Baoqi moved his leg, and the gun braced his shoulder hard, aiming at the target in front of him and slapping him maliciously.

"Don’t move the palace and hit a ten ring for you!"
Yao Wang’s face burned at the thought of his thoughts, and his eyes fell on her face.
Turn eyes and move to aim at the sky light commanded her to say
"Steady your body and aim at the bull’s-eye-"
A shot was shot out quickly, and immediately after a row of shots, someone ran to check the target.
Treasure and pure this gun although there is no ten ring, but somehow in the target nine ring partial is a great progress!
Show off in an ostentatious manner!
"how about it? Yao Meiren! Sister will become a sharpshooter sooner or later? "
Section 323
Yao looked at her pretty face for several seconds without being able to move it.
Now it’s Yao Wang’s turn to shoot her!
In the future, he wants to keep this posture, because in his opinion, the most stable place for Comrade Baoqi is probably the shoulder.
Unexpectedly, Bao Qi turned his back on him and patted himself on the shoulder.
"come on! Dude! "
Half kneeling, Yao looked at the gun rack on her shoulder and tried it several times. It was a bit awkward because he was tall and short, which was very inconvenient. After thinking about it, he simply sat on the grass with his legs behind her like her and put her in the middle, and then put the gun rack on her small shoulder.
In this way, the posture of wrapping people is very ambiguous, especially in the distance, people look precious and pure, like the whole person is in Yao Wang’s arms.
Hard chest scraped her back from time to time. Yao Wang tried to calm his breath, aim at the distant target, aim at it again and aim at it again. But he aimed at it for a long time, and the target became more and more confused. Just now, he asked her to stabilize him. Not only did his heart beat unevenly, but he shook the gunman a little.
Aware that his breathing is getting hotter and hotter, Bao Qi’s back is stiff, and his eyelids are tilted and his eyes are tilted.
"169 why don’t you shoot?"
"Don’t move!" Yao Wang low drink a way to breathe burning hot.
"Shoot! You shoot! "
"… wait!"
Take a deep breath and Yao Wang’s eyes finally moved from the back of her head to the gun sight.
The woman’s warm body is in his arms, so let him shoot quickly.
This is ambiguous …
This embrace posture, such close contact with her and physical entanglement gave him a great shock.
In fact, he really wanted to shoot the gun well, but his eyes seemed to be pulled away by her’ gravity’, and his mind was bound to come. His body was tense and hard even after he didn’t listen to him, and he was always calm with a gun, and his mood quickly collapsed.
The heart beat faster and faster! Now that all the shots have been shot, he’s the only one left in this round
In silence, everyone was waiting. For a second, he felt that almost no one was talking.
My ears were a little hot and embarrassed, and I whispered, "Yao Wang!"
Hearing that she was accused of drinking low, Yao Wang was even more hot and embarrassed, but the apex was like several bugs climbing, which made him lose his mind and his forehead was full of cold sweat.
"Baoqi, I’m sorry!"
"What to say? ! Quick gun! There is nothing to be ashamed of! " Bao Qi certainly understood the meaning of apology in his words, because it was too obvious that the part behind him was like a piece of hard stone, the heavy oppressive feeling and his trembling arm.
"Baoqi, don’t be angry. I really didn’t mean to!" It was like blood was flowing against her. Yao Wang was holding the gunman in a cold sweat. For a moment, he felt as if he had heard a violent heartbeat.
I don’t know if it’s him or her.
Body motionless treasure and pure heavy urged "ya I’m not angry! Don’t forget that I am a male doctor. I know that men’s normal physiological reactions are not shameful! "
"Well, I’m not a qualified sniper."
Yao Wang promised in his mouth, but holding a gun, there is still no way to control the spirit and nerves by himself. Generally, the whole body feels like a place where the body is attached to her.
Because this feeling of closeness is so beautiful.

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