Wu Haotian eyes a clot surprised than in the heart but the surface does not leak color so there watching Li Ge came to Lin Tianxiao side.

Lin Tianxiao said with a smile
Li Ge held out his hand and said, "Xiaotian finally met. My name is Li Huaizhi!"
Wu Haotian’s face changed, but it just passed by. For the first time, Wu Haotian saw Li Ge shaking hands for the first time. Even when he saw Li Ge, he was not treated like this.
Wu Haotian scheming is not generally deep. This is what Li Ge didn’t expect. He just stood there quietly watching Li Ge and Lin Tianxiao. They couldn’t see what he was thinking.
A big hand Li Ge held hands together. Lin Tianxiao smiled. "Hello, Lin Tianxiao, Li Ge!"
Li Huaizhi nodded his head and followed Lin Tianxiao to hug together. After that, Liu Heng said hello.
"Liu Heng married a rich man, the future head of the Liu consortium. I’ve heard a lot about you!"
"The current head of the Li Huaizhi L Lee Group is the same!"
"Ha ha ha!"
Two people burst out laughing at the same time.
"You are just bright, nice and loyal!" Li Huaizhi didn’t shake hands with Wang Youliang. It was just a compliment.
"Li Ge Liu Ge, let’s change places. It’s too eye-catching!" Wang Youliang smiled and said nothing to Li Huaizhi. In his opinion, it is enough for a brother to have one, and a brother, of course, is also his own brother. Will he care about those etiquette?
"Liang said that it is right to go. Today, I will treat my two brothers to drink!" Lin Tianxiao said
Li Huaizhi and Liu Heng looked at each other and laughed at once. Are these brothers? What a strange feeling!
A group of four people walked towards Mercedes-Benz 9 and Volkswagen Phaeton. At this time, Wu Haotian came with a smile and said, "I didn’t expect Li Ge to know Lin Tianxiae. It seems that we are brothers fighting and we don’t know!"
Lin Tianxiae smiled and said nothing. Li Huaizhi said, "Come on, I have something to do today. Let’s get together another day!" Say that finish Li Huaizhi also ignore Wu Haotian took Lin Tian evil hand into his Mercedes 9.
Yu Youliang was pulled to his car by Liu Heng.
"Don’t think too much about it. Many people in my position and Huaizhi’s position can’t get in touch with it. If only Huaizhi knew what kind of person you were after a long time!"
Wang Youliang a simple and honest smile "Liu Ge, what are you talking about? I didn’t think about that place at all. I know the evil people. He is definitely not a petty person to make friends with. The evil brothers are my brothers."
"Well, it’s good that you can think like this!" Liu Heng laughed.
When two limousines stopped in front of Furama Hotel, the doorman immediately ran over and hit the door.
Li Huaizhi threw the car keys to the doorman, followed by handing the doorman hundreds of dollars bills and pulling Lin Tianxiao into the hotel without looking back.
Liu Heng side is also the same wind followed Li Huaizhi and Lin Tianxiae into the Furama Hotel.
"Four elegant!" Li Huaizhi took out a vip card and handed it to the clerk.
When the clerk saw that the other party handed him a diamond card, he immediately bowed and took Li Huaizhi four people to the private ladder to the 22nd floor.
"Today, I borrowed Huai Zhifu and actually entered Ya!" Liu Heng laughed.
Li Huaizhi took a white look at Liu Heng. "Don’t say that you haven’t been here and killed me!"
"Hey hey, this is not a free meal!" Liu Heng sneered.
"Li Ge Liu Ge said it would be my treat today!" Lin tianxiao said with a frown at this time
Li Huaizhi smiled faintly. "Xiaotian, what are we?"
"It’s a brother who is still polite to me!" Li Huaizhi said that he immediately called the member "Lafite has been at a table for two years!"
"What should I do if Tiange Peng is less?" At this time, after Lin Tianye left four people, Dodson TB came to Wu Haotian with one hand and asked.
"Hum, Chen Peng raised you and didn’t hurry to the hospital!" Wu Haotian cold hum a way.
"Yes, yes!"

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