Perhaps the happiest thing in the world is to be able to have dinner with you every night.

What do you eat? It doesn’t matter what you eat.
J Jiangshi and Nanjing need an hour’s intercity subway.
Wei Shao asked Mi Wei to bring a sponsorship from Wei Shao Company for EH when she returned to EH.
The agreement between Zhai Hao and Mi Wei is
The new EH miwei is the leader.
Let Mi Wei sit back as EH manager and team leader after leaving EH for many years.
Old K stepped aside and retired behind the scenes with Zhai Hao.
Zhai Hao’s reason for doing this is very simple. Mi Wei is the actual team leader of EH in the EH championship season, and every time she arranges the itinerary, all the major sponsors are solved by Mi Wei alone.
Ensure the income of EH, and at the same time keep the exposure and influence of EH in the media at a considerable level.
For a commercial club, especially for a privately held club like EH, the body is really not that important.
The important thing is that people who play games, Zhai Hao and Lao K, have information to solve.
But EH, who arranges the itinerary and schedule, urgently needs a professional.
Zhai Hao didn’t think about letting Lao K continue to be the leader of EH directly, but the fact that he performed in EH’s recent G League made Zhai Hao cruel to get back Mi Wei, who worked in EH in the past.
Mi Wei led many unseen teams in the semi-professional circle and struggled to enter the professional team circle, although they all failed in the end.
However, Mi Wei’s team leader performance and excellent schedule arrangement ability in these years have also made many professional team clubs intentionally invite Mi Wei to the door.
However, after experiencing great success in EH and defending WCG season, it is naturally impossible for Mi Wei to join those stereotyped professional team clubs in income and month.
What Mi Wei wants to do is played too little in the professional team club.
EH gave miweili unlimited schedule and commercial activities.
At present, professional teams and clubs are controlled by many shareholders except EH. Generally, the executive manager and team leader all depend on the boss’s opinion to arrange the competition schedule and commercial exhibition matches.
Being able to take orders from the team leader club, in addition to the EH foundation, Mi Wei can lead some potential teams in the semi-professional circle with the intention of entering the professional competition circle.
Maybe it’s nature that makes people work harder than before. Although Mi Wei can arrange the training and sponsorship of semi-professional team members.
However, in recent years, the semi-professional team led by Mi Wei has no hope of entering the ranks of professional teams.
This year, Nv team, which is the closest to reaching the professional circle, is also Mi Wei’s most optimistic semi-professional team in recent years, but she was attacked by Yunfeng and Linfeng’s five ghost teams.
Although the WCG wild card qualification was finally postponed to the hands of Nv team.
However, the Five Ghosts team didn’t take a step in the past. Nv team wanted to successfully enter the WCG circle, and the chances of the race were simply not wanted.
This is why Mi Wei went to Zhai Hao before the end of the intercity league and decided to return to EH.
In fact, no one can tell whether EH made Mi Wei or Mi Wei made EH.
Including Luo Sheng, Xiao Shi, Calyx, Xiao Feng and Lao K, they can’t be said to have achieved EH or directly achieved them.
Although their achievements and social status are closely related to EH’s success.
However, people who have left EH, such as Xiaoshi and Luosheng, have a good and moist life now.
No one knows whether EH people can create brilliance again.
But everyone, everyone who knows EH and these people get together again will be white
These EH team veterans can cause vibration in DOA circle.
ZGDYD won the European Invitational Tournament in Asia when he was the first to get a ticket to Cologne, Germany, Europe.
Competitive newspapers in all countries are boiling.
Even the brain newspaper, which has always been rigorous and steady, is famous.
On the second day, excited slogans were printed on the cover.
“ZGDYD? China fishing DAO! "
"Fishing DAO sweeps across professional teams in Malaysia, Japan and India"
This is the headline of the mass network newspaper on the second day.
A senior DOA commentator was originally SC player Xiaoyu.
I know all about the major professional teams in Asia.
Every year, WCG correspondent and resident commentator Xiaoyu has formed his own excellent news ideas in DOA reports for many years, and with years of DOA experience, he has a pair of golden eyes, which will certainly not make foreign professional teams wearing vests feel better.
Directly exposed the names of some national professional teams defeated by ZGDYD.
Let a lot of Ji Ji teams feel like they have been slapped, but these national professional teams have suffered from Yabakui and can’t say anything.
The editor-in-chief gave four positions for Xiaoyu in the public network newspaper for the first time, and analyzed the play and video of each ZGDYD opponent in detail.
Although professional players wear vests to play games, they will hide some of their famous heroes more or less, and deliberately make some heroes who are not very common.

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