It seems that I didn’t eat meat again, so I hid my shell ~
Chapter 12: Continue or Write?
Shen Xinyu didn’t notice that his breath was still low and his white fingers were dancing fast on the touch screen keyboard.
When Tang Shiyan glanced at it again, he found that it had been two hours since the bus arrived, but this girl didn’t lift her head.
"Chatting with classmates?" Someone finally could not help but ask
"No" Shen Xinyu should move from his mobile phone to Tang Shiyan’s consciousness and explain "it’s a child in the game"
Tang Shiyan slightly raised her eyebrows and smiled. "It should be a cute girl for junior high school students."
In fact, Shen Xinyu doesn’t know whether Xiaoyupao is a man or a woman, but judging from the tone that the other party often nods to her, it should be a girl.
"Well," the man didn’t say anything. He leaned back and nodded.
At the same time, assistant Li suddenly received a message in Jiaocheng. After reading it, he couldn’t help but force him for a few seconds. He never involved in the game industry. Does Down want to expand his direction?
Fish bubble "Master, the college entrance examination will be held in more than six months. Many people are closed, but you are so idle. It’s not studying art, is it?"
Shen Xinyu "Sort of"
Fish bubble "Wow, that’s awesome. What are you studying? Are you ready to go to which university?"
After reading a little, Shen Xinyu wanted to think and continued, "I haven’t thought about it yet. Let’s talk about it after the art test."
Xiaoyu made a refueling red envelope and then added a sentence, "Master, let me know when you decide. Although I am only in Grade Three, I may be able to go to a university with you in the future."
Shen Xinyu smiled and looked out of the window and then quit the game.
Section 16
After lunch at the hilltop villa and a short rest, the group boarded the return plane.
It’s late to return to Jinxiu Star.
Shen Xinyu took a bath and fell down on the bed. He hugged the pillow with a manly breath. When he was going to have a good sleep, he closed the door behind him. Tang Shiyan came in with a pile of information in his hand.
Putting things aside, the man raised his eyebrows at the table, and the girl leaned over and patted the little girl’s face buried in his pillow.
"Ah, do what?" Shen Xinyu opened his eyes, first surprised, then looked at the man in front of him with some confusion.
Tang Shiyan smiled and hugged people directly. "It’s only nine o’clock now, and you’re going to class tomorrow. What should I do if I drop out of those jobs?"
Shen Xinyu "…"
"Don’t sleep until you finish your homework." The man’s low voice seems to be coaxed, but Shen Xinyu is now wrinkling his face in pain and didn’t notice it.
"But Cheng Xuechang is going abroad, and there is no one to guide me. I’m afraid I can’t finish it all night." The girl sat up like a boneless girl and then put her arm around the man’s waist to find support through the other person’s body
Tang Shiyan gasped and looked down at her. Did she look natural just now?
He felt that he suddenly understood what pain meant and went out to play happily. This girl was more and more unprepared for him and was more willing to get close to him than before. He was naturally happy, but at the same time he suffered more once or twice. It didn’t take long …
The palm of your hand rubbed at the girl’s waist in pajamas, and the man’s breath suddenly sank. "Do you want to continue or do business?"
Shen Xinyu felt that the other person fell on her skin, and the strength suddenly increased, and the other person’s kiss had fallen.
This sleepiness has completely disappeared. Before the clothes are stripped, the girl slowly says "I do my homework"
She doesn’t want to be stripped clean like yesterday.
Tang Shiyan hooked the corner of his mouth, just unbuckled and smiled again and said, "Don’t go to the room, just do it here. If you have any questions, just ask me."
Shen Xinyu "
Tang Shiyan got up from bed and went to the table to pick up a piece of paper. "This is your study plan for the second half of the year."
"Will you teach me?" In hindsight, Shen Xinyu realized that it was unbelievable that Tang Shiyan would give her another tutor.
"Well, what’s the problem?" Tang Shiyan knocked on the table with one hand and one finger.
Shen Xinyu shook his head again and again "no problem"
Just scared.
"Well, let’s do the problem first. You won’t call me in two hours." Tang Shiyan said that he had sat back on the bed and nodded his head.
The anger soon calmed down and returned to seriousness.
Shen Xinyu breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his head to turn over the volume, but after doing two questions, the girl’s line of sight fell back on the schedule.
Get up at six every morning, have breakfast at six thirty and go to school at seven.
In addition to practicing the piano, she has to do homework for two hours from 9: 00 to 11: 00 every night. Although this arrangement is similar to the previous one, the supervisor has changed. How dare Tang Shiyan personally supervise this giant Buddha to sit here and play games?
Pick the pen in your hand and make a ding sound. Tang Shiyan raised his head from the screen. "Is there?"
"Ah, not yet."
Tang Shiyan looked at her for a while, and then remembered something. He took a note from the table and wrote a line, "This is my email account. If I am not at home, you can send the question here."
Shen Xinyu silently pick up "…"
Of course, now she doesn’t know that this is Tang Shiyan’s wrong grandpa’s private account. From now on, she will be online 24 hours a day.
Returning from a business trip for a few days the next day, Tang Shiyan had just finished several meetings.
Assistant Li pushed the door and came over and said, "Mr. and Mrs. Tang just said to let you go back to your ancestral home."
"Yeah, I know." When Tang Shiyan raised his hand and looked at it,
Seeing that Mr. Li didn’t move, Assistant Li blinked and then said, "The old lady just replied that you should take Miss Shen back."
Tang Shiyan looked up at the past with a pen in his hand. "What else did you say?"
"Nothing, just two sentences. I said that you didn’t say anything at the meeting with the old lady."
"Well, get the car ready."
Tang Shiyan frowned and then pushed the chair up.
The old lady in Assistant Li’s mouth is Tang Shiyan’s grandmother, a strong woman who was famous in Jiaocheng more than ten years ago.
Of course, that was only more than ten years ago, and now this is an old lady who is also annoying.

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