"Of course!" The person who entered the hotel was none other than Chen Kai, who left from the dark nest. It is very simple that the magic pointer just came out of the dark nest alive a day ago, and a group of people finally found that the magic pointer turned into a gyro seems to be back to normal before taking a few more breaths. In this case, they just advanced to the rank two days ago, and they almost did not hesitate to choose to leave from the dark nest and hide from Sabinin for revenge. After all, after the promotion, they went into the nest and attacked wildly, and even pushed a Sabinin transformation and strengthened boss to turn it into their own battle.

Of course, the purpose of doing this is very simple, that is, to test one’s strength after promotion. There is no doubt that Chen Kai and others are much stronger than before, but then they were retaliated and almost ran away. At the same time, they did not hesitate to rush to Culozza after discovering that the magic pointer returned to normal, because they knew very well that the magic pointer returned to normal, which also meant that the fog might soon disperse, so it became uneasy to stay outside the dark nest.
However, although the magic pointer returned to normal, the fog was still shrouded in the earth. It took all the people two days to run back to Culozza after leaving the dark nest. It was still necessary to speed up after finding the business road, otherwise they would never touch Culozza in three days.
After returning to Culozza, a group of people went straight to the Spell Association to repair their armor. After all, if they fought for such a long time, they might be scrapped, even if they didn’t maintain and repair it. After all, the battle was too fierce and the foundation was not repaired. Even if they did maintain it later, several people’s skills were too bad. The so-called maintenance can be said to be cleaning up stains in a crack in the armor and smearing maintenance oil on the armor to prevent corrosion.
When the original black dwarves were there, a few black dwarves could easily repair a broken one and patch it. There is nothing wrong with it, but Chen Kai and others don’t have the ability. Chen Kai’s craftsmanship is ok now. Even if he patched his armor, he might scrap his armor as a whole.
After the armor was repaired, Chen Kai and others came to the Oak Bucket Owner’s Hotel to prepare a treat-their poor intestines and stomach. After all, in the fog for a few days, every day was bacon with bread or broth with bread. Even if Su Wan changed the method to improve the food quality, there was not much she could do.
Therefore, after hearing the words of the oak barrel owner, Chen Kai replied that it was quite quick. Actually, his stomach growled at the moment he entered the hotel. Even when he advanced, Chen Kai didn’t feel so excited. To be honest, when the tenth level arrived, he didn’t feel much at all, and nothing happened, except that the level changed, there was quarrelling and magic, and some health points increased.
Of course, if you really want to say something, it’s probably a professional title. According to the professional order in the game, he is now an inferior knight. Of course, in some cases, most of the titles will directly erase the inferior two times. After all, those two words don’t sound very comfortable, but Chen Kai knows more about what his career changes bring. Anyway, all the star knights belong to the rare divine knight sequence in the Temple of Dawn. However, Chen Kai is a little worried that he didn’t master the new magical skills this time.
Compared with ll, I’m more worried about feather, because the total amount of his quarrelling has finally broken through 30,000 points. Although it seems that he is not the only one who has broken through this big, compared with others, he has 30,000 points of quarrelling. His fighting capacity has risen not a little, but a lot, because he can finally make those former methods use skills. Although there is such a trick, the attack effect is definitely a lever in a dark nest. This trick directly hit the evil spirit boss, and then ll and they can kill each other through a siege.
Of course, after a blow, he was tired, which definitely belongs to the slaying skill. Only after he became more quarrelsome can he easily make it out, but for everyone, the feather attack became stronger, which is good or bad. Unfortunately, they still dare not go to Sabinin for trouble.
For everyone, it’s definitely something worth celebrating to go to the oak barrel hotel and have a big meal. It’s very normal for them to have a hard time for nearly a month. Therefore, when the oak barrel owner brought the cream beer, everyone directly grabbed the glass and poured a few mouthfuls into their mouths, and then they were very happy to eat and drink. However, Chen Kai did not know that they had just returned to Culozza, and they were in trouble to find a door. Similarly, the oak barrel owner did not expect that someone would find something to be continued in his hotel.
The first volume Chapter 415 Agitation "Young Junjie" ()
For Culozza residents, most of their dinners are in their own homes. After all, it takes money to eat in hotels or pubs. It is estimated that less than one tenth of residents in a town can go to hotels to solve their own dinners every day, and this figure is probably even lower.
But for the oak barrel hotel, even when the business is the worst, the hotel lobby will be full, and even people who have eaten at home will come to the oak barrel hotel lobby for a beer, so that drinkers are naturally the biggest guarantee of the oak barrel hotel business. After all, the profit is better than selling food and drinks.
However, for Chen Kai, they prefer fresh food to those drinks now. After all, eating bread and drinking broth every day before has almost made them fade out. Of course, it is not that Su Wan’s cooking tastes bad, mainly because there were not enough materials at that time, even if Su Wan’s cooking methods were high, there was no way to make delicious food.
When ll stuck a fork in a crispy roast suckling pig’s noodles, the closed hotel door was suddenly hit. Although this has happened many times, this time it should be kicked.
Listening to his hotel door slamming on both sides, the dwarf boss’s face suddenly turned into a red face of pig liver. I don’t know if it was because of drinking too much wine or being angry for so long. This is the first doorman who dared to kick him in the oak barrel hotel, but after seeing the people coming in, the oak barrel boss had to take a few deep breaths to suppress his chest anger and then quickly change to a smile to meet him.
However, when the dwarf fat boss greeted the people who entered the hotel, Chen Kai obviously felt that the other person’s line of sight fell on himself. At that moment, Chen Kai consciously put the glass to his mouth and turned to look at each other.
At the same time, when he entered the hotel, he strode over directly after seeing his goal, but he didn’t pay attention to welcoming the dwarf boss. He pushed the dwarf fat boss directly and made his big body fall to the ground, which made people even more angry. At the same time, he also said a word with great contempt.
"get out! Chunky, I’m not looking for you! " Tight cowhide boots click on the wooden floor. That’s the sound of metal hitting wood. There is no doubt that the bottom of cowhide boots is covered with metal, so that the boots can withstand the impact of quarrelling and will not tear because of the outbreak of quarrelling.
"Baroness Berkner heard that you have returned to Culozza, but I am quite happy to meet you!" Slowly close to ll’s table, followed by several guards, dressed in a gorgeous robe, two brown eyes slowly swept ll’s table. When he saw Su Wan and others, the man’s eyes shrank slightly, but when he saw Alisha, his eyes flashed, but ll’s words made him turn his head quickly.
"But I don’t like to see you and who you are. I’m not familiar with you. Please don’t bother me!" Ll gently waved his hand, but there was no respect in his tone. In his opinion, the guy who pushed the dwarf fat boss down didn’t need his respect at all.
"Who am I? Hehe ~! Soon you will know, of course, maybe you don’t need to know! " Gently smiled at Chen Kai. The man wanted to push his hand directly to sit in the chair, Zhao Tiezhu, and then sit by himself. In his opinion, this can definitely shock the other party directly. But when he pressed Zhao Tiezhu, he suddenly found that he was sitting safely no matter how he pushed the other party. For this kind of situation, he didn’t want it to happen because he came to bully to step on Chen Kai as a stepping stone. But now the situation makes him feel embarrassed.
Of course, at the time, he felt that he was careless and made a direct effort, but the great power still didn’t let Zhao Tiezhu move. Brother Banfenzhu should eat, drink and chew directly with a pig’s hoof, and he didn’t pay any attention to the guy who patted his shoulder and wanted to move himself.
In this case, the hand behind the man is naturally seen, but the problem is that even if he sees them, he can’t rush to help now, otherwise it will be even more shameful. However, changing one hand into two hands still hasn’t pushed the guy. The guy has been carried away by anger. Actually, at this time, ll has found the other side strange, and almost when the other side puts his hand on the waist sword, ll will press it.
"If you want to sit next to me, you can say so! What are you doing? Give this guy a seat. He’s hungry! " When Chen Kai said it, the man with red eyes almost swallowed Chen Kai alive, but Chen Kai’s terrible power made him know that he was not an opponent because he couldn’t even pull out his weapon.
"Don’t need it! Eat it yourself! Baron Berkner has won this time. I hope you still have such a good appetite! " I tried to put my sword back into the scabbard. This guy who didn’t even report his name turned away with a face of anger and a cruel word. Of course, when he left, he obviously heard the laughter in the hotel behind him, which made him extremely angry.
"Nothing!" Ll slowly asked the chubby dwarf boss around him, rubbing his ass and revealing a weak smile. Of course, he had nothing to do, but he knew that Ll and them were going to have something, because the one who came just now was none other than Culozza’s Lord child.
If it were someone else, his root wouldn’t show his expression just now. After all, in Culozza, his dwarf fat boss’s oak barrel name has three sides, but when the other party is replaced by Culozza’s Lord, he won’t hold anything. After all, the oak barrel owners are businessmen who make a living in each other’s father’s territory.
"You shouldn’t do this to that guy just now! He is the Lord of this city! " The owner of the oak barrel was sitting in Llewellyn’s side, slowly talking and listening to his words. Did Llewellyn wrinkle up? Although he knew that the other party should be a so-called noble young talent, he didn’t expect it to be a local Lord’s child. But soon he put the idea aside. After all, he has aristocratic status. In fact, not only does he have a group of people around him, but even Alisha holds a title. If they run to the Lord’s House in Culozza, then the Lord will definitely make a gate to meet them.
"Children! Not a Lord! " Knowing this situation very well, Yun disdains to say that it is really difficult for them to respect those noble lords. After all, there are a limited number of lords who are decent in their adventures, and most of them have some problems in one way or another.
"Ahem!" The owner of the oak barrel couldn’t help coughing when he thought about it, because even though Chen Kai and his noble status made many aborigines fear the problem traveler, the immortal feature made many aborigines both envious and jealous. If some so-called restrictions were not later developed, it is estimated that players would have overturned the whole world in the game world. After all, there are naturally players who abide by the rules of the game, but there are also many players who don’t. It forced the system to impose restrictions on the players. Of course, these restrictions can not be casually pressed on the players. If it is so casual, the aborigines who have great autonomy in the game will definitely suppress the development of the players.
"all right! Don’t talk! The fat boss gave you trouble again today! " Ll slowly raised his glass to the oak barrel boss. If it wasn’t for them, it is estimated that the dwarf fat boss wouldn’t push it down. Ll raised his glass and offered a toast to the other party as an apology, while the dwarf boss sighed when he saw Ll move.
"no!" Although the dwarf fat boss says so, he knows very well that what he wants most in his heart is to be able to stay away from Chen Kaila. After all, he is a businessman and it is better to be with Chen Kai. If this leads to his own hotel door, the big guitar will definitely not be willing and can’t be done. If possible, he would prefer Chen Kai and them not to live in his own hotel, but this is impossible.
When the hotel closed, Chen Kai and others still slept in the oak barrel hotel room. At this moment, the young man who ran to provoke Chen Kai in the Lord’s House in Culozza was a serious face behind Lord Culozza.
"how about it? The guy that Lorloff’s daughter like is tough! " Slowly brush a few points in the oil paint. The Lord Culozza added a new color to the canvas little by little to make a self-portrait more spiritual. If you don’t know the roots of Lord Culozza, it is hard to imagine that this noble with a huge territory turned out to be an art lover and his painting talent and ability are extremely strong
"It is tough! But father, I did well just now. Do you think I should spend a little more money? " The young man rubbing his hands smiled at his father and played the scene that happened in the hotel not long ago in a recording crystal not far away.
"no! Your expression needs to be honed a little. Remember that your control is a territory. You must never let others see what you are thinking from your expression. Actually, when you enter the hotel, the estimated person thinks that you are not so scared as to go to find fault. "Slowly put the brush on the drawing board. The Culozza Lord put away the recording crystal not far away and threw it to his children.
Of course, the Lord’s words just now were absolutely wrong, because actually, when his children entered the hotel, Chen Kai didn’t find out that this man was coming to play with Chen Kai. If he knew, he would definitely be depressed and want to die. He was still worried about the revenge of this noble youth.
"all right! Father! " When he heard his father’s words, the young aristocrat’s face was depressed, but when he heard a sentence, the depression turned directly into horror, although it passed away.
"By the way, you did a good job in taking in Mr. saros, but the tail sweep was not clean enough. Remember not to find it for your eldest brother once!" When Lord Culozza uttered this sentence, his child’s heart felt extremely horrified. Root method kept his face depressed.
"good! Thank you, father! " Slightly lowering his head, the young aristocrat quickly concealed his horror because he knew that if he could not calm down in a short time, he would lose more in his father’s eyes.
"all right! Go to rest! After a while, your Lord’s staff should be sent to remember that Baron Zoru’s territory was hard won by me. Although I know you are still arguing with your eldest brother and second brother, you need to remember that you are a member of the Culozza family, and everything needs family interests. Even if I let you marry a pig, it will make our family territory grow and make more money in your pocket, you should not hesitate to marry it home! " The young man quickly lowered his head when he heard that he was going to be a Lord. Although his face didn’t have much expression, his heart was full of nai.
"yes! Father! I went! " With a calm expression and Nai mood, the young aristocrat slowly left the room and enjoyed himself alone in the whole room. Lord Culozza was alone in such a quiet room. Lord Nai, who had gloomy eyes, sighed. Although he raised his children into what he is now, he knew very well that if he didn’t do this, his family would continue to have an heir like Baron Zoru, and the whole territory would become food on others’ plates like Baron Zoru.
The middle-aged aristocrat couldn’t help shivering at the thought of the end of Baron Zoru, but he didn’t have much hatred for killing Baron Zoru, because he knew very well that Baron Zoru had died himself. At this time, he was even more depressed because although his children had won the Baron Zoru, it was not a territory but a part.
"It’s a pity that I haven’t been able to grab all this territory!" Slowly sighed. After all, in any case, the Baroness of Zoru is a Baron’s Collar, even if it is relatively small, so in the end, it was divided into a lot of lords in several big noble.
In this sigh, the whole room became quiet. At this time, Chen Kai and others have gradually entered their dreams. Although the beds in their tents are also very good, no one dares to sleep outside the dark nest. Only in the hotel do they dare to really rest. It can be said that Chen Kai and others have a heavy sleep this time and gradually woke up at midnight. At this time, it is rare to see that the sun is spreading warm sunshine to Culozza.
Due to the barrier of towering city walls, the fog has gradually become thin, and there is no way to invade the city. When there is a little mist outside the city, there is no fog shining in the city from the window. The sunshine makes Chen Kai feel uncomfortable for a long time, and he can’t help but pull it up and pull it to his head. But Chen Kai’s body is too big, and then his feet are exposed. No matter how he shrinks.

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