This time he Leona came out of the grass and pointed his finger at the hammer stone.

The hammer stone was immobilized.
Vayne immediately followed the attack hammer stone.
Leona’s e skill is transient vertigo, but Leona Q followed as soon as Hammer Stone woke up.
Dawn shield!
Leona’s other control skill can stun the target for 125 seconds.
Hammer stone was stunned again.
Poor Hammer Stone was beaten for nothing and then rushed to Vayne, where an E skill was pushed to the wall and settled again.
Three times in a row, the hammer stone was stupid, and two people controlled it one after another very well. When he didn’t come to do anything, he was already bleeding.
The hammer stone can flash and run to its tower, but Lu Zhan Leiouna has been waiting for him to flash, and Lu Zhan has also flashed.
This time, Lu Zhan didn’t have control skills, but he just exploded and hit the hammer stone body, leaving more than a dozen drops of blood.
Leona swung another sword. Although she was hit by the tower, she successfully took off her head. Leona’s W skill will be increased by 3 seconds if she blows up a person. This hit is not very painful, and it knocked out his blood.
At that time, he came back from the tower to Vayne, and the policewoman from the other side attacked Vayne. A few roots didn’t play a role, and he could watch the hammer stone being killed under his eyelids.
When the two men returned to the tower, the other party’s dead song came late and they didn’t catch anything
Well done …
Zhang Xi said silently in his mind
On the surface, Lu Zhan’s exercise just now didn’t have any bright spots except fluency, but the actual judgment of Lu Zhan surprised him
Just now, he didn’t dare to be afraid of the other party’s single appearance, but Lu Zhan acted to tell him that even if the single one came, it would be a complete kill.
Judgment Zhang Xi added two more labels to Lu Zhan.
In his opinion, Lu Zhan’s ability doesn’t seem to be limited. After more than 20 consecutive games, Lu Zhan is still surprising him.
He knows a lot of heroes himself, but it is more than two years since passers-by played more than 20 games. Compared with the other side, more than a dozen different heroes seem to be more valuable, because the other side has eye-catching exercises in every game, and the pool of heroes is not shallower than him.
Who is it?
Zhang Xi has been speculating that he knows the strongest king, and there are many mixed letters. It can be said that the letter is his camp.
But I have never seen such a person with excellent skills, accurate calculation and more energy. It seems that he will always have combat effectiveness in how many rounds he plays.
I have investigated Lu Zhan’s play before, and that number is a new one that has just been built, and it’s not anyone’s trumpet.
Is he really a newcomer who has just entered the strongest king? Or is it a master trumpet in other districts? Zhang Xi has already doubted it.
But now there is no time to praise Lu Zhan, because he can see through his eyes that the other party is not only a dead song but also a blind monk.
The blind monk appeared in the triangle grass of Xiaolong Canyon and immediately walked away, while the dead song and policewoman outflanked him from the front.
At this time, Wayne and Leona had just returned to the tower. Just now, Vayne was beaten by a policewoman, and half of Leona’s blood was beaten by the tower, which was not bad.
Zhang Xi knew that if the opponent’s soldiers entered the tower, the other side would definitely kill him. There was not much blood and there was no good place to think about whether to continue guarding the tower.
Policewoman and Dead Song cooperated with two soldiers to clear the line of soldiers very quickly.
"ping!" Zhang Xi gave Lu Zhan a retreat signal, and he finally decided that it was meaningless for the other three to keep the tower like this for nothing.
But Lu Zhan didn’t listen to him. Lu Zhan still didn’t leave after he signaled.
"Wait until you enter the tower to play dead songs!" Lu Zhan typed like this
Two people disagree. Zhang Xi hesitated. At this moment, he was not sure whether they could kill the other three people in the tower.
But there is no time. The other line has entered the tower. The policewoman and the dead song came with the line, and so did the blind monk.
It’s not easy to leave if you want to. Zhang Xi gritted her teeth and believed this Leona once!
He stayed in the tower and waited for the Leona group.

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