Xuanqin answered "you!"

"…" Hao Lin continued to ask "What is me?"
Chapter three hundred and one specializes in infertility!
Lin continued to ask, "What is me?"
Xuanqin replied, "because it’s less than a month since you came into contact with the piano and became a rhythmic family!" "
Lin Yu went from being a master of melody in a month, and maybe he will be a master of melody in another month.
This is to dig a hole and bury yourself!
Lin can continue to ask, "What about me?"
Qin Yuqing!’
Lin can ask "what?"
"It was less than fifteen years since he came into contact with Guqin and became a musical family."
It is also a human explanation, and from this explanation, Lin can hear that more than 130 other musicians are definitely uncles. Qin Yuqing is definitely a younger generation among musicians today.
Lin is frowning. He knows his own business. I’m afraid he won’t be able to become a great musician on his own for decades. Most likely, he won’t be able to become a great musician for a generation. The way to make him 100% and become a great musician at the fastest is to copy … but this also requires a great musician to let him copy.
The good thing is to try and see if I can create a great musician.
Qin Yuqing … This is a must. After all, the robot has said that Qin Yuqing is the number one musician who can become a big musician as soon as possible.
Others … Of course, it is also necessary to put the egg department in a basket, which is absolutely impossible. One more goal will naturally lead to more hope.
Lin smiled and asked, "Which place has the best temperament?"
"Dragon City!"
Suolin swam away again, carrying the top guqin made by himself and carrying the bionic robot Xuanqin.
Target longcheng!
Something Lin neve imagined happen just a few days before he left.
Another musical light fell from the sky and enveloped the concept of Xuanyin.
Liuzhou is in the sonic star, but it is still the capital from the first piano emperor to the present, and the capital is the center of the sonic star. There are as many as 29 musical families here.
Anyway, it is absolutely enough to let Lin train a great musician less.
How to cultivate it?
Lin believes in a theory that "what is true for some people is absurd for some people" … Only when there is pressure can there be motivation.
This is the simple and rude cultivation method of Lin!
In other words, it’s … to die under pressure or to explode under pressure. Choose!
How can we put some pressure on these’ temperament people’ … This is not worth thinking about.
It’s well known that the former temperament emperor was absolutely not to be provoked, but now the emperor is a novice temperament, and even a first glimpse of the door is not counted.
There are more than twenty musicians in Longcheng, three of whom have profound attainments in flute.
If the emperor wants to learn flute, he naturally needs to find the best teacher.
It’s a pity that the three best teachers don’t care about it. Now the emperor has fought the country by brute force and has not been canonized by the gods. In their eyes, the emperor’s roots are just unreasonable.
In those days when there was no emperor, which one of their musical families was not hiding at home and practicing hard, hoping to become a musical instrument, and everyone was canonized by the gods.
Stay in Longcheng all the time. These musicians have never given up their dream of being emperors. Otherwise, they would have been far away from Longcheng and lived in seclusion like other musicians.
Besides the emperor, the most powerful force in Longcheng is the violinist!
The Qin family is really strong. It was the first emperor of the sonic star. In the Qin emperor’s time, only a great musician could be the emperor. Before Qin emperor died, another great musician, namely’ Drum King’, was conferred a new emperor by heaven. So was the third emperor, who became a great musician before he died, and then was conferred a title by heaven after he died. It was called’ Dijun’ in the history of the emperor … The great musicians from generation to generation never stopped appearing one after another.
There are altogether five musicians at present, all of whom specialize in the piano.
At this time, the oldest and biggest musician in the piano family is also the owner of the piano family, who is anxiously walking up and down at the door of a room.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Hearing this, the piano master frowned and turned away without looking back.
At this time, an old woman came out of the door and saw the piano master turn away. She sighed, "It’s a girl again. This is the 23rd time … It seems that the piano master really didn’t have a baby!"
Get the 23rd daughter, but there is no half a snack. The piano master is indignant and walks out of the piano house. There is a man in sedan chair who drives the domestic bearers to the south gate of Longcheng.
When I arrived at the city gate, I lifted the window cloth and saw a Taoist priest with hair and children’s face … If it was an ordinary Taoist priest, the main body of the piano would not be in my eyes, but the main body of the piano is a small family with music and temperament. Although the Taoist priest with hair and children’s face carried an ancient piano on his back and put it in a wooden box with a thick cloth wrapped in it.
Officially, due to the inexplicable induction of the piano, the master of the piano saw this Taoist priest. This is a banner with a banner that reads’ Specialized in Infertility’ on the front … Well, the master of the piano skipped it. After all, the master of the piano is now in his fifties and can give birth to a daughter infertility. He also put a window cloth without any money.

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