Even if there is no reason at all, the beast will be frightened and run away when he hears the explosion.

Chapter three hundred and sixty-four The exit is blocked!
After the dark forest killed all the robots, this corridor fell into deep darkness again.
Without too much hesitation, Lin immediately went to the prison opposite him, and the body of the prisoner, whose head was melted by a laser gun and destroyed by the aftermath of the explosion, was fragmented. The body of the prisoner was put together and dragged in the direction of the exit of the underground prison.
There are many exits in the underground prison, and Lin remembered one when he came in. Later, the warden told him several more fragments, but he still chose to believe in himself and move towards the exit where he remembered.
Along the way, Lin killed several robots, and he chose robots to kill prisoners before killing them. Immediately, several prisoners’ bodies were converged.
Drag the bodies of these prisoners to the exit one by one and put them there.
Then Lin went to release the prisoners who were still alive in the cell.
Naturally, the principle of tool lever is harder than that of laser gun with some iron bars to pry the cell door.
Compared with other players, Lin’s greatest advantage is that he can communicate with these almost crazy prisoners, that is, take them to find food. After all, communicating with crazy prisoners can also do this kind of communication … and food is actually the bodies of those prisoners before he converges.
It was impossible for him to eat the bodies himself, but these crazy and almost crazy prisoners didn’t smell the burnt roasted human flesh and urged them to drink blood and eat meat at once
Then several robots appeared!
Shoot at these prisoners who are eating corpses … The iron gate at the exit is melted into a big hole by the laser, which is enough for people to enter and exit.
The plan went much smoother than expected. Lin killed these robots and took these bodies out of the big hole one by one … These bodies are food for prisoners like those wild animals.
Lin cleaned up the body at the exit and went back to the underground prison to continue releasing prisoners to kill robots.
I have been busy for several hours, that is, I killed hundreds of robots and released hundreds of prisoners.
Soon Lin touched a fierce man!
A muscular man is even scarier than Schwarzenegger at his peak. This muscular man woke up suddenly for some reason and recovered some sense. Then a robot broke into the house and was smashed out of the cell door by the muscular man’s toilet. Then the robot exploded outside the door. The muscular man was lucky enough to live … but he was also scared by the explosion of this robot to wake up most of his sense.
After the muscular man regained some sense, he also made it clear that the situation did not continue to stay in the cell and looked for an exit after leaving the cell.
On the way, I met several robots. This muscular man is a criminal after all. In this era, criminals also know that robots must go through procedures to sneak attack like a forest, but they have no tools but their own bodies.
He always hides in his cell, waits for the robot to pass by, grabs it, and then throws it out.
This muscular man moves quickly and accurately!
He is definitely a master who is one level higher than the throne in the game, but he is still a little short of the level of the game king Lika!
In this way, np encountered a lot of special training in the forest for the first time, but not a few in the second time (after rushing out of the planet, he has been in the spaceship), and there were a lot of them for the third time (after all, after rushing out of the sonic star). This time, it will definitely be more than the previous three encounters combined.
After all, prisoners, especially felons, are an alternative elite group in human society.
The muscular man found an exit after dozens of simple battles in a few hours … Finally, he was blocked in front of the exit gate and shot by a robot laser, leaving a small hole the size of a human head.
Prisoners like muscular man seem to have a lot of forests hidden without any movement, but they found many small holes melted by lasers at various exits … Naturally, no prisoners were killed and then dragged away by robots.
"If you are a master with this extremely high perception of death, you can avoid the robot laser shooting in front of the exit gate to hit the gate!" Lin thought that this method was the way for other players to leave the base from the dungeon.
He wants other players, and he definitely wants them in the face of elimination.
It’s even possible to think of more than one other method … It’s good for other prisoners to attract robots so that the laser attack method is the same as this method.
But one depends on other people’s lives and the other on one’s own.
Lin can communicate with those crazy prisoners so that he can rely on other people’s lives to open the gate … Others can’t. Even if they know how to pull the body to the exit, there is no way to get other prisoners to the exit to die. It takes a long time for other prisoners to run to the exit by themselves. This is enough for robots to clean up the body at the exit.
One minute passes by.
Lin turned the whole prison around.
It’s been 24 hours since the prison ran out of energy and fell into darkness.
Lin endured hunger and never ate the nutrient solution in his hand.
Lin, a person with strong physical memory will automatically adjust, save energy consumption and adjust his physical state, so that everyone is hungry, not to mention other prisoners who are already hungry.
What will hunger bring?
For ordinary people, hunger will make them crazy and lose their minds. Even if they are hungry to a certain extent, they will go crazy when they see anything they can eat.
But in this prison, 99% are not ordinary people. Hunger and fear are the same medicine that will make people come to their senses.
With the growing hunger, the body’s demand for food is getting higher and higher, and the prisoners who are still alive are becoming more and more rational and calm … This is something that Lin Qian did not expect to find now.
"I have become smarter one by one!"
"No wonder the National Union put the fourth special training in this prison … It turns out that this mutant state can also suppress the feeling of hunger without drug dependence!"
At present, many prisoners are hiding in the cleaned cells. Although they are quiet and even control their breathing well, they will bark when they don’t find light (robots will glow), which is why Lin deduced this important information.
"It is not difficult to keep a certain degree of hunger … the prisoners here are not ordinary people. I am afraid that even if there is food in front of these people, they will not eat too much."
The gap between the strong and the weak is the control of one’s own body, one’s own mind and one’s own mind … Only by being rational can one have a chance to continue to live.
What’s the difference between being alive and being hungry?
Hunger is the most normal physical reaction, which can make prisoners come to their senses … This is exactly what those scientists did not expect. If they had expected it, it would certainly not be the case now.
Robots have cleaned up all the prisoners now, except those who escaped from their cells alive, and the whole prison has been cleaned up, and their bodies have been thrown into a deep pit … Lin has been to this deep pit, which is very deep and thousands of meters deep, leading directly to underground magma.
Looking at the pithead, you can see the distant red light
That’s the fire!
It is also lotus flower!
Robots still have more than 1000 living prisoners, and more than 100 other prisoners have been cleaned up by the Ministry of Nature.
However, at present, except for one export in Linda, other export departments are still in a state of not being hit.
The exit of Linda has not been discovered by other prisoners, so no prisoner has escaped from the underground prison.
Lin turned the whole prison around and was ready to leave the prison first.
He guessed that even without him, someone would definitely be able to break through this prison and escape.
But when Lin returned to the vicinity of the exit, he found that he had hit the exit passage. It was really very bright, just like lighting it … You don’t have to look at Lin directly to know the situation at the exit now, but teams of robots lined up at the exit to guard the beaten person’s access to the exit.
Lin used to think about eating his nutrient solution department, picking out the variation meat inside, and then putting away all the variation meat during this period of time, putting it in a nutrient solution bottle, covering the bottle and continuing to tie it around his waist.
Then Lin took action and shouted "Here’s the exit!" in various places where prisoners were hiding.
"The exit is here!"

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