Today is Zhao Guotian. Where will it be?

Lingyun didn’t believe that Cao Cao would attack a state of Zhao. Now Lingyun just knows why Cao Cao wants to trap him in Wei County.
If Lingyun doesn’t go out of the city for World War I, then Cao Cao will let Xu Chu go one city a day, and after one month, the whole Jizhou will be left with other cities in Wei County to put the tribe into Cao Cao’s hands.
And when the time comes, Lingyun, who is trapped in Wei County, will be isolated, even if the city’s grain and grass can last for half a year.
He still has several granaries in Youzhou, but he is surrounded by Cao Cao people, even if he has food and grass, he can’t send it to Weijun.
Cao Cao is trying to force him out of the city for World War I.
Once in Changshan, Cao Cao thought about it, but at that time, Cao Cao’s strength was not as good as it is now, but he couldn’t do it.
At that time, if you do this, your troops will be scattered. He may not be Lingyun’s opponent.
Now it’s different. Even if Xu Chu and Cao Cao are attacked by one man, there are still more than two million troops, while Wei Jun Lingyun has 1.5 million troops.
Although there are still 1 million troops in the hands of Xindu Bingxin Jade, it is not suitable to dispatch them at this time.
If a million troops of Xindu come to Wei Jun and Xu Chu at this time, more than one million Cao Jun will surely ambush them halfway.
Cao Cao will never give up this opportunity, and will even transfer some of the soldiers who besieged Wei County to stop it.
At this time, if the million-strong army of Xindu is sent out, the meeting will be destroyed by Cao Cao on the way.
Lingyun, trapped in Wei Jun, can watch millions of troops being destroyed and go to support.
So now the army of Xindu can’t move.
However, the army of Xindu did not move, and the 1.5 million troops here in Lingyun faced Cao Cao’s 2 million troops, and there was no chance of winning.
If it is enough to defend the city, 1.5 million troops will be enough, but if you want to go out of the city and fight Cao Cao, there is no chance of winning.
How can we fight when the counselor adds his soldiers’ fighting power to Cao Cao’s side and the number of Cao Cao is less than that of Cao Cao?
Lingyun didn’t know what to do at the moment with a mobile phone.
If you leave the city, you can’t beat Cao Cao. If you don’t leave the city, other counties will be hit by Xu Chu. Then he still can’t escape from Cao Cao’s palm.
"Night raid out? Give up Wei Jun? "
Lingyun still has confidence if fighting Cao Cao head-on is a breakthrough.
After all, it is a breakthrough. He has two six-star military commanders, Ma San and Gong Sunying, who can’t stop him in Cao Cao.
However, many materials such as grain and grass in the city can’t be taken away, and it is impossible for all the 1.5 million troops to break through in the process of breaking through.
If 1.5 million troops break through together, there will always be dozens of miles in front of the team, and the people behind may not be able to follow them.
The rear team is definitely short of powerful military commanders, and the rear team will definitely be stopped by Dian Wei after Lu Ma San Gongsun Ying breaks out.
Lingyun rehearsed the breakout situation many times in his mind, but at best, half the soldiers were left behind, and at worst, less than 300 thousand soldiers broke out.
This is accepted by Lingyun method, which is difficult for Lingyun to accept in the best case or the worst case.
If we lose 700,000 to 1.2 million soldiers, then we won’t fight if we go to Lingyun. Jizhou Qingzhou and half of Xuzhou will be Cao Cao.
And if Cao Cao gets Lingyun to fight a protracted war, his idea will also be shattered.
Chapter 54 milli way?
This time Lingyun was careless and didn’t think clearly about returning Cao Cao, as he did in Changshan.
I didn’t expect Cao Cao to besiege Wei Jun and let Xu Chu attack other cities this time.
General Lingyun is in Wei Jun. Even if the letter has a million troops, there is no way to stop Xu Chu.
"Breakthrough loss is too great" Lingyun shook his head. "If only Ma San or GongSunYing were in the letter"
If I had known this, Lingyun should have left Ma San in Xindu at the beginning and wouldn’t have been so passive at this time.
It’s still no problem to stop Xu Chu with Ma San’s millions of troops in Xindu.
But now the letter is Bing Xin Yu, a five-star military commander. Although Bing Xin Yu is already a five-star intermediate strength, it is far from Xu Chu’s opponent. Xu Chu is also followed by a Xu Huang.
"By the way, since the department’s breakthrough loss is too great, let GongSunYing take people to break out and I will continue to stay in Wei County." Lingyun frowned and stretched his thighs for a second, but wrinkled up again.
"It is very difficult for GongSunYing to break through, and it is very likely that he will fall into Cao Cao as if he were in the army of Wang Yang."
There are two million Cao troops outside the city. Although there are half a million in front of each city gate, it is hard to guarantee that Cao Cao will not transfer the other three soldiers when GongSunYing breaks through.
If you are surrounded by two million troops, even if GongSunYing is a six-star master, it will be difficult to get out, especially if Dian Wei is also a six-star master.
If you want to be entangled in Dian Wei, GongSunYing won’t be able to break out. He will be surrounded by Jun layers.
It is also very difficult for GongSunYing to break through with a team. Even if GongSunYing is a six-star player, it may not be successful unless Lingyun is willing to give enough troops and military commanders.
But in this way, if GongSunYing takes Zhang Tong Zhao Feng away and takes away 500,000 military forces, but Wei Jun here in Lingyun can’t keep it, it is better to burn the city’s grain and grass department to break through.
Lingyun’s frown is getting tighter and tighter, even while eating, but there has been no good way. No matter what, there must be great losses. It is another way to accept the losses.
"Do you really want to give up these three States?"
Lingyun didn’t figure out a way until he entered the game late.
When entering the game, the sky is still a little short of lighting Lingyun. He is a little upset and takes a sword to the hospital to dance at will, trying to excrete his boredom.
After practicing for a while, Lingyun’s heart sulked and dissipated a lot. At this time, it was also bright.
After breakfast, Lingyun Ma called everyone.
These people are np trapped at the root of the city and don’t know what’s going on outside
Cao Cao’s blockade is very tight, and no one in or out of the city can enter or leave.
Lingyun told Xu Chu yesterday that he had breached the state of Zhao. Chui fook and others were very surprised and realized that the situation was very unfavorable to their own side.
"It’s a big deal to kill the first world war," Zhang Tong said
It’s hard to win, and everyone here is white, even Zhang Tong, who doesn’t like thinking very much.
"Can you win by killing out?" Xu Fudao Xu Fu is also willing to think more and think more since he changed to a counselor.
Lingyun himself thought for a long time, but he didn’t think of a good way. Now he just called everyone, and Si Guangyi hoped to collide with a good idea.
"Do you want to break out?"
"No, it’s too much to break through."
"Otherwise …"
Everyone said that Lingyunji had thought about it and was ruled out.
Although many methods are feasible, the losses are always great.
"Brother Gongsun, how many talents do you need to be sure to break through?" Lingyun asked
Before, Lingyun thought about the possibility of GongSunYing’s breakthrough in his mind, but it was more accurate to listen to GongSunYing himself. Only GongSunYing knew his own strength best.
GongSunYing wanted to think, "If the situation outside the city comes now, if I avoid Dian Wei, I need 50,000 chosen men to kill it. If I am stopped by Dian Wei, there should be at least 200,000 chosen men and two five-star military commanders to help me."
It’s a little less than Lingyun imagined, but it’s not too bad.
It is important to avoid Dian Wei, but if we can avoid it?
Avoiding Dian Wei with 50,000 chosen men is definitely to break through Cao Cao’s blockade in lightning speed.

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