His brisk smile overflowed from his mouth. "It’s a lie to beat so fast."

What does she fantasize about with her eyes open
If he hadn’t imprisoned her wrist, she wouldn’t be able to move. Where would her heart beat fast? Xu Jinyan reached out and put it directly in his left atrium. After a few seconds of silence, he said, "Aren’t you happy?"
"I didn’t say I couldn’t dance fast. Can I dance slowly like this?" Fu Jingxiao big bold eyes scanned a circle of her.
Xu Jin inkstone moved his wrist to get up. He let go and let her get up.
I don’t know if I didn’t live up to expectations or if the shoes fell off as soon as she got up with her. She tiptoed over and slipped again and again.
The most tragic thing in life is that the same situation happens twice.
Fu Jingxiao looked nai. "Did you throw yourself at me this time?"
I wanted to defend myself, but when I saw the romance novel, she suddenly developed a little bad taste and hooked Fu Jingxiao’s neck. "Why don’t you like it?"
He picked her up.
This panic is Xu Jinyan, who just pretended not to want to be true.
Fu Jingxiao held her all the way to the bedroom.
Xu Jinyan has produced a lot of images, which may be that he has just fallen in love with the overbearing president’s novel and affected his brain. It turned out that he threw himself down.
Just in front of Xia Lu, why did you swear to give up her principle so quickly?
Beautiful men can’t stop summer deer at present, can they?
Xu Jinyan had a very strong struggle in her heart and was carried to the bedroom big bed by him. She felt that the bed was shaking when he threw it away.
If they were lying in this bed together …
Actually, it’s not that I haven’t been lying …
It’s definitely not that you can watch the picture without paying.
"You …" Xu today inkstone closed my eyes and thought about coming.
Fu Jingxiao approached her face and pinched the tip of her nose. "Who told you to get up when you have to work and don’t sleep?"
Xu Jinyan thought too much. She opened her eyes and his face was so close that she swallowed again. It turned out that the evil person was herself.
People don’t have this idea at all.
Maybe she didn’t have any special feelings about the night in Beijing. She wanted to remember one.
"The alarm clock called me." She answered him Nuo Nuo.
He rubbed the back of her head. "I am jealous of the alarm clock."
"Ah?" Xu Jin inkstone didn’t respond at the moment.
"Stupid sleep" Fu Jingxiao nodded her forehead and let her lie down.
Xu Jinyan got into the bed and showed a head. Fu Jingxiao pulled it for her and covered her eyes with his hand. His palm was very generous and could cover her eyes. The palm of his hand seemed to hide the deep night.
She naturally slept, and he let go and paused, giving her the light and walking towards the door.
Xu Jinyan opened his eyes in the darkness and could vaguely see his back through the living room lights. He moved towards the door step by step.
"Fu Jingxiao" Xu Jin inkstone shouted a.
He immediately turned without a light, but his eyes swept over.
Xu Jin’s inkstone was pulled and murmured, "The second bed is ready to sleep."
After that, she got into the quilt at top speed.
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Chapter two hundred and fourteen Should I read it?
Fu Jingxiao smiled in the dark.
There was a regular aunt cleaning here before, but after Xu Jinyan moved in, he canceled it and asked her to come and clean it. He knew that she didn’t like people disturbing her and she would clean it herself.
Cheng Kang, who stayed in bed for the second time, asked him if he wanted someone to fix it.
He refused.
He doesn’t want her to see that he has a purpose. She doesn’t like him. He goes to a hotel to give her extreme comfort, which will make her feel at ease. Otherwise, she will have the idea of moving out at any time. In fact, she is always uneasy.
But just a word blocked his peace of mind.
When he got to the second bedroom, there were bathrobes here, which were washed and put in the closet.
The sheets and quilts were exchanged by Xu Jinyan for the master bedroom, but she changed her own sheets and quilts to be warmer, so this set was exchanged for this room.
Although he likes color, he doesn’t feel comfortable in the master bedroom.
It’s good to stay. What else do you dislike?
He lay in the quilt and looked at the ceiling. The coolie didn’t work in vain that night.
Just lying down.
Words came in.
"Mr. Fu, I didn’t arrange a video conference at your door last night. I’m ready," Cheng Kang said to him at the other end.
Fu Jingxiao cleared his voice. "You won’t work overtime if the meeting is cancelled tonight."
"Didn’t you hear clearly?"
Cheng Kang said weakly, "Listen clearly."
He leaned against the door of the hotel with a mobile phone in one hand and a notebook in the other. He wanted a video conference tonight, and he has been sorting out the information since dinner.
After falling in love, Mr. Fu didn’t even have a job title.
As soon as he shook his head, WeChat rang.
Cheng Kang immediately took out his mobile phone and thought that Fu Jingxiao would not regret it, would he?
"Did your boss exploit you tonight? Will I treat you to supper after work?"
He turned happy when he looked at the lost screen of his mobile phone. This is the true meaning of life. Who is going to be crazy about work? He replied, then went to the room, threw away his notebook and set off.
Who can resist the temptation of midnight snack?
A quarter of an hour later, he has appeared in front of the hospital.
"Angel lee took a midnight snack together", and the peer nurses came out of the emergency room to call her.
Angel lee waved "no, I have an appointment"
She ran towards the car.
"Come quickly?" Angel lee smiled.

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