demon blood. However, most fish methods adapted to this change and exploded directly into groups of crawling blood R.
Devil’s blood is constantly spreading in the water like a virus, and this kind of spread is not restrained. After all, the power contained in a demon’s blood is not high enough to make several fish mutate, and in the end, hundreds of fish in the water are infected with blood, of which 90% are dead, 5% are unchanged, and 4% are slightly mutated, with a percentage of moderate variation. Two fish have completely mutated, and their size has become very huge. Sharp teeth grow like sharp knives in its mouth, which is half a meter long. Constantly attacking oneself, the same kind devoured their blood in the past, and R supplemented their own variation to produce consumption results. In less than five minutes, there was such a fish in the water than the noise.
This giant R-eating creature, which grows to nearly two meters in length in a few minutes, calls it a creature because it doesn’t want to be a fish except for gills breathing, but it looks like a monster with huge ferocious teeth, mouth and brain as sharp as a demon’s horn. Its horns are ferocious and terrible, and its black and red spikes make it look like a terrible monster that runs wild in the water. This monster can be said to have been born because Chen Kai washed away the blood of armor, but Chen Kai himself is not clear because he is busy building his nest now.
Nearly one kilometer away from the original tree tent, Chen Kai found a huge shrub with a height of 10 meters in the swamp. This big tree has a very wide width. Chen Kai needs to lay boards on several thick branches to get a flat platform, which is much better than the branch that can make Chen Kai curl his legs. Chen Kai can lie flat and not worry about falling. Of course, if Chen Kai really wants to be flat, he must cut off some branches first, otherwise the platform will be incomplete.
In fact, this tree is very suitable for building a Druid Tree House or those cabins built on tall trees in reality, because it meets the needs of those cabins very well, but Chen Kai doesn’t have the time to sit on this. He needs a platform for him to build a tent and a place to rest when he is building a boat. Chen Kai doesn’t plan to build a cabin that will be abandoned at any time. He built his tent after trimming the branches a little.
This time, in the process of building the tent, Chen Kai not only bought some fixed ropes, but also some wooden boards or chopped firewood to bond them together. Although these wooden boards are a bit strange in shape, Chen Kai’s sharp machetes are still chopped neatly, and they stand firmly at the edge of the tent to fill the retaining wall, which makes the whole tent’s defense ability higher again. However, the overall method is still the same. After all, it is all black and out.
After the tent was set up, Chen Kai spread some skins made of nitrate in the tent. These skins were made by Chen Kai at noon. Those animals that were trampled to death had skins made of nitrate and had no bloody smell. Chen Kai could safely take them out and spread them on his ass to keep warm at night. Here, he had to unify the painful skin-making process. Most players would peel the skin in the first step, and the second step was very depressing, because it was divided into two methods: one was to make skins by automatic nitrate. High, but no matter how many advanced creatures peel it, it can give you ordinary skin, that is, it is worthless. At the same time, no matter how many times you make it, it will not add any experience to you.
If you want to increase the experience of tanning, you can make the skins by hand a little bit. This way, the skins made are not only better than those made by unified tanning, but also can keep all kinds of characteristics of higher biological skins. However, compared with the higher biological tanning, the more auxiliary materials are needed. An advanced tanning craftsman also needs a lot of gold coins to pile up. At the same time, the higher the player’s tanning level, the higher the leather level. It is already necessary for the intermediate tanning to gain experience. If it is advanced, Chen Kai estimates that there are those 90-level creatures who can give experience skins.
At the same time, it takes a very long time to make leather by hand, which is relatively short, about one to two days, and it takes at least two days. Although you can make a lot of nitrates, it is still necessary to wait for drying in two days. Chen Kai didn’t have so much time to wait for the skin to dry naturally. He directly chose to control the skin, which took a very short time. Anyway, he didn’t intend to sell these skins and he didn’t feel bad about it.
Of course, he won’t be stupid enough to nitrate those skins with higher grades, that is, ordinary low-grade monster skins. Even if they are 1n, Chen Kai won’t feel bad, and at the same time, they will all become Chen Kai’s shelter from the wind and rain.
The next day, when it’s still light, Chen Kai can do it. The reason is that he can’t wake up. The bell he arranged on the tree pole was touched again, and the alarm kept ringing. As a result, when Chen Kai rushed out of the tent, he saw that a huge python with a length of three meters was crouching in a branch less than three meters away from him. Chen Kai knew that most reptiles had the habit of sunbathing when the sun came out, which could revive their cold blood, but he was surprised at how early the python got up. There are insects, but I haven’t heard of the early snake. Some people eat it. If the python is not climbing another branch, it will climb directly to the big tree where Chen Kai is located. It is estimated that Chen Kai will welcome Shekou when it starts to N.
However, the situation is no different now because the huge python is catapulting its head and heading straight for Chen Kai, who has just climbed out of the tent. His huge mouth is half a meter high, as if to swallow Chen Kai as a whole. Generally, Chen Kai doesn’t know what this python is not caught in cold-blooded animals, but he knows that if he doesn’t respond, it will definitely be finished. According to his estimation, the python level is less than level 5 and its huge body contains several times stronger terrorist forces than ordinary people. Chen Kai definitely doesn’t want to be hit by the other side. In that case, Chen Kai will definitely have a very tragic ending.
Therefore, after seeing the terrorist pouncing on his head, Chen Kai’s first thing was not to protect his tent, but to slip to the side branches, which made the terrorist impact this time. With a devastating sound, Chen Kai took the top of the tent and smashed it together with the surface board. Less than 100 points of defense force hit the python, which was no different from paper paste. It didn’t even persist for a second to instantly smash those silks and skins wrapped outside the support frame and were directly torn into scattered pieces all over the sky.
"My tent nnd, this damn reptile, I’m going to skin you." Chen Kai shouted angrily. Although the appearance of this tent is very poor and the quality is not so good, it’s at least a shelter from the wind and rain. It’s really hard to see such a nest in this dangerous forest and swamp. It’s not easy to see that he slept for less than three hours, and the nest turned into pieces. Chen Kai’s brain suddenly jumped up and an evil spirit rushed into his brain from his N chamber. Then he instantly pulled out the machete and chopped it at the end of the python’s body.
But Chen Kaiwu’s python attack was added when Chen Kai-wu chopped out the weapon, and its thick tail, which was half a bucket, had been swept towards Chen Kai-wu. The thick tail roared violently in the middle, and all the branches blocking the tail sweeping route were destroyed and broken. Looking at the effect caused by the horrible tail, Chen Kai directly took back the weapon that had just been chopped out and jumped on the branch like an ape, and hung his hands on the square branch. Looking at the thick tree stem above his head, Chen Kai felt how British it was to take back the machete.
After hanging his hands on the branches, Chen Kai didn’t stop, but continued to jump, because it was definitely unwise for him to fight this horrible python with the branches now. He needed a wide place, although width was not dominant for him, because pythons in wide areas also had high mobility, but you should know that the width chosen by Chen Kai was relatively wide in those tall tree areas, and the thick tree stems could well prevent the python from throwing its big tail and let Chen Kai have a place to hide.
At the same time, in this forest, Chen Kai can easily find the battlefield he needs, because the terrain is a little wide for Chen Kai after climbing the tree. He can easily run on the ground, but it is also the same for the python, but its horrible tail will swing because it will hit the edge tree every time, which will not only pose a threat to Chen Kai, but also hurt itself.
After landing, Chen Kai put away the machete directly. Although the machete is sharp and aggressive, it is not enough to deal with a creature with rough skin and thick R. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the machete can’t kill the other side. Chen Kai doesn’t think so much about giving him a few people to protect or share the fire. He can definitely put the machete directly into the python’s eyes and destroy its brain to kill the other side. But now Chen Kai has a man who can try to kill the other side with a huge sword.
Of course, Chen Kai can also combine shields and machetes, so that the defense force is also high and the action is increased. However, Chen Kai denies that his shield skills can stop the impact of this python, and he will definitely be hit by a fracture field. After all, he is not Zhao Tiezhu and can guide the impact into the ground.
The only way that Chen Kai can think of is to fight against the power. If you can chop the python’s head directly, it will be better. Although it is said that reptiles can jump without their heads? After a while, but less, the threat to Chen Kai will be reduced to a very low level. It is important that Chen Kai doesn’t wear armor, because his armor was cleaned yesterday and put in his backpack. He is wearing ordinary leather armor, and his defense is not as high as heavy armor, and he doesn’t have any attachments. Therefore, Chen Kai’s own combat effectiveness can be said to be not strong. He estimates that it is necessary to be careful and careful to stop a python from hitting, and the longer it takes, the worse it will be for Chen Kai, so he must fight.
After he landed, the huge python also instantly turned back and rushed towards ll. Its body meandered and slid like the same ribbon, but this ribbon came straight at ll with a huge impact, which made Shekou stink. In the middle, it opened its ferocious snake teeth like two knives in the python’s mouth and watched it fly. Monty ll pulled out his giant sword from his backpack and held it in front of him instantly and vertically. If the python wanted to swallow him, it would be this weapon that was sharper and bigger than at the same time.

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