Thirty seconds later, the battlefield suddenly darkened like a dark cloud, and several dazzling rays of gold lit up from the dark cloud, and a virtual image of a demon with a staff of gods with a height of 100 feet slowly appeared, making people afraid to look straight.

O appeared to be still fighting the dragon knight Niang looked up and immediately threw sand bandits to drive the fire dragon far away from the dark clouds.
He has a strong sense of danger, and the coercion from the fiend makes him aware of the irresistible destructive force.
Curses are all based on the difference between the enemy and the enemy. Attacks and other curses are launched. He is still in the range of attack, and it is difficult to be harmed by curses.
Scola, the central commander, also woke up to enlarge and shouted, "No! It’s a curse! Archers cover the shooting and interrupt him! "
On the verge of rushing to the crowd, the armed cavalry in the front row of the sand bandits continued to charge with a lance in one arm, and then the sand bandits took the long bow and arrow and shot it back.
Guard Ye Feng heavily armored cavalry qi qi low drink "shield! Block! "
Dozens of shields cover Ye Feng’s head at the same time as a steel tortoise shell!
The arrows landed on the shield, jingling, and the cavalry with heavy armor was hit by dense arrows, and the damage value floated up one by one.
If it weren’t for the 100% block shield, the damage could be reduced according to the success probability of the block, but the damage could be completely eliminated.
Then, the front-row sand bandit cavalry mounted their guns and launched a charge at high speed. The extra high inertial impact force was terrible. More than a dozen heavily armored cavalry in the periphery could not bear the continuous impact, and even the sand bandits threw their horses to the ground, and dozens of lances poked at the heavily armored cavalry who fell to the ground. These loyal warriors became blood gourd in an instant.
Then six thousand sand bandits quickly pressed Ye Feng and his guards around the three layers outside.
Riding a gun and stabbing arrows like waterfalls, Ye Feng’s heavily armored cavalry guards can hold up their shields and resist the sand bandits’ attacks, but these sand bandits are too tough and numerous. Every heavily armored cavalry guard has to face five or six sand bandits’ attacks almost at the same time, and soon they will fall to the ground one by one and be killed …
As the seconds passed, the image of the fiend in the sky became brighter and brighter, and the wand in his hand bloomed with harsh blood red light.
1 second … 9 seconds … seconds …
Three seconds!
Two seconds!
One second!
The last seven guards fell to the ground to curse the fiend arbitration also triggered dozens of lance instantaneous stab to Ye Feng but stabbed a virtual shadow.
All of a sudden, Ye Feng has activated the door of life and death, from birth to death.
At this time, the fiend waved the staff of the gods, and pieces of lotus flower fell like a cloud of fire. Five hundred yards of latosolic red fell to Fiona Fang, and it was like nine deep and remote purgatory covered with lotus flower. The sand bandit cavalry moved by the root method and could bear the arbitration of the fiend with a white and bloodless face.
It’s two million damage skills, but it only lasts for a moment. The fiend disappears, and the dark clouds disperse, and the lotus flower disappears. The place bombarded by the forbidden spell is nothing but a piece of equipment and gold coins. More than 5,000 sand bandits cavalry have gone up in smoke, and there is not even a body left.
Grant roared and rushed in with a gun first, and the opportunity was fleeting. It would be difficult for the sand bandits to regain their position and defense before they could break through smoothly.
At this time, the sand bandit cavalry was stunned by the terrible power of the fiend arbitration, and looked at the area that was hit by the forbidden spell. When they came to their senses, the arrows, spears, sharp machetes and lances had torn their armor and penetrated into their bodies.
The dragon knight Nyongfu came back after killing, and dozens of sand bandits were swept out with a gun, and then they matched Scola.
He saw the fire dragon hold his head high and growl, and the flaming dragon flame sprayed Scola.
The flame tumbled to the ground, and the burning radius was ten yards. This dragon flame was swallowed up by the flame. The power of the dragon’s breath in Buron was much greater. More than 300,000 blood bandits were attacked by the dragon flame, and a blood bar immediately fell by half.
Ago and Grant took the opportunity to lead the team to rush and instantly knock over more than 1,000 sand bandits. The scene was that they had previously defeated the sand bandits’ outpost, and the commander Scola was crushed by the dragon knight Niang to take root and not command. As a result, the sand bandits lost their footing, and nearly 10,000 Abel cavalry and heavy armored cavalry, like an unstoppable torrent, highlighted the sand bandits’ encirclement and continued to run away in the direction of the deserted town.
In fact, it is also very simple to wipe out this sand bandit striker, but it is urgent to intercept before and chase after, which has dragged on for a long time, and it is easy to be surrounded again in this Gobi.
On the other hand, Orlov led an army to attack three camps at the same time, and it also received miraculous results. More than 100,000 sand bandits poured out of limestone castles to rescue the attacked camps in three ways. Even the best commander, Jorasimon, was killed from his lair.
Sand bandits are stationed in more than a dozen camps in Gobi, and the garrison department is out to roam in Gobi, and all sand bandits patrol teams are also close to the army
As a result, the wave was set off by a rescue operation of the Abel tribe, and the whole storm was obviously angered by the Gobi War.
When Ye Feng and others crossed the storm barrier and arrived in the deserted town, the unfortunate news came …
Chapter DiQiWuEr knelt down and collected
Ye Feng has just spent more than 10,000 gold coins to build a camp of the Mad Lion Order near the storm boundary. More than 1,000 np soldiers were left behind by sand bandits, and two Xuan Bing crossbows were killed.
There were more than 5,000 np soldiers stationed in the military camp, but Orlov was ordered to send troops to attack the sand bandit camp. The military camp was destroyed by 20,000 sand bandits.
Fortunately, Orlov’s retreat was compared, otherwise the three of him who were responsible for attacking the sand bandit camp would be more panic-stricken than thousands of sand bandits who came here.
Hundreds of thousands of sand bandits just arrived at the sand bandits’ barracks from limestone castles, and the total strength of the sand bandits will probably exceed 300,000.
What is even more frightening is that sand bandits are tying up near the storm barrier and carrying a large number of siege weapons such as trebuchets.
Or is the intelligence inaccurate? Jorah Simon’s army of sand bandits more than doubled than expected.
Barren town earl fu hall
Orlov looked sad and reported the situation to Ye Feng.
"Count, we have angered Jorah Simon, and the bandit line seems to be preparing to attack the deserted town!"
Ye Feng asked, "Did the Garella army enter the Gobi?"
"no! They stayed in Baiyangdian for a while and have turned back to the prairie! "
"That’s good. You and Argo go to prepare. Move all the crossbows and catapults guarding the city to the deserted town. From now on, enter the first-level security, and order the village leaders to take refuge in the city immediately and close the city gate after one hour!"
Orlov and Argo were ordered to leave the hall, leaving Ye Feng and Grant Loyunmeng and others.
"Yunmengma will send scrolls to transport four thunderbolt trebuchets at a fixed point to let lofty sentiments let go for the time being. All members of the first elite group, the second elite group, the fifth elite group, the seventh elite group and the fifth elite group will rush to Los Angeles and be ready to be sent to the deserted town for war. I will also inform you to seal your heart and let the four sub-groups of the samurai cavalry regiment get ready for delivery. If we can’t stop the sand bandits from attacking, we can move the cavalry …" Ye Feng said.
"But not to say that there are more than 30 sand bandits? Five elite groups plus four samurai sub-groups are less than 10 thousand, and the garrison in barren town is in its early 10 thousand. Do you want all members of the main alliance of gods to participate in the war? We are short of troops. The barren town doesn’t even have a moat. It’s not as high as Los Angeles. I’m afraid we can’t win! " Luo Yunmeng’s worry theory
"The strength is expensive, not expensive. Besides, the average level of sand bandits is close to 110, and there are too many adults!"
Then Grant came forward and said, "My Lord, this is because of me, Abel. Abel would like you to guard the territory."
Smell speech Ye Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The goods finally well-documented.
To tell the truth, Ye Feng root has no confidence to hold the deserted town now. According to his plan, it will be another week before the sand bandits fight. It is too reluctant to fight now
You know, he didn’t even finish recruiting troops. He just rescued Abel tribe and lost nearly 3 thousand cavalry. At present, his np army has more than 11 thousand people, and half of them have not received any military training. It’s hard to say exactly what the combat capability of the regiment is.
On the other hand, the Jolasimon Sand Bandit Corps has more than 300,000 troops, including more than 50,000 elite and sub-elite levels alone, and it also carries less than 50 trebuchets.
And the only advantage here in Ye Feng is the geographical location and the strength of more powerful urban warfare weapons, which are very different from each other.
Ye Feng thought it over and decided to retreat and take the opportunity to get Grant.
"Chief Grant, Abel shouldn’t take part in this war. Take your people out of the city before the sand bandits finish. You can reach the magic defense line in the south of the kingdom of Derog in one day at most. I think General Clint will be happy to accept your people!" Ye Feng muses.
"Go to Clint?" Grant frowned and asked, "with all due respect, didn’t you send troops to rescue us through the storm Gobi to make Abel loyal to you?"
Ye Feng smiled and then looked gloomy. "Yes, but I didn’t expect to provoke Jorasimon. My soldiers are rarely difficult to fight against 300,000 sand bandits, and they can’t be isolated. This war will be defeated and ended. If you stay, you will eventually be slaughtered by sand bandits like my people. I am an aristocrat. In your eyes, I am usually selfish and greedy, but I really can’t watch Abel suffer genocide because of me …"
"My only regret is that my title will be cut off if my territory is lost, and my plan to send troops to attack Valentis will go bankrupt."
Hearing this, Grant was surprised and said, "You have proved your kindness in fact. I would like to believe that you are really planning to attack Valentis in Garella?"
"Of course! Caroline, commander-in-chief of Derog-Wang Guoguang Alliance, has ordered me to form an army. If Garella rebellion enters the storm Gobi, I will lead the army to counter it! You should know that according to mainland law, an earl can have up to 3,000 private armies, and I can recruit 50,000 more. Not only that, but I am also the leader of Derog’s largest adventurer alliance, willing to fight for me. There are millions of adventurers, but it is a pity that time waits for no man … "Ye Feng said with a sad face that his ambition is not paid, which makes people feel sad.
"Grant, take Catherine with you. I promise you, if you can’t cure her, I will take her to Moonlight Dragon City for success or failure. My mentor, Moonlight Goddess, will find a way." Ye Feng said and waved his hand to signal Grant to leave.

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