Ji Guo was ashamed to score 45 points a game, and his average score was higher in the last few games. Now his opponent is no longer poor Durant, but his teammate. It seems that he is not interested in competing with him for mvp panda.

Ji Guoqiu certainly knows what he is thinking, but he still plays step by step, and he won’t hesitate if he has the chance to play the ball.
The Warriors’ defensive ability ranks in the bottom of the league. They have almost no defense plus a certain way to enter the playoffs. At this time, they will not fight for the Clippers. This game is meaningless to the Warriors.
The clippers are helping Ji Guoqiu to wipe out the shame. With Ji Guoqiu taking the lead, other teammates naturally know what to do. Now, the mvp campaign has Ji Guoqiu among the three people. If you take the initiative, it will leave the fox brother and the gorilla to compete.
In this way, the higher the average score of Ji Guoshame, the greater the chance of winning the mvp. This season, he has won 34 consecutive victories and 72+ victories. It is difficult for James to compete with Ji Guoshame, two abnormal honors, and it is almost impossible to beat the Red Fox.
At home, Staples fans held high the white flag with the "73" sign and continued to cheer for the home team while shouting "mvp" and "mvp".
At the end of half-time, the score was 64:56, and both teams played more relaxed defense, which was like playing a preseason game, but the Warriors were still behind the Clippers by many points.
Ji Guoqiu scored 6 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 blocked shot. Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 blocked shot. Brother Fox really scored a good score. It seems that it is not difficult to break 4 in this game. After the game, the average score is expected to reach a new level of 33 points.
At halftime, the dead fox thanked his teammates for their help and euphemistically said, "Let’s continue at halftime."
Ji Guo’s shame is not limited to these. He knows that if he pushes himself too hard, the little warrior can easily be directly killed. He can’t bear to look straight at the waterproof strength on the defensive end. I don’t know when he actually developed "eye defense * *". He looks very like McGrady when he dozes.
The half-time warriors were so waterproof in Ji Guo’s humiliation that the offensive firepower quickly hit the outside line one after another and overtook the score.
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t help cursing in his heart. "Idiot, you forgot that the 9596 Bull was forced to play like you in the finals and was almost overturned in the gutter?"
Ji shame looked at the score and found that it was only two points behind. "Don’t worry, didn’t the bull win the championship in the end?" How can we drag the game to the last quarter if we don’t play like this? I still want to get 5+. "
"You can’t play like this. Hurry up and get the difference to five points. If you don’t come, I’ll play by myself."
"Well, I just don’t know why you are so careful. We are two-time champions. You should have some champion confidence?"
Ji Guo was very reluctant in his shame. It was not halfway through the third quarter, and it was going to be real. When the fourth quarter looked like garbage,
But soon the swollen fox will be embarrassed to put aside his previous thoughts and concentrate on the game.
The Warriors’ wave-throwing combination is by no means as easy to knead as he thinks. This season, the Warriors have killed the Cavaliers and Lakers, which proves that the team’s potential is absolutely not underestimated. The Clippers and Spurs in the league can always have absolute defensive advantages to suppress the Warriors, but today, when Ji Guo’s humiliation is released, other players of the Clippers naturally relax. It is this relaxation that the Clippers completely release the offensive firepower of the Warriors. Once they are crazy, it is not easy to tie them up again.
In the third quarter, Curry’s three-pointer was as hot as yesterday’s national humiliation. Five out of seven shots in a single quarter blew the Clippers into a hole. On the other hand, Ellis broke through and fell into a state of madness. He could also lose his balance without looking at the basket and score various fancy goals, which made the giant panda’s face black.
At the end of the third quarter, the score was 9:94. The Warriors blasted 3 points in the third quarter and overtook the Clippers by 4 points.
"It’s okay. It’s okay. We have the fourth quarter."
Ji Guo was ashamed to open his mouth to comfort his teammates, but when he saw the panda with a bad face, he quickly bowed his head and said nothing.
"Nothing, we will kill them in the fourth quarter!"
Ji Guoqiu later said that it was actually a meaning, but the effect of saying this from his mouth was much greater than that of a dead fox. The clippers second echelon players heard a few roars and were ready to kill the warriors.
Old Deng Liwei made a lot of rotation in April, and Garcia played very well this month.
This season, Uncle Jia has nearly doubled his personal data when the Clippers can get 15 minutes without heavy play. If he can’t show his status in the last month, a contract will probably go down instead of up.
In addition to Garcia and veteran Hill, he signed a two-year contract last summer and can jump out the next year.
Grant Hill averaged 12 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 49% shooting percentage and 42% efficiency in two minutes per game last season. It is not a problem to jump out of the contract and retire with a middle-class job.
The Clippers sent out in the fourth quarter: Drazic, Crawford, Garcia, Joel Anthony and Jordan Jr.
This array is more energetic than the Warriors’ substitute array. Garcia first hit a three-pointer in two minutes, then cut into the basket to dunk. Crawford then dribbled behind his opponent and hit a difficult shot. The score was quickly overtaken by the Clippers.
"How awesome!"
Ji Guoshi waved a few towels hard at the scene and was glad that his team was a substitute.
The Clippers bench did save Ji Guo’s humiliation. Curry and Ellis played the whole half. They had overtaken the score in the third quarter, but they didn’t expect to be pulled back by the Clippers bench in the fourth quarter.
Old Deng Liwei didn’t change these outstanding substitutes until the last six minutes, and the main score came to 16:15, when the Clippers overtook them by one point.
Ji Guo’s shame finally stopped making waves after he returned to the game, and it was the most important thing to defend honestly and win this game.
The biggest contribution of the Clippers’ substitutes is not to overtake the score, but that they have seriously consumed the physical strength of the main players of the Clippers. After the main game of the Clippers, most of the warriors have exhausted their physical strength. The defending warriors finally lost like a mountain, and they failed to score for three consecutive minutes. The Clippers attacked Paula’s score gap.
Ji Guoshi still bears the main scorer in this wave of offensive, so his personal score has increased to 46 points, and he has a chance to get 5+ today.
In the last three minutes of the game, the score became 11515, and the Clippers led by ten points, which completely ended the game.
Old Deng Liwei considered whether to let him continue to be present at the sight of Ji Guo’s humiliation and wait until he got a 5+ and then change him.
Ji Guo was ashamed to take advantage of his height outside the 3-point line of 2 minutes and 2 seconds, and hit a nearly 3-pointer to increase his personal score to 49 points, one point short of the 3 rd 5+ in the season and the 5+ in his career.

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