And this time has not yet arrived.

When the time comes, the rebels will definitely strike the alliance army or the player half to death.
It is precisely because of this that the rebel np will let the allied forces expand and expand so arrogantly … It is precisely because there are not many rebel forces in the high-gravity area that they will appear to participate in special training. It is not necessary to reach the designated registration area to sign up.
There was a silence!
Lin thought to himself, "If I were the leader of the rebel army, I’m afraid I would choose to retreat or even give up one fighter plane to paralyze my opponent in the face of this situation … and then wait for the opportunity to give a fatal blow to the allied army!"
"For a short time, the rebel side will definitely not move … The rebel side is definitely not a fool in charge of this resource-based war, but a np who is proficient in the art of war and has a very high level of intelligence!"
"This is to look at the problem at the strategic level and the game designer level …"
"The supreme commander of the rebel army, np, may have been set as the dark king of np … otherwise, I’m afraid he will also look at the game Time from this level!"
Chapter five hundred and thirty-six Black Boxing Competitive Planet!
"That is to say, in the near future, Time will definitely usher in a great change!"
"The first to bear the brunt of this great change must be those of us who are expert players in the high-gravity area … we must leave the high-gravity area before the great change to avoid losses!"
Lin’s thinking is to avoid … After all, no matter how powerful a player is, it is impossible to compete with the huge forces of the rebel side, especially when the other side has been planning for a long time and I don’t know how many years.
Time flies quickly, so I didn’t give too much thought to Lin, and the seventh special training went straight.
Training scene information!
55 years!
Location, magic prison!
It is important to note that it is forbidden to make an individual physically and physically fight in the form of external force in one training, and the character will be eliminated in the second training. The player line will be eliminated in three training sessions, and all other players will be eliminated in four training sessions. The final winner will receive the highest realistic reward from the God Corps. The longest training duration will not exceed one year!
Reward supplement The final winner can get double a+ level rewards, and the penultimate eliminated person can get a+ level rewards, and the penultimate eliminated person can get A+level rewards.
Friendship shows that anything is possible if you are not dead!
"Magic prison!" Lin looked at the term and was a little surprised. "It’s on this planet!"
"It is forbidden to use personal physical force to fight outside the form … personal … physical … force …" There is a comment on this rule "!"
"The longest training duration is no more than one year …" Lin was a little surprised again. "How to limit the special training time … but it seems that there is no limit. It is because the time difference is relatively small. If it is really ten thousand times the time difference, then in reality, a year in special training is ten thousand years! !”
For this rule, Lin was surprised that it appeared a little early, but he was not surprised. After all, it will appear eventually.
"The first double a+ award … the growth rate of the award has decreased! However, it seems to be good for me. After all, my status in the Shentuan is A now. Even if the champion of this special training is taken away by others, they can’t exchange my news from the Shentuan for this reward. If you get the reward this time, you can come and change whatever you want! "
The sixth special training champion award was given by Lin after the training.
"Friendship shows that anything is possible before you die … isn’t this nonsense!"
Magic prison!
It’s not called the magic prison, but the diamond planet!
Lin knew the planet was there when he went through the fifth special training.
In the eyes of ordinary people, the magic prison is a planet that few people live in and is developed into a tourist holy place, and it is very expensive. It takes an astronomical amount for most ordinary people to spend a day.
Will be called the diamond planet!
But it is a huge black boxing market in the underground of the magic prison … Black boxing can be said to be a very old business, which has appeared since human beings were still in tribal times and has never been cut off in the future.
Of course, the 55-year, 55-century magic prison and the 55-century black boxing are different from those in the early 21 ST century
In the past six special trainings!
After all, this is the first scene that is not too difficult for players.
The second zombie planet … Compared with the first game, the difficulty is greatly increased, but it is not too much to make all kinds of weapons.
The third scene is about creating a musical planet that can’t make technology impossible to develop … the difficulty is not too high.
In the fourth game, I was imprisoned in a research planet full of radiation … The difficulty was greatly increased again, but I could also use my brain to make scientific and technological knowledge.

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