At the current speed, Kabi Marmot will be able to return to the training base on time without being scolded by Coach Coboni. After driving the sports car for another five minutes, they have been chatting in the car, and the two of them talked about more important things.

After 30 sentences, Kabi understood that Marmot had to talk to himself in a strange tone this morning. According to Marmot, after finishing his morning run with offside, his two fathers stayed in an open-air cafe. Marmot not only ordered a cup of fragrant black coffee for himself, but also ordered a garlic ham bread for his son offside.
Just when [offside] chewed half of the garlic ham bread, the guy suddenly stopped eating the instant bread, regardless of spreading the dog’s legs, and ran to a newsstand 50 meters away from the coffee shop. The dog grabbed a newspaper without saying a word, and then four dog’s legs ran away and took it away.
As soon as the newsstand owner saw a dog thief stealing newspapers, he rushed after him, but after chasing for a dozen steps, he stopped again. Because the hemp rat got up immediately after receiving the newspaper from the offside mouth and handed out a small denomination bill and stuffed it into the newsstand owner’s hand. He was too embarrassed to blame himself for not being set up offside, which made it dirty other people’s newspapers, and it was still "not asking for it".
I also apologized for the money and apologized to the newsstand owner for losing it. I took care of it again and put away the bill and turned away.
Having a newspaper in the eye means that Marmot is a professional player. At first glance, it is of course a sport. He saw the news of Kabi’s transfer. After reading a few lines carefully, Marmot whispered, "What an idiot! Take up faster than me! "
Just after [offside] chewed off the half of the garlic ham bread, Marmot carefully read the detailed article in the report. It was not Marmot’s style to do nothing at that moment, so he called Kabi while the iron was hot. Not only did he know that he had woken up the other party, but he was also surprised to find that that idiot Kabi still didn’t seem to know that he had made sports headlines.
The hemp rat thought that it was good for the idiot not to know the truth, so he told the other party after the meeting to scare Kabi by taking the opportunity. Because of this, the hemp rat pretended to be crazy and believed that his secret arrangement would succeed
How do you know that Andoxi broke the news before and ruined Marmot’s plan? It was only after Kabi’s car that Marmot learned about it, but jokes aside. These two idiots also had serious conversations.
For example, as soon as the hemp mouse asked Kabi if he wanted to leave the team, Kabi was very hard, not only indicating that he had no such plan at the moment, but also threatening to help Granada successfully win the Europa League admission ticket for the season.
If Marmot is serious, he will never cheat him. Kabi’s ambitious declaration is like a tasteless poem, and it is more likely that Marmot was influenced by the report this morning. Instead of responding to Kabi, Marmot decided to throw a bucket of cold water at Kabi.
The forward speed of a sports car is charged by a hemp rat at 7km/h, which is simply a grievance for a sports car. However, sitting in the co-pilot seat, Kabi denies that the hemp rat is charging at this time, but it is more like having something to say and talking about something urgent after stabilizing the car.
"Fart quickly put ~! It’s hard to say something when I get to the training base later with other teammates around ~! " Kabi anti-customer advocates mouth to say.
The hemp rat held the steering wheel firmly with both hands and said without twisting his head, "Do you know the speed at which you take off? I mean, do you think you are popular? "
Kabi replied, "To tell you the truth, I have never thought about this question, let alone think about it now that I am injured. I plan to play after I have a good foot injury, but after Mr. Haas wakes up, I finally realize that my popularity has reached an equal level ~!"
The hemp mouse nodded his head and said, "It’s a good thing you know it, otherwise I really don’t know what to say next. In fact, I heard you shouting that you will definitely stay in the team, but if you want to help the team strive for good results, have you ever thought that these may be your unilateral thoughts?"
Kabi frowned and said, "You mean? The team is selling. I’m going to? Really? I haven’t been to the team for half a season. Do I really want to leave after half a season? Didn’t coach Coboni trust me very much? Will he do this? "
"You are wrong ~! Coach Coboni has great faith in every player he manages, and every teammate has his own thing to do in the game, that is, to make efforts for the team to win. It is absolutely true that you don’t think so special about yourself! "
One is not crazy, the other is not stupid. When a rat gets serious, it really makes Kabi a little unaccustomed to it. In fact, Kabi also understands the meaning of this statement. From here, he learned a message that he is not for sale to the club, and he is likely to be sold as soon as the price is in place.
Before Kabi could answer the phone, Mashu continued to say, "Your team’s determination to win is well known to me and other teammates, especially coach Coboni, and we have never questioned your talent. Even so, do you know how high your price has soared?"
After listening, Kabi buried himself in thought for a while for five seconds before saying, "Ugh! A year ago, the price seemed to be 5 million euros! "
Who knows that hemp rat shook his head and said, "I told you to pay more attention to the dynamics of the ball at ordinary times and not to ignore everything at home except competition training." Look, you don’t even know your own price, idiot ~! "
Kabi was embarrassed by the training and answered, "What’s my current price?"
Hemp rat turned to look at Kabi and said, "Listen! Don’t be scared! I just learned from my agent that your price was set at 17 million euros last night, and your price has soared since the early report came out today, and it is now set at 24 million euros! "
"Bullshit ~! Can’t you see that everything in that report is false? " Kabi didn’t fully agree with the hemp rat.
The guy who saw the hemp rat didn’t talk to Kabi in a hurry and said, "Don’t worry about whether the report is true or not. Anyway, your price has increased by 7 million euros in a few hours. Don’t you think it’s crazy? If the winner of the Golden Boy Award next month is really you, how far will your price soar? Oh! "
Kabi thought about it for three or four times when he was holding the hemp rat with two fingers. After seeing the sports car rush out for more than 500 meters, Kabi spoke "Hey ~! Do you mean that coach Coboni will sell me mercilessly after receiving an offer that is hard to refuse? "
The hemp rat "well" said one after another, "this is just my initial guess, but my thoughts are not unreasonable because there are many cases in the transfer market that can say this!"
Kabi turned to look at the hemp rat and said, "I know this! It’s just that I’m going to sell it after playing for half a season. Will it be less human? Besides, it is very difficult for me to join the team! "
"Ha ~ ha ~!" The hemp mouse suddenly smiled. After the movement lasted for about four seconds, he went on to say, "Then let me ask you, will you retire from playing for Granada now?"
As soon as Kabi was blocked by the other party’s question, he said, "I don’t think so?"
"Bullshit ~! Absolutely not! " Once again, it’s hemp rat’s turn to launch a threat to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Prepare to fire at the board of directors.
There are two people in the office of Granada team training base
"coach! Everything is ready. Just practice today after the players arrive! "
"well! Good. There are several classes in the practice class today! It’s not easy to cope with the afternoon. Just let the players run around for ten laps according to the usual practice method, then carry out basic training, and then group for actual combat training. If possible, you can also take some time out to practice positioning balls! "
"coach! Do you mean you won’t attend to preside over the drill this afternoon? "
"well! Maybe! I should have something urgent to do. I have a great chance of not hosting today’s training class. I also want you to help me supervise the training of a player, especially Van Kakit. You should make him work hard on offensive awareness and never let him be lazy! "
"white! Coach! Will the lunch party be held as usual? "
"You must! You can’t let the players go out for dinner. If any player is not satisfied, ask him to come to me! "
"What about noon? Didn’t we arrange a tactical explanation class besides the remaining drill class? "
"no ~! The afternoon tactical explanation class will be cancelled! Let the players take a break after dinner and then go straight to the last drill class, because I have something to do and I can’t lecture this class! Uh, tell you what! Maybe you can give this lesson to the players instead of me! "
"well! White! Coach! I’ll do what you want! Eh, but it’s strange that you seldom miss the practice class, and today it’s almost a day. It’s really hard to see this situation! "
"alas! Can’t help it! I also want to watch those kids in every practice class, but I really don’t have such leisure time today. Anyway, we should know how to distinguish between the light and the heavy when dealing with things! "
"oh? How? Yes, wait for the news over there? "
"well! Yesterday, as you know, we couldn’t talk about it for the time being, but before we left, Mr. Director also said that he would apply to the club for purchasing funds again. On time, there should be news after noon! "
"coach! So in that case, you won’t miss the afternoon training class? Are you in a hurry? "
"There is indeed anxiety, but this absence from the training class is not because of anxiety, but because I want to concentrate on another more important thing!"
"ha! Coach! Don’t sell it to me. I’m your assistant. There are some things you can say and we can discuss! "

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