Thinking of this, I did not hesitate to add two promotion opportunities to the fire snake flurry and the frost hell surface respectively, and then I was forced to wait for the new skill column. It seems that the active skill of the Ice Prison (the ultimate skill), the frost hell enhancement skill, once released, will instantly form an absolute freezing effect on the target area of 2*2 meters. All targets in all ranges will be instantly frozen, resulting in super instant killing effect and continuous freezing damage. All mental attributes are lower than those of the caster. The target will die instantly when it is frozen (except for super magic defense or special defense skills and super ice resistance), and it will last for 3 seconds.

Fire Snake Dance (Ultimate Skill) Active Skill Fire Snake Dance Strengthening Skill Summons a large number of huge fire snakes (the number, length and attribute of fire snakes are the same as the spirit attribute of the messenger). They can move around the messenger’s body and make a crazy attack on the targets in the range of 100 meters around the messenger for 1 second. When preparing for the skill, it takes 5 seconds to cool down, which consumes mana of 1.
Haha, both skills are fierce. Fire snake dancing is a good skill to charge. With this skill and protective skills such as magic shield, petrochemical armor and ice armor, the mage can also rush into a lot of enemies like soldiers and knights. Who can resist so many fire snakes? Ice prison is also a super scary skill. If it’s a group battle, no one can stop it, right?
Brushing mobsters should not be able to stop it. Compared with the spell of Thunderstorm, it is estimated that it is worse to kill boss, and the general properties of boss are very strong. It is estimated that senior boss can’t seal the Thunderstorm, but it depends on the defense of magic and the defense of my body’s mental properties and magical attack power.
According to my attributes, a lightning attack is 20,000 to 30,000, and there will be several lightning strikes in ten seconds. It is normal to hit the target several times in one second. It is estimated that it is unlucky to be attacked by lightning for dozens of times in ten seconds. It is possible that the epic boss doesn’t want to live. If he can’t get out of the thunder range, he will die in it.
Generally speaking, these two promotion opportunities are very worthwhile. To a certain extent, it is no different from the spell, including the tornado storm. It is just enough to kill players or mobsters. This skill will not be worse than the spell, but it will be stronger.
Well, all the skill departments have reached the expert level, and many of them have changed. It looks great one by one. Some basic skills have evolved or not, and the effect has been enhanced or reduced. To make the limit change maximum, it is necessary to count the middle and high-level skills to the expert level. This effect is really terrible!
I can’t wait to go back to see zombies or carrion or skeletons. It’s so easy to test skills in that place. Of course, we won’t really talk about skeletons like that. The level of mobsters there is not as good as mine. Killing is so boring.
Now that I have mastered my skills, I should clean it up and just harvest it. This is what we have always been used to. After cleaning it up, I have to count it again, so that I can know what good things I have and arrange it for disposal.
Of course, it’s the best to count the colorful artifact rings first. Haha ~ Three epic-level equipment rings are our ability to quit the artifact. The artifact equipment needs spirit 5 constitution 1 spirit 15 strength 1 fire damage 1% fire resistance 1% characteristics. When the wearer releases the fire magic skill, the flame released will be transformed into the ghost fire to enhance the skill effect (the ghost fire has the effect of eroding armor, depending on the armor effect to a certain extent). Once worn, the passive skill possessed by the ghost fire will automatically summon its own defense and magic defense, and at the same time it can speed up the recovery speed of its own blood volume.
Durability 1 Death Domain Magic Helmet epic equipment requires physique 5 defense 25 magic defense 22 physical strength 6 spirit 4 defense 1% durability 1 disaster gun (hands) epic weapon disaster suit component (disaster suit component includes disaster gun disaster ring *2 suit effect unknown) equipment requires Hellcat attack 7~9 physique 6 power agility 5 attack 2% feature triple combo ordinary attack 3% chance to trigger triple combo attack effect.
Incidental skill Calamity Call can randomly summon five hellknights to assist in combat for 3 seconds, and the skill cooldown is 6 hours.
Durability 1 Disaster Necklace Epic Necklace Disaster Suit Component (Disaster Necklace Suit Component includes Disaster Guns, Disaster Necklace Ring *2 The suit effect is unknown) Equipment requires Hell Knight Constitution 6 Strength Agility 5 Attack 2% Durability 1 Disaster Necklace Ring Epic Necklace Suit Component (Disaster Necklace Suit Component includes Disaster Guns, Disaster Necklace Ring *) 2) The effect of the suit is unknown. The equipment needs the physique of Hell Knight, 6) the agility of strength, 5) the attack speed and 2% the durability. 1) I wipe the disaster suit, and both rings have this shield. It’s really great to transfer to the disaster knight profession, then equip the disaster knight suit and add a whole set of gold-level evil knight suits. Damn it! It’s great to leave the corpse, the imperial shield, the corpse, the golden armor, the corpse and the golden shoes to give a knight who focuses on defense!
Put away a set of disaster suit together with the disaster knight’s job change scroll, then put the death domain magic helmet together with the corpse emperor shield, etc. Look at the remaining ghost Vulcan ring, and then look at it. It’s really a bad choice to equip the dragon soul ring brush now. The basic attribute of this artifact ring is much stronger, but I really can’t bear to part with the dragon soul ring guard skill. Of course, we won’t put the artifact. We don’t have to have an epic equipment!
Immediately, put away the Dragon Soul Ring carefully. This is super jp equipment. Even if you don’t sell it yourself, it is very valuable. Good jewelry equipment is rare.
Satisfied with the skyrocketing properties, I continued to clean up the leftovers. There are three kinds of gold-level equipment suits, namely, three kinds of knight evil spirit knight suits, ghost knight suits and ghost knight suits. Both of them are armor suits, and the ghost knight suits have the strongest properties. There are also a few more ghost knight suits, and there are three more ghost knight suits, but there are two less. However, after reading the silver-level, there are also ghost knight suits and one more. It seems that there are several kinds of ghost knight suits!
Well, when you get back, you have to give these suits to the strong cold front, and sometimes you will come to look for this death canyon, but boss are everywhere! It’s a blessing.
Clean up all the equipment, check the sundries, and have a lot of skills. At last, the ghost fire commander gave six, and at the front, I got it for a long time. Most of them were warriors and knights. There are two skills that the mage can learn. One of them is actually the ghost fire commander, the ghost fire commander or the double occupation. Magic knight?
Anyway, I learned the advanced fire skills directly, but I didn’t just add one and one, so I didn’t learn it. I don’t think it’s necessary for a ghost fire to hit the intermediate skills, just like an explosion, right? After we have the ring of Vulcan, we can all transform the ghost fire, but we don’t need another one to give it to others
Put away a lot of skill departments and check other things again. After reading a lot of scrolls for a long time, I don’t need all of them. It’s not necessary to send a skill once, but for Xiaoyu, they must have some departments to put away together. Finally, there are some sheepskins. I’m looking forward to what drawings we have.
I counted it for a while. Hey md, none of the architectural drawings are equipment drawings, and it’s interesting that these drawings are actually a whole set of equipment drawings. The components drawings of the Ghost Fire Knight Suit Department all have gold grade and silver grade, which require different materials and skills, but I don’t know if this drawing can be made into a suit after equipment. Of course, it can be made into standard equipment even worse. It’s also awesome to wipe a team of gold and silver equipment knights!
If the guild is really built later, we must build a super elite knights’ ordinary members with silver sets and unified mounts. If there are official positions, senior officials will come to lead the evil spirits’ suits, and if there is a leader, if we can make an epic suit and add a super prestige mount ~ Holy shit ~ Think about how terrible the knights are!
Md, I’m looking forward to it. I really want to get a guild to come out and play, but alas, we are lazy and still don’t want to take on so many responsibilities! Trouble!
Chapter 211 Who knows?
Satisfied, I counted the east and west. I patted my ass and suddenly sighed. What a pity! I’m so excited when I see good things. When I was a child, damn it ~ The puppet of the earth is still there. It only took a few minutes to fight. It took several minutes to see things and get skills. Now it’s less than ten minutes to show the puppet of the earth. I said!
M, two epic boss for the earth puppet to play with! Thought of here, I quickly rode the dragon and rushed to the deeper part of the canyon. There is really no need for the earth puppet to kill for a few seconds. Even if it kills every time, it doesn’t have too strong effect. Let’s quickly see if there are any other monsters in the depths. First, order the earth puppet to hurry to the deep part of the canyon.
It’s a pity that I found other monsters in the road after running for nearly a minute, but it makes me very nai. These monsters are all skeletons, but they don’t look like human beings. There are more animal skeletons. Look at the periphery. These don’t seem to be suitable for earth puppets. They are all ordinary monsters. We want boss.
Anxiously riding a dragon to look deep in the middle of the road to find the target! At the same time, I ordered the little dragon and the earth puppet to follow me directly and continue to go deep. Fortunately, the two dragon roads and I didn’t attract the attention of the ground skeleton, but the earth puppet can’t fly, but it can go inside step by step on the ground.
Counting all kinds of animal skeletons, I saw the earth puppets enter their activities and surrounded them directly. It’s a pity that these small bones are moths. The earth puppets are smashing their fists while moving their feet. This guy is like a stone crusher. A group of skeleton racks are rocks and soil, which are directly crushed by it!
After a few hundred meters deep inside, I finally found that some changes have taken place in those skeletons, and the outermost ones are ordinary skeletons with more than 30 levels and 40 levels. They all look gray and seem to be rotten bones.
When I got inside, it was gradually different. There were miserable white, jade-like white and dark heads. There were some giant animal bones scattered everywhere. After careful examination, I found that there were more than 30 to more than 60 and more than 70, but there was no boss. This made me wonder why there were so many monsters without bosses. And look at those huge skeletons. Why aren’t they boss?
Doubt makes the dragon stagnate and continue to deepen. It seems that there will be no boss in it. I am directly immersed in meditation and want to find out where the key is.
When I am meditating, the earth puppet won’t stop to meditate. Because of the speed, this guy hasn’t reached my area yet, and he has been walking towards it. Of course, where he passes, he will always accidentally hurt some poor skeletons. When this big guy comes to us, he has smashed many skeletons, and there are still skeletons around him who are constantly being moved to tickle him, but they are all smashed by this big one.
The earth puppet keeps breaking skeletons passively, but I haven’t noticed that these skeletons are broken, but I don’t have much experience. I still have no boss. I don’t know how long it will take before an angry scream pulls me back from thinking to reality. "Who is it? I dare to break my pets! "
Pets These bone frames? I looked down at all kinds of skeletons on the ground, and the earth puppet was still pounding hard ~ I turned to look at the sound, and the local sound came from the depths. When I looked over, I found a figure in a gray robe among the skeletons, but it was at least two or three hundred meters away, and my eyes could not see his attributes.
Looks like a big guy? So many skeleton racks are his pets? Necromancer? I urged the dragon to rush in the direction of the gray robe, but suddenly a group of winged skeletons appeared in front of me to meet me! Shit! Bones can fly?
My eyes swept away these flying things. What are the terrible things? Originally, they were just ordinary flying monsters. They were all forty-something guys. There were several Gargoyle bone eagles and several skeleton griffins. Except that their wings had a membrane like bat wings, other places were all bone frames.
Directly order the little dragon to rush at me first, directly make the flurry wing fly off the back of the mount, and then the big dragon will meet him directly, while I will follow him slowly.
The two dragons are not ordinary flying monsters, but two dragon’s breath and dragon’s claw wings can attack quickly and fly a few times in front, and Gargoyle directly hit the ground. I was thinking of going to a gravity field. It seems redundant!
Stop directly and look at the gray robe guy on the ground. This guy is also coming in my direction with a lot of skeletons around him. Finally, he has entered the 100-meter range. God’s eyes have seen the attribute of the lich Rand’s 55-level gold boss’s blood volume, 65 defense, 16 attack, 1 speed, 21 skills, bone demon summoning, controlling the dead, suffocating the lich’s rebirth weakness, weak body, extremely low body attack power and 1% light damage bonus.
It’s still a necromancer. It’s a lich! But what else do you have besides these bone racks? How dare you come out and bother me like this? But since you’re out, wouldn’t it be too bad if I didn’t accept you? Hurry up and see if there are any big ones!
Seeing that I was strangling flying skeletons, I rushed directly to the lich Rand, preparing for the kiss of death. The lich Rand saw that I rushed over and many skeletons around me were crowded in front of him, and there was a burst of gray fog around me, which had been around for at least five meters.
"Know human you want to break my pet to pay the price! You can defeat the great Lich Rand without the help of two poisonous dragons. I count the skeleton pets here and they will torture you to death little by little! Gnome male-"gnome male-~ ~" a sharp strange out of the fog.
"But soon you will know! Kiss from death! "
I drank a kiss of death and was ready to finish, and I was not far from the lich. A gray ripple flashed on the periphery of the gray fog, and the lich Rand said in fear, "No! How is that possible? Asshole, how can you summon the power of death! Ah ~ "
"Who knows now?"
I don’t care to shout that the magic skills such as fire, fire wall and inflammatory explosion in the instant firing range will be directly and repeatedly smashed, which will completely turn the gray fog area where the lich Rand is located into a fire area, and this fire will still be transformed into a ghost fire. Your equipment will definitely not kill you!
The lich Rand kept screaming, but he didn’t leave the fog area. I’ve been watching this guy’s blood volume keep decreasing, so we can rest assured that we’re not afraid of you hiding. I wish we could hit you. Even if your bones are around you, they can’t protect you!
Let’s light the fire now! Light skill restrains you. If you kill other types of monsters, it won’t have much effect, but now expert light skill is too suitable for you, a witch who is afraid of light! The word of god!
Hong Zhong-like bursts give off a halo, which keeps shrinking, spreading, shrinking and re-spreading on the head of the lich. Every time the halo shrinks, a number of terrorist injuries will appear on the head of the lich. This 55-level lich is estimated to have a much lower spiritual attribute than me, right?
Our high magic attack power and the addition of equipment to the skill effect are also terrible, and it is strange for you to double the damage of light skills without killing you!
Expert Oracle has become a five-fold attack, the first is 15 times the magic damage, the second is 12 times the third is 1 time the fourth is 1 time the fifth is 6 times, which adds up to more than five times, and doubling against the lich is equivalent to ten times the damage of an attack!
I paid attention to the number of five injuries. Together, I destroyed more than 130,000 blood of the lich! I feel horrible myself! This ya’s blood was only 650,000, and nearly 20,000 was lost by a kiss of death, and then it was ravaged by my fire skills. As a result, the remaining blood was less than 400,000, and then it was killed by this sacred word, and it was estimated that this ya was almost regretful. Why do you want to come out?
The lich was attacked by the holy light and screamed again and again ~ constantly shouting that I can’t kill him ~ I can’t kill him ~ I will regret it ~ it’s a pity that we are too lazy to talk nonsense with a strange person!
I don’t care about other skills when I see such a good effect of the oracle. I can kill this’ horrible’ lich by playing it once and three times in five seconds!
I watched the lich die and fall to the ground, and a few things fell out, but my experience didn’t increase, so I remembered that this bastard lich seems to have rebirth skills! Hey, you didn’t die, but you dropped a few things to fool the mage.
It’s not that we haven’t met a monster who can resurrect, and you don’t know that the mage has eyes. You can’t escape any secrets, and you want to pretend to be dead and run away? We’ll wait for you to come back to life and kill you again!
Ten seconds later, the lich Rand really came back to life in that fog, but this guy didn’t look after his resurrection. He really wanted to fool me so that I didn’t know you weren’t dead. It’s a pity that you underestimate us! God’s eyes swept and found that this guy’s attributes never recovered after rebirth!
Lich Rand 55 gold boss HP 13362/65 defense 16 attack 1 speed 21 skill Bone demon summons the dead and controls the dead. Lich rebirth weakness is weak, and the attack power is extremely low. Light damage plus 1% dark magic plague.
Wow! Can’t you be full? But it’s good to be reborn. It’s a pity that your rebirth trip is coming to an end! Hey hey, I smiled unceremoniously. A sacred word once again smashed the past. The lich Rand screamed in horror when the sacred word halo came ~ I didn’t expect that I knew it when he was just resurrected!
Chapter 212 For mercy Lich
The tragedy of the newly reborn lich died again in the halo of the word, and he ended his rebirth journey. I wonder if this guy will come to "cross" again?
Ha ha ha ~ now it’s time to tidy up this guy and leave something behind, and then continue to look for the boss earth puppet. It’s a pity that there are still some waves!
I quickly landed on the ground and picked up the things that Rand dropped. Three pieces of gold-grade equipment are all mage equipment. Hmm ~ This kind of weird stuff is good. I like hehe, and there are two skills, Bone Demon Call and Control of the Dead. It seems that I can learn!
Call of Bones is an enhancement of Call of Skeleton, which is not bad. Should Control of the Dead be regarded as an enhancement of Control of the Dead? It seems that this guy didn’t manipulate the body ~ it seems that it’s all bone racks. Leave it alone and put it away. Now we have to continue looking for boss!
Put away my things, and I looked up at the bone shelf on the ground again. It seems that these guys became very confused after Rand died. There were not so many crazy attacks on the earth puppet, which was also convenient. I ordered other bosses to order the two poisonous dragons to spread out and find the target. I ordered the earth puppet to follow me and move slowly into the depths.
Two minutes later, a boss dragon swooped down unceremoniously to send out his dragon’s breath again, but in front of the boss, a bone shield appeared, which was sprayed at the boss’s poison. Although the bone shield was also broken, the boss did not receive any harm. I directly ordered the earth puppet to quickly smash out the sacred words himself, and at the same time, I saw the boss attribute, the lich Crewe, the 5 th grade, the gold grade, the boss’s blood volume, the 71 defense. 7 attack 195 speed 23 skill Bone demon summons the dead to control the dead, and the lich regenerates weakness, weak body, extremely low attack power and 1% light damage bonus.
There is no difference between Qie and Rand except a little more blood. I don’t even bother to prepare for a death kiss for five seconds. When preparing, the halo of the sacred word wrapped the lich Crewe and made him howl in pain. I won’t pity this guy for his lightsaber ~ minor injury treatment ~ holy light bullet.

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