He wants to win over those neutral fans to vote. Even Su Huanjen can’t resist their energy, because most gamers are not so sure. They support always playing well.

If someone questioned Lu Zhanlai’s courage more than an hour ago, everyone has believed it now.
Winning a game may be accidental, but winning all the time is the real strength.
Now Lu Zhan is fighting hard to prove that he deserves to go to Paris.
He glanced at it, and it was almost 7 pm after seven games. Most of the people present were hungry, but no one left and no one wanted to leave until they saw the final result.
Lu Zhanhuan looked around the stadium, and the lspl people and lpl people in the crowd were still separated. Seeing the big screen on both sides, Lu looked forward to his princess and others and immediately waved to Lu Zhanbai to let them all support him.
"I will definitely take the last game" Lu Zhan smiled.
This game is different from the first seven games except that lspl voted for him to enter the Star Wars or because his opponent is Lin Wankuo.
The former villain tricked him into being the culprit, and now Lu Zhan is going to beat him in the most brilliant way in such a public moment.
Lu Zhan knows that Lin Wankuo also knows what he is doing. He has already thought about the hero of this game. He decided to play a hero who was rarely seen before to prevent the routine from being seen through.
If you want to make a hero’s land exhibition, you will wait for Lin Wan Kuotai.
Compared with Lu Zhan, sweat has oozed from Lin Wankuo’s hand.
Even if I haven’t personally gone to Lu Zhan’s solo, Lin Wankuo is still in the game.
After being robbed of education by Lu Zhan in the shopping mall, Lin Wankuo concentrated on practicing hard for a long time. solo is now more powerful in technology and has more heroes.
But he is still not sure whether he can win the land exhibition.
On flashback according to lpl ranking, he made a good abacus and hoped that one of the top seven people would win the land exhibition or consume the energy of the land exhibition.
Unfortunately, the front seven people lost one by one, and he was able to play.
Now he regrets accepting the challenge of Lu Zhan. At that time, no one thought that Lu Zhan could really win seven games in a row. Lin Wankuo was a chance to humiliate Lu Zhan. I didn’t expect his side to become a springboard for Lu Zhan’s canvassing.
It’s really stealing chickens and wasting rice.
Lin Wankuo walked to Taiwan with a serious face and chose a machine that no one had ever sat on.
It’s not because of the "feng shui" of the competition, but because he is really not so confident. He wants to delay thinking about what hero to consider when passing the plane for a while.
Lu Zhan’s hero pool is so horrible that you have no idea what he will do in a game or even the type, which is depressing.
The game is all high-profile, and it takes two minutes to choose or not.
"Lu Zhan, you have ruined my good deeds many times. I can’t stand it any more. I will beat you this time and let you see my secret weapon!"
Lin Wankuo said to himself
Then he wiped his face with sweat and chose the blind monk.
The mobility of blind monks in Solo bureau is very good, and blind monks have a sudden advance and injury, and W blood sucking is a necessary hero for master show exercises. Lin Wankuo played singles before, and later lost to Lu Zhan and practiced solo specially. He has already played a lot of blind monks solo privately, and he has gained experience.
He didn’t expect to be a blind monk when Lu Zhan’s hero appeared.
"Blind monk to blind monk?"
The audience was excited.
Although blind monks can play singles, the most common position is undoubtedly playing wild. I didn’t expect such a key game that two singles actually took out blind monks at the same time
There was a blind monk once in the former lpl, but he was killed by Lu Zhan Sindra in the first class. Now the blind monk is out again, and everyone is looking forward to what kind of war will happen.
Lu Zhan took the blind monk because of the needs of the competition, and he also practiced Lin Wankuo’s choice, which surprised Lu Zhan.
In the second shopping mall, solo Lin Wankuo didn’t pass the blind monk. It should be that he played solo recently. It should take a lot of effort to dare to take advantage of the blind monk.
However, Lu Zhan didn’t go to the blind monk’s house, and Lin Wankuo couldn’t guess his routine.
The choice of heroes in this game has turned them from familiar opponents into strangers.
A brave man in a narrow road wins two heroes. The appearance ratio is the speed of loading and the understanding of heroes.
As soon as we entered the interface, we found that the two blind monks were different.
Lin Wankuo, the summoner’s skill, chose to ignite the unified flash, but Lu Zhan chose to ignite the weak root without flashing.
"This is to be pressed in the early stage!"
Liker can’t help saying that he is weak. If Lu Zhan can produce results in a certain wave of matching in the early stage, he can successfully suppress the blind monk to make up the knife.
In lpl, Lin Wankuo has long been famous for his early suppression ability, but Lu Zhan’s early suppression ability today is even better than his. It has long been said that Lin Wankuo must have been crushed by Lu Zhan in the early stage.
However, there are also many people who support Lin Wan’s rich people to refute all kinds of arguments.

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