When I heard that, Liao’s mouth was already smiling, because he knew that Mu Feng had worked hard to go to work for a month before, and his income was only more than 5,000. Now he earns 4+rmb after playing games for only about half a month, and he is still starting and may earn a lot.

Mu Feng looked at her mother happily and thought that her mother would definitely add some good dishes and meat to her cooking tonight.
Chapter 64 comrades-in-arms knot in war ice inflammation
After breakfast, Mu Feng asked Liao’s mother to rest at home instead of going out to work, and then she went upstairs to play the game herself. Although Mu Feng could not earn money to treat her sister for a short time, it was still possible to raise her mother and herself.
After entering the game, Mu Feng appeared in Anpingtai, a ghost town. Just after entering the game, Mu Feng saw a black figure dangling in front of his face. Take a closer look. It turned out to be a low-key god. At this time, a low-key god was wearing a black cloak behind him. It was yesterday that he made a village fight to get handsome.
Mu Feng saw that it was a low-key god, and after a burst of happiness, he entered the main city and found a teahouse to sit and drink a little tea and chat with Yu Mufeng. Only then did he know that the low-key god came to Ghost Town early today to tie the city to the duke’s palace, and then he came here and saw Mu Feng. What a coincidence.
After chatting for a long time, Mu Feng asked the low-key god what he was doing. The low-key god said to make a report with other gods first. After all, when playing Ling Soul, the low-key god discussed with them to fight together. Now it is not good to go into the ghost town and not meet.
Mu Feng didn’t stop the low-key god from meeting the gang members of the gods, but Mu Feng told the low-key god late and sometimes he came to do something for himself. When the low-key god asked what it was, Mu Feng told him the two boss in the dark magic temple, and asking the low-key god to help him was to kill the boss.
Low-key god shook his fist and said he would help, but also said to Mu Feng that it is best to invite Qiu Shuichangtian and Mu Feng to listen and nodded his head. He not only called Qiu Shuichangtian but also called Su Xinxin and Ji Yue. After all, the boss was a little different this time.
After Mu Feng asked the low-key god to do his own thing, he sent a message to Qiu Shuichangtian and asked him if he had time to kill boss in the evening. After Qiu Shuichangtian affirmed it, Mu Feng stepped into the ghost town and sent it to Kimura, then told Su Xinxin and Ji Yue that they had come back by themselves.
After Su Xinxin, Ji Yue, an arrow through the heart and mad cow got together, Mu Feng took these four players to kill the ghost tree king. Misty Forest upgraded here. There is a level 1 monster ghost tree experience, but Su Xinxin finally rose to level 1 when he worked hard in Mu Feng for half an hour.
Players can finish what they have done when they leave the village. Mu Feng can’t help Su Xinxin, but all players who leave the village are the same. There are two people who have left the village to give advice to Su Xinxin. It is estimated that she will finish it soon.
Later, Mu Feng took Ji Yue, an arrow through the heart and a mad cow to upgrade Ji Yue. Behind Mu Feng, she quietly looked at Mu Feng and didn’t speak. Mu Feng Ji Yue was still angry with herself and didn’t dare to tease her, but an arrow through the heart was much closer to mad cow than before. It was mad cow or a little Myanmar, otherwise he could definitely take an arrow through the heart.
After taking it for more than half an hour, an arrow pierced the heart and rose to level 1, and then left. In a short time, the mad cow also rose to level 1, walking one after another, leaving Mu Feng and Ji Yue still in the misty forest.
"Ji Yue, how much experience do you still need?" Mu Feng released a flame impact on a relatively large ghost tree, causing more than 31 injuries, and then asked Ji Yuewen, just after asking about this ghost tree that was attacked by Mu Feng, black liquid appeared, and then showed that Mu Feng triggered the toxic effect of leg protection, and the blood loss was 5 points per second for three seconds.
"Ah?" After Ji Yue leng leng, she said, "Oh, it’s still 4% short. I haven’t upgraded recently …"
"Ha ha, it’s okay. I’ll take you to upgrade." Mu Feng smiled gently and then released a flame to kill a ghost tree, which once again brought a little experience to Ji Yue. Two ghost trees gave Ji Yue more than 1% of the experience, but they didn’t even give Mu Feng half. This shows how scum this novice village monster is.
Ji Yue nodded, and then watched as Mu Feng killed the monster and Mu Feng killed these ghost trees for a few attacks without losing much blood. Ji Yue didn’t treat him frequently and needed to return to magic occasionally.
After killing in Mu Feng for half an hour, Ji Yue was upgraded. "Ji Yue went to pick up the village, and I will take you to kill two boss later." When I saw Ji Yue upgrading Mu Feng, I walked over and said.
"Well," Ji Yue nodded and followed Mu Feng out of the fog. After Sen came out of this map, Ji Yue’s footsteps stopped as if he had something to say.
"Ji Yue, what’s wrong with you?" Mu Feng asked.
"Mu Feng, are you still angry when I talked to you like that?" Ji Yue bit her pink lips or said the doubts in her heart, and her pink doodle face is also very cute.
Mu Feng thought for a moment to talk to Ji Yue the night before he left Kimura for Ghost Town. Ji Yue said that she liked herself. What else did she say? She was a human being in Mu Feng, which made Mu Feng ignorant.
When I remembered it, Mu Feng smiled and said, "Silly Moon, I have never blamed you. You have been disconnected and I am still hiding from me."
"Well, it’s good that I’ll pick it up." Ji Yue blushed and didn’t know what to say. Then he went to Kimura village head. Mu Feng looked at Ji Yue and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Today he finally knew that Ji Yue didn’t blame himself.
After Mu Feng stayed in Kimura, he waited for Su Xinxin to finish leaving the village. On the one hand, he wanted to walk around the novice village and kill monsters casually. When Mu Feng’s experience rose to level 11, 5%, Su Xinxin finished leaving the village. It took about two hours, and after half an hour, an arrow pierced the heart and mad cows came out. They also spent about two hours.
It takes a doctor four hours at the longest to finish it. When Ji Yue is finished, it’s already 4: 30 in the afternoon. Mu Feng Line told her mother to eat dinner later, and then she went online to Ghost Town and invited Qiu Shuichangtian and low-key God to come over.
When Su Xinxin’s four people chose to go to the city, Mu Feng was surprised because Mu Feng saw that Ji Yue didn’t come to Ghost Town but went to Frost Town. When Mu Feng asked her what she was going to Frost Town, she replied three words to Mu Feng: "I’m sorry".
"Come on, she doesn’t come to Ghost Town if she has a choice every month. Then we can just go and see her sometimes." When I came back from the duke’s palace and tied the city, I saw Mu Feng’s expression, mostly because Ji Yue went to Frost Town and said to him.
Mu Feng is not the only one, even an arrow goes through the heart. What does Ji Yue go to Frost City? Frost City doesn’t know anyone. Where does she go must be because she wants to hide from someone?
"Ha ha, an arrow says that if we want to go to Frost City, we can just pick up where to do it." Low-key God also said that low-key God has great affection for Ji Yue. If he knew that Ji Yue wouldn’t come to Ghost Town, I’m afraid he wouldn’t come here.
Several people sighed at the thought of not coming to the ghost town of Jiyue, but there was no way. After Mu Feng wanted to transfer this matter, he said that he would go to the dark magic temple to kill the ice and guard the efreet temple. After listening to this, everyone nodded, and then everyone bought some scrolls and took out a piece to crush and choose to send to the local dark magic temple.
A few seconds later, Mu Feng, Qiu Shuichangtian, low-key God, mad cow, Su Xinxin and an arrow through the heart came to the gate of the dark magic hall and looked at this domineering gate. An arrow through the heart and Su Xinxin almost didn’t scream out. Others looked at it and rolled their throats. The ten-meter-high gate was really domineering.
"There are good things in it." Looking at everyone’s surprised expression, Mu Feng smiled and went in
While walking in a low profile, God asked Mu Feng how he found this place. Mu Feng told them yes and answered it. He just wanted to share this with them, indicating whether it should be shared or not. Naimu Wind Energy made screenshots of the properties and sent them.
The name is [Lost Darkness]. Several people are envious of Mu Feng when they look at this special one, and then they think to themselves that they must find a special job after killing this boss.
Then in Mu Feng, he led several people into the dark magic temple and came to the side of the ice magic temple guard and the efreet temple guard. "Poop poop" sounded several times, and candles were automatically lit on both sides of the wall, and two guards also moved, one with frost and one with flame.

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