* * Peng’s goal also completely defeated Shide’s fighting spirit. Soon, Gao Jun scored another goal in the middle of the school and scored a hat-trick in another city, which also helped the team expand the score by 61.

"The Shide team’s defense line collapsed, and a bunch of people were led away by Lin and Ribery, leaving out the most threatening Gao Jun. Now Shide team is like an amateur team! No wonder many home fans in the stands have already left the stadium and played like this. Who wants to continue watching? " He Wei, the commentator of CCTV, criticized rudely, while Jiao Yanfeng, the commentator of Dalian local TV station, had finished speaking.
Generally speaking, after playing such a score, the Oriental team should slow down and give the other side a face, but Gao Jun obviously didn’t think, "Don’t go on attacking without mercy. If you can score ten goals, don’t score one!" Don’t forget how they took advantage of our double-track opportunity to run wild in the stadium! "
However, the mentality of Shide team has been completely out of balance. Even if Dongfang team plays the ball quickly and never sticks to the ball, there are still players who are maliciously violated by the other side. In the 67th minute, Gao Jun was shoveled by Shide team players. Although Gao Jun has a strong sense of self-protection and avoided being injured, the referee was very strict about the foul penalty in this game. The referee ran over and showed a red card to Zhai Yanpeng, the right-back of Shide team, which immediately set off a powder keg. Shide team players, coaches and substitute players also rushed to besiege the referee. In the chaos, some people even directly attacked the referee
CCTV immediately switched the camera to prevent the audience from seeing the chaos, and commentator He Weize said naively, "This game is really amazing, but it turned out to be like this."
"Hey? What do you think is going on? " Xu Yang suddenly looked surprised at this moment. "It seems that it is the first time for me to see such a thing that all the players of the Oriental team went to the sidelines to drink water and didn’t take part in the fight."
Xu Genbao in the stands nodded approvingly, affirming that Gao Jun had to improvise at that time. Even if the players of the Oriental team were involved, it would be easy to stop the young people from fighting. It would be difficult to avoid additional punishment when they came. Gao Jun immediately waved his teammates away from suspicion, which was the best way to clean himself up. Of course, it was a bit sorry for the referee. When the chaos ended, the young referee was beaten black and blue.
However, the referee’s bones are really hard. Even if he was besieged, he insisted on immediately showing Shide the fourth red card in the game, and the game ended before. According to the basic rules of football match, when one side was awarded four red cards, the game would end before the game, and one side was awarded three losses directly. But before the game ended, the score gap was more than three goals, which was calculated according to the score at the end. The final score of the game was still 61, and the Oriental team scored three points away!
After the game, four red cards and the beating of the referee caused an uproar. Shide Club claimed that it was treated unfairly in the game. The general manager of the club publicly accused the referee of being instructed by the Football Association to blow the "official whistle" in order to avoid Shide winning the championship too early and making the league lose suspense. The club owner Xu Xu even quit the league to threaten the Football Association.
However, Yan, who is still in charge of the Football Association, is also very tough and doesn’t buy the account of Shide team. According to the rules, the referee didn’t actually make any obvious mistakes in this game, so he ignored Shide team’s management requirements and imposed additional penalties on Shide team’s players and coaching staff members who were not calm during the game.
However, in this game, the referee was too rigid in law enforcement and low in scene control ability, which also made the Football Association extremely disappointed. The Football Association really took care of the Oriental team a little, and specially chose a referee with a particularly strict law enforcement standard. Who knew that he was so inflexible that the Football Association became a target of public criticism, and the victory of the Oriental team was still in hot pursuit of Shide. The important reason for this intensification was that the Oriental team was so clean that it was impossible for the Football Association to "play 30 boards each"
In the end, it may be regarded as a punching bag, or it may be a step for Shide team. Later, the China Football Association "lacked the necessary flexibility" and other reasons permanently canceled the young referee’s law enforcement qualification. Gao Jun was somewhat sorry to know that the referee’s level was not bad. In fact, if he could learn to be flexible after a period of tempering, he should have become an excellent referee, but now he has become a scapegoat for the Football Association and was sacrificed. This can’t help but make Gao Jun feel a great sense of crisis. "Don’t look at those bastards in the Football Association. Now you are so polite to me. If something really happens, you have to sacrifice me to protect yourself. They can still do it. I need to be stronger and more influential so that they can’t touch me! "
It is said that such a young referee should not be sent in such a key game, but now the anti-gambling and anti-vice campaign is entering the most critical stage. Even if there is no problem, the well-known football referees are all under investigation at this time, and the law enforcement forces the Football Association to make young people temporarily take the lead and come to whatever they are afraid of, which really makes such a big problem, so that some people in the Football Association Department secretly complain that "if it is the’ golden whistle’ law enforcement, even if it blows the black whistle, it will not be such a big mess. Now the young referee’s experience and prestige are too far away, and even if the professional level
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Before the ticket
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However, some media later complained that the referee was unfair (in fact, it may not really be unfair, to a large extent, because he wanted to use this topic to speculate to increase his sales and influence). He thought that the fair and strict enforcement of the referee in this game would lead to the situation getting out of control. It was because the established and powerful team like Shide team lacked the necessary respect and bullied the referee. As a result, a well-known sports newspaper in a country was ashamed and angry after hitting the nail, and even bluntly said, "China team will probably face such severe punishment when it comes to the World Cup in 2008. Who will be responsible for the trouble then?" In fact, China players are spoiled in the national league and will always suffer losses in international competitions. "
However, the referee didn’t get the chance to enforce the law again in the end. Since then, he bid farewell to China football completely, and the China Football Association has decided to hire foreign referees to enforce the law as much as possible in national key games in order to avoid being accused of "official whistle" by the club in the future. Although this "fairness" is actually superficial, it can still reduce a lot of disputes, and it is just the right time for the China-Football Association to communicate with each other.
In this storm, the biggest loss is that besides the record-breaking fine, Folado, the head coach of Dalian Shide team, was suspended for six games, and participated in the siege of the referee, and he had physical contact. A total of seven Shide team players were suspended for less than three league games, and it was confirmed (in fact, there were more than two) that they attacked the referee Zhao Yijiao and another player, and they were suspended for two years. The suspension range included all clubs and all official matches with the national team, which was almost equivalent to announcing the end of their players’ careers.
Gao Jun felt a chill when he learned that Zhao Yi had actually hit the referee. Although Zhao Yi’s growth potential was limited due to age change and self-discipline, he had outstanding physical strength and good skills (note 1). He was the best sweeping midfielder in the country from four years younger and a scheduled main candidate in his future national team, but he was unexpectedly abolished because of this accident. "It seems that the butterfly effect caused by my crossing may not necessarily be a good thing."
What surprised Gao Jun was that Zhao Yi actually followed Feng Xiaoting to find him. "Brother Jun, help me!"
"You are really capable of incredibly dare to play the referee? Do you know that you regret it now? " Have spirit Gao Jun cold hum a way.
"I was in a hurry, too. When I saw other people start work, I lost my head and kicked my feet. As a result, they were fine, but they were old and unlucky. You are really just a league game. You have already won, but you will continue to beat us to death. Who can bear it?" Zhao a foot sad face injustice at the end of the way also can’t help but complain a few words.
"Someone didn’t get caught all criminals can’t catch a crime? What’s wrong with playing hard in the game? If you still think like this, you will definitely do it again. What can I do for you? And don’t call me brother. I’m older than you! " Gao Jun sneer at a made a gesture of fujian.
Come with Zhao. Feng Xiaoting hurriedly pulled his sleeve to make him pay attention to his attitude, and then smiled and said to Gao Jun, "Don’t dispute with him. He is a clown. If you can help, please try your best. After all, it’s the national youth team that has come all the way. After two years of suspension, the old brother is too long. He retired from the poor family before. He spent so much playing football in these years. Now he just earned a year or two as a coolie. What can his family do after this? Even if he deserves it, you should pity an uncle and aunt! "
Gao Jun’s expression softened a little after listening to this. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something and immediately asked, "Have you already asked the old man to intercede with Crouchen?"
"Yes, although they all scolded them, they all thought it was normal for young people to make mistakes, and two years’ suspension was tantamount to directly terminating their careers. This punishment was too heavy, so they both promised to intercede with the Football Association. If you, the core of the national team, intercede together, there should still be hope for the Football Association to reduce the punishment," Feng Xiaoting replied truthfully.
"The Football Association can’t change the punishment result. Even if the three of us plead together, the officials can’t hit themselves in the face, and even if they are willing to let go of the Beijing Olympic Games, they have to worry about the media taking the opportunity to make trouble. If you give one foot a commutation, then there must be some media who will point out that the international players can be lenient. It’s not fair. The Football Association can’t stand such pressure. If the Ministry lightens the punishment, it will mean encouraging other teams to besiege the referee. This punishment is light enough. Beating the referee may be the most serious stadium violence. It’s not too different to sentence him to life suspension. I forget that Hao Dong was banned by the AFC for a whole year just because he spat on his feet in front of the referee! " After listening, Gao Jun shook his head and said that there was still something he wanted to say in his heart, but after all, he refrained. "Crouchen and Ali Han are very unpopular with the leaders of the Football Association. Asking them to intercede may be counterproductive!"
"What shall we do?" Zhao’s face turned pale when he heard what Gao Jun said so seriously. Think about how desperate his parents would be when they heard the bad news when they got home. He couldn’t stop crying and hated himself for being so impulsive at that time.
"It is impossible to say that the Football Association will reduce the punishment, but the scope of suspension is limited to the national club competition and the national name competition, which means that there must be a foreign team willing to take a kick or hope to play football." Gao Jun’s words made Zhao shine, but judging from Gao Jun’s grim expression, I am afraid this road is not easy
Note 1: Not only is Zhao’s dribbling skill in defense, but it’s also quite better than people’s fake moves. It’s quite beautiful, but Zhao’s ball skill is far less than that with the ball, and the former is obviously more important for a lower back. In addition, his physical strength is not good at half-court, and his ball accuracy is even worse. These have seriously restricted his height. Of course, the main reason is that he is suspected of false age and weak self-discipline.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Have no choice
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"Asian clubs are definitely not possible. There have never been American players in the Western Asian League, and it is estimated that you will not want to go to East Asia. The football associations of Japan, South China and South Korea are less good with our football associations. It is unlikely that you will openly face the Asian clubs." Gao Jun said that he had a meal here and expressed his suggestion. "Therefore, you chose to have two South American and European football developed regions, but these football developed regions have always looked down on us. Even trial training is hard to pass."
"If you want to go abroad to play football, it will be very difficult to go through the front door." Gao Jun, who has always been "Wei Guangzheng", actually surprised them a little.
"Even in developed football countries, there are’ contacts’. Mendes still has some influence in Portugal. He should be able to introduce you to a Portuguese team or a Portuguese team soon. It’s up to you to work hard and make good fortune." Gao Jun patted Zhao on the shoulder.

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