"Column, smash all the corpses’ heads quickly, and sprinkle holy water on all the corpses." Chen Kai once again made the sacred referee puncture the head of a corpse that had already stood up. Fortunately, these bones are very fragile and can be smashed with a little force. Soon, several newly climbed bones became ground fragments again and were sprinkled with holy water.

"These ghosts can even become dead creatures. It’s terrible that MD is so horrible. Xiaoyi will purify every body for me later. It will only be like this." Ll said, pointing to the ground and breaking bones.
Once again, I cleaned up a circle to make sure that the bones would not be resurrected. After they hit the door, everyone froze because the room was not as small as Lin Lei said, but very large, and a huge long table was placed in the room. The long table was facing the door. As soon as I entered the room, I saw a red-nosed clown holding the bar in one hand and holding a glass of bright red blood wine in the other, sipping gently there.
"Welcome to my humble abode. You are surprised! I’m Bakla. They’re in your hands. I don’t want to know the name. I just want your armor. What a beautiful armor! I think Buddy’s adult will like to kill him for me. Remember not to break the armor. "Bakla, the clown, said that his manner and personality are two different from Lin Lei’s. Chen Kai didn’t even say anything. Several clowns across the street have pulled out crossbows and fired crossbows at Chen Kai and them.
"aggressive!" Ll lifted the wall shield around him in an instant, and then everyone behind him immediately hid behind several wall shields. "On 21,25,27, there are at least 9 crossbowmen facing us." The cloud gently counted and found that the wall shield was shot in less than 3 seconds. According to the calculation of three arrows fired by each crossbowman, there are at least 9 crossbowmen on the opposite side.
"Don’t be afraid of wasting money when you have two rounds of arcane shells," Chen Kai roared. He was not afraid of being heard by the clowns on the other side. Xu Feima pulled out his own staves and read the spell directly behind the wall shield. Before the spell was completed, Chen Kai withdrew the shield. Just a clown screamed and stepped on the table and rushed to them. The arcane shells directly hit the other side’s belly and pushed the clown to fly back. Then at the end of the long table, several clowns were exploding. However, Bakla remained calm and drank red wine in the cup, and Chen Kai smiled at the head.
"I have at least a dozen young men waving knives to prepare for a flash across the street, and Wen Shasha is going to prepare for defensive spells!" After observing for a while, ll felt that he had pulled his head back and blocked the door behind him. Otherwise, ll would have retreated to the outside of the door.
Wang Xuewen directly took out his baby skull bone system, which has been handed over under the support of ll. With the help of magic, the skull eyes slowly condensed with golden light, and a little tiny flash slowly gathered around Wang Xuewen’s hands. At the same time, Xu Fei also read the second arcane shell. Two spells were completed almost at the same time. ll removed the shield from the other side after insisting on a round of crossbow. Two people threw the spells from the corner and threw them at the opposite side. After circling an arc, they directly hit several shooting crossbow clowns, but after flashing for a while, they rushed towards Bakla.
The first volume Chapter 60 Not the same as Bakla
Ll leaned out his head to observe when he happened to see the clown Bakla’s fist smashing the tiny stream into silk. He felt a little cold in his head, but because the clown had been lying on the ground and had not attacked for the time being, Ll decisively lost his hand in the wall shield because several clowns had slowly approached Ll. Although they walked very slowly, it was less than 30 meters from their place to Ll’s position, so even if they walked slowly, they would have reached the moment of approaching. Pulling out the weapon accelerated. At this time, ll just lost the wall shield. Two people were facing each other in less than two meters, but one was accelerating and the other was still in place.
Ll had put his right hand on the machete when the other side swung a knife at him. His eyes looked straight at the clown who came at him. When he grabbed the knife, the handle was a little white. Ll gently loosened a faint mist in his palm, and suddenly Ll quickly stepped sideways. A white light appeared from Ll’s waist, and a black white line slowly oozed from the other side’s waist. The clown was still and still walking forward. But at this time, his body slowly became two halves. Not dead, he turned to continue waving his weapon at ll, but when he turned to the middle of his head, he saw a long gun with a cold light and inserted it into the clown’s head with his eyes in an instant, and flew back with him into two sections.
Chen Kai doesn’t know what material the blacksmith made to strengthen the sturdiness of the machete, because after he made it, he found that the machete became very hard and sharp as usual, even if it was strong enough to cut ordinary iron weapons, it could directly cut off the weapons.
At this time, more than a dozen clowns have surrounded Llewellyn and several spellcasters. They instantly took out the crossbow and shot three crossbows directly into each other’s bodies in each other’s stunned eyes, but they didn’t use the crossbow machine. The hit rate of the spellcaster was still too low. Several crossbows were shot everywhere, but in this case, Llewellyn turned around and defended several spellcasters, and then Xu Fei fired spells at them. Even two priests attacked the low-level scrolls at them. Although it was a bit far away to deal with the position, the low-level spells were not necessarily powerful, but mainly to harass each other and let them
When Bai Shasha’s spellcasters were ready for the second round of ordinary spells, Xu Fei’s arcane shells had also been excited. A huge arcane ball with several small spells rushed to the clown who was lifting the crossbow machine to prepare for archery. The clowns looked horrified at several clowns with crossbows. The huge arcane shells exploded in front of them and directly turned the first clown into pieces.
"I took the wrong staff! I am a wand! " Xu Fei found out that he took the wrong wand when the staff turned into crumbs, and even gave it to the casting material worth 500 gold coins instead of the kind of five gold coins and a garbage wand.
"Well done, the second child will go back and give you a bonus!" Ll very heart said because the crossbowman opposite Xu Fei this shell less side into a disabled left is not lying on the ground panting is already turned into a dead body "caster switch target give me a few clown pin down close attention to buck pull.
Ll found that Bakla’s face changed after seeing the bolt clown behind him being hit by an arcane ball. The red wine glass was directly crushed into pieces by him, and the scarlet wine was slowly dripping from the palm of his hand.
"What do you think of your bomb play very well? I hate it when people compare with me, rabbi Barker the Bomber! Try my own bomb! " As he spoke, Bakla pulled out a black bomb the size of a football from behind. Several black clowns saw it and immediately threw Ll. They quickly retreated. The bomb was thrown out of Buck’s handle and flew towards Ll.
"Damn that guy turned out to be a bomb. I don’t know how the boss’s ability is fixed. Let’s hide carefully. The bomb is going to explode." Chen Kaima shouted and chased the clowns back. Others followed. When Chen Kai felt that the bomb had exploded, he knew that the bright red cloak behind him was blown by the airflow generated by the explosion.
Chen Kai immediately called the team management option to check the status of all the people, and found that most of them were fine. They just lost a little blood by the explosion wave, but now they are going to get into another trouble. Their positions have become very scattered, especially when several spellcasters have two personal protections and are not proficient in melee thieves and rangers.
"Damn it, didn’t you go out to see the almanac today?" Chen Kai was depressed at this time and wanted to vomit blood, but he had to face two choices: jumping off the platform to find the BOSS one-on-one hit or cleaning up the dark clown before hitting Bakla, but the possibility of the caster being killed was very high, but Chen Kai made a decision directly when watching the clown pull out a bomb again and prepare to ignite it.
"Sue wan! To block those clown columns and protect the caster! " Said ll jumped directly toward the clown Bakla blunt past.
"Aha, do you recognize me one-on-one hit? See this bomb? If it explodes, your friends will turn to dust. "Said Bakla, throwing the fuse directly at Xu Fei and them, but halfway through, he grabbed the bomb directly with his white hand and then threw it back at Bakla.
"You’re kidding. You’re always fooling around. At the beginning, rebounding was my place in college!" Copying the bomb into your hand is to rush to the table, Chen Kai.
"Hum! Your little trick is good, but can you stop me like this? " Bakla directly hit the bomb that was about to explode to one side. The huge bomb directly hit the head of a dark clown, instantly turning him and two clowns around him into a pile of minced meat. Not far away, Su Xinghe was also hit by the debris from the explosion, and a trace of red blood slowly flowed out.
"Just try it!" Ll boom! Hold a machete with both hands and cut it directly at Bakla, but a huge weapon suddenly appeared in front of him. After a fierce weapon was struck, Ll was beaten and retreated several steps in a row, leaving a shallow footprint on the hard wooden dining table.
"well! Very good weapon. It seems that I need another good thing in my collection. "The clown’s tongue licked its huge weapon blade and said slowly.
"It’s hard to say who turned the weapon into a collection?" Ll said slowly after breathing for a while
"Really? You think I will lose, haha! After receiving the blood of the great demon king, I am immortal. Even if you become loess, I will follow the footsteps of the demon king forever in this world. "Bakla grinned at ll." Come and stick out your neck and let me cut your head. Don’t worry, I will definitely make your head into a wine glass. I believe your skull will be very beautiful for holding wine. "Bakla said slowly after sticking out his long tongue and sweeping his mouth.
Bakla waved his huge weapon with one hand, and his feet stepped on the outside and rushed towards Chen Kai. Although Bakla’s running was very funny, every time he stepped on the table, he made the long table creak. Bakla quickly rushed to Chen Kai, and then the huge weapon was lifted and chopped. Chen Kai stood in front and heard a loud bang. Chen Kai was beaten with machetes.
Ll feel a great power coming from the clown weapon guide. His 60-odd power was chopped directly with one knife. But from the observation of the system, the clown Bakla system has a second-order advanced level, that is, he must be at the 30 th level. But Ll feels that the clown’s power is higher than that of the killed clown, which is as high as the third-order crying clown. Is it because of its power growth class?
However, Ll didn’t think much about it. After seeing Ll fall to the ground, Bakla didn’t let him go. He jumped directly and the huge weapon roared in the air. Ll rolled directly on the spot and some gravel splashed and hit him directly after just dodging a knife.
"Sorry! I forgot that this might even break the armor together, little darling. Don’t touch it and let your uncle Bakla cut your head. "Bakla said slowly with a huge weapon at ll, but in an instant he tilted his head and a long arrow passed through his ear." Don’t worry! I will reunite all of you, but in hell. "
At this time, Bakla saw that ll had posed as an attack. He inserted the machete into the scabbard and held the knife handle tightly in one hand. The faint light gathered in the hands of ll. Bakla saw that the back crack was as red as blood. His mouth smiled and said, "You know how to draw out a sword, so you can do this Wushu! Let me see if you are faster or I am faster. "
Bakla started up after he finished speaking. He made a slight bow and rushed to Chen Kai. Chen Kai found that his roots could not be locked and moved. CMB Kela could prepare to draw out a sword by feeling, but when his machete just left the scabbard with a big hand with black leather gloves, he directly grabbed his right hand. Chen Kai felt that a drop of sweat on his face slowly dripped from his cheek to the ground. "Remember not to be found to make a sword cut! My little darling forgot to say that you haven’t done it once. "Bakla grabbed Ll’s sword with his left hand and then raised his right hand with a huge knife and cut it toward Ll’s neck.
"touch!" "ah! ~ ~ "After Rola Chen closed her eyes, she heard these two sounds. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her left hand was flying in the middle, and a huge weapon with blood was spinning behind that hand. Zhao Tiezhu and Bakla had already bumped into each other. On their left shoulder, Chen Kai gritted his teeth and let out a scream, while her right hand waved a machete and stabbed the clown out of balance. That scream was shouted by several girls behind Rola Chen.
"poof!" The sharp machete was stabbed in Bakla’s stomach by the grudge and physical strength of the Chen Kai perfumer. In the unbelievable eyes of the clown Bakla, Chen Kai slowly twitched the machete, but when everyone thought that Chen Kai would pull out the knife, he slowly fell down. The captain was handed over to Xu Fei when Chen Kai fell down. Xu Fei quickly checked the team status and found that Chen Kai was not dead, but he was in a dying state. Although his HP value was still one third, he was unconscious.
"Column push Bakla! Wang Feifei, hurry up and treat ll. Rola Chen, treat halo cloud. Take this and pour it into your head. "Xu Fei immediately took out a bottle of holy water from his backpack and threw it directly to the running cloud.
"Well ~ ~ you are brave, but this can’t save your friend." After being pushed away from Llewellyn by Zhao Tiezhu, Bakla gradually calmed down from his previous consternation. He slowly pulled out the machete in his stomach and took it in front of his eyes to observe it carefully. "What a nice art! This weapon deserves to be owned by Bakla only if I have it! You! Get ready to meet your god! "

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