Su Enyao sat there with a calm face. "You are stupid."

Xiaoxue Xuan noticed that her brother walked awkwardly to him and hugged him. Her mouth opened and she spit out two words "Brother …"
At the age of five, Xue Xuan wore the princess dress he bought and played with the new boy next door in the courtyard with the buttonwood tree. The blue petticoat lined her up like a sky, and Su Enyao, a dust elf, looked at it in the building and found that I don’t know when he no longer hated that little man.
Father’s mind is on family and stepmother.
In this world, she is his closest relative, with the same blood in her blood. They should belong to each other’s world.
At the age of 18, Xue Xuan has grown into a slim little princess. She is beautiful and innocent. Anyone who looks at her says that she likes her grades and is always gentle. There are many cats and dogs she picked up in the yard.
Those little animals have been wandering outside for a long time and are very wary of people, but when Xue Xuan came back from school, she swarmed around and wagged her tail, which kept her from walking.
Usually, when she comes back, she always runs to him at the first time, but now she is caught by cats and dogs.
Su Enyao looked at those nasty little animals coldly and thought it would be better to poison them, but Xue Xuan would be sad if he really wanted to poison them.
By the time she was twelve, Su Enyao was seventeen.
He came home from studying abroad during the winter vacation to see Xue Xuan sitting in the yard. She likes the buttonwood tree best.
Her skirt and calf were hurt somehow, and the grown-up boy next door was helping her with medicine.
Seeing Su Enyao back, the girl was very happy to call his brother and want to come and hug him. It was inconvenient because he was injured.
So she looked at him eagerly and waited for him to come over.
As soon as Su Enyao finished the exam, he booked a plane ticket that night and came back thinking about seeing the girl who had been separated for several months. He was so excited that he didn’t sleep all night.
He really came back, but his face was cold. Well, he left the girl in the courtyard with his luggage building at a loss
Su Enyao lies in bed at night, trouble sleeping.
Twelve years the girl has been in his life for twelve years.
There is a nanny and two girls in the big room all the year round. They will swing in the garden with her favorite white bear in sunny days. They will pick him up at the school gate with her little white umbrella in rainy days. He will make hot milk when he studies late into the night. He will stay with him quietly when he is scolded by his father.
She’s as white as a snowflake porcelain from a new kiln.
It’s always so soft and beautiful, and it makes people want to swallow it in one gulp
That’s the girl he raised himself. It’s his own sister. He shouldn’t have such thoughts about her.
But when I see other men’s hands touching her soft skin and she smiles at others
It’s like a poisonous insect gnawing at the heart wall repeatedly, which makes him feel uncomfortable and keeps him awake all night.
Su Enyao got up in the deep night and he pushed the girl’s room away.
Not only is he not sleeping, but the girl is not asleep, sitting at the window watching the night outside.
"Brother" heard the noise behind her and turned around.
Su Enyao asked, "Don’t you sleep?"
The girl said, "I can’t sleep when you are angry."
"Andre likes you." Su Enyao could clearly hear the bitterness and jealousy in his voice. "Do you like him, too?"
In the dark, the girl quietly looked at him and "liked"
These two words made Su Enyao’s mood instantly fall to the bottom, and then the girl said, "He is my brother and friend, and I like him because I like my brother."
Su Enyao walked slowly to her. "How do you like your brother?"
From a soft baby to a slim girl, more than ten years have passed in a blink of an eye.
Less than a year after her mother died in childbirth, her father remarried and met her father. Su Enyao understood that many things in this world are unreliable and even more uncertain. The only certainty is the girl in front of her.
His sister, he looked at the grown-up girl.
She has the same blood in her veins, so it should be inseparable.
Xue Xuan thought about it and asked him, "How does my brother like it?"
The first snow in early winter floated outside the window. Su Enyao bowed her head and kissed the girl on the lip. "Will you give it to me like this?"
The girl didn’t push him away
There will never be such a good time in my life.
At night, the dark cabin is full of people and buttonwood trees in every corner of the room
For several days and nights, Su Enyao kissed the girl as soft as a bud, and the sweet body fluid was better than the thickest honey.
There will never be such a person who has the deepest fetters in his life to accompany him through childhood to adolescence.
Even though his mother left early, heaven gave him another gift, which was priceless.
On the girl’s fifteenth birthday, Su Enyao came back from school and heard her father’s rage mixed with the sound of vases falling in the living room before entering the door.
He walked in and found Xue Xuan slapped in the face and just standing there.
Looking at her injured face, Su Enyao’s eyes sank.
Father’s eyes were red. "This little bastard, she’s not me!"

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