Angry suddenly, Zhang Ye shook his head in the eye after a famous battle. The clue of different fruit is too slim. Who knows what different fruit is and where it is?

When Ye Zhang and others followed the clues given by the Dragon King to the Lost Sea, this huge ocean was like the vast edge of the real sea area, but there was no whirlpool or portal like Atlantis.
This makes Ye Zhang and others feel puzzled. Because the big map is lost, there is still a suspected burial of Heinze in the middle of the sea, and this suspected burial is like arriving.
"Let’s split up and find out what clues to send a message."
Everyone looked for clues separately. Ye Zhang walked along the edge of the sea alone. It was a long road. While walking, Ye Zhang took out Heinze’s map of the lost continent. The northern part is the future ruins territory, while the southern part is the Greenland Kingdom. Both forces are connected with the lost sea, and there are many future towns or hills and forests in the central region. Obviously, these places are unlikely to appear again in this period.
It’s not far from where the ruins are located. No clues have been found in Ye Zhang all the way, and there is no head beating in the friends bar. It seems that everyone has gained a lot.
Is it not yet time to trigger?
When more than three hours passed and everyone practiced with each other, sure enough, this kind of blind search for clues was not far from the line when everyone met.
So it seems that the clue was broken when Zhang Ye smiled.
"Let’s go first. We’ll always find it when we look again."
When Ye Zhang saw the little beauty with a little hesitant look, his heart moved to greet her or say something to stick to himself, but when he thought that two people were now such a very embarrassing identity as a flashy couple, he swallowed the words back to his stomach, and that was the line.
However, when Zhang Ye just took his helmet and saw that Xu Yin had not come to say hello, his cell phone rang.
"What is it?"
In front of Xu Yin, Ye Zhang is bound to pretend to be serious. He and Little Beauty can’t have anything, but he is unilaterally guilty.
"Do you have any later? Bring Xu Yin to my house."
Miss, this invitation can be picky and not easy to refuse. It’s very formal, but Ye Zhang still asked 1.
"What does your brother mean?"
Who would have thought that there had been a busy signal over there, and I don’t know if Little Beauty had a clear understanding of his last sentence before hanging up?
Ye Zhang put it bluntly and said sorry to his dear, but Xu Yin seemed to be in a good mood. When Ye Zhang talked about the invitation of the little beauty, Xu Yin looked stiff but immediately changed.
"Okay, wait for me to go together."
Looking at Xu Yin’s running figure, Ye Zhang just stretched himself. Every day, he is intrigued in glitz, which is an exercise for him, but it is also a kind of torture.
Like him, when he became a monk at the age of two, he talked about business and learned interpersonal communication. For more than ten years, his experience and growing environment have almost fixed Ye Zhang’s thinking. Compared with his two years, he is really two worlds in the past six months.
When Xu Yin packed up, she came to Zhang Ye and smiled.
"Let’s go!"
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Tripartite Talks
When Ye Zhang and Xu Yin came to Feng’s house, they felt that there was something strange in the atmosphere today. When they saw the other two people sitting at the table, Ye Zhang’s face suddenly sank, but fortunately, he recovered quickly. After all, he and this person were still nominal allies.
Because this person is Fu Yuesheng … It seems that his girlfriend has a new love. Anyway, if Ye Zhang doesn’t know him, he can make up for it.
Fu Yuesheng showed great enthusiasm when he saw Ye Zhang. He now worships Zhang Ye very much, but when he saw Xu Yin, he looked a little hesitant, flashed by and then laughed and said,
"Xiao Ye Xu Yin, you’re here. I’m talking to Feng Ge about you."
Fu Yuesheng’s IQ is not high, but he is very handy when dealing with his interpersonal circle. However, Xiao Ye’s name makes Ye Zhang feel awkward and there is still a little aversion to cold. However, Xu Yin is very polite and reserved to respond with a smile.
"Hello, Fu Gong"
Fu Yuesheng saw that Ye Zhang and Xu Yin were very loving now, and they didn’t even have a little awkwardness in their hearts. They admired him very much. He once entangled Ye Zhang with the famous second lady of Shenyang, and then Ye Zhang made a noisy game wedding in glitz. The woman was actually Feng Zhi’s most precious sister.
At this time, seeing Xu Yin, a means that makes him envy casting three feet to pick up girls, is like not letting him fall in love.
This meal is very delicious. It is hundreds of times more than Xu Yin’s cooking. Ye Zhang eats a lot, which also makes Fu Yuesheng bring that new love. It is very surprising. It is easy to see that Ye Zhang does not belong to this circle.
But seeing Xu Yin and Feng Siyi constantly give Ye Zhang food and even secretly compete with each other, while Feng Zhi can’t finish his own man’s flattery, Ye Zhang’s greetings are enough to foil this Ye Zhang mystery.
A meal never put off till tomorrow what you can Ye Zhang and some wanting more looked at the leftovers let aside Xu Yin whispered in his ear a few ye immediately revealed an embarrassed smile.
After the servant packed the dishes and chopsticks, the living room was divided into three corners. Three big men sat in one direction with their own women. The atmosphere seemed a little nervous when no one was talking. At this time, the little beauty got up and blinked at Ye Zhang. After leaving with Xu Yin and Fu Yuesheng, Ye Zhang knew that there was a serious scene.
"You go first when you are born."
Feng Zhi looked at Fu Yuesheng and gave me a faint smile, which was like giving Fu Yuesheng great encouragement. He hurriedly sat up straight and said
"Xiao Ye’s flashy department, you don’t have any scruples about letting go to do what you want, even if you make any big noise, Fu Ge will help you excuse me!"
Fu Yuesheng is almost patting his chest to ensure that the last sentence naturally has a big suspicion, and most of them still have to rely on his grandfather and Tao An to deal with it
However, Zhang Ye heard that Feng Zhi didn’t pass the wind with him in the fog. At this time, when Ye Zhang showed a confused expression, Feng Zhi smiled at him. His smile at Ye Zhang was completely different from the courtesy smile against Moon Born.
"Ye Zhang, do you remember what I said? This is a war. Either you die or I live. If we want to deal with Lin Youxuan, we can’t fall here. You haven’t compromised the players, have you?"
Feng Zhi’s remarks, together with the last question, made Ye Zhang finally understand. This is a big purge, which can also be called repression. Moreover, Ye Zhang smelled a trace of blood from Feng Zhi’s words. This is definitely a close-range hand-to-hand combat. In this big and big right and wrong issue, you can’t play any conspiracy. If you want to win, you must win beautifully, so that your opponents can’t pick out any thorns to make their hearts beat.
This is Ye Zhang’s favorite way to move. He hates those who advocate freedom and democracy, such as hypocrisy and hypocrisy. Those players have a saying that it’s just a game, and a game should be placed on a moral level. Don’t you think it’s too tired to make up a lot of lies every day to hide from the world?
You can’t be a butcher like Xiaoyao Wang, but don’t be an out-and-out schemer, just like Feng Zhi. Do you have to ask a truckload of people to cut off the hamstrings of your opponent in order to satisfy your revenge?
However, whether it is a purge or a crackdown, it is very difficult for the current situation. Although some players are shaken, a large number of players still live in their own lies and deception. They boast that justice incarnates everything to the height of human nature, good and evil, just like cultists, even evil is justified.
In the face of such a group of people, there is really no good way for Ye Zhang. Who calls them the people? Are they the mainstream groups or the disadvantaged groups in this society?
I’m afraid if you really want to attack this group of people, before you reap any fruits of victory, there will be a number of people who will come out against you under the banner of all kinds of ugliness and self-righteousness.
Therefore, whether to do it or not is a troublesome thing.
"You don’t care about the glitz in Ye Zhang’s reality. You need to suppress your players’ department. You have to eat it bit by bit and plan it step by step."
When Ye Zhang heard Feng Zhi’s words, the last doubt in his heart disappeared. Since Feng Zhi had already thought about the countermeasures, Ye Zhang, who had his solid backing, had no reason to worry any more.
This time the conversation was very pleasant. Ye Zhang also talked with Fu Yuesheng for the first time. When Little Beauty came back with Xu Yin, Ye Zhang just got up and prepared to leave this time. Little Beauty said,
"Can Xu Yin borrow your boyfriend for a few minutes?"
When Ye Zhang heard this sentence, he felt a black line flowing through his head. What do you mean, borrow a few minutes? At this time, he looked at Xu Yin and hoped that she would refuse, but he saw Xu Yin’s face with a mysterious smile.
"Of course, whirlwind, but your husband can borrow it as long as he wants."
On the side, Fu Yuesheng repeatedly marveled at the expression, and Ye Zhang and Little Beauty walked towards the outside. They were not too far away, just strolling around here.
Ye Zhang, who never spoke all the way, seemed to think of the night when two people went back to Sichuan Road together and helped each other stumble and walk. A very abrupt feeling of ambiguity rose in Ye Zhang’s mind.
"Ye Zhang, do you think the world really has magic sometimes?"
The little beauty asked, like an innocent little girl, full of curiosity about a magical story, but the little beauty was obviously not naive, and Ye Zhang was not the white horse king who guarded him like a templar.
"When magic can change an object, you are young and I will not become young."
Ye Zhang is very disappointing. A flashy Chinese term explanation answers the little beauty, but the little beauty looks up at the distant star and sighs. It seems that she insists.
"If you give me the time magic after I have changed, I can also make you younger."
Ye Zhang smiled bitterly when he heard that. If he didn’t know what the little beauty was thinking, he still made a promise to the other side that sentence.

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