Feet are exquisite and beautiful, just like a perfect art, a little flush, maybe because of injury

Chu Yun’s hand just touched the surface and felt tender. I didn’t expect it to be so satiny!
"Why did you let you rub it, not let you … touch it …" Chen Mengyao was ashamed, especially because his feet were strange … I wouldn’t let him rub it if I had known.
Chu Yun gasped at the air pressure, and the ripples in his heart were like pinching his shoulders and gently rubbing them …
Gradually Chen Mengyao corners of the mouth smile float face dizzy red, it feels good to be served by the heart!
Chu Yun was very light, but she was afraid to make her feel pain until her hands were a little sore before saying, "Are you ready?"
"Not enough …" Chen Mengyao was enjoying her sweetheart when she was like an ordinary girl who spoiled her boyfriend.
Chu Yunnai smiled and somehow he felt that Mengyao was a little naughty after becoming his girlfriend …
"Are you ready?" Ten minutes later, Chu Yun was really tired.
"Then you help me to wear shoes and socks …" Chen Mengyao said contentedly.
"I really lost to you …" Chu Yun didn’t refuse to give beauty a treat.
When Chu Yun looked up, she just met a pair of clear and charming eyes. It was beautiful and watery and soft.
Chu Yun couldn’t help staying. In addition to her eyes, she has a charming, lovely and beautiful nose. Beautiful radian, shining with soft lips, I can’t wait for people to take a bite!
When the tie came, Chu Yun got closer and closer, especially when the aroma from Chen Mengyao made him want to stop.
Chen Mengyao eyelids like a fan blinking his hands rubbing skirts at a loss!
Kissing is very stressful for a girl who still has her first kiss …
Gradually, Chen Mengyao closed his eyes and waited for the sacred moment.
Chu Yun also felt so excited for the first time, but just then a sudden sound broke into their ears …
"Meng Yao Xiaoyun ate it!"
Chumengyao cried and opened his eyes. Chu Yun couldn’t give up halfway
"Don’t help me out quickly …" Chen Mengyao Chen Tao blushed unconsciously at the thought of the past.
"Hmmm … OK …" Chu Yun stupidly listened to her lover’s orders and helped her out of the room step by step.
Because of the arrival of Mengyao, Chu Biwan deliberately added several dishes, and the three of them had a kind of happiness together, which she had never experienced for a long time.
When eating, Chu Biwan gave Chen Mengyao a bowl full of dishes, so how can the girl not cherish it if she can’t find it with lanterns?
In Chu Biwan’s eyes, his family belongs to poverty, but Chen Mengyao knows that poverty is still willing to be with his son. This is not the kind of girl who is greedy for vanity and loves the rich.
"Meng Yao, you hurt your foot, or don’t go home tonight. Stay here for one night …" Chu Biwan couldn’t help saying that he liked the girl more and more.
"ah!" Hearing Chen Mengyao’s mouth wide open, a girl stays at her boyfriend’s house. Although it’s not a big problem, can it make people feel like a frivolous woman if it’s promised too soon?
"For Meng Yao, you will live in my house tonight, and just have a room at home." Chu Yun hurriedly said that if Meng Yao lives here, at least it can increase the family’s feelings, right?
"I …" Chen Mengyao hung his head in shame and promised not to promise or not to know what to do?
"If it’s inconvenient, let Xiaoyun send you back, but now you have to eat enough …" Said Chubiwan and went to Chen Mengyao’s bowl for food …
"I didn’t say I didn’t agree …" Somehow Chen Mengyao uttered such a sentence and the sound was as small as a mosquito.
"You said you agreed?" Although the sound is very small, Chu Yun still hears it faintly.
Chen Mengyao was so ashamed that he ordered two heads. Although he was embarrassed, his heart yearned for it!
"By the way, Mengyao, does your family know about your Xiaoyun relationship?" Chu Biwan asked, the heart can’t help but get nervous. If the family doesn’t agree, the chances of two people being together are slim.
"I haven’t …" Chen Mengyao shook his head to tell the truth …
"This ….." ChuBiWan expression is a bit difficult if let her family know that their children were left in other people’s homes don’t know what to think?
"Aunt, don’t worry. I’ll just say that I live in Vivian’s home. I used to live in her home before."
"Slightly?" Chu Biwan doesn’t know who it is.
"Slightly a good friend of Mengyao’s best friend …" Chu Yun smiled unconsciously at the thought of this queer girl.
"Well …" Chu Biwan set his eyes on Chen Mengyao again and said seriously, "Mengyao, if you really like Xiaoyun, you should communicate well with your parents. Although our family is not rich and single-parent and many people look down on it … Xiaoyun has been excellent and good since childhood. I believe he will definitely be a good husband in the future. If he dares to treat you badly after marriage, I will be the first to spare him!"
"I …" I don’t know how Chen Mengyao felt his nose was sour.
"Well, dear boy, don’t think so much …" Chu Biwan smiled gently at Chen Mengyao and then said to Chu Yunyi, "If you really want to marry Mengyao, you should behave well and let Mengyao’s parents sit up and take notice of you!"
Chu Yun hung his head and didn’t talk, which made the Long Yun Tuan boss sit up and take notice. What would it be like to let mom know the truth?
Chen Mengyao and Chu Yun hang their heads and are inexplicably afraid. Although Chu Yun is excellent, his father’s personality will not agree to marry a man with a fine figure …

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