It seems that Kevin feels very good today. After the basketball hit the rim and scored directly, Kevin looked aside. Iverson’s eyes were full of challenges. Unfortunately, Iverson smiled and didn’t speak, which made Kevin stunned.

It’s not easy to handle
Kevin shook his head secretly. If Iverson’s anger could be provoked earlier, the game would be much easier. But now it seems that Iverson doesn’t care much about these things. It seems that his appearance has really accelerated Iverson’s maturity
Iverson’s horizontal drift hit the board after receiving Si Nuo’s ball and shaking it continuously.
Iverson hasn’t missed three of three shots in 2 minutes. Iverson has completely liberated his scoring ability since he became a shooting guard. 3+ The score is too normal. This season, Iverson even scored 4+ in a row on the road. Not only that, Iverson can get about 3 assists per game. Iverson participates in almost every attack of the team.
Unlike Iverson’s crazy scoring, Kevin didn’t continue to focus on the offense. After all, he was not a shooting guard. After scoring five points in a row, Kevin focused on organizing the game and Ray Allen took most of the offensive responsibility.
At the end of the first quarter, Iverson scored 14 points, while Kevin also scored 7 points and 3 assists. Ray Allen scored 3 of 5 shots and the 76 ers are currently 2 points ahead of the Knicks.
Although the game is also very J and jīng, the ball Mi always feels that something is missing, and there is a feeling of depression. Not only does the ball Mi feel this way, but other people on the court also feel this way.
What the hell happened?
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Chapter 60 tangled game
The Sixers and Knicks belong to the East. It is no accident that the two teams are destined to become a pair of enemies in the playoffs. Although today’s game is very J and jīng, the ball Mi always feels that there is something missing. Old Brown, the head coach of the Knicks lounge, is arranging the tactics and arrangements for the second quarter, and Kevin doesn’t know where to think.
"What’s Kevin thinking?" Old brown was laying out tactics when he suddenly saw his mind wandering there. Kevin stopped and asked
"Well … don’t you think the tactics of seven or six people today are very special? There is a strange feeling," Kevin said after a pause.
After hearing Kevin’s words, everyone else was lost in thought. It is true that the Knicks players really felt uncomfortable in the first quarter, and they always felt that the offense and defense were very awkward.
Coach Brown smiled and nodded at Kevin’s satisfaction. I didn’t expect Kevin to find the problem quickly. In fact, not only the Knicks feel this way, but also seven or six people. Now seven or six people are discussing this problem in the locker room.
What on earth made the game like this? Hubie Brown and Larry Brown, the "Brown Brothers", gave the answer at the same time.
"Style?" Iverson was surprised and said
"Yes, it’s the style, Allen. If you look closely, it’s not difficult to see that the Knicks and the 76ers are both composed of defensive lines and offensive outside lines. This has the advantage of giving full play to the offensive strength of the outside lines and strengthening the line defense. Generally speaking, our array is arranged to deal with the Lakers and the Spurs, and the Knicks happen to have the same plan as us. Now it’s like a person fighting with himself. The same defensive strategy. Do you understand me?" Larry Brown said with a smile.
"How should we break this deadlock?" Iverson asked.
"impact line"
"Impact line?" Kevin in the Knicks lounge was surprised and asked
"Yes, the impact line has many advantages, not only reducing the defensive range of the I 4 O 76 man line, but also liberating the defensive pressure on the outside line, speeding up the conversion of attack and defense in the game and breaking the current deadlock," Hubie Brown said confidently, knocking on the tactical board.
"Then who will finish this?" Kevin asked consciously.
"You," Larry Brown said directly to each other.
"Me?" Iverson paused for a moment and then nodded with a smile.
In the second quarter, there was a funny change between the Knicks and the 76ers. Iverson went from point guard to point guard, while Totti went from point guard to point guard Alston to play point guard.
As soon as Alston caught the ball, the horse rushed to the other side’s half-court, and he didn’t care about the other side’s readiness to wait for the defensive line to see it coming. Alston Iverson was excited to prepare for Alston’s first sprint. You know Iverson also played streetball, although he was not as hot as Alston, but he was also famous. Besides, Marbury was also a good player in this field.
After continuous hip dribbling, Alston suddenly killed into the restricted area. Facing such recklessness, both Coleman and Mutombo of Alston Line are ready to give this I: o an unforgettable memory.
Seeing Coleman and Mutombo eyeing up online, Alston disdained to smile. Suddenly dribbling behind his back and holding the ball with both hands seemed to be going to the outside line. Kevin, however, immediately went into the penalty area and threw the ball to the basket before anyone else could react.
Alston entered the line like a dance and scored two points easily.
Seeing Alston’s J: ng performance, all the players on the Knicks bench stood up and applauded him, and Iverson’s eyes were bloodthirsty.
Then the performance made the city ball Mi hooked. Iverson and Alston made personal breakthroughs in succession. All kinds of J Ο ng colors were manually displayed to the live ball Mi. It seemed that this was not an NBA basketball league, but even Kevin became a supporting role in new york Locke Park for a while.
As a result, even the coaches of both sides didn’t expect to know that Iverson’s breakthrough ability can also rank in the top three in the league. Now Alston can’t compete with Iverson. It’s a world of difference to know that this is a league rather than a street performance. If it’s Kevin Totti, Larry Brown can accept it. But who is Alston’s "jumping soul"? Shit, in his eyes, the root of this garbage title is paste nòng people
Alston broke through the attack again and Larry Brown couldn’t stay any longer.
The 76 ers called a timeout. The Knicks were 4 points behind, and Alston contributed 1 point in a single quarter. It was no less than Se superstar Allen Iverson’s return to the bench. Alston was immediately ravaged by Knicks players, and even Kevin took a few pictures of him.
In fact, it should be Kevin himself who broke through the sharp knife today, but after thinking about it for a while, Kevin still thinks that Alston is more suitable for this angle. Although Alston has performed well in history, it can be regarded as a saying that in the past, the point guard’s ability to break through the Se has become rigid in the dogmatic bondage of the NBA, but his defensive talent is not so good. He almost belongs to the No.1 funnel. Although he performed well in the late stage of the Rockets and magic, it is a pity that it is difficult to enter the ranks of superstars. Si Tong’s training is more for him to strengthen his own advantages. After all, there is Kevin in the No.1 position, and Alston is grabbing points. Alston is also constantly improving his scoring ability and gradually forming a set of his own skills.
Now Alston can grow up so much that even Kevin didn’t expect it to be an unexpected surprise for the Knicks. Although the Knicks are still behind the 76 ers in this game, the laughter of the Knicks bench is ahead of the 76 ers. The atmosphere is extremely depressing
After the short time-out, the 76ers replaced Coleman, pushed Buckley to his familiar power forward position, and asked Lynch to play I: O forward McKee to score. Iverson continued to play point guard, and the Knicks changed accordingly, showing that Se Alston transferred Kevin back to the point guard for another breakthrough player, Ginobili.
Now the Knicks’ top three strikers Kevin, Ginobili, Alston and Ginobili are still at Alston’s breakthrough level. The two teams continue to attack the line crazily until the linemen are depressed. Ginobili breaks through one side and Iverson breaks through another. The J Ο ng color makes people sigh.
The live ball Mi kept screaming and the atmosphere reached * * for a while, and David Stern was also excited to watch the game in front of the TV. You know, the broadcast of the game has reached a peak, and at least two layers of TV are watching the game.
It’s almost like a miracle. Since Jordan retired, the NBA ratings have dropped, and David Stern is so anxious that he has to scratch his head. Fortunately, Kevin’s birth has brought a little surprise and freshness to the ball mi, and the feud between Kevin and Iverson has also been talked about by the ball mi.
This is David Stern’s happiest thing. From the black-and-white showdown to the bull dynasty, he can’t live without Stern, but he planned this multi-J ○ ng showdown. If Kevin didn’t appear, Iverson would be a life-and-death enemy with Kobe Bryant, but now Stern is more inclined to fight for "flash" and "answer"
"Let’s catch everyone’s eye," David Stern said excitedly.
The Knicks and Larry Brown and Hubby Brown in the fourth quarter are both cruel to each other, and they are also going to attack each other crazily. The Knicks are most afraid of winning a winning streak in the wheel race now, and the Knicks are proud of their opponents’ capital.
However, the 76ers are not the team that can rely on Iverson’s lonely heroes a year ago. Buckley and McKee can share Iverson’s offensive burden well. This situation has created a stalemate. You scored one and I scored one …
The Knicks took the lead in calling a timeout in the fourth quarter.
City leads by three points temporarily, but the Knicks still have the ball.
"Kevin will reduce the offensive and defensive rotation from now on and delay the pace of the game. Ray, Bruce, Rashid, you five will appear later. Kevin, you are in charge of defending Iverson, Bruce, McKinley and Lynch. Don’t let the other side easily break into the line." Hubby Brown is constantly arranging with a tactical board.
At this time, Old Brown decided to put all his eggs in one basket and fight back. Otherwise, the victory or defeat of the game will depend on luck rather than strength, which is the last thing he wants to see.

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