This is probably the first time in history that many politically sensitive topics have appeared in the game, such as freedom, democracy, the gap between the rich and the poor, and social security issues.

When a name called Big Whirlwind Game appeared the most frequently in the materials he saw and involved sensitive topics, he felt a little difficult to adapt.
It seems that a person’s resistance to a class and all the people has constituted a certain crime, but it is only an online game after all, and it seems that the possibility of constituting a crime in the network security regulations is not very prominent.
Wei Mou took the information in his hand and looked at it over and over again, and his curiosity became more and more curious. What kind of person is this whirlwind? He is willing to take a big blow. It seems a little funny to say that he is little, but there are still many successful people around him.
Weimou decided to meet this big whirlwind to see what he really looked like, whether he really had superhuman powers or whether he bared his teeth like a terrorist.
At this time, in the glitz, Ye Zhang and others entered the dark world and saw the world completely different from the underworld.
It seems as if there is a world without gravity, and all kinds of ruins and dust are suspended in the middle to form a unique landscape. In front of everyone, there are still many huge stone carving buildings that have abandoned the concept of physics and slowly rise from the ground to the middle, which makes everyone sigh.
According to the conclusion drawn from the angels and the undead, there must be two worlds, one light and one dark, in the dark world, but the world in front of us doesn’t know whether it is real or a reflection projection.
But soon they were in trouble.
Dark resin demon is an 11-level monster. It is not difficult for Ye Zhang to kill this team now, but once the number of this monster increases in the dark world, it will be a headache.
Moreover, the dark corpse demon has a very disgusting special effect. When a player kills one in combat, the attack power will be reduced by 2 points, and this effect will only disappear when he is out of combat.
Therefore, when Ye Zhang and others saw an elite strange dark knight wandering around the earth surrounded by a large number of dark resin demons, they wisely chose to give up.
"Brother Cyclone, this place is not easy to mix."
Angry and angry, he lamented that his magic attack power was once reduced to less than 5 points in the previous battle, and his hitting damage was almost about 3, while his usual garbage magic damage was less than 10,000. Moreover, a mage’s main DPS attack generally killed the dark corpse demon in a range, and the number of the main killer was only a little less than that of Ye Zhang.
"Try to avoid mobs, first detect the map and find the town."
Ye Zhang’s words made everyone nod and fight. After a person started stealth, he left the stealth state alone, and he would not be attacked. Moreover, the scout with the best moving speed was obviously more efficient than people.
Soon, the news came from the famous battle. In a direction not far from them, the famous battle discovered the first town in the dark world, but it is obviously not a town where players can stay and replenish, but a monster fortress in the dark world.
When Ye Zhang and others rushed to the fortress near the famous battle position, they saw a huge dark corpse demon not far away, which made everyone feel a little numb. If we kill all the way like this, I’m afraid we haven’t seen the big monster yet, and their attack power has been reduced to.
At this time, Ye Zhang looked at Zhi Re and asked.
"Zhiruo, do you have any good ideas?"
Zhi if pointed to the front mouth way
"Have you noticed this place? This is the dark city, the habitat of monsters in the dark world. The dark city is the most common venue magic in the dark world, and this venue magic will not disappear unless you can destroy the whole fortress."
Ye Zhang nailai glanced at the huge dark city ahead, and it was obviously impossible to destroy this huge fortress, so after a long struggle, Ye Zhang sighed.
"It seems that we are really stuck in this place."
If the monsters in the dark world attack higher, the defense is harder, the blood volume is thicker or the skill damage is stronger, it will not pose too much threat to their team, but killing the monsters will reduce their own attack power, which is a very headache.
"Actually, there is a way."
If zhi wanted to think and said, it made everyone’s eyes shine, especially Ye Zhang. In his mind, if zhi is a less waiter than Fu Shi, it is better than not in the field of Fu Shi.
"We are all members of the dark world, so that not only will we not be affected by the dark city effect, but we may even get a bonus."
If zhi ruo’s words make people look at each other, racial conversion looks good, but can it be successful?
See if zhi took out a rune from his backpack and waved it in front of Ye Zhang, so that everyone was delighted.
DNA modification
At the same time, Ye Zhang secretly sighed in his heart. If the bartender is here, he may rack his brains to think, such as cracking the magic of the venue here or benefiting some symbols that deliberately destroy the special effects of monsters, but he never thought that in turn, benefiting the magic of the other venue would enhance himself. This is a question of thinking from different angles or experience.
Through DNA modification, when Ye Zhang and others’ ethnic departments transformed the dark world, they suddenly found that they got a 3% attack and defense bonus in this place because of the dark city effect, which made everyone overjoyed.
"Brother Cyclone, let’s go!"
Angry inflammation at this time took out a dark magic wand and a face of eager Ye Zhang laughed. They also took out their weapons and rushed out of the dark city
In this place, in addition to the 11-level monster, the dark corpse demon, there are also the 115-level dark knight and the dark crusader, all of whom are covered in thick armor. Their defense is amazing, and the dark city venue magic obviously also increases their attack and defense.
The damage value of bows, arrows and daggers in famous wars is not high, but anger and beauty are very brilliant. Magic calculates resistance defense, while the attack bonus of dark city is not only physical attack, but also magical attack. Ang Yan’s magic killing suddenly reached a horrible value.
When Ye Zhang saw Ang Yan’s look of excitement and joy, his desire for the Great Magic Array became stronger and stronger. This commitment has been waiting for Ang Yan for too long.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Fight side by side
Once the monsters in the dark city have no special effects, it is just like a team battle with teaching significance for Ye Zhang, which is perfect except that they can’t gain experience.
After work, they can see the exciting look on everyone’s faces. They haven’t been so relaxed for a long time. In the glitz, they either had to face all kinds of difficult BOSS challenges or couldn’t see the hope of player war.
In other words, they can go to today, led by Ye Zhang alone, and they feel that they are not like a team, but more like a foil. Today, they finally find a position in some team battles.
Ye Zhang is very sigh with emotion looked at zhi if she is a person quietly low there at this time like a worry, and by the little beauty from the side jokingly she is lightly with a smile and did not respond to each other.
This expression raised a pity in Ye Zhang’s heart. She seems to have always been alone, and every time she entered the glitz, she left her in a hurry. She was sensible and lonely. She was born in the battlefield and had a hateful father. She had a very hard time since she was a child. Although she seems to see the hope of prosperity today, she can’t change her habit.
"Are you tired?"
Ye Zhang walked over and couldn’t seem to find the topic. As soon as it was exported, he smiled himself. In glitz, he was not tired. The problem was that he was tired, but if Zhi looked at him seriously, he smiled and shook his head.
"I’m very tired. Why don’t you ask me?"
The little beauty is pretending to be strange again. Ye Zhang ignored her, but Zhi Re seemed to feel the subtle change in the atmosphere. She set her eyes on the distant mouth and said,
"There are other venues in the dark world besides the dark city. You may have to be careful after fighting magic."
If zhi said that, he walked towards the front. Ye Zhang sighed in his heart. She looked around, and he Ye Zhang didn’t know what she thought. At this time, he didn’t say much. He went to the famous war and looked at everyone with a smile.
"Well done, everyone."
The famous war didn’t look up, and he still had the words spoken by the bartender six months ago, which still clearly echoed in his heart. He felt like falling into a dream many times and what kind of power could make a companion become like that.
The bartender likes fu Shi, but Lin Youxuan’s glitz has grasped this point. This weakness of altruism will be enlarged and he will successfully control the bartender. If one day the controlled person becomes himself, he can’t imagine what kind of darkness it will be.
Everyone set out. Dark corpse demons are everywhere in the dark world. These monsters pose a threat to their law now, but they also slow down their speed. After a long journey, everyone came to a place called the dark mining field, which impressed everyone with a group of 115-level wild monsters and dark resonance people.
It’s strange with a relaxed mentality, but after gradually killing a large number of dark resonance people, the first thing I found was a famous war. He had the artifact dagger that Ye Zhang had given him at the beginning, and he would more often hold hatred in Ye Zhang and attack at the same time.
But when he was accidentally attacked by a newly-brushed Dark Resonant, he was surprised to find that his blood volume was reduced to 6% by just one attack.
A 115-level monster shouted at Ye Zhang with such a great strength.
"Be careful, everyone. These monsters have extremely high attack power."
Ye Zhang had a divine blessing and he deliberately stripped off his equipment to make himself an enemy, so he didn’t notice it. At this time, the number of monsters refreshed increased. When Ang Yan was accidentally hit by a dark resonance, his blood volume was directly reduced to 2%, and the little beauty obviously reacted slowly step by step and Ang Yan died directly.
Zhang Ye stunned and killed Angyan twice. Is this really a 115-level monster?
While zhi if frowning mouth way
"Dark resonance deliberately increases the attack power by 2 points according to the number of monsters in the dark world of death. This is the passive effect of dark resonance itself, and the dark urban venue cannot be cracked."
Ye Zhang sighed at this time, but when he hit the friend bar, he found that the anger level had dropped to 19.
You can’t gain experience in killing monsters in odd maps. Once the level is lowered, you can rise again. Ye Zhang looks pale at this time. This is also considered that he is thoughtless. A team leader has not done his duty to protect his teammates.
Dark monsters have many wild monsters and have a large number of special abilities that deliberately cooperate with each other. Although the fighting intensity is greatly reduced, it is not easy to get out once they are trapped. After all, Ye Zhang has no spell and this type of large-scale powerful killing skills.
When Ye Zhang sent a message to Ang Yan, who didn’t seem to care much, everyone broke away from the fighting and came to the entrance of the dark world.
Angry face is not good-looking, but he didn’t complain that such emergencies are common, so it can be said that he is unlucky and the team is inexperienced.
However, the reduction of anger level made the whole team fall into a kind of pressure. At this time, Ye Zhang looked at his own sequence and the aura of undead judgment. He said to anger
"Stay with me when you are angry, and don’t leave the aura of the undead."
Angry nodded. Now Ye Zhang undead ruling aura is level 12, which can effectively reduce the range of all monsters converted by undead by 35%. Although the effect of attributes is much smaller than that of attack defense, it is also a guarantee, and orderly array care is also a state increase for our own players.

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