Huang Zhong is the most stable person, but he is also dubious about this ghost. "What is that witch sacrifice? Will there be? "

Lotus son to comely face hung with two big dark circles. These days, she and Lill waited on Feng Zhang with their clothes off. But this is a love-hate relationship. It turns out that they are constantly teasing each other on weekdays. The two women didn’t say a word. They sighed when they learned from Wen Pin that Miss Huang had solved the cause of the engagement. No one would want to secretly feel a little bit happy?
I learned from Lill that Feng Zhang actually still values them very much. Lianer has stopped feeling sorry for herself since then, but life has finally given her a little hope and sunshine. Look at yourself. Optimus Prime, the average man has fallen down with a miss butler who is a little sour when he thinks about it.
"No matter what method, we have to try it. We haven’t eaten or drunk for three days. I’m afraid he won’t get it if he goes like this …"
"Zhongye, you go to the cashier’s office and get some silver. It’s estimated that the price of this witch offering is not low. I’ll lead the horse." Huang narrated and tied her hair together at random.
In that superstitious era, those who claimed to have ghosts and gods were suspected to be a high-income and low-input profession. They relied on the fact that most people were quite observant of ghosts and gods. With a sharp mouth, the high-ranking officials, Fu Jiaping, and the people everywhere went, people were crowding around and boasting their magic, such as Gao Qiang. Once a noble was the emperor who lived in that town before he made a fortune, and a family went out of the country nine thousand years ago. Relatives caught ghosts and gave them their eyes by the way. Now it is time for today’s noble people to look at the fortune and give them a little guidance. After one or two, the man is now the ninth five-year-old statue … But the more irrelevant these words are, the more people are willing to believe that those ignorant and hateful people have earned their own hard work to support these so-called "big immortals" and "half immortals" and even their wives and daughters. Please ask these "high people" who seem to be close to God to "pray" …
Huang San, who is the arrogant one among these magic sticks, has made a name for himself by his natural appearance as a Taoist who doesn’t eat people’s fireworks and talks to everyone. Many people compete to give you money and then invite you home … Where can they find such a good job?
But it doesn’t work everywhere. It turns out that Dunqiu made Cao Cao a daredevil guy, and his local colleagues were unfortunately brought to an end by this black-faced dwarf. Although those "demigods", "real people" and "great gods" threatened Cao Cao one after another on the spot, he said that if he dared to kill them, he would die like this … but that black dwarf was really cruel to others and to himself, regardless of the "curse" and "words" that would destroy the clan.
Besides, it turned out that the black dwarf was still alive and well, and even Xiaoqiang didn’t die at home-so there was no such living environment around Dunqiu anymore …
So he ran to the east county, where many people were stupid. After a year or two, Huang San became famous. Who doesn’t know the name of "Huang Banxian"?
On this day, Master Huang was at home, and the tea family came to report that two general-looking people sought audience with Master Huang. When he saw the business door, he quickly changed into a robe, wore a bamboo crown and sat on a futon, and then asked his family to bring these two suckers in.
Bearers, of course, are Huang Xu and Wen Pin. As soon as they entered this "master" door, it was really remarkable. There were some yellow symbols everywhere in the courtyard, and some strange runes were written in Dani color. These common evil spirits and evil spirits are filled with every corner. The floor of this master room is a big Taiji diagram …
Huang and Wen were infected by this atmosphere and suggested to themselves that the master must be a great master, so they plopped down on their knees. "My adult is in danger and asked the immortal to help!"
In the smoke, the figure of a gray robe looms, and then there is a huge Sanqing statue. It seems that two people don’t know which honour person it is. There is a long strip in front of it, and there are three incense burners with nine thick incense sticks on each incense burner, which symbolizes "99 to 1".
"Two Vanke please my life is to save people in addition to the demon has more than 30 years can’t slightly tired your adult demon disease? One by one, there must be no trace. "
Huang San a look at two people will know that big business to a butler dressed patients or their company should also be a big officer? Look at the black eyes of these two people. It must be caused by anxiety that they have not rested for many days.
Huang, Wen two people are too busy to fold the situation in Feng Zhang. The Huang San outfit said, "Alas, I have heard for a long time that this adult loves the people like this, but this Dong Zhuo is a monty. Is it that ordinary people can get away with it?" This Huang Wan is not only his collusion, but also the evil spirit of that mountain. Zhang’s adult must have been confused by the monster and caused Yuan Shen to have an out-of-body experience, such as getting rid of the demon from time to time. I’m afraid his life is in jeopardy. "
After some coaxing and scaring, Huang Wen and his wife kowtowed again and again, saying, "I hope the fairy can save my adult’s life quickly!"
Huang San got up and the robe angle seemed to be really a bit fairy-like. "Such a good official will save things before we leave."
Huang Xu was honest and asked quickly, "How much is Xian Chang’s salary?"
Huang San stamped his foot and shook his head with anxiety. "When is it time to talk about saving people first?" I asked two children to bring some instruments and followed them to Puyang City.
It’s not that Huang Sanzhen doesn’t accept money. He wants to see how rich this adult’s family is before pricing, and he is sure that the higher the price, the more the other party won’t blink!
This is the earliest psychology, but unfortunately it is not on the right path.
Huang Wen and his wife said that the immortal was honest, and you thought to please the right person. This time, the adults can save, but they actually found a baiwenhang back.
Section 30 desire for sex and desire for life
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Five people went straight to Zhang Fu to come back and have a look at this three-story outside the entrance of the mansion. The people Huang San were worried about Feng Zhang’s illness. They didn’t figure it out again. This time, if the tickets were big, they would leave. Otherwise, so many people would see that I didn’t go to the "demon" and everyone ate me raw.
Two women and Huang Zhong hurried to greet and salute Zhang An, who had never worked as a waiter for a long time. The big fairy served tea and poured water and did everything she could.
Huang San tried not to show his lust for the two women’s beauty and made a gesture of saving lives, such as saving the fire. "Where is the adult?"
Huang San said to the others, "The house is full of evil spirits, and men are afraid of being harmed by it. If you don’t ask all people except your family to take shelter and prepare some pots of fire to increase the sun’s spirit in the corner of the courtyard," Huang Zhong and others were busy looking for someone to cut wood and make a fire.
Two women led Huang San through Nuoda Zhangfuyuan until Zhangfu bedroom saw that Huang San’s eyes were almost jumping out. Darling, this family is rich. This column is yellow pear wood. This carpet is a fake rock in the western regions. Even jade, brocade and antique vase …
Even these two chicks are watery. This little ass is shaking that hard enough. If I can touch it and pinch it again … Hey, look at the walking posture of these two chicks or stay in the boudoir. Oh, it’s a pity that it is estimated to be cheap in the future. If he really dies, I will hang on to it. These two pink and watery chicks are not as good as …
The desire for sex and the desire for sex package day Huang San had this idea of seeing the color uprising!
Huang San hypocritically flipped through Feng Zhang’s eyelids and saw that his eyes were really motionless like a stroke, so he sighed and shook his head.
Two women really nasty "fairy looks like? Can my adult be saved? " Anxiety is beyond words.
Huang San was very happy when she saw the reaction of the two women. Great. The more anxious you are, the more likely I am. If you are not in a hurry, I will be in a hurry.
"My Lord, this is a sign of evil invasion. Look at this pale face. There is a trace of black around the brow. If black gas enters the heart, it will be a fairy and it will be difficult to save!"
"Listen to the fairy long is now also saved? Theory is a kind of price. Please ask Xianchang to save my family. The reward will be heavy. "
"It’s not these Xu Jinyin things that my monks want to have outside things? Is this treatment is extremely difficult and … or fear that the two don’t believe me, please leave now. Please ask another high. "Huang San made a pair of absolutely samples and started to leave.
That’s why modern Feng Zhang doesn’t play hard to get. It’s always been this trick for him to go to the night market to bargain, and it’s always tried and tested. I wonder if Huang San has an idea?
Two women hastily pulled Huang San’s robe, Lillian, who was a little younger, and her heart was even more straightforward. She hugged Huang San’s thigh. "If the fairy stays, if the fairy refuses to save my adult, I will be afraid that my adult’s life will be in jeopardy, and no matter if the law can save my adult, my daughter will die without regret."
Although Feng Zhang heard this sentence, it is estimated that thousands of people will marry Lill, but at this time he is still open-eyed with the dead, and he can’t hear or see anything happening around him.
Huang San was so ecstatic that he couldn’t let himself show a trace of joy. "Really?"
"It’s true!" Lill and Lianer are both determined, even if they go to the abyss to save Feng Zhang’s life, they will not be afraid.
"good! Sure enough, there is love and righteousness! However, as I said before, this method is extremely expensive, and no one can disturb the way during the method, and you must never stop, otherwise you will immediately let evil spirits bite back and kill your adult! "
"My daughter province! What do you want to do, Xianchang? "
"This method is the cave Xuanzhen fairy sees that I have fairy bones and dreams, but it is my Jingxue intercourse. The virgins are falling red until the two are combined and painted all over, so that the evil spirits can be removed and the gods can be returned." Huang San said word for word while observing the two women’s look so high. It’s really a loss to think of it. It’s really necessary to shout a good one for himself.
"This?" Two women visiting each other is a face of fear. I didn’t expect this Huang San mouth to mean intercourse with a virgin. It’s just that the blood of the fallen is spread all over a person? How much blood should there be? Even these two people are probably not enough, are they?
And two people have long regarded Feng Zhang as a pillar. All day long, they have been acting like concubines in Feng Zhang, but they have to give themselves to this "fairy leader"? Although it is to save public life, will he still want himself after waking up? At that time, how much men thought about virginity?
But if we don’t do this, what will we do if we die? Two women are extremely difficult to hesitate. That Huang San added a fire for fear that two women are unwilling. "This method is extremely costly and must really love women for adults. The deeper the effect, the better. If you don’t want me, you will leave."
The two women felt that their minds were in chaos, and it was neither right nor left. It was important to save Feng Zhang, but they also nodded and said, "My daughter obeyed Xian Changan’s defecation!"
Huang San, who was so happy, made a serious appearance and "seriously" exhorted, "Never stop halfway and never be disturbed. Remember, otherwise you will be blamed for killing your family!"
"My daughter saves the province!" Two women are already in tears.
"Arrange three wooden barrels to live in one room so quickly, fill them with boiling water and fragrant soup, and the three of us can shower before we can do it."
Huang San triumphantly sat in Feng Zhang’s bedroom, pointing to Feng Zhang and laughed. "I didn’t expect Huang San to have such a lot of happiness, but this stupid child did a good thing for me. Then you did a ritual to show your kindness. Haha, just thank you for your gift."
Two women have long been spent by him to tell others not to enter the bedroom. At the same time, it was boiling water and three vats were put in the room and petals were sprinkled …
Are you afraid that you have body odor? Others are indecisive, but they don’t say much when they hear that it’s a master’s arrangement. They are afraid of missing Feng Zhang’s life. Everyone is busy. The whole Zhangfu is burning fire, boiling water and boiling water. The burning brazier is everywhere. The hot water in the bedroom burns steam out of the roof. Zhangfu forms a round umbrella like mushrooms. Some ignorant people kneel and prostrate themselves and pray to God to save this good official …
PS:O Lucky Star: I personally hate tragic plots. Don’t worry, these two silly girls will definitely be Feng Zhang women for the first time.
Section 39 who’s that b person for flying skill?
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It’s already aerosol steaming in the bedroom. I can’t see my fingers. Huang San, hey, smiled and faded the robe to reveal the white tunic. Although I can’t see the two women, it’s estimated that it’s shy and timid.
Anyway, I’m not in a hurry to take a good bath first, and I’m almost smelling it for a while. Don’t be abrupt, beauty … Ah, I really admire my brains and eloquence. No wonder such a good thing can find my head!
Huang San’s crotch is already strong when you think about it. Think about it. Two women not far away will be their own sauries in a minute. This feeling is really fucking good. Huang San can’t wait to take off his dirty and ugly body and soak it in the water. It’s like a cat crying for sex all night.
I heard a noise outside, and several people were heavy-footed. Two women from far and near were still clutching their clothes and unwilling to take off. When they heard the noise, they covered their chests with their hands. At this moment, one person kicked the bedroom door with one foot and shouted, "Cao is here! Who dares to play tricks here? "
It turned out that Cao Cao fled from Lombardi and Feng Zhang one after another, and then saw Huang Wan and Xun Shuang successively take refuge in Dong Zhuo to jointly suppress the loyalty to Liu Shichen in the DPRK, so he also hung the seal on Liang and returned to his hometown, Chen Liu.
He knew that Feng Zhang was close at hand, and Puyang was going to discuss with him to borrow some money to recruit. By the way, he made an alliance. I didn’t know that when I got to Puyang, I saw it!
Knowing what happened from Huang Zhong and other people, he was sure it was a scam, trying to cheat money and color. In a crisis, he rushed into the bedroom in the crowd, otherwise even if Zhang Feng really woke up, he would be so angry that he chose to die.
There is a saying called "Speak of the devil". A friend in Feng Zhang said with a joke that Cao Cao is the best person in the history of flying skills. His horse will appear as soon as he says his name. I didn’t expect this sentence to come true. Cao Cao appeared too late.
Cao Cao sat on his knees in the main plane with "Wong Tai Sin" and two children. Although this Wong Tai Sin refused to admit that he was a liar, the two children were not really "fairies". When they bullied and lured the horse, they took Huang San’s old gang off and made some tricks and did some things that harmed people’s chastity. Two silly girls, Lill and Lianer, almost fainted on the spot when they lost their bodies.
Huang Xu and Wen Pin took this "Wong Tai Sin" by themselves. They first directly twisted one arm alive, then dragged it to the fortuneteller to make an earth-shattering howl, and then somehow got it somewhere to kill it. This made them kneel and beg for the "immortal" and almost killed the two future mistress. Then they both committed suicide.

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