At this time, Lin Ze and Qing Shuang have been stunned by this weapon hanging on the wall. The sword machete dagger cross tomahawk rosary sickle fist stabbing dagger double sword long bow short Mr …

It’s hard to believe why there are so many weapons on the fifth floor.
Do you really rely on your own luck as middle-aged people say?
Side head looked at the side of the green double Linze found that she had a little slouches!
"Green double green double! Can you feel what you hate? "
Lin Ze asked her.
But the girl said nothing and walked towards the wall with several weapons hanging.
Lin Ze and middle-aged people can follow silently.
Three people have been walking in with several luxurious and sharp weapons. They passed by, causing Lin Ze’s heart to itch. Maybe that’s how Socrates’ apprentice felt when picking up the biggest ear of wheat …
Maybe missing a weapon is the biggest ear of wheat, but Lin Ze decided to believe in the decision of Qing Shuang.
Finally, I kept walking in front, and the green double finally stopped.
At the same time, a rusty sword appeared in front of them.
This is what disgust Qing Shuang? Lin Ze, a rusty sword, looks unbelievable …
The middle-aged man smiled and patted Lin Ze on the shoulder. "It seems that you are not very lucky this time!"
But Lin Ze was lost in thought. Why would this rusty sword be disgusted by Qing Shuang?
He took the rusty sword from the wall, and his eyes shifted to Lin Ze’s hand.
It’s very light. He doubts whether the inside of this sword has been corroded. He waved it with one hand-he still didn’t feel anything special about this sword …
"Plymouth, can you see anything special about this sword?"
Lin Ze through spiritual chains to the so-called omniscient ghosts and gods asked.
"I don’t see anything special about the master’s sword, but I always feel familiar when I look at him."
Plymouth shook his blond hair in doubt.
"Is Qing Shuang the sword?"
Lin Ze looked at the girl with a confused face.
Green eyes finally during the affirmation nodded.
Get a positive reply from the girl, and Lin Ze will no longer struggle. Since Qing Shuang thinks this sword is special, take it!
"Well, predecessors! We want this sword. "
Lin Ze looked at the middle-aged man with this rusty sword and said.
"Are you sure? This is your last chance. "
Middle-aged people also want to give Lin Ze a chance. This rusty sword really makes him unable to see what is there.
But Lin Ze certainly nodded and that’s it!
"Good that you this treasure cabinet trip is over! What you need is a rusty sabre.
The light in the man’s hand flashed that Lin Ze’s rusty sword appeared in his hand …
"This is your achievement. Let’s go out! I hope you won’t regret it … "
A breeze blows around and light flashes. Lin Zeqing has returned to the first floor of the Treasure Pavilion.
"catch it!"

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