Suzaku wailed again, and the beams of light in four directions seemed to be consciously manipulated and refracted to the Vientiane forest to gather in front of Suzaku’s head. Its wings wrapped themselves up by flames rising from its feet, and a huge heat wave came head-on to force back the light and the four seas.

The storm will come soon, the trees will rustle, and players can rely on the target to see people close at hand.
There is still a bright and hot target in this rainstorm with extremely low visibility.
That’s Suzaku
The heavy rain hit the suzaku, and the flame had turned into white fog and evaporated before it fell.
"Can’t you do it?" Four beams of light hit Suzaku’s body in a hurry. It brought its own flame to echo the words "dodge" when heavy rain hit Suzaku’s body. Is it that the unknown big move is so white?
"He can do it. Don’t talk nonsense." Time is serious.
The fighters were melee fighters, and the Suzaku flame was too overbearing to get close to 4 feet, and they were repelled and lost a lot of blood, so there was no way to attack.
Other players who play a few remote games with them also encounter this situation.
Suzaku plague hurt
"It’s difficult to get it, even the vice president’s big move is helpless." Sihai muttered that he dared not speak at a normal volume for fear of affecting morale.
Time wanted to think to let the four seas hate themselves from the battle.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
After the war, she exchanged the advanced suit of the Luanhua Club for the pipa and moved it to a remote location, plucking the strings in the eyes of the four seas.
Hummed, whispered-and then were intermingled responded to the heavy rain that was summoned by the unknown. The rain was big enough to annihilate all the sound parts of heaven and earth in this rain, and the streamer pipa came out with a blind eye.
"Who is playing the pipa?" The song is full of peach blossom doubts
Red crisp hands, Hu Xuanwu, and small bells passed from her wrist.
Xing le Hua sharp death warrant sharp blade cut to rosefinch outside the mask.
Her ears were very sensitive, and her ears moved to hear the "click" hidden in the rain. As 1 appeared, the light beam passed through the Suzaku flame, and the rain hit the flame without turning into white fog.
Rain falls on Suzaku’s body to put out the flame, followed by 10,000 red injuries! The unknown big move has finally paid off!
The damage of streamer music follows closely.
The team has broken through the four seas! President, hurry back to fight boss!
Good news came from the home front, and the peach blossoms were ecstatic. Stop pestering the opposite person and quickly lead the team back to play Suzaku.
After the shower, Suzaku is dying, and the phoenix is not as good as the chicken.
Everyone joined forces in another moan and finally fell, and a lot of shiny things fell on them in a hubbub.
They all robbed things.
Time conveniently caught the same shiny thing without looking at what it showed. Hurry up and transport the country, the sky, the sky and the sky, turn the tree away from the dangerous crowd and meet the unknown.
On behalf of Suzaku, the light beam disappeared, and the other three channels were also crumbling. The World Channel rolled songs and led the knights to successfully kill Suzaku.
"I took your share." Liuguang handed the small sachet to the unknown, which was her load.
Unknown smile "I also took a copy of you by such a coincidence"
He also put a small sachet on the communication panel.
"I feel as if I have never given it." The streamer smiled and gave the unknown to the small sachet.
"There is a difference. This is our gift exchange."
With a little expectation to open the sachet, she said, "I don’t know what stingy people will send, um … 1 Liang."
Unknown also dismantled streamer to sachet, but it was a Yugoslav capital drawing.
"Too bully! I want to take it back! " When streamer saw it, he stretched out his hand and wanted to get back to the unknown. He held his hand high and wouldn’t let streamer do it.
She threw herself at the unknown body with her center of gravity unstable, and she smiled, "You still can’t get it."
When he laughed, his chest trembled and he punched him and climbed up from him. "Hum, it’s not a girl rp. Look at your little red hand …"
It’s easy and pleasant for two people to have a fight in a tree, but it’s too busy to grab equipment with people in hot water.
Congratulations on the successful killing of Qinglong by the Chivalrous Xia led by Yan Yang …
Congratulations to the chivalrous men in Song and Moon who led many chivalrous men to successfully kill Xuanwu …
Congratulations on the successful killing of the White Tiger by Liu Xiashi, who led many chivalrous men by the river …
These four beasts were killed, and the light beam disappeared completely.
About an hour later, Vientiane forest players dispersed and flirted with the unknown, so that they couldn’t even look at gm and appeared silently as a light bulb.
Then I was looked at by the streamer happily.
"It’s time for you to get ready to find an local line," gm finally said after a long silence.
Streamer "Hey, when will you appear?"

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