I also work harder when I kill bugs.

Blood dyed the sky red.
Zerg blood is of various colors, and rarely red. The blood of swordsmen who participated in the battle is red and warm.
Many people didn’t want to come to the sea, but they were forced by their elders to come to the psychiatric clinic. When they saw this situation, they couldn’t help blushing.
No wonder I always heard the elders say that if it weren’t for the swordsmen stationed in Yunlai Sea, how could they enjoy a stable and peaceful life for so many years?
"Cloud refiner, we want to save people!" Suddenly a psychiatrist spoke.
Then many psychiatrists followed suit and said, "Me too!"
"I’m going too!"
To add up to less than 20 psychiatrists, more than a dozen of them came out to prepare for the treatment of injured soldiers.
There are several children who look at the huge zerg with fear and know that they are spoiled at home. Now they are frightened to see such a scene.
But even so, there are more people who are not afraid of the battlefield with huge wings and teeth.
They are that future and hope of the spiritual fish world.
Chapter 68 Come to the station
Sure enough, Han Xiumo soon found the opportunity to forge a sword before Yunmingyuan and stabbed the Zerg not far away at him.
It is absolutely impossible for this sword to hurt the Zerg when it was in the big world of the moon.
It doesn’t seem surprising to be in the spiritual fish world.
Han Xiumo missed the Zerg in one blow, as if he were equipped with bronze and iron, but he was not injured.
He didn’t love war, and quietly avoided the front battlefield after a shot.
Han Xiumo, a sword repairman who can do harm to the Zerg, has caused a storm in his heart.
He also and YunMingYuan thought of the same point.
It was at this time that neither of them spoke.
Even if they really want to do that, there seems to be nothing they can do at this time.
At present, it is business to deal with this insect tide attack first.
With Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo arranging spiritual doctors and refiners, they have also become orderly and found things to do to alleviate the original chaos in the battlefield.
Moreover, because of the spiritual doctor who can come up with the magic elixir, the sword practitioners are less uneasy and more excited and brave when they fight against the Zerg.
Even Duan Xiu couldn’t help it.
This time, the main points of the worm tide battle are a group of young newcomers, but it is really the easiest battle they have ever fought.
Duan Xiu killed the last worm in the sword.
I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
His royal sword flies in the battlefield of Lieutenant General, and Jian Xiu is still alive. He has been summoned to prepare for the post.
Later, it was discovered that Han Xiumo led the psychiatrists not to leave, but to collect the bodies of the insects they killed on the battlefield.
Duan Xiu is one leng.
He is not white.
However, just before Han Xiumo led the psychiatrists, he was impressed by the psychiatrists. At this time, he did not rashly interrupt these psychiatrists.
But after thinking about it, he flew to Han Xiumo and asked, "Do you need any help?"
Although Jian Xiu is not like a spiritual doctor, he can save lives, but he has the strength to rely on these spiritual doctors’ small bodies. How can he put all these bodies away?
If we let such a few psychiatrists do it, it will take a day to get it done.
Han Xiumo also you’re welcome. "Then it’s in trouble. It’s best to put away all these insect bodies. When we get to the place, we can try to find out if we can find out these insect weaknesses."
Han Xiu ink in the mind also know that dealing with zerg is not as smooth as dealing with virtual beast.
But there’s so much to analyze right now. If he doesn’t make good use of it, he’s seen a ghost.
Someone sent the door to help Han Xiumo, and he wouldn’t be stupid enough to refuse directly.
Duan Xiu immediately called Jian Xiu for help.
The first time I entered Yunlaihai, I encountered a zerg sword repair before I arrived at the station. I was called to help if I didn’t adjust my mentality. I was busy for a while, and naturally I didn’t want to think about it.
Yunmingyuan has already prepared the flying boat and specially opened up a corner to pile up the zerg bodies.
Han Xiumo also found several kinds of special spiritual plants growing in pieces when collecting zerg bodies, and hurriedly called several spiritual doctors to help pick them together.
Although the psychiatrists don’t know what to pick these, the performance of the former Han Xiumo on the battlefield made all psychiatrists respect Han Xiumo involuntarily, and Han Xiumo asked them to finish them meticulously.
Han Xiumo is very satisfied with this.
And on the other side, the zerg bodies are almost collected. Jian Xiu has been allowed to enter the flying boat for a short rest this time.
As soon as they arrived at the flying boat, refiners came to make sure that the swords in their hands were seriously damaged and they were directly replaced with new ones.
Most sword repairs are somewhat flattered.

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