When Mu Feng crept away, Yuli just opened her mouth to eat a small crab bag. I couldn’t help but forget my mouth. Just looking at Mu Feng and seeing Yuli’s strange expression, Jiang Chu couldn’t help looking back. There was nothing behind. Yes, a doctor in a white coat just walked by.

"What’s wrong with the rain glass?" Jiang asked, turning around and wondering.
"Well, there’s nothing sudden … I think we have to eat quickly when our game is in time." Yuli said to her father with a smile.
"The game is timely", and the game is timely.
"Well, dad, don’t you know that we’re going to play a very powerful boss recently? We have to train together every day to brush points. This can’t be delayed." Yuli walked over and said, "Dad, do you know that I’m also very powerful in the game and I’m famous?"
"Very good, very powerful, my daughter is top-notch in everything she does." It’s not too early when Jiang Chu looked down.
"That … daughter, I’ll come to see you after I leave first." Jiang Chou said to Yuli that it was unnatural when he spoke, because every time he said that he would come to see his daughter again tomorrow, he would stand me up, and he didn’t know it was a few days later when he came again.
"Well, dad, you go and get busy. I have nurse Liu here and they take care of it. Don’t worry." Rain glass said with a smile.
"That’s trouble …" Jiang raised his head at Nurse Liu and turned and strode out.
When Jiang Chu’s figure disappeared at the door of the room, both Yuli and Nurse Liu breathed a sigh of relief. "Huyuli is so dangerous," said Nurse Liu, sitting in front of Yuli, and then asked, "Mu Feng, I said you couldn’t have missed it." She looked in the direction of washing her hands. "Is Mu Feng hiding there?"
"Well, he just went to wash his face. I think he can hear you. I just saw him sneaking out. Alas, I just didn’t know what happened. I watched Mu Feng go out in a daze. If it weren’t for Mu Feng’s quick slip, it would be revealed." Yuli regretted that she almost broke down.
"Ha ha rain glass nothing I this is not escape ….." Mu Feng sound suddenly sounded rain glass and nurse liu couldn’t help looking to see Mu Feng is coming in from the door with a smile.
"Mu Feng really startled me this time. When I saw the director just out of the corridor, you didn’t know how fast my heart was beating. After the director came in, I listened outside and felt that there was nothing wrong. I thought you were probably hiding and the ward could hide, so I came in. How did you leave the door? How are you going to thank me?" Nurse Liu said to Mu Feng with a smile.
"Well …" Mu Feng hummed and thought for a while and then suddenly asked Nurse Liu, "Do you want to play the game Ling Soul?"
Listen to Mu Feng’s question. Nurse Liu is not surprised, but she still replied, "I want to play. I want to play last night. A sister played in the middle of the night. I was excited to see her coming out of the game. I am also curious to hear that the game is exactly the same as the reality. Some scenes are more beautiful than the real scene. Hehe, I will play this game. Mu Feng and Yuli should take care of me. You are so powerful in it."
With that, Nurse Liu also showed a yearning expression. She didn’t say a word, that is, to play Ling Soul, you need to sell game helmets, and now the cheapest helmet on the market costs rmb. Nurse Liu won’t pay so much money to buy such games if she wants to play again.
"What’s the future? I’ll bring you a helmet when I come here next time. I have two helmets to give you one." Mu Feng said with a smile. Mu Feng could hear from nurse Liu’s words that nurse Liu also wanted to play this game.
"No, no, how can I ask you for something so expensive?" Nurse Liu waved her hand when she heard that Mu Feng was going to give him a game helmet and said that she didn’t expect Mu Feng to give her a game helmet.
"Don’t say that you usually take care of Yuli so much, and this time you saved me and gave you this game helmet. I feel a little embarrassed about this. This helmet was the first one I came later, and I changed it to a new one, so you can format it." Mu Feng smiled silently and said with some embarrassment
"Hey, Mu Feng, what do you mean, saving you? My dad is so horrible!" Mu Feng’s words are discontented with Yuli, which makes his father sound horrible.
"Of course, you don’t know. If I was just seen by your dad, I would have to be caught by your dad in the station and said that I was still walking in and carrying it out." Mu Feng said that Jiang could not help but show fear when he heard the rain glass.
"Hum, you’re afraid that the police must have done something wrong and said what you did …" Rain Glass Sound came to Mu Feng and didn’t recognize it. Rain Glass Sound was very serious and professional, just like the police were asking about the prisoner’s feelings.
"Oh, that’s much more. For example, I used to eat overlord meals in a restaurant before, and …" Mu Feng lifted her head and proudly said that she didn’t hear it and snickered at Nurse Liu.
"Well, what else?" Rain Glass continued.
At this moment, Mu Feng recognized that the sound was wrong. How did it feel like interrogating the prisoner? Looking down, he couldn’t help but see the rain coming from the corner of his mouth. Glass was holding a pen to record the expression, the movement and the sound. It was definitely a normal interrogation posture, while nurse Liu was laughing and couldn’t get up on the bed.
"The forehead rain glass what are you doing?" Mu Feng asked sullenly.
"Doing your criminal record, hand it over to the investigation department to see if the situation is true, and then hand it over to the detachment for arrest. I’ll see if you can walk in and lie out …" Rain glass lifted up her head and said "seriously" to Mu Feng
"Ah …" Mu Feng depressed heard the rain glass, and Nurse Liu laughed more exaggeratedly. This rain glass is so funny.
"Rain glass, I was wrong. It’s not enough. I’ve been rehabilitated now. It’s hard-earned money to make money by playing games. Hey, hey, I won’t speak ill of your police after that, okay?" Mu Feng said to Rain glass pitifully.
"Ah …" Looking at Mu Feng’s pitiful expression, Yuli couldn’t help laughing, and her small nose wrinkled and said, "Hum, I can remember you before I speak ill of my father or our police. I will hand over the criminal record you just mentioned. The recorder is Yuli, the police officer, the supervisor is Liu, the criminal narrator is Mu Feng, and the temporary recording procedure is completed under the voluntary situation of the criminal suspect. Well, then you can sign here."
"No, I just said that I didn’t do it. I don’t admit it …" Mu Feng lied to the bed and denied it
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Looking at Mu Feng Lai Xiangyu and Nurse Liu, I couldn’t help laughing. The joke was enough and the laughter was enough. It is time to say something serious. Listen to the rain glass and say to Nurse Liu, "Sister Liu Mu Feng, since she gave you a helmet, you can accept it. Anyway, that he can’t give you money. Mu Feng can have money now. Do you know that he got a piece of armor and equipment in the game yesterday?" Rain glass held Nurse Liu and said with a smile.
"You said it was called Dongnuote’s armored equipment for peace and war. Yesterday, you said that they had been there twice at noon. I heard by heart that this equipment is the only one in China." Nurse Liu asked.
"Well, it’s not only the only one, but also the first one to tell you. This equipment has been offered more than 20,000 rmb in the forum, and it is still growing. You said that Mu Feng has money or not. He gave you a game helmet, which is cheaper for him. He should buy you a new one." Yuli said to Nurse Liu that Nurse Liu was joking about 20 million game equipment. This is still a game.
"Oh, don’t listen to Yu Li’s nonsense. East Notre’s armor for peace and war is not worth so much money. It’s just some big-headed bids, but this thing may depreciate. Now it’s the first and only one, and other equipment has been equipped like this after the price of Class A equipment is high. This equipment is not so valuable." Mu Feng sat up and said to Nurse Liu, but the price still made Nurse Liu somewhat unbearable.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-nine Prepare to fight
When I saw it, it was too late for them. Mu Feng jumped out of bed and said to Nurse Liu again, "Don’t refuse. I put this helmet there, too. I might as well bring it to you. If you dislike it, I will buy you a new one."
"No, no, no, buy a new one." Nurse Liu must buy a new one for herself. She couldn’t help but wave her hand and said, "If you can get into the game, the old and the new are called that … then I will thank you."
Seeing that Nurse Liu promised to accept the helmet, Mu Feng was also happy, and then said to Yuli, "Then Yuli, I will go back. You go and tell them to have free activities early today."
"Yeah, I know." Rain glass nodded and answered.
See the rain glass should Mu Feng is also go toward outside walk just two steps, but Mu Feng turned back in Liu nurse watching leaned over the rain glass lips kissed a at the same time said, "oh almost forgot to kiss goodbye hey".
"Hate nurse liu watching" to also Mu Feng is bent over to say what I didn’t expect to kiss her rain glass is not angry with Mu Feng way.
"Ha ha, nurse Liu is not an outsider kissing. It’s nothing, right?" Mu Feng asked nurse Liu in the last sentence.
Nai shook her head and smiled. Nurse Liu also greeted Rain Glass. It’s time for her to go to the shift. It’s almost time to say goodbye to Rain Glass. Mu Feng and Nurse Liu walked out of the ward together and went out of the inpatient department to meet the morning sunshine. Mu Feng Meimei had a stretch. It was "relaxed" for a day, and then she had to enter a tense game to prepare for the challenge.
When Mu Feng came home and walked into the house, Ji Yue and an arrow went through her heart. They were all wearing helmets and lying upright in bed. Mu Feng drank a large glass of water and put on his helmet and entered the game.
After entering the game, Mu Feng has not come to see the surrounding environment clearly. The "beep" com has already rung. It is Ji Yue’s "Good morning, Ji Yue"
"Well, you were worried for a night last night. Just now, I heard Yuli say that you stayed with her last night. If you don’t come back, please tell us." Ji Yue complained from there.
"I … I wanted to come back last night, and I was a little tired, so I said I would take a break and then go back, but I didn’t expect to sleep until dawn. I’m sorry, it’s my fault. Don’t be angry," Mu Feng explained to Ji Yue.

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