Of course, the lack of physiological excretion is also related to Chen Kai’s diet. After drinking the broth for three days, there is not much to pull out. It is estimated that even if Chen Kai chooses for two days, it will not pull too much, but this does not prevent Chen Kai from feeling hungry. On the contrary, after eating the broth for three days in a row, Chen Kai is almost hungry now, but he can fill a cow with Su Wan’s food and pour a bowl of broth into his mouth as soon as possible.

The warm and delicious broth quickly warmed Chen Kai’s belly, and then he didn’t eat solid food for a long time. Then Chen Kai showed his ability to eat a lot. He stuffed all kinds of food into his stomach crazily, from barbecue to bread base, and he chewed and swallowed quickly. The eating speed made Thuram feel scared. You know, even among the black dwarves, Thuram’s food intake and eating speed are the fastest, but compared with Chen Kai, he is dwarfed.
You know, the half-giant’s appetite is almost comparable to that of the current dragon Tony. When Thuram saw Donnie and Xiaojin passing by with half-roasted sheep in their mouths, he was directly in a mess. On the contrary, there were many dragon life in the world, but there was no dragon life. Thuram héng thief, Zei8ne, killed a dragon lizard alone, but the so-called dragon creature was a little dragon blood, garbage and junk. Compared with the sacred dragon blood in the body, Donnie and Xiaojin were absolutely different.
Thuram héng thief, kill the dragon lizard with Zei8ne ritual. The dragon blood is very weak. Even Rowen doesn’t have a dragon horn. If it weren’t for the elderly, it wouldn’t be classified as a dragon life. Compared with the body, it contains this high concentration of dragon blood. Two little guys, Thuram killed those dragon life, which is scum. Unless they live long enough, their wisdom is only a three-year-old child at most. Compared with the intelligence base, Donnie and Xiaojin are much worse in IQ. Especially Thuram also saw Donnie look at the hillbilly when he left with a half-baked sheep.
Selam is very sensitive to other people’s eyes. It is definitely a hillbilly look, but he can’t swing a hammer to shoot Donnie to death. Don’t say whether he can succeed with this hammer alone. If Chen Kai doesn’t do it, the old dwarf Mishra will beat his ass with a hammer. Although Selam can slaughter ordinary dragon life as food, if it is a dragon with pure blood, he will respect it very much, because the dwarf king first established the lava city in the underground world with the help of a dragon. If there is no dragon’s help, it is estimated that the black dwarf will not be here now.
The dwarves in lava city respect the dwarf king with silver veins the most, or the dragon life with pure veins and the life close to the dragon, especially the intelligent dragon creatures who live in lava city. In addition to dwarves and people who are considered to be kind, there are some kind dragon creatures, such as the domesticated dragon walker and the straight descendant of the dragon at the beginning.
When Xu Fei took the old dwarves and a group of black dwarves back to the Lord’s House to prepare for dinner, he saw such a picture that he almost ate up the table, rubbed his belly and burped. Half-giant Chen Kai stupidly stuffed food into his mouth. Thuram? Silver waved a feather duster and chased after stealing to eat Downey and Xiaojin Su Wan.
Seeing this picture, don’t say that Xu Fei was in a mess, even the old dwarf was ashamed in a moment because he felt that he had eaten all the food on the table, not Llewellyn, but Thuram, a little bastard, because Llewellyn obviously lost to Thuram in eating, otherwise he wouldn’t burp on the ground, but it was definitely wrong for Thuram, who didn’t eat more than half as much as Llewellyn. If Llewellyn knew that Thuram had taken the blame for him in the eyes of the old dwarf, he would be willing to invite the other person to have another meal.
In the end, Su Wan, the poor chef of these dwarves, had to prepare a lunch again. Of course, Lleyton was caught by her. After all, everyone is hungry now, and Lleyton, a pot-bellied man, is full and has nothing to do.
Even if Su Wan had three heads and six arms, because most of the meat was wiped out by Chen Kai, they finally hosted a banquet for those black dwarfs. There was only half-roasted sheep for lunch, and all the original bacon and ham went into Downey’s mouth. By the way, he was lucky to be spared by the owner in charge of the kitchen and then dragged the rope to watch his brother hanging.
Although this meal is more shameful than eating Xu Fei and Chen Kaiyin, he can be said to be the owner of the whole territory, but the owner has eaten all the food given to the guests. If you go out, you will definitely laugh off a group of fangs.
Of course, Mishra, the old dwarf, doesn’t mind much about these things. Actually, after visiting Chen Kai’s city, he thought it might be helpful for Berkner Town Lava City to get enough food. Whether it’s from the location or from Berkner Town, it’s the closest and most important thing is that it’s not far from the city. To find the way to Lava City, it is estimated that this commercial road can be established soon.
The only thing that bothers the old dwarves is the security problem. Although Xu Fei tries his best to ensure that the demonized soldiers will be quickly eliminated, the old dwarves can clearly feel that Xu Fei’s guarantee is very strong. Even if Drake puts himself in charge of the Knights of the Black Armor to show his strongest side, it seems to the old dwarves that this kind of power is as fragile as sand and gravel. No matter how powerful the black armor cavalry is, it is impossible to launch a charge in the ground. The success or failure of the battle is always determined by individual combat effectiveness. Because of narrowness, it is doomed to let the big regiment enter the battle.
The second point is the road problem. The road to the lava city is not easy to find. In the spider-web dense passage world, a fork can lead to the lava city, and neither can it lead to the lava city. At the beginning, together with the dwarf city in the north, the black dwarves spent 300 years slowly looking for it. If it was not for fear that the disaster had not disappeared at the end of the ground calendar, it is estimated that the black dwarves would have dug into the ground to avoid the disaster that year. The black dwarves would have hid in the ground for dozens of kilometers, but finally lost the road to the surface.
Finally, the third and most important point is that the old dwarf Mishra is very J Ι ng. He just wandered around for half a day and learned that lava city can be sold to Berkner Town. Although there is iron ore in Berkner Town, the pyrite in his view is slag in lava city. That is, the foot of the table will be rejected because there are too many impurities and too many oxides in the ore. It is difficult to J Ι ng smelting and so on, which all lead to the final formation of iron ingots with extremely low quality. This kind of iron ore smelting metal ingots can eventually be used to build white weapons, or even the worst kind of whiteboard weapons, which leads to brittle
Unless Chen Kai is willing to invest a lot of money to transform the smelting equipment, it is almost impossible, because if the smelting equipment is transformed, the final production of iron ingots will be very high, almost twice as expensive as it is now, even if Chen Kai has more money, he can’t afford to smash it. Chen Kaifa’s pyrite is only to obtain enough metal for tool production rather than equip weapons.
There are a lot of metals in the lava city that can be traded, whether from weapons and equipment or the most original ore metals, but the only thing that the old dwarves in Berkner Town lack is food, or that the food is lacking in the lava city. However, Chen Kai is also short of this kind of thing. At present, Berkner Town is just barely fed and clothed. Although the trade route leading to Nice, Aarti, South China has been through Su Xinghe for the time being, it has been sent directly to participate in underground operations, but it wants to be carried out.
Large tuna scale
Business and trade are still very difficult, and it is a wishful thinking of Chen Kai that the so-called business road is connected before the first batch of goods are shipped back to Berkner Town.
You know, players have been carrying broadswords around the castle to sweep away monsters and demonized soldiers’ feathers. Recently, they have been dying with demonized soldiers. The place of death is in the Nanshan Valley in the south of Berkner Town, that is, the middle and rear part of the Rift Valley. This area is where Chen Kai recently recognized the actual control area. Players occasionally found traces of demonized soldiers, and then Yu took a large group of people to fight with each other crazily. Every day, players hang up for thousands of times, and even Yu died three times, and his equipment almost exploded.
Now the caravan has to stop around the fortress in Nice, Aarti, which is located in the Rift Valley, waiting for the northern fighting to stop, but no one knows whether it can stop in the end. Feather has been playing crazy. I don’t know if Drake and the black armor cavalry ran over to help. It is estimated that Feather will be honored to get her fourth hanging record, and then the last high-level leg armor will become a rustling underpants.
Because of these reasons, there are very few materials that can be traded in the actual Chen Kai territory, but the dwarves don’t need the Hans Court gold coins. The black dwarf currency and the Hans Court currency are not complete. It can be said that at present, it is not supported to exchange, which ensures the authenticity of the game. There is really no preferential treatment for players.
You know, players make money, which is called mainland currency. Whether it is gold coins, silver coins or high-grade secret silver coins, there is a unified pattern, but the actual value of this currency is very fixed, and in reality, the currency of each aboriginal imperial resident is different
The first volume Chapter 135 Underground guests ()
Home decoration yesterday, the wall was demolished, the bed was demolished and the sanitation was dismantled! Then I finally lost my dear bed and rolled to the sofa!
Asking for a ticket
The more developed the commercial economy, the busier the circulation of goods, and the greater the demand for money. At the same time, it is even more necessary to have a unified settlement international currency to calculate the value of things. In reality, gold and silver lack paper money to replace gold and silver, but the most indispensable thing in the game is gold, and there are more precious metals than gold. Natural metal money has become the main means of trading.
However, in the frequent transactions of underground dwarf lava city Ri, the currency is the owner of lava city’s own rock-making gold. This currency can only be traded in the city, and all goods are exchanged by the owner. In fact, the old dwarf Mishra still has such a problem in his heart, that is to say, the currency settlement problem.
It is absolutely impossible for lava city dwarves to collect gold coins, not to mention that for lava city dwarves, those big gold coins without fingernails can’t be seen, even if they can see them, there is no place to spend them in the underground world. The currency of every city in the world city-state is not unified, because all residents in the underground world believe in a truth, that is, strength is right.
If they see good things, they don’t buy them with money, but directly choose to draw out a sword and rob them. Even among dwarves, they also act as robbers. After all, not all dwarves are perfect. Because of life, dwarves can become robbers. There are many dwarves robbers on the ground. Even if they say that they love beauty, they will become tough robbers.
Of course, if Mishra and his gang were robbers, it is estimated that Chen Kai and them would have already died in the underground world, and even the bones have turned to ashes. Actually, if it weren’t for Chen Kai and them, there would be more people then. Silver is worried about the loss of manpower. It is estimated that before the appearance of Mishra, the old dwarf, Selam Silver will attack and avenge his own people. At the same time, he will rob a sum of money. He won’t do that. Actually, people in the world, even those who are kind and orderly, will sometimes act as robbers because life in the world is too difficult.
Actually, if Drake didn’t show some powerful fighting capacity of cavalry today, it is estimated that the old dwarf Mishra chose not to trade with ll after returning to the ground, but to let the whole lava city dwarf soldiers attack Berkner town. Of course, after knowing that Berkner town is closely a small aristocratic territory of the Hansting Empire, Mishra gave up this idea directly, even if the black dwarf city is strong, even if the lava city goes deep into the ground for dozens of kilometers, if it offends a huge empire, it is estimated that the city will be destroyed and the people will die. If the Dwarf Warrior of Lava City attacks the base of Berkner Town, it is equivalent to raising a family to migrate. Generally, if there is no way to gain a foothold on the ground, more than 100,000 black dwarves will really be home.

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