After sorting out the dawn plan, Wang Tianping also saw the last key of the sergeant’s deputy to defeat the bloody ghost.

Moreover, this is a time limit of 15 minutes, which is the statement of a bloody madman, but Wang Tianping will not believe it.
The enemy can deliberately extend the real time to let the player relax his vigilance and slow down his manual work, but actually launch a nuclear bomb in less than 15 minutes.
Of course, she can also deliberately shorten the time to make the player feel anxious, so that there will be manual flaws. Once the one-on-one player is killed, it will be a failure this time.
Although he knew that what the other party said was fraudulent, Wang Tianping still didn’t dare to have the slightest idea of relaxing sooner rather than later. He accelerated the manual work, and it would certainly be harmless if he could eliminate the final BOSS as quickly as possible.
After the first blow was in the wind, Wang Tianping actively demonstrated that the opponent’s hard power is stronger, especially the mobility is higher, which makes it almost impossible to attack around. Although it looks dangerous, frontal attack is the most suitable.
While Wang Tianping was struggling, the other two icebergs and mad lions who had reached the CD2 team were caught in different crises.
The iceberg situation is very similar to the frenzy. At the front, the ice elves communicate with the final BOSS. The ice elves are blocked by the barrier, and they can fight the final BOSS one-on-one, while the rest of the players can resist the barrier.
The ice elf’s fighting feature is flexibility. She can play a good role in complex terrain, but she quickly falls into passivity in this simple terrain without bunkers and obstacles.
This time, the crazy lion is even more nai and miserable. He is good at suppressing them with body fire. Few people go out to show off their talents. Atlas has been with his teammates since the beginning and has not gone out like the snow elves and Wang Tianping.
So in the end, the BOSS raised the barrier and directly blocked all the mecha of the crazy lion on the other side. No one of the crazy lions could attack the final BOSS. They could attack the barrier and pray not to walk too fast when they were left.
Three, three, three teams, and finally the BOSS raiders have reached the most critical moment.
Chapter 416 Patrol VS Blood Crow ()
Charge attack block dodge
Wang Tianping, the deputy chief sergeant of the frenzy squadron, and Natalia Blood Crow are fighting fiercely, while the rest of the frenzy squadron members are attacking the barrier in front of them.
At present, the situation is not optimistic, and the enemy’s hard power is very strong. Even Wang Tianping can hardly gain a great advantage in a short time, and now the frenzy squadron needs more than just solving the enemy.
If it’s just to defeat the Red Blood Crazy Ghost Wang Tianping, there is no pressure. Even if you win one-on-one by yourself, you must be able to live long enough for the rest of the team to break the barrier. If you talk together, the blood crow will have nothing to fear.
But now the situation is that if we have to wait until everyone breaks down the barrier, the time limit may be up. When the nuclear bomb is launched, even if it is a deputy here, it will not really affect the map of the federal port, but their deputy will be a failure.
Moreover, the system is obviously bent on letting the Raiders deputy team solve this problem alone. At this time, the external communication of the frenzy squadron was actually blocked
Of course, there is no problem to contact other players’ friends in the game, but all the contacts with the game NPC are in a state of failure, but even the barrier technology has been copied, and it seems that there is nothing unreasonable to add another communication barrier
So before all these disadvantages, the frenzy squadron can do is pray that Wang Tianping can play smoothly and quickly get rid of this enemy and then stop the nuclear bomb launch
When! When! When! When!
Wang Tianping hit katar and alloy combating Dao several times in a row, and even joined the shield attack, but all of them hit the small shield of the blood crow on both sides of both arms, so that the blood crow’s defense is very difficult, and no matter where the attack comes from, it can move the block with minimum force.
Then it’s the blood crow’s turn to fight back. The axe with two short handles keeps flying. Natalia’s attack method is monotonous. Most of the time, it’s a simple right hand splitting and a left hand sweeping, but it has to be said that the monotonous attack effect on the axe is the greatest.
Every time Natalya strikes back, Wang Tianping has to drive the patrolman back. Only when he comes or doesn’t retreat will he raise his shield to block the blood crow once. The strength of the blood crow is too strong and the weight of the axe is so heavy. Once it hits, even if the block is successful, the balance of the mecha will be affected.
Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Wang Tianping repeats this word to himself over and over again. The more calm and anxious he is in this situation, the more flawed and failed he will be, so that he can’t see what he can usually see.
What should I do now? Surrounding attack is absolutely impossible. The enemy is more mobile than the patrol, so the mecha surrounding attack can be self-defeating
All kinds of advanced skills flashed through Wang Tianping’s mind one by one, but they were all rejected by him one by one. Many skills lost their original effect in the face of enemies whose hard power was much stronger than their own mecha.
Mecha tai chi? It’s not good either. Before Wang Tianping’s fear in dealing with the smiling wolf came true, all the battles were carried out under the nose of the red-blooded crazy ghost, including all the fighting methods of Wang Tianping.
Wang Tianping has tried the mecha Tai Chi, but the effect is not great. Obviously, Natalia has learned about the mecha Tai Chi routines through those video materials and come up with some countermeasures.
If it weren’t for the fact that the mecha Tai Chi body is very hidden and can be integrated into other skills, the enemy has not completely mastered this skill. It is estimated that Wang Tianping will have been caught when he came out just now, and now thanks to this, Wang Tianping can also save himself at the key moment.
The enemy’s understanding of the mecha Tai Chi is still very vague, but the deboning and tendon-breaking knife method has been effective. Natalya has been able to defend against the deboning and tendon-breaking knife method attack, and occasionally she can come out with similar moves, which actually scares Wang Tianping into a cold sweat.
Blood crow axe split in the patrol shield, which was a great blow. Although there was no evasion gap in the balance, he didn’t fight hard, but he slipped back for more than ten meters while taking advantage of this blow, temporarily leaving the scope of blood crow suppression.
The effect of advanced skills has been confirmed that Wang Tianping himself is white. In fact, many of the so-called advanced skills are for the benefit of his own mecha characteristics, so as to amplify specific mecha shortcomings and cause damage or containment effects.
However, once one’s own strengths control the shortcomings of the opponent and the opponent’s strengths are as strong as one’s own, the advanced skills will be greatly reduced.
Are all advanced skills so useless? Of course, it is not possible to issue advanced skills. The bases are all ace pilots. Although each ace pilot also comes from Tong Mecha, the advanced skills are mostly based on Tong Mecha, and custom machine A features are added.
Ace pilots used to drive through the mecha. Of course, they can also do it. These ace pilots can send advanced skills, but to maximize this skill, a custom machine armor can’t play half the power of advanced skills without using the mecha.
Now Wang Tianping is faced with this kind of embarrassment. The patrolman’s mecha is very capable. He can use a lot of skills, but in the end, the patrolman is just a prototype. It is not a big problem to deal with the general mecha, but the advanced skills to deal with custom machine A are a bit tasteless.
Wang Tianping closed his eyes, breathed a sigh of relief, moved his hands, and then opened his eyes again to make the hand gesture of the patrolman. This time it was the most basic hand gesture of the patrolman.
If the advanced skills are not good, then the idea of deciding whether to win or lose on the basis may seem contradictory, but it is difficult for ordinary pilots to ponder. It is the only way to become mecha ares if there is an ace pilot.
Patrolman’s Mecha-type weapon is equipped with a small shield on the left hand, a multi-tube laser gun on the right arm and a pair of alloy combat knives hidden behind katar. Basic attack methods include shooting (gun), shield strike (shield), block (shield), chopping (knife), sweeping (knife), straight stab (knife), straight stab (sword), Liao (sword) and side attack (sword).
In the future, the part about the patrolman emerged in Wang Tianping’s mind, and he also recalled that he was assigned to study and live in the mecha unit shortly after joining the army in the future, recalled that he was initially selected to train the patrolman mecha, and recalled that he would practice the basics of the patrolman mecha to the extreme, so that he could be promoted to an elite pilot by this point.
Yes, Wang Tianping also has a perfect foundation, but before he was an ace pilot, he naturally felt that the mecha could not keep up with his footsteps, and now his patrol pilot feels that he has finally returned

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