Chapter 221 The test drive assistant is here.

Doubt picked up the resume on the desk, and I glanced at it and remembered it. Because there were photos on the resume, I recognized it at a glance. When I bought a car, I saw the assistant who looked up and smiled at Liu Xiao. "Sit down. Is this person still there?"
"Now I asked him to wait in the rest area. He is going to apply for the security manager." Liu Xiao sat down slowly and returned.
Look at the resume slowly. It turned out to be a veteran named Zhou Li. Well, it shouldn’t be an ordinary volunteer soldier, should it? Security manager ~ I was going to make him a security manager. There was a security captain there, but now it seems that it is good to adjust the troops and let him go with them. It should be good to have a common language to be an instructor and engage in training
With my resume, I said to Liu Xiao, "Well, Liu Jingli, please ask him to come over and I’ll talk to him myself."
"You see him in person? Are you going to let him be the manager of the security department? " Liu Xiao asked in surprise
"Ha ha, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve talked to everyone and it won’t change. Don’t worry. You call him in. I have other plans." I didn’t explain anything and ordered again with a smile.
"Good, I’ll go at once." Liu Xiao didn’t ask a professional elite again. When did he get up and quit the office?
In less than a minute, Liu Xiao came back to my office with a cold-faced man. When I saw the test drive assistant, I got up and said with a smile, "Veteran Zhou Li, well, it seems that I am not mistaken this time. I am glad that you can come."
Then I held out my right hand to Zhou Li, and Zhou Li looked at me hesitantly. I looked back calmly, and finally the other party also held out his right hand and held my hand.
I laughed and said, "Sit down first, and you, Vice President Liu."
Liu Xiao immediately got up and scrambled to get a cup to pour water for Zhou Li. After everyone sat down, I asked Zhou Li, "Do you want to be the security manager here?"
"But I came back from the army and I have done a lot of things in the past two years, but I may not be suitable for those jobs, just like a former test drive assistant."
It is estimated that no one expected that I would directly ask the other party’s intentions, including Zhou Li himself, but he still answered very practically.
"Ha ha, I miss you very much when I see you. I have a brother who has been a killer, a mercenary and a big brother who has been playing with us since childhood. He has just returned from the army this year and many jobs are not suitable and can’t be done well like you. I’ll leave the security manager for you, but not now."
Speaking of this, I smiled and stared at Zhou Li. When he heard me say no, there was a trace of disappointment in his eyes. I didn’t wait for him, because I knew that he might leave, and of course he might lower his requirements, but I didn’t want to touch the dignity and arrogance of a soldier with backbone
"Not because someone else did it, not because you can’t be the manager of the security department, but because I have other arrangements and maybe you will like this arrangement better, but before I tell you, I want to know what you need to take care of or can’t lose here?"
Zhou Li frowned at me after listening to my words, with doubts in his eyes and a little bit of vigilance. Finally, he seemed to make up his mind and replied, "I grew up in an orphanage with no relatives, and now I don’t know anyone. There is nothing to take care of."
"Ha ha that’s good because I need you to go somewhere else where I think you will like it! Just now, I said that I have a brother who retired as a special soldier and took a few comrades with me. I have a security company in the provincial capital of S province. Now my brother is taking care of his comrades, and they are all veterans’ training and life. Many of them are based on the army. Go there. I think that’s the most suitable place for you. I’ll give you an instructor as your main training. After you go there, the treatment for your own communication is definitely not worse than that of being a security manager here. If you don’t mind, we can decide to come to my horse and go there now. "
After that, I smiled at Zhou Li and I knew he wouldn’t refuse! Because as I said, the veteran had already looked forward to it, and sure enough, I got up in less than three seconds, which startled Liu Xiao and Xiao Yu next to me.
This ya got up and said solemnly, "I’m willing to pay. No problem. You’re right. It’s the best place for me."
"Ha ha, ok, you sit down first, I’ll call there first, and then I’ll send your information over there. When will you go over there?"
Zhou Li agreed with me and smiled. I don’t know if he can do things well, but I am very happy that he can join. Maybe I am really not suitable for being a boss and recruiting people by feeling ~ ~ The general intuition is that this person is worth staying and should be brought over!
Zhou Liyi said, I took out my cell phone and dialed a strong word. Now the boss doesn’t know what the company’s landline number is over there ~ ~ I’m not used to getting everything done in the office desktop landline!
The words were connected with a strong voice. "Hey, hey, why is the big boss calling at this time?"
"Why can’t I make a phone call? I have a veteran here who wants to arrange to be the manager of the security department in this company, but I feel a little wasted. I asked him to be an instructor in your side. Don’t worry, he is not an ordinary veteran. I think you have more common topics than me!"
"oh? Not an ordinary veteran? Well, when will you come? "
"I’ll give the information to the past, and you can arrange to contact him directly. I don’t care when you arrange it yourself."
"I said that you are also the big boss of the company. Why are you doing this? I don’t care about anything ~ this shopkeeper of cutting and cutting is worthy ~ "
"Don’t envy that security company. You can do nothing. Can you find someone to take care of you?"
"Alas, hard luck is hard work! Come on, you have reasonable information. Go to the company. I’ll let the widow arrange it. "
"All right, all right, nothing will keep you."
"Cut is your ya afraid I hold you up! Hang up! " Qiang finished and hung up directly. Hey, hey, this ya really knows me!
Pack up the phone and I smiled and handed Liu Xiao Zhou Li’s resume. "Vice President Liu worked hard to get this resume over there."
"Okay, I’ll go there first." Liu Xiao took the resume with a smile. "Well, you go!"
Turning to Zhou Li, I smiled and said, "Well, wait for you to contact you directly over there. I believe you will find what you want soon!"
"Thank you!" Weeks and complete a face of serious said
"Ha ha by the way, I just said you are not an ordinary veteran should be right? Of course, I don’t want to pry. I know some things are inconvenient to say. "Zhou Li looked at me and didn’t have a horse’s mouth. It seems that it is really inconvenient to say."
"Nothing is inconvenient to say. By the way, do you play Gods?" No, it looks quite complicated. If you play games, you are a master, right? This resource can’t wave.
"Never heard of it"
Aha ~ haven’t you played yet? Well, there are a lot of people who haven’t played, but we still think that guys can get into the game, so it’s estimated that they won’t be much worse than the cold front when they practice.
"Then you should get a helmet and play with it. It won’t delay anything."
"I’ll go and see."
It’s really very interesting to have such an orderly dialogue without any nutrition. When things are over, I’m too lazy to talk to this guy any more. It’s too boring ~ ~ It’s past eleven, and it’s almost time for class. Send this guy back directly. Come on, we have to go back to the villa after dinner!
"Well, if there’s nothing to talk about, then you should go back first. You should keep the resume contact method open, and I can contact you at any time."
"Good" Zhou Li got up and seemed relieved ~ I’m dizzy. I still feel tired talking to your ya. How do you feel that you still feel uncomfortable talking to me? ? Deeply hit ~!
Off Zhou Li, I went to work directly with Xiao Yu, first had lunch with Xiao Yu, and then went back to the villa together until noon, when the information in Ling Zhou was still missing and there was no news.
Less than 12: 30 when I got back to the villa, I just sat for a while, and then I called the property office and asked politely if it was convenient. Now I can bring the domestic workers here. Okay, I’ll come early and solve it early.
A few minutes later, the manager personally came with three domestic workers, two of whom were in their forties, one of whom seemed to be in his fifties. After a few simple exchanges, Xiaoyu and I unanimously selected the aunt who looked in her fifties. This aunt felt very understanding and simple from her speech.
The staff selected two other middle-aged women who were somewhat disappointed and were taken away by the manager. The former manager also promised to help with the formalities, but I refused the salary. Let’s just pay the aunt directly. It’s not necessary to bother.
I chatted with my aunt for a while. My aunt’s surname is Qin, and Xiao Yu and I both directly asked Aunt Qin to simply explain what a family needs Aunt Qin to do. Aunt Qin is also very satisfied that Xiao Yu and I don’t have a lot of young people, and we don’t care much about her. She is also relaxed.
After chatting for a while, Aunt Qin got up and went to clean up. I gave her thousands of dollars in cash at home and asked her to buy food at ordinary times and some cleaning tools at home. Every once in a while, the room had to be specially cleaned, and these were also given to Aunt Qin to arrange.
Some people will say that this is too casual? You just give so much money to people without going through any formalities. Aren’t you afraid that people will get the money and leave without doing anything? To be honest, it’s possible, but we really didn’t think there were so many such people!
Chapter 222 You come to check!
I arranged things at home. Xiaoyu called Lulu and told this girl that I used to live in her house. Lulu didn’t refuse, but she happily agreed, and she also gave me a car to help move things ~
Oh, my god. Why did I become a sucker? I have to help people move when they live at their own expense ~ ~ but who told our own wife to ask people to live? Who told people to recognize themselves as brothers!
Just do it and let Lulu pack my car now and go straight to Lulu Community with Xiaoyu. When I entered Lulu’s house, I finally knew how uncomfortable it would be to live in this place, and it was too small ~ Except for a small living room, there was only a poor kitchen and a poor sanitation, and finally a bedroom. This birth apartment seems to be too small! Does this suite add up to 50 square meters?
The floor of this room is not high, but the residential rooms are all high-rise buildings. Looking out of the window, it is the wall of another room ~ It is estimated that the sun will never patronize here ~ It is very depressing to enter the living room directly!
"Lulu ~ I said how long have you lived here? It’s so depressing to live here! Even if the room is small, it is not too crowded for a person, but it is too uncomfortable to see a little sunshine around! " Xiao Yu frowned and asked
"Ha ha actually also good this summer is not so hot? Brother Yang and Sister Xiao Yu, you can take a ride and pack up. "Lulu seems to have been used to it for a long time ~ ~ But this time, this girl has packed up two suitcases and put them on the sofa. The rest is enough for one person to sit. Of course, we don’t care if we have a place to sit. Just sit down and say," Lulu, you really have a lot of things. Haven’t you finished packing? "
"There’s still a little something missing, but I’m going to put it away and take it with me." Lulu ran to the kitchen.
When I came out later, Lulu put a bunch of bottles and cans in a box. I looked at it. It seems to be some spices?
Then I ran to the bathroom for a while and ran to the bedroom. Finally, I found that this girl took out some soap and something ~ I secretly lamented that this girl is really a little bit reluctant to wave now. Now this girl is worth millions, and her wealth is increasing every day. Whoever marries this girl is very lucky.
It seems that Xiaoyu doesn’t need any help, but when Lulu cleans up those little things, go and help me quickly ~ Forget it, let’s not drill around where this girl lives alone!
The two quickly packed up their things, and besides the box, they also packed two boxes of small things, which seems to be not too much!
After all the things are packed, of course, it’s time for us to sit as coolies, dragging two boxes directly. Xiaoyu and Lulu waited for a long time with a small box, but the stairs didn’t reach my intention, that is, it didn’t seem to take many floors directly, so I made a stupid decision-take the stairs.
The two boxes will not be too heavy to decorate the clothes, and Lulu advised me to wait for a while, but I was in tears when I carried two boxes to the third floor alone. Why am I so embarrassed? I am sweating like a pig!
Not to mention the weight is still so heavy, it’s uncomfortable to take the stairs. Both arms are sore ~ it’s three floors, and there are still two floors left. I’m always sorry to stop waiting for the stairs now!

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